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ERP for Schools & Educational Institutes

bizEducation is a web based software solution that brings together students, teaching and nonteaching staff, accounts, management and parents into one common platform and helps simplify day to day operations of educational institutes.

s s Web enabled solution gives flexibility and ease to

access it at any time from any where s Management gets a single window to information of all operations of the schools
s Helps teachers and students to better organize their

daily / weekly activities

s Optimum configuration of the timetable of classes /

sections according to the availability and skill set of teachers

s Provides comprehensive analysis of the performance of

students, staff and school

s Better tracking for parents educational, co-curricular

and medical history of wards

s Transport module helps management in a cost effective

transport planning
s Automatic / Manual Email options s Integration Possibilities: s SMS Alerts: Critical information sent to parents

s Smart Card Devices: Automate attendance s GPS: Maintain Security - The ability to identify the

location of each of your students / employees by name on a Google map s RFID: Automate attendance and security s Content Development s E Learning

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Admission Process: This module allows applicants to apply online for admission and institutes to define their own admission process and easily track it through it's many stages. Student Management: Manages complete student portfolio maintaining student's personal details, progress through years, attendance register, online curriculum, grades etc. Fee management: Manages fee structures, bills, receipts, fine and complete analysis with outstanding amounts. Employee: Manages the complete lifecycle of employee. Timetable: This module optimally prepares the timetable based on various factors such as number of sections, number of students, capability of teacher, their workload and other parameters defined by the management. Examination/Result: This module helps teachers to define, create examination templates and get them approved through the Head of Departments. System allows results to be published online Transport: Helps administration to create different routes based on number of students and staff. Helps defining own transport fare & manage billing

Smart Modules
Admission Process Examination Library Cafeteria Management Student Management Curriculum Hostel Management Timetable Fee Management Employee Management Transport

Smart Card / SMS/ RFID

Activity: This module covers all type of activity like extra curriculum, hobbies classes from a single point Reports: Solutions comes with a variety of reports. It also enables organizations to define and build their own reports Library Management: Based on both Ranganathan and Dewey Decimal Classification. Helps to manage all aspects of the library including book issues, returns, fines, reservation and overall management of the library.

Upcoming Modules
Campus Recruitment: Manages and tracks the recruitment cycle of students at your campus. Hostel Management: Manages all aspects of hostel including application, admission, fee, room allotment, withdrawal, leave requests and approvals etc Cafeteria Management: It helps to track all meals and items sold and helps generate a variety of reports. The module is ideal for cafeteria management in schools by easily processing cafeteria sales and streamlining record-keeping.

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Value Proposition
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Real time information (variety of MIS reports) from various departments for data-driven decision making. Control over resources and tools to ensure optimum utilization of resources. An integrated accounts management system. Effective and hassle-free employee management Easy accessibility to parents / students / employee grievances and redressal thereof. No redundancy of work / data entry with centralized database system. Manage timetable and substitutions efficiently and effectively. Control over finances / inventories with authentications and approvals.


Relief from mundane clerical tasks like maintaining attendance register, student profiles, calculatin percentages of marks and attendance, etc. thus allowing more focus on education

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Access detailed history of student anytime to provide a personalized one-to-one educational experience. Communicate with parents / peer teachers / students / administrators instantly through SMS and E-mails. Organize discussion forums on projects / careers / technology to enable a healthy all round development of students. Publish homework / projects / articles of interest for students. Customized report cards with marks / grades / marks & grades / remarks, class rank, attendance, etc.

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Submit assignments / homework and projects online. Easy online information about news / announcements / calendar and time table. Allows self analysis related to performance. Contributing articles on schools website/e-magazine thus enhancing their writing/expression skills. Discussion forums on projects / careers / technology etc. Personalized interaction with subject teacher, class teacher and fellow students using internal e-mailing system. Alumni portal allows to be in touch with the school / teachers / classmates.


Online access to all information regarding the ward online fees, curriculum, library, activities, discipline, complete medical history, attendance, grades, examinations, time table, transport etc.

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Communicate with subject / class teacher directly for any counseling / improvements / concerns. Stay updated with the school with live news, image gallery, downloads, achievements, etc. Analyse performance of the ward through comparative data over time to understand areas where assistance is necessary. Reminders through SMS for fee payment, PTAs and urgent news.

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