2013 ACF Regionals: Transmitido en Quizbowlese (“This man while traveling through the woods

found bathing in a stream the naked goddess Artemis”) Edited by Chris Ray !ohn "awren#e Cody $oight and Rob Carson Packet by Bellarmine College Pre aratory (!ameer "ai# $ie %guyen# &ed Paran' e# Abhishek Aditham# (ohn Cherian# !hreyan (ain# !ebastian (usuf# Chris )leitas# (arek (ankowski# Ale'andro Buendia# *milio )lamenco# (onchee +ao# ,avin Pereira# %amit -ishra# Paul ,illes B*..A"-/%* /! *&*"01%* AT 012" !C$11. 1% T$* 32/4B15. T*A-666) and Chicago A (!am Bailey# 7oug ,raebner# -atthew -enard# and 7aichi 2eda)

1. In one of this author’s plays, a caged man asks his wife to fetch him a drink before dashing his head against the bars and killing himself. The protagonist of that play claims to “hold the Fates bound fast in iron chains, And with my hand turn Fortune s wheel about.! Another character created by him dies when a knight blows a trumpet and he falls into the trap he had set for "alymath. #alter $aleigh s poem “The %ymph s $eply! was a response to a pastoral poem by him. &ne play by this author of Tamburlaine the Great, Parts I and II has a prologue deli'ered by (achia'el. The title character of another play asks asks to see “the face that launch d a thousand ships!. For 1) points, name this *nglish $enaissance author of The Jew of Malta, “The +assionate ,hepherd to -is .o'e! and The Tragical History of the Life and Death of Doctor austus. A%,#*$/ "hristopher Marlowe 89 This conflict was instigated by a border incident near the village of -anila when an unknown arty shelled a border atrol ost9 .ater# it was discovered that the invading country carried out the shelling as an e:cuse for one of the artici ants in this war to begin attacking9 -a'or fighting during this war was seen at Tai ale# where forces under the command of ,eneral -eretskov were re elled by the Tenth /nfantry 7ivision9 Commander 7ashitsev failed to secure the city of 1ulu# allowing the defenders to kee a key rail link with a neighboring country# at this war;s battle of !uomussalmi9 1ne notable soldier in this war was sim ly known as the “5hite 7eath”# and soldiers on one side of the war utili<ed -olotov Cocktails as an effective way to counter !oviet tanks attem ting to break through the -annerheim .ine9 )or => oints# name this conflict between )inland and the !oviet 2nion that ended with the -oscow Peace Treaty9 A%!5*"? %inter %ar @9 A henomenon that follows this law has a finite line width named for 7arwin9 7e artures from ideality of this law can be shown on a rocking curve9 This law can be illustrated using the *wald s here of reflection construction9 This law is a s ecial case of the .aue eAuations9 This law can be used to characteri<e materials with the owder method9 7iffuse scattering does not follow this law9 This law can be used to derive the distance between similar atomic lanes in a lattice# the soBcalled dBs acing9 This law states that an integer times wavelength is eAual to two times inter lanar s acing times the sine of the incident beam angle# or n lambda eAuals two d sine theta9 )or => oints# identify this law of CBray diffraction in crystals9 A%!5*"? &ragg;s law D rom t on von "aue eAuations before it is readE F9 ,erman e: lorer Ale:ander von $umboldt described this countryGs highland .ake AtitlHn as the “most beautiful lake in the world#” and in his =I@F book Beyond the Mexique Bay Aldous $u:ley com ared it to .ake Como and said it is “really too much of a good thing9J The new ca ital of this country was destroyed in =KK@ by a devastating earthAuake# and is now known as the o ular town of la Antigua# a tourist favorite9 Although the ,arifuna culture is centered in this countryGs ort of .ivingston# the largest ort here is Puerto Barrios9 This countryGs largest de artment# Peten# lies in its mountainous north9 The yramids of Tikal are found in this country# home to large numbers of ethnic -ayans9 )or => oints# identify this Central American bordered to the north by -e:ico and to the northeast by Beli<e9 A%!5*"? 'uatemala L9 This man once s ent time in a common rison chained by the foot to his com anion Calisto# and in Paris he was defended from calumnious charges by -atthieu 1ry9 Peter )aber was a disci le of this man# who drew lifelong ins iration from .udol h of !a:onyGs Vita Christi9 $is ma'or work advocates allowing the soul to “free itself from all inordinate affections” and romotes the use of the “general e:amen of conscience”9 $e was in'ured in the Battle of Pam lona# after which he e: erienced a vision of the &irgin -ary and rayed in a cave near -anresa#

