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A Science and Protocol of Spiritual Alchemy


elation to !ero"Point Energy

At the ground of matter there is the Quantum Field, or Void, Vacuum, Zero-point Energy. At the ground of mind and thought there is Sunyata, Emptiness, Void, Absolute Unity eing.

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A description of !eropoint" #$he field of cosmic consciousness they e%perience as a cosmic emptiness&a 'oid. (et, parado%ically, it is also an essential fullness. Although it does not feature anything in a concretely manifest form, it contains all of e%istence in potential. $he 'accum they e%perience is a plenum" nothing is missing in it. )t is the ultimate source of e%istence, the cradle of all being. )t is pregnant *ith the possibility of e'erything there is. $he phenomenal *orld is its creation" $he reali!ation and concreati!ation of its inherent potential.+ ,-- Science and the A/ashic 4ield: An #nte ral )heory of &!erythin 2 &r!in %as1lo . *** #/as!lo proposes that it is scalar *a'es that encode the information of space and time into a timeless, spaceless 0uantum shorthand of interference patterns. )n /as!lo1s model, this bottom-rung le'el of the Zero 2oint Field&the mother of all fields&pro'ides the ultimate holographic blueprint of the *orld for all time, past and future. )t is this that *e tap into *hen *e see the past or future.+ ,34, )he 4ield2 %ynne Mc )a art. ***

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"efinitions Preface #ntroduction $onscious #ncarnation My Story #nitiation Preparation

Sense of Self Symptoms %ist &'plorin the Symptoms #mmune System ( )ransmutation %ysosomes-*ecomin Un lued +eart &'pansions ,undalini )hrou h the "iaphra m #nner-con-unction

#a$i% &'%son conducted e'periments 0y i!in people monoatomic elements .hich propelled the indi!iduals into /undalini a.a/enin s and $hrist $onsciousness. )hrou h analysis of co.s and pi s 0rains it is li/ely that 56 of our ner!ous system is composed of monoatomic elements. %oo/in into "a!id +udson7s .or/ it seems to su est that the increased heart field and &M4 of the ner!ous system durin the pea/ /undalini2 acts li/e a synchrotron to actually chan e certain elements in the central ner!ous system into their hi h spin monoatomic state. #t may 0e that durin hei htened acti!ation the 0ody can transmute certain palladium roup elements such as iridium and rhodium into their high spin state 0y addin ener y to the atoms. )hus throu h the transmutation of these elements the 0ody ma/es its o.n monoatomic atoms on .hich the causal and su0tle fields of the or anism are or ani1ed. #ncreased causal le!el hard.are is laid do.n and conse8uently .e are ma/in or amplifyin our o.n soul. )he fine net.or/ of these hi h spin atoms throu hout the central ner!ous system acts to superconduct ener y-consciousness. )he causal ner!ous system is such that the .or/in parts 9the hi h spin atoms: do not need to touch2 0ut communicate immediately throu h sympathetic resonance .ith space 0ein no o0stacle--ie: they superconduct ener y and consciousness. And it is throu h this hi h spin atomic system that .e achie!e cosmic consciousness2 $hrist-*uddha mind and all &SP and spiritual phenomena. NASA and the 0iophysicist Mae-;an +o su est that life superconducts consciousness2 and yet it7s not /no.n yet e'actly ho. this is done. #n the monoatomic state the atom oscillates in < dimensions not =2 .ei hs only 566 of its normal .ei ht and does not ionicly 0ond .ith surroundin atoms--hence mono-atomic. $ommunication 0et.een atom and atom proceeds !ia state resonance. #n a monoatomic state an atom is lar er ie: it has more space 0et.een the particles. #n a hi h spin state the atom interacts .ith the (ero"point of !acuum ener y differently and pro0a0ly .arps space-time less...hence the ra!itation or .ei ht. 9#n!esti ation of this monoatomic phenomena may 0e the /ey to )he >rand Unified )heory.: Accordin to monoatomic theory these atoms in a hi h spin state are used 0y life to superconduct 0ioelectroma netism. )hat is the morpho enic field and etheric communication--the soul if you .ill2 that maintains the intelli ence and inte rity of e!erythin that .e are and ties us into the All. Monoatomic science could lead us into a ne. understandin of &nli htenment and our hi hest spiritual capacities. Monoatomics must also 0e the /ey to preco nition2 and our spiritual capacities reali1e )imelessness-the &ternal Present. )o transcend 0oth time and space .ith consciousness. "a!id +udson )he transmutation is occurrin su0atomically .ith the transmutation of elements. "urin metamorphosis the cellular reconstruction of the 0ody is done !ia the macropha es .ith the aid of free radicals to o'idi1e the ?inferior? cells to death. )he cell rate increasin 2 is one of the reasons transmutin indi!iduals lo. .ith li ht2 0ecause mitosis i!es off ultra !iolent li ht. )len ein2 a 0iophysicist at the #nstitute of +eartMath2 $A2 has 0een .or/in on detectin su0tle ener ies he calls non-+er1ian or scalar ener y. Scalar wa$es 9non-+erti1ian or )esla7s ?3adiant &ner y? .a!es: are hyperspatial !orte' rin in structure arisin from a0ruptly 0uc/in ma netic fields .ound into a caduceus 90ifilar: coil.Scalar ener y or healin ener y has 0een sho.n to 0e not part of the electroma netic spectrum as .e understand it. +e found that 0y e'posin neurons in a petri dish to healin ener y this caused them to fire at their synapses. )hat is action potentials passed alon the

Cycles of Awakening
$osmic #nfluences A e ( ,undalini Phases of ,undalini "o.n is Up Shoc/ of A.a/enin & o death "ie-off "epression No Pro0lem &!olution is Not an #llness "roppin the Pain-0ody ,undalini ( Schi1ophrenia Shado.2 Sa0ota e and Sacrifice *urnout or 3edemption

Physiology of

)he Ner!ous System )he ,undalini >land +ormones Nitric @'ide +ealthy +ormonal 4oundation +istamine +eat )hyroid Autolysis-Self "i estion ,indlin &ffect *liss )he $rystal Palace )he Amrita-+eart #0o aine ( Shamanic Action Matters 4ire ( ;ater )he Ammonia +ypothesis

ner!es from one ner!e to another .hen they .ere e'posed to the scalar ener y. )his leads one to presuppose that if the ener y of ner!e transmission is increased durin an a.a/enin that this .ould create a field in .hich e'tra ner!e ener y .ould 0e naturally /indled. )hus e'plainin the phenomena of 0oth romantic lo!e and sha/tipat2 and .hy .e feel ele!ated and spar/ed in the presence of indi!iduals of enius. Scalar .a!es mi ht 0e the point of fundamental intersection .here matter and consciousness can influence each other. )heir effect is independent of distance and time and is =-5 times stron er than that of electroma netic fields. )hey are prior to2 that is more fundamental than ma netic fields and they transmit information2 not ener y. )he transmission of scalar information creates conscio'sness fiel%s--.hich are pro0a0ly 3upert Sheldra/e7s Morpho enic 4ields. )hey cannot 0e detected 0y the usual instruments for measurin electric and ma netic fields2 that .or/ 0y interactin .ith electron flo. and ener y transmission. 4or this reason they are still considered theoretical. ,undalini ener y may ha!e scalar wa$e ori ins2 for there is no dou0t that /undalini and healin ener y are one and the same. Accordin to 3o0ert Daco0s scalar .a!es are capa0le of actin on li!in or anisms at a su0-atomic le!el2 and certain fre8uencies of scalar ha!e 0een sho.n to destroy !iruses and 0acteria. )he .or/ of $le!e *ac/ster on the primary perception of cells mi ht 0e attri0uted to scalar .a!es. And since telepathic messa es 0et.een or anisms seem to 0e a0le to pass throu h lead enclosures2 such &SP may not 0e communicated on the electroma netic scale2 0ut throu h scalar .a!es. Scalar .a!es propa ate at faster-than-li ht speed e'cept .hen transmittin scalar information on electroma netic carrier .a!es. #f somethin tra!els faster than li ht2 it means that it can penetrate any matter as thou h it .asn7t there. )herefore scalar .a!es per!ade all matter and cannot 0e shielded a ainst 0y 4araday ca es. 5Quantum mechanics sho*s that e'ery point in the 'acuum possesses an infinite amount of energy, unmanifest, unformed energy.5 E "ean *ro.n2 $osmic %a.2 Patterns in the Uni!erse )he emptiness of the !acuum is in fact not empty2 0ut is a !ast ocean of scalar ener ies 9as opposed to !ector ener ies: that underlies all physical reality. )he scalar ener y ocean is sometimes called (ero"point ener y--the all-per!adin ener y that fills the fa0ric of space. )he term ?Aero-point? refers to 1ero de rees ,el!in and it means the ener y is not thermal in nature. Fuantum electrodynamics theori1es that all particles are intert.ined in a !acuum polari1ation interaction .ith 1ero-point ener y. @rdinary electroma netic .a!es are called trans'erse electroma netic .a!es2 to distin uish them from the ne. scalar longitudinal electroma netic .a!es.Stran ely these scalar .a!es do not actually e'ist in our ?material? .orld2 0ut e'ist only in the !acuum of empty space2 or the time domain. )om *earden refers to this ocean of ener y as 0ein of the domain of ?&ner y out of time.? )he !acuum is filled .ith host particles and phantom fields that rapidly .in/ in and out of e'istence. Under certain circumstances ho.e!er2 these !irtual particles and fields can 0ecome real. )hou h it sounds more li/e mysticism than science2 it is said that the !acuum is a uni!ersal field of information or consciousness. #t forms the matri' of all manifestation2 li/e an ocean out of .hich matter arises and then disappears into once a ain. ;e must remem0er that this !acuum of space .e spea/ of e'ists all throu hout e!erythin e!en our 0odies. So the )ateway to the -oi% is accessed at e!ery point in the uni!erse. $ould ,undalini 0e the 7channel7 that connects the unmanifest !oid2 .ith the manifest .orld of su0atomics2 atoms2 molecules and cellsG $ould /undalini 0e the cellular e'pression of ener y enerated from the !acuumG Perhaps this is .hy /undalini e'hi0its such pronounced psychic and trans-temporal effects. 5$he substructure of matter probably contains energies that are as far beyond nuclear energies as 6no*n nuclear energies are beyond chemical energies...7!ero-point8 energy pro'ides a constant bac6ground *hich is not a'ailable at our le'el under present conditions. ut as conditions of our uni'erse change, a part of it might be made a'ailable on our le'el.5 E "a!id *ohm )om *eardensays one can freely and ine'pensi!ely e'tract enormous electroma netic ener y flo.s directly from the acti!e !acuum itself. ;here!er there is a dipole there is already immense scalar &M ener y usherin out of and 0ac/ into the !acuum. )he intensity of the 0ody7s dipoles oes up durin a /undalini a.a/enin 2 possi0ly therefore there is an increase in the transduction of lon itudinal scalar .a!es into ordinary trans!erse electroma netic ener y. )he spinal core .ith its outlyin sympathetic trun/s and their an lia create a structure capa0le of eneratin a caduceus .ound dou0le heli' ma netic field. )he $orte+ ring is an archetypal form for self-or ani1ed coherence in 1ero-point ener y. #t appears in all le!els of nature from ala'ies to elementary particles. ;hen the pulsed char e in this system meets a certain threshold .here the e'citation si nal matches the resonant fre8uencies of the .ater molecule7s 0onds2 this .ould induce ion oscillation. )his electrolytic ion motion could produce a self-or ani1in interaction .ith the 1ero-point ener y. ;hen sufficient ener y from an electric impulse is added to a ? as? it ioni1es into a plasma2 and as the ener y increases more ioni1ation .ill occur. At a certain point # thin/ the cere0rospinal fluid 0ecomes superfluid and saturated .ith ions ena0lin it to carry a massi!e electric current. )he caduceus .ound ma netic field .ith the ioni1ed cere0rospinal fluid core appears to ha!e 0oth electroma netic and 8uantum properties. )his massi!e ener y eneration can occur in a li!in system 0ecause the ner!ous systems of or anisms contain a monoatomic lattice2 and this affords the superconduction of !i0ration so that total syncopation of atoms is possi0le for 0uildin the 0uc/in caduceus ma netic fields and massi!e char e. )he char e of the H02000 or inner-con-unction mi ht !ery .ell 0e due to the ioni1ation of the rapidly mo!in cere0rospinal fluid in the center channel of the spine2 .hen the dou0le heli' ma netic fields are at their ma'2 creatin a 0io-plasma 0all li htnin effect. 4urther more a )oroidal electroma netic field acti!ated 0y the caduceus coil of the spine may enerate a tempic field .hich .ould alter the

E+ha'stion Phase
)he "o.nside of *liss )he &'haustion Phase

,echanism of *'n%alini
Aero to = Bears Poly!a al )heory Ci!a la Ca us )o'ic Mind )heory Mathematics of A.a/enin $risis Mana ement Primal )herapy Process ;or/ *ioener etics Neuroendocrine )heory of A in Sound for "eto'ification Ma netic )herapy

Superfluidity &lectroma netics )he *io-%i htnin &ffect %i ht Prana )ime *iolo ical 3elation to Aero-Point

Meanin of ,undalini 3elationship Pro-ection Supra-se' )antric Union Surrender ,undalini ( $reati!ity *alance Pitfalls on the Path )hri!in on ,undalini 3ela'in .ith the )ransrational ;or/in )o.ard a )ranscendent 4uture

*'n%alini Skills
,undalini Practice %ist #ntro to the #nner Arts $ardio Muscular 3elease Psychospacial Meditation Neuroemotional 3epro rammin Psychosomatic 3elease Primal 3elease Pose *ody.or/ ;elcomin *elon in )herapy $onscious &m0odiment Practice

pace of time for o0-ects in it. >i!en sufficient ener y to the a0rupt 0uc/in fields the 0endin of the fa0ric of spacetime .ould occur. #f the 0endin 0ecomes e'treme teleportation .ould result. 59pposing magnetic fields ha'e been associated *ith ball lightening production. $esla launched fireballs from his large coils *hen the oscillations *ere phased to create opposing magnetic fields. 2erhaps the most efficient coiled structure to create such opposing fields is the 5caduceus5 *ound coil. :ere the double heli% symmetry of the *indings allo*s for perfect opposition of not only the magnetic fields but their higher order time deri'ati'es as *ell. ;ould then opposing magnetic pulses ma%imi!e their stress on the fabric of space causing a 5hyperspatial in'olution5 that orthorotates the !ero-point energy flu%. Abrupt opposing magnetic transients could be important for ball lighting creation.5 E Moray *. ,in 2 $apping the Zero-point Energy2 <000 #f 1ero-point ener y machines .ere de!eloped on the 0iolo ical model of the caduceus coil and central ion channel then our ener y eneration could actually enhance human e!olution rather than harmin oursel!es and the planet as it does no.. Similarly if .e construct superconductin solar architecture .ith a monoatomic lattice in manmade stone2 then the ener y emanatin from this ener y enerator .ill also enhance the consciousness of life around it. #n HIIJ # had a !ision of Solaris2 a futuristic city that is made of a manmade-crystalline stone that incorporates iridiumKrhodium in its lattice. Sound technolo y is used to help form the lattice of the stone in such a fashion that it 0ecomes a superconductor and collector of li ht ener y .hich is then stored in li8uid crystal 0atteries. )hus ma/in the city completely non pollutin .ith sufficient ener y to pro!ide for tra!el 0et.een cities also. )he e'tra coherence pro!ided from 0ein in this li!in -city .ill help fortify the inha0itance so that they 0oth rise in consciousnessKspirituality to sa eli/e le!els2 and their 0odies are e'posed to hei htened coherence as .ell so that cancer2 and most other diseases .ill no lon er occur. As it stands no. our technolo ies are de radin our physical and mental health faster than .e can find fi'it solutions to sol!e the pro0lems. )his is so 0ecause our technolo y-science-medicine is and our eneral li!in conditions are still anti-life at this point. @nce .e understand the 8uantum nature of our 0iolo y2 .e .ill essentially ha!e to chan e e!erythin a0out ho. .e operate and .e .ill mo!e into a !ery ne. technolo ical era. 9See also Solaris: "a!id %oye author of )he Sphin' and the 3ain0o. su ested that all material forms are simply coa ulated ener y. )hus it appears that the fundamental creatin and animatin force of &ros in the uni!erse is prior to matter and is in the process of constantly creatin and transformin matter. )o i!e you a sense of the ?space? from .hich matter emer es # .ould li/e to turn you onto the mystical .ritin s of Dohn ;orrell ,eely 9HJ<L-HJIJ: re!elin in the lories of the primordial round. +e calls the Coid or Aero-point ener y the Neutral $enter. 5$here is a celestial mind-force, a great sympathetic force *hich is life itself, of *hich e'erything is composed.5 5E'ery molecule, e'ery mass, e'ery mo'ing body in space, e'ery solar system, e'ery stellar system, EVE<( <9$A$9<( S(S$E=, is built about A >EU$<A/ ;E>$E<. )t is the indestructible unit around *hich all that *e recogni!e as matter is built. )mmo'able itself, it mo'es all things. )ndestructible itself throughout infinity of time, it creates all things. )t produced and preser'es the incalculable energy of motion of the entire Uni'erse. )t bears the unthin6able burden of the mass of the Uni'erse. )t is the most *onderful thing =an has disco'ered in the Uni'erse since he disco'ered fire.5 5$he sympathetic conditions that *e call mind are no more immaterial in their character than light or electricity. $he substance of the brain is molecular, *hile the substance of the mind that permeates the brain is interetheric and is the element by *hich the brain is impregnated, e%citing it into action and controlling physical motion. )n order to trace the successi'e triple impulses, ta6ing the introductory one of sympathetic negati'e outreach, to*ards the cerebral neutrals, *hich a*a6en the latent element to action, *e find that mind may be considered a specific order of inter atomic motion sympathetically influenced by the celestial flo* and that it becomes *hen thus e%cited by this medium a part and parcel of the celestial itself.5 More info on ,eely and others is at Sympathetic Ci0ratory Physics--#t7s a Musical Uni!erseM ;e can7t say anythin definiti!e a0out the influence of the su0atomic realm on 0iolo y and consciousness2 ho.e!er there is speculation that the !acuum is the indispensa0le foundation of 8uantum 0iolo y and 8uantum medicine. ;e can ho.e!er use 8uantum metaphors as a rich source of healin and inspiration. "r. Arnold Mindell7s 0oo/ $he Quantum =ind and :ealing, :o* $o /isten $o (our ody?s Symptoms2 offers profound assistance for inte ration for /undi-acti!es2 .ith many practical e'ercises for e'plorin the 0odymind-soul connection. )he non-physical ?su0tle ener y? fields of the !acuum2 in turn enerate correspondin electroma netic fields 9e. . 0iophotons: 0y impartin the potentials. ,undalini mi ht ha!e the effect of stimulatin an increased flo. of ions uppin the 0ody7s dipole and increasin the &M4. )he 0ioma netic field of the 0ody enerates micro-electric currents that determine the normal differentiation of cells and their final shade and si1e. )he increased ener y flo. throu h the areas .here there is 0loc/a e restores healthy resonance and ener etic order--hi her order e8uals hi her synchrotronic laserin of consciousness and ener y. #n HI=5 %a/ho!s/y disco!ered that a cell possesses t.o characteristics--capacitance and inductance--.hich are the elements of a tuned circuit li/e a radio. +e found the cell must 0e tuned to the desired fre8uency needed to sustain life. )he constructi!e interaction of coherent oscillatin fields means there is reater information e'chan e 0et.een cells leadin to increased spiritual presence or incarnation.

+i her +omeostasis ,undalini ( "iet )he Pro!ita Plan $alorie 3estriction "iet 4ree 3adicals ( ,undalini %i!er "eto'ification *lood Su ar ( >lycation > +ormone Pain )urnin #t @ff Supplements 4or A.a/enin 4i!e 4ormulas 4or ,undalini Supplement %ist +er0 %ist More Supplement Su estions

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*esides scalar .a!es that permeate the matter of our 0ein 2 the .ays that /undalini ener y may 0e con!eyed around the 0ody include:

chan es in receptors due to the 0ody7s li ht eneration and &M42

increased cellular char e--A)P production and chan es in hormone and neurotransmitter spectrum2 ma neti1in the 0lood !ia the iron content of hemo lo0in2 superfluidity of mem0ranes and hei htened polar char e differentials2 the ionic current created 0y the electrolytes in the plasma of the 0lood 9sodium2 chloride2 potassium2 0icar0onate:2 ioni1ed cere0rospinal fluid2 proteins ser!in as semi-conductors2 hei htened action potentials in ner!es2 the fascia 9connecti!e tissue and sheaths surroundin the spinal cord etc.:2 chan es in the 0ondin an les of .ater2 superconduction of ener yKconsciousness .ithin the monoatomic lattice2 hence sympathetic resonance of atoms and neural nets.

3o er Penrose considers consciousness to 0e a su0atomic phenomena of .a!e function selfcollapse !ia 8uantum ra!ity2 .hate!er that means. Fuantum ra!ity descri0es the interaction of ra!ity .ith the three other fundamental forces: electroma netic2 stron nuclear force and .ea/ nuclear force. $ells communicate .ith each other2 and the !i0ratory ener y reaches .ithin the cell !ia the cytos/eleton and microt'.'les. Microtu0ules are structural components that are part of the neuron cell cytos/eleton and 0rain cells are particularly rich in them. )hey are cylindrical protein lattice assem0lies of tu0ulin molecules in .hich the ?8uantum computations? of consciousness are reputed to ta/e place. )he Penrose-+ameroff model proposes that internal 8uantum e!ents occurrin .ithin tu0ulin in cooperati!e interaction .ith each other2 are the 0rid e 0et.een su0atomic 8uantum e!ents and molecular ?classical? reality. Stuart +ameroff says consciousness e'ists on the ed e 0et.een the 8uantum and classical .orlds. +e 0elie!es that .e plu into the uni!ersal proto-conscious mind throu h this 8uantum acti!ity in the microtu0ules. 5) thin6 more li6e a 0uantum uddhist, in that there is a uni'ersal proto-conscious mind *hich *e access, and can influence us. ut it actually e%ists at the funda-mental le'el of the uni'erse, at the 2lanc6 scale.5 E Stuart +ameroff Neurotransmission pro!ides input and out put from the 8uantum processes in the microtu0ules of neurons. %i/e Stuart +ameroff # thin/ that consciousness at its most su0tle material form is conducted .ithin 8uantum processes. )his is then translated into the classical chemistry of ner!es2 synapses2 receptors2 neurotransmitters2 hormones and the li/e. And so the endless !ariety of thou ht2 0eha!ior and e'perience of manifestation unfolds. ?2re-conscious @unconscious.subconsciousA information e%ists as 0uantum superpositions - multiple coe%isting possible actions or e%periences - *hich, upon reaching a specified threshold at the moment of consciousness.self-collapse, choose a particular action or e%perience.5 E Stuart +ameroff 3eadin 2 0oo/s 0y "ean 3adin2 $le!e *ac/ster2 3upert Sheldra/e2 )homas *earden2

bac6 to $ime ;ontinue to =eaning of Bundalini

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