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A study of assess the knowledge and attitude regarding mental illness among staff nurses in selected hospitals of Kathmandu,

Nepal. Jamuna Bajracharya Effectiveness of an information booklet on care of attempted suicide patients for staff nurses in a selected hospital of Mangalore city, Karnataka. Jincy Jose A comparative study to determine the perceived human rights between people with mental illness and normal individual in Kannur district, Kerala. Saleem T K An exploratory study to determine the carriers preferences and associated factors among final year undergraduate nursing students in selected colleges of Mangalore city. Divya K Y Effectiveness of Jacobsons Progressive Muscle Relaxation (JPMR) technique on social anxiety among high school adolescents in a selected school of Udupi district, Karnataka. Febu Elizabeth Joy A comparative study on stress, coping strategies and quality of life of institutionalized and non-institutionalized elderly in Kottayam District, Kerala. Mercy Anu Mathew A study to determine the psychosocial consequences of Tsunami affected people of Kollam District, Kerala. Arun S. Nath A Descriptive study on domestic violence towards married women in selected slum area of Udupi District, Karnataka. Shalini A Co-relative study of burden & coping strategies among the care givers of patients with affective disorder in selected hospital of Udupi District, Karnataka. Binil V. A study to determine the effectiveness of an awareness program on knowledge on substance abuse and its consequences among the adolescents in a selected coaching centre of Namchi District, Sikkim. A Correlational study on depressive symptoms and selected psycho-social variables among widows in a selected womens organization of Pokhara, Nepal. - Sandhya Shrestha Effectiveness of ice application for post ECT headache among mentally ill client in selected hospitals of Kerala State. - Alphonsa Mary Jeseph A study to determine the knowledge regarding HIV infection and attitude of students towards mandatory premarital HIV testing among the selected degree colleges of Udupi district, Karnataka. - Flavia Noronha Factors associated with Farmers suicide from familial perspectives using psychological autopsy in selected villages of Wayand District, Kerala State.. - Mereen Paul A correlation study to assess the knowledge on learning disability and attitude towards children with learning disability, among teachers of selected primary school in Kannur District, in view of developing an information booklet on learning disability. - Vinitha K. V.

A comparative study to determine the quality of life and social support of clients with alcoholic dependence syndrome attending and not attending alcoholics anonymous group meetings in selected hospitals and AA centers of Udupi District, Karnataka. - Savitha An evaluative study to find the effectiveness of self enhancement programme (SEP) on self esteem and depression among institutionalized elderly in Kottayam District, Kerala - Aswathy M.R. A study to assess the effectiveness of an awareness program on health promotion among adolescents in selected schools of Udupi District, Karnataka. Tilu Ancy Philip
A study to assess the codependency and depressive symptoms among care givers of alcoholics in selected hospitals of Udupi District, Karnataka - Linju Ann Alias 8. Speech intelligibility and its influence on mental health and self esteem among adolescents with hearing impairement in selected special schools of Karnataka - Besi Paul 9. Effectiveness of an awareness program on knowledge about dementia among adults in a selected village of Udupi District, Karnataka - - Mini Mathew 10. Effectiveness of a video assisted teaching on Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) in improving the knowledge and attitude of public in selected villages of Udupi District, Karnataka - Cebi Paul 11. A study to assess the effectiveness of a video awareness programme regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) among primary school teachers of selected institutions of Udupi District, Karnataka, India - Renjulal Y 12. A study to determine the knowledge on HIV / AIDS and alcohol abuse pattern among patients with alcoholism and its influence on sexual behaviour in selected hospitals of Udupi District, Karnataka - Badanapukar Ashishkumar Ramesh 13. A correlative study on life events, depressive features and perceived social support among patients with Diabetic mellitus in selected hospitals of Udupi District - Ingitha Babu Effectiveness of structured teaching programme to primary school teachers on identification of mentally retarded children in selected schools, Coimbatore. Promoting coping measures to X standard students in management of stress related to examination in Hindu Higher Secondary School in Ambur. Promotion of coping measures to first year Under Graduate health care professional students in management of academic stress Effectiveness of structured teaching programme to mothers in prevention of child abuse Group therapy on promotion of psychological well being among alcoholic patients at Kasthuriba Gandhi De-Addiction Centre, Coimbatore. Effectiveness of psycho education on home care of schizophrenic patients among primary care takers

Effectiveness of psycho education on behavioural problems among institutionalized children Effectiveness of structured teaching programme to staff nurses on management of psychiatric emergencies at PSG Hospitals and Vazhikatti Mental Health Centre, Coimbatore A comparative study to assess the prevalence of depression among elderly living with family and living in old age home Psycho education to juvenile delinquent at Observation Home, Coimbatore Effectiveness of music therapy in reduction of stress among working women at PSG Institute of Health Sciences, Coimbatore Surveillance of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder among school children in selected schools at Coimbatore Assessment of depression among cancer patients in District Cancer Centre, Kozhencherry, Kerala. Promotion of self esteem activities among alcoholic dependents at Kasthuriba Gandhi De-addiction, Centre, Coimbatore Effectiveness of counseling techniques for co-morbid depressive disorder among the patients with medical illness at PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore Promotion of coping measures to primary care givers of mentally ill in management of stress in vazhikatti Centre at Coimbatore Assessment of emotional challenges faced by people living with HIV in adopted families of Shanti Ashram, Kovaipudur, Coimbatore Assessment of sensation seeking behaviour among college students in PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore Effectiveness of structured teaching programme in promoting knowledge on sexual health among adolescent boys in PSG Sarvajana School in Coimbatore