economists use this concept to understand how a ta9 burden is distributed between the producer and consumer. the 31ance of the 7nights3 depicts the tension between the (ontagues and "apulets. In one ballet by him. From 1<)8= 1<)<.#*$/ elasticity @accept forms like “price elasticity of demand. respecti'ely. he originally lost to 5oe "lark for the leadership of the +rogressi'e "onser'ati'e +arty. In that opera by him. This man negotiated a constitutional amendment which would ha'e stopped doctors from being o'ercharged under the pro'isions of his country’s -ealth Act.ummer Fairy and Autumn Fairy. In another ballet by him.ilies3.od”9 This teacher of )rancis Cavier wrote the Spiritual Exercises9 )or => oints# identify this first !u erior . A%. For 1) points.inger=+rebsich thesis argues that the 'alue of this measurement when applied to manufactured goods suggests that commodity=rich nations will become increasingly impo'erished.ergei Prokofiev 8. This man in'estigated corruption in the 5ames :ay -ydroelectric +lant as part of the "liche "ommission. Today. In the (arshall=.#*$/ :rian Mulroney N9 According to -aryanoff and "eit<# interconversion of reaction adducts in this reaction results in stereochemical drift9 A tri ly e onymous alternative to this reaction uses the roducts of the Arbu<ov reaction9 This chemical reaction is used in the roduction of &itamin A= by BA!)9 /n a similar reaction to this one# a betaBhydro:ysilane undergoes an eliminationM that reaction is named for Peterson9 That revious alternative is named for *mmons# 5adsworth and $orner9 2sing a henyl lithium de rotonating agent allows interconversion of erythreo to threo betaine in the !chlosser modification of this reaction9 This reaction can referentially roduce 4Balkenes and its intermediate is an o:o hos hetane9 )or => oints# name this reaction in which aldehydes or ketones are reacted with a hos honium ylide9 A%!5*"? %ittig reaction <. :ush to form %AFTA and was succeeded by 7im "ampbell.uebec as a “distinct society! within "anada in a set of agreements named for (eech . ?alues for this concept can be found by taking a linear regression when both 'ariables are e9pressed in natural logarithms. 1anilo is shown the title ob2ect by the (istress of the "opper (ountain. an 3Aubade3 if followed by the 31ance of the 4irls with . 5ascha -eifet6 arranged for 'iolin and piano a 3(arch3 from one of this composer s operas.erner’s (ark=up $ule applies this concept to sol'e for the optimal price of a good. name this $ussian composer of the ballets "inderella and #omeo and Juliet and the opera The Lo$e for Three %ranges. (rs. A%. music for grasshoppers and dragonflies comes between the 'ariations for the .oyolaM or ()igo . &ne ballet by this composer of The !tone lower features the sisters . In another work by this author of The &s'ern Pa'ers and The (east in the Jungle. this author re'ised many of his works for the so=called %ew Cork *dition. and passed a slate of laws meant to e9pand pro'incial autonomy o'er healthcare and social ser'ice programs. 4rose becomes the confidante of a go'erness who suspects that Flora and (iles are being . The grief=stricken face of stranger in a gra'eyard causes the protagonist to fling himself on (ay :ertram’s tomb in a work in which 5ohn (archer reali6es he has wasted his life waiting.! etc.#. my dear fellowB! after a woman tacitly proposes marriage to him.kinny and 1umpy. ?eblen and 4iffen goods ha'e a positi'e 'alue for the price 'ersion of this. A%.eneral of the (esuits# a ! anish saint9 A%!5*"? !t9 (gnatius of . the sum of two applications of this >uantity to e9ports and imports must e9ceed one. the magician Tchelio loses a card game to Fata (organa. name this "anadian politician who worked with 4eorge -. the protagonist belie'es that a portrait’s e9pression is telling him “4et out of it as you can. who curses the +rince with the title obsession.A 1). . An old woman dies after crying “Ah.ake. and was the leader of the Iron &re "ompany before entering politics. name this concept from economics that is most often defined as the change in the >uantity demanded or supplied of a good gi'en a fluctuation in price or income. Although he was e'entually elected prime minister.oyola Dor (gna#io de . you publishing scoundrelB! at the literary biographer who is about to ransack her desk in that work by him. If the demand function is known.#*$/ . In one of his works. In one of his ballets.erner condition. This negotiator of the "harlottetown Accords supported the proposal of legislation that would ha'e acknowledged .e: eriences which formed the basis of a edagogical work divided into four thematic “weeks”9 This atron saint of soldiers coined the hrase “Ad maiorem 7ei gloriam”# or “for the greater glory of . For 1) points. In one ballet by this composer. The . For 1) points.oiolakoaE 0.

and who is commanded to kill Ikemefuna. who is sponsored by his town’s +rogressi'e Fnion and is arrested for taking bribes.#*$/ Philadelphia. +ennsyl'ania 1D.uint.s Party was founded here in =N8N9 A mayor of this city agreed to take a olygra h test to rove he had not offered atronage 'obs to Peter Camiel# though the test didn. name this American author of The Turn of the !crew. (r. For 1) points.eon $enkin.s society of 'ourneyman cordwainers were rosecuted in the first American court case concerning a labor strike9 The first 5orking -en. &ne protagonist created by this author surprises the chairman of the +ublic . That character created by him is the grandson of a man whose funeral gun salute accidentally kills *6eudu’s son. inspires the narrator to ac>uire “bantering! skills. 4reen. That character created by him worries that his secretary.s doctoral dissertation9 /n firstBorder logic# the converse of this ro erty is soundness9 That revious theorem named for this ro erty has been used to rove the com actness theorem# and states that every logically valid formula of firstBorder logic has a finite deduction9 A measure is said to have this ro erty if every subset of a null set has measure <ero9 %ormed vector s aces with this ro erty are Banach s aces9 A metric s ace in which every Cauchy seAuence converges has this ro erty9 . The new owner of 1arlington -all. (r. is spying on him for his boss. .te'ens. For 1) points. and refuses to negotiate the customs duty on his radiogram. The protagonist recalls an