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RSA MyAccessLive SSO is a comprehensive platform for managing sign-on across all
of your web applications and users. MyAccessLive SSO comes pre-integrated with the
industrys largest ecosystem of SaaS applications, authentication methods, directories,
and VPNs.
MyAccessLive SSO is part of RSAs overall business-driven IAM platform, enabling
organizations to gain visibility and control over who has access to which applications
and data in their enterprise.
With MyAccessLive SSO, you can:
Establish better control of your users access.
Ensure users have only appropriate access to applications.
Enable single sign-on to cloud and on-premise applications, with pre-built
connections to thousands of cloud applications.
Easily deploy with a simple Active Directory connection.
How MyAccessLive SSO Works
MyAccessLive SSO is an on-demand solution comprised of single sign-on, multi-factor
authentication, directory integration, user management, cloud search, mobile application
access, and VPN integration.
MyAccessLive SSO allows users to sign in once, then easily launch all their applications
through a simple user interface without further authentication. MyAccessLive SSO pro-
vides an extensive catalog with pre-built access to over 2,700 SaaS applications, thus
increasing security, user effciency, and speed of deployment.
With MyAccessLive SSO you can defne authentication policies on users across all ap-
plications, along with features such as multi-factor authentication, VPN access, Desktop
SSO, and more. MyAccessLive SSO supports complex directory infrastructures for some
of the most demanding enterprises in the world - supporting millions of users at a time,
with multiple data centers, complete redundancy, third-party SSAE-16 and security
audits, and a 99.99% uptime guarantee.
RSA MyAccessLive SSO Features
Multi-factor authentication
In the case where users are required to use a strong authentication factor along with
their password when they sign in, there are plenty of options. MyAccessLive SSO is
pre-integrated with third-party solutions from RSA, SafeNet, Symantec, VASCO, and
Yubico. In addition to these pre-integrated options, PKI browser certifcates are also
supported along with the free MyAccessLive mobile one-time password application for
Directory integration with real-time user sync
MyAccessLive SSO connects to your Active Directory or LDAP server in a matter of
minutes enabling thousands of cloud applications to sync in real-time. The result is that
MyAccessLive SSO becomes the one unifed directory for your cloud applications. When
changes are made in one directory, all directories are updated automatically, making
managing multiple directories a breeze.
Enable simple and secure busi-
ness user access to applications.
Take control of your web
applications - both on-premise
and in the cloud.
Enable single sign-on for thou-
sands of pre-integrated web
Comprehensive Single Sign-On for web applications
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Password vaulting
For those applications that dont support SAML, MyAccessLive SSO password vaulting
provides a secure way to access those applications. The passwords are stored securely
server-side and are injected into the applications login page during sign-on. Enterprises
can simply add their own connectors through a simple to use browser extension.
Federated cloud search
Cloud search enables instant searches across many cloud applications including Box,
Google Apps, Salesforce, Yammer, and Zendesk. Searching across applications helps
break down SaaS data silos and increases user productivity. From a security perspective,
cloud search is tied to the enterprises existing security model to ensure users only have
access to authorized applications and related content.
VPN integration
MyAccessLive SSO automatically signs users into their VPN using SAML when it detects
the requested resource is located behind your frewall - supporting both IPSec and SSL
VPNs. For SSL VPNs, users dont even have to know they are accessing an application
via VPN; MyAccessLive SSO will sign the user into the VPN and the application at the
same time.
MyAccessLive SSO for iPad gives your users the full experience they are used to from
their web apps. With one-click access to web applications on the iPad, signing into web
applications is simple and quick. MyAccessLive SSO for iPad enforces the same
authentication policies as the web interface - adding another layer of protection to your
cloud data.
For more about RSA MyAccessLive, please visit or email