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Who are they?

10 biographies of famous LGBT people courtesy of the PCS Timeline see http:// !pcsprou"!org!u#/our$story!p"f % ith i"entifying information remo&e"! Can you or# out ho they are' The asteris#s are a clue(
1) British activist. Born in Australia, ******** moved to the UK in 1971 where he joined the fledgling a! "i#eration $ront. %n 19&', he fought the Bermondse! #i(election as the official "a#our candidate, #ut attac)s #! the o**osition and the ta#loids #ased around his se+ualit! meant he lost the election. After cam*aigning against the introduction of ,ection -&, ******** and others set u* ./utrage01 a grou* #ased around direct action. ,ome of their tactics, such as *rotesting at 2estminster A##e! over the 3hurch of 4ngland1s attitudes to se+ualit! #rought the wrath of the *ress 5which were eventuall! to du# him .*u#lic enem! num#er one1) as well as some within the " B6 communit!. ,imilarl!, his outs*o)en thoughts and ideas on such matters as the age of consent have s*lit his natural constituenc!. %n recent !ears, ******** has focused on human rights in general, nota#l! his *u#lic em#arrassment 5and attem*ted citi7en1s arrest) of 8o#ert 9uga#e 5which caused the ta#loids to give him grudging *raise) and the cam*aign to have homo*ho#ic dancehall records and acts #anned 5which resulted in death threats). ********1s strength of conviction and willingness to 5literall!) *ut him on the front line have shown him to #e courageous and determined and a major influence #oth on the " B6 communit! and the *olitical landsca*e.

-) ******* ****** had gender(corrective surger!.

%dentified as male at #irth, ****** served in 22- and su#se:uentl! married and had children. ;owever, following a *eriod of de*ression ****** was diagnosed as .interse+ed1 and given the choice of living as a man or a woman. ,he chose the feminine and gave u* her career as an engineer to train as a seamstress and gas gender corrective surger! in 19<1. Unli)e 3hristine *********, however, ****** didn1t #ecome a cause cele#re and led a relativel! :uiet life. ;er auto#iogra*h! is an im*ortant document as she ta)es great *ains to distinguish #etween trans( and homose+ualit!= .% was never either a transvestite or a homose+ual, m! inclinations were normal, sim*l! died, then when the! a**eared again, the! were re(orientated. B! this time % was the o**osite se+ an!wa!, so still was not homose+ual.1 6he #oo) is also im*ortant #ecause ****** clearl! states 5and *resents su**orting evidence) that she was legall! a#le to change her name and gender > a case, which was used in the fight for gender recognition in the 199?s@-???s. ') American *oet and writer. A *rolific writer, ****** was *art of the ;arlem 8enaissance grou* of African(American writers of the 19-?s. Although he never had a significant relationshi*, some of his auto#iogra*hical writings do mention se+ with men and as such, his strength as a *oet and his *osition in the African(American communit! have meant that ****** has *la!ed an im*ortant *art in the intersection #etween ga! and #lac) culture.

A) ,wedish actress. 6ravelling to ;oll!wood in 19-A, ***** #ecame a legend and su*erstar. 2hile
technicall! #ise+ual ***** was, according to her #iogra*her *redominantl! les#ian. ;er screen image was alwa!s that of the *owerful, se+uall! am#iguous woman, des*ite ;oll!wood1s determination for their stars to remain resolutel! heterose+ual #oth on and off screen. ;er image so de*arted from the heterose+ual norm that she *roved to ga! audiences that .difference1 could #e acce*ta#le. <) British scientist. Bioneer in com*uting, most )nown for the .****** 9achine1 and the .****** 6est1. 6he ****** machine was a *rotot!*e com*uting s!stem *roduced in 19'C. 2hile serving during 22-, ****** was amongst those charged with deci*hering the erman .4nigma1 code which he successfull! crac)ed. After the war, #ac) in academia, ****** develo*ed and #uilt one of the earliest com*uters or .electronic #rains1 as ****** called them. %n 19<1, ****** was #urgled #! a !oung man with whom he #egan an affair. 2hen it came to light, ****** was arrested for gross indecenc!. ;e was given the o*tion of im*risonment or .organo(thera*!1 which involved the injection of female hormones. 6his resulted in a *eriod of dee* de*ression during which ****** committed suicide.

C) American *hotogra*her and *erformer. At an earl! age ********* was confused over her se+ualit!
and eventuall! #egan to realise that it was, in fact, her gender which was the issue. 8esearching the issue, she learned of 4uro*ean doctors who wor)ed in this area and set off for the Detherlands

where Dr Harry Benjamin, carried out a gender reassignment o*eration. 8eturning to America as a com*lete woman, ********* discovered that her stor! had *receded her and she #ecame an overnight sensation > *ro#a#l! the worlds first internationall! )nown trans *erson. 6he *u#licit! ultimatel! sto**ed her from fitting :uietl! #ac) into societ! and so she em#ar)ed on a stage career. Ees*ite not #eing the first *erson to undergo gender reassignment surger!, ********* is an im*ortant figure in trans histor!. 6he *u#licit! she gained showed *eo*le, for the first time, the distinguishing difference #etween homose+ualit! and transgenderism. ,he was also im*ortant #ecause in the interviews she gave she o#tained com*lete control over the *u#lished articles > in effect she was the first trans *erson to #e heard in her own voice. $inall!, the immense *u#licit! of the case gave a #oost to the earl! *ioneers in trans medicine and hel*ed the research to #ecome a more res*ected su#ject.

7) British singer. ;er hus)! voice, ela#orate image and !earning songs made her a firm favourite
amongst les#ians and ga! men in Britain. ,he #egan her career in a fol) trio with her #rothers. ;owever, her solo career #egan in 19C' and she enjo!ed a string of hits which lasted through the 19C?s. ,he enjo!ed numerous affairs with women and was a fre:uent visitor to the infamous . atewa!s1 "es#ian clu# in "ondon. ;owever, this was )e*t firml! hidden from view until the earl! 197?s when she admitted to her .#ise+ualit!1. A lover of #lac) soul music, ***** was instrumental in getting man! of the .9otown1 acts their first television a**earances in Britain. ,he also caused controvers! when she agreed to *la! ,outh Africa 5in the mid(si+ties #efore ,outh Africa was #o!cotted #! artists), sti*ulating that she would onl! *erform in front of a non(segregated audience. 2hen this *roved not to #e the case, she refused to *erform and was sent #ac) to Britain, where the *ress and *oliticians viewed her actions as either a c!nical *u#licit! stunt or *oliticall! naFve. *********** ma! have #een guilt! of the latter, #ut her convictions were strong and forceful, as man! of her colla#orators would later testif!. %n the 197?s she relocated to America. ;er career in free(fall, she too) to drin)ing heavil! and selfharming. %t was onl! in the 19&?s that she *ulled herself #ac) from the edge and #egan recording again, this time coa+ed out of retirement #! the Bet ,ho* Bo!s. &) British *la!wright. .6he /scar 2ilde of 2elfare ,tate entilit!1. ***** wrote riotous *la!s which ri**ed a*art middle class values and the h!*ocris! of societ! nota#l! including innuendo and ga! themes together with a dar) humour. ;is most famous *la!s include .4ntertaining 9r. ,loane1 and .2hat the Butler ,aw.1 ;owever with the *u#lication of his diaries and the #iogra*h! #! Gohn "ahr, ***** #ecame a #it *la!er in his own tale. 6he diaries detailed his voracious se+ual a**etite 5#ut should #e treated with caution as the *roject was suggested #! his agent) and the #iogra*h! set him u* as a figure in a *re(ordained traged!, leading to his murder #! his jealous and over#earing lover Kenneth ;alliwell, who su#se:uentl! committed suicide. 9an! criticise this inter*retation of the stor!, #elieving that societ!1s homo*ho#ia and heterose+ism allowed no role for ;alliwell in *****s *u#lic life, leading to his *s!chosis and their deaths. 9) American ja77 musician and com*oser. 9usicall! gifted, ********* wor)ed e+tensivel! with Eu)e 4llington. "ater he would wor) closel! with "ena ;orne who commented, .2e loo)ed at each other, clas*ed handsHand % loved him. 2e #ecame one another1s alter egos.1 2hile the! rarel! discussed se+ualit!, *********1s #iogra*her wrote= .;e was in a minorit! among ga! *eo*le in that he was o*en a#out his homose+ualit! in an era when social #ias forced man! men and women to )ee* their se+ual identities secret.

1?) American Blues singer and songwriter. Born in 9em*his, ****** emulated the singing st!les of Al
Golson, 4ddie 3antor and ,o*hie 6uc)er, *rojecting an image of a tough woman who could ta)e care of herself. ,he wrote .Eown ;earted Blues1 which, when recorded #! Bessie ,mith #ecame the #est selling #lues record of 19-'. ,he travelled to 4uro*e to esca*e the racism of America and #ecame a sensation. Although she strove to hide her les#ianism, her songs alwa!s held a s*ecial attraction for ga! audiences.