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ETE405 :: IP telephony

Lecture 1 Instructor: Dr. Mashiur Rahman


to !et a " in this course

the last class.

#e$ore class: re%ie

"t class: listen the lecture& ta'e note an( as' )uestions i$ you ha%e any )uestion. "$ter class: re%ie to(ay*s class.

The +ornell ,ote Ta'in! -ystem

Lin's: http:.. http:.. .cs/s0u.e(u.aca(emica(%isin!.help.lec1note.htm . i'iho .com.Ta'e1Lecture1,otes http:..colle!$m.ho 2to2ta'e2e$$ecti%e2class2notes$

The Internet Has Replace( the Telephone -ystem an( the Telecommunication ,et or's

IP telephony : 3ro th $actors

4orl( Enterprise IP Telephony En(point Mar'et 3re 56.78 #illion in 6008& 9in(s 9rost : -ulli%an


,e analysis $rom 9rost : -ulli%an ;http:.. .con$erencin!.$<& 4orl( Enterprise IP Telephony En(point Mar'ets& $in(s that the mar'et earne( re%enues o$ o%er 56.78 /illion in 6008. The orl( enterprise IP (es'top phone mar'et continue( to !ro in 6008& !eneratin! 56.5= /illion in total re%enues. Thou!h stea(y re%enue (ecline is e>pecte( until 6010& the mar'et is e>pecte( to !ra(ually reco%er /y 6011 an( continue ith a healthy !ro th pattern until the en( o$ the $orecast perio( in 6015.

Tren(s in Europe

"t year1en( 6007& 15.7 million consumer %oice1o%er1IP ;?oIP< lines ere in ser%ice in Europe& up $rom 7.5 million in 6005.

"t the en( o$ 6004& only 1.8 million ?oIP lines ere in ser%ice across Europe& e)ui%alent to 0ust o%er 1 percent o$ househol(s. #y the en( o$ 6005& ?oIP su/scri/ers ha( !ro n to 7.5 million lines& accountin! $or 4 percent o$ househol(s. "t the en( o$ 6007& 15.7 million European consumers su/scri/e( to ?oIP ser%ices& e)ui%alent to 11 percent o$ househol(s. #y mi(1year 600=& appro>imately 66 million househol(s in Europe ha( ?oIP telephone ser%ice. "nnual re%enues $rom consumer ?oIP ser%ices ere @58A million in 6005& an( @1.5 /illion in 6007. 3i%en current !ro th patterns& ?oIP re%enues shoul( top @6.8 /illion in 600=.

B- mar'et

The num/er o$ ?oIP su/scri/ers soare( $rom 7.5 million in mi(16007 to 11.8 million in mi(1600=C e)ui%alent to 10 percent o$ B.-. househol(s. ?oIP ser%ice re%enues totale( 56.7 /illion in 6007 an( are on trac' to reach 54.D /illion in 600=.

a0or ca/le companies ;o$ten calle( Emultiple system operators&F or M-Gs< net or'1in(epen(ent ser%ice pro%i(ers ;sometimes also (escri/e( as Eenhance( ser%ice pro%i(ers&F or E-Ps<.

,et or'1in(epen(ent ser%ice pro%i(ers& such as ?ona!e& ere the pioneers o$ the consumer ?oIP mar'et. ?ona!e launche( its consumer ?oIP ser%ice in "pril 6006& $ollo e( /y 8>8 in ,o%em/er 6006. "t mi(1year 600=& net or'1in(epen(ent ser%ice pro%i(ers ha( A.1 million su/scri/ers an( ere on trac' to !enerate o%er 51 /illion in re%enues in 600=.

3ame theory