Millennium Plus's business applications provide innovative and invaluable asset management tools for companies dealing in the

fleet management, construction, auto rental, and all other service industries. Whether you are managing a fleet of 1 or 10,000 vehicles, MPlus provides a truly affordable and scalable solution. Its worldwide tracking capabilities, along with an open platform and an easy-to-use web interface makes MPlus a simple and cost saving decision for any fleet manager or business owner.
Fleet Management + asset tracking + track and monitor employees + stop on-job moonlighting + recoup time and money + increased productivity + decreased fuel usage + Charleston, SC installed GPS on waste removal fleet Construction Equipment Owners + active management vehicles + anti-theft support + increased productivity + decreased fuel costs + large machines require specific up and down times Car Rental Management + asset management + rental vehicles easily tracked + boundary violations + coordinate vehicle maintenance/service + remote door lock/unlock + recover stolen vehicles Millennium Plus improves efficiency and enhances your bottom line.

Introducing the world’s most versatile and affordable GPS Telematics unit, the Millennium Plus Mobile Locating Unit, provided by Horizon Technologies, LLC.
Wiring Harness Output -Vehicle Alarm -Primary Ground -Constant Power -Disable Output -Door Unlock -Ignition Sensor -Optional Relays

Antenna Connections GPS/GSM


MPlus MLU Features -Fully Digital -Near Real Time Monitoring -Control Vehicle Functions Remotely -Multiple Alert Settings & Diagnostics -Significant Savings in Insurance Premiums -GSM/GPRS Compatible -High Data Capable -Software Free: Internet Portal UI -API Interface -Modular Support -Loss Prevention -Fuel Management -Quick and Easy Install -World Wide Coverage -96% North American Coverage -Multiple Mapping Interfaces -Standardized platform


Fleet Management Con�igurations

Configuration option #1 On-Demand Tracking – This option will assist you in your dispatch operations and in spot checking your vehicle and/or fleet’s current location(s). • Allows you to locate any or all of your vehicles within seconds from any Internet connection. • Provides time stamp, address, speed if moving, longitude/latitude, a zoomable street map and an aerial photo of your vehicle and/or fleet’s location. Configuration option #2 Delivery Tracking – This option is perfect for auditing payroll time cards and supervising vehicles for unauthorized weekend use or side jobs. • Automatically reports/records any time the vehicle departs a location, and when a vehicle stops moving for the defined hours of operation or user-defined time span. • Provides time stamp, address, longitude/latitude, zoomable street maps, and aerial photos. • Mileage reports. Configuration option #3 Delivery Tracking w/Route reporting – A great tool for insuring that your employees are taking the most efficient route possible, saving you time and money. • Provides the same automatic tracking features as option #2 plus incremental location reports between the departure and arrival locations and displays the route on a map. All options listed above can be enabled and/or disabled on demand by the end user, directly through our patented web interface.


Con�igurable Features

The following features are included with all tracking options and are enabled or disabled upon your command: 1. Feature Scheduling - Allows the business owner or fleet manager to schedule any feature. As an example, the fleet manager could schedule any or all vehicles to: be disabled; turn on an anti-theft boundary; activate existing car alarms at a specified time; and schedule them to be disabled at a specified time and date. Perhaps you would like to know where the vehicle is at a specific time and date. Simply schedule a location request and it will be sent to “History” for review for up to 6 months. 2. Excessive Speed Alert – Alerts the owner that the vehicle has exceeded a preset speed. Speed limits are user defined. 3. Ignition On/Off Reporting – Reports each time the ignition is turned on or off. 4. Mileage Reporting – Reports total mileage traveled within any given period of time from the date the tracking system was installed and delivery tracking was enabled. 5. Starter Disable – Isolates the starter in the ignition switch circuit disabling the starter. 6. Trigger Extra Output – Used as an additional remote switch for control of different components which are powered by the vehicle such as: car alarms, remote starting systems, headlights, etc… 7. Custom Alerting – Receive user-defined alerts on your cell phone, pager and email such as compactor or pump activation, open doors, roadside assistance requests, and many more… 8. Lock/Unlock Doors – Remotely locks or unlocks your car doors. 9. Fastest Speed of the Day – Reports the fastest speed at which the vehicle has traveled in the last 24 hour period (resets each day at approximately 12:00 midnight). 10. Set/Clear Movable Geo-Fence – Turns on/off a movable boundary. This is a rectangular boundary with preset radius of up to 100 miles or as small as 1/10th of a mile. When violated the unit will notify the car owner by telephone and/or email that their vehicle left a specified area. 11. Set/Clear Default Geo-Fence – Allows the business owner or fleet manager to draw a fixed boundary of almost any size anywhere in North America and receive a call and/or email whenever the boundary is violated. 12. Vehicle Alarm Alerting – Alerts owner when a vehicle theft alarm has been activated. 13. Internal Back-up battery –In case of vehicle power loss.


Installation and Implementation
The Millennium Plus tracking and telematics system consists of three major components: 1. GPS/GSM Transceiver 2. Antenna 3. Electrical Harness Installation is relatively simple and is easy for most automotive technicians. Basic installation requires only a power ground wire. Horizon Technologies provides a simple step by step color guide to install the units plus toll free phone support. A sample from the guide can be found below. We also can recommend certified installers in your area. Please contact your MPlus representative for more details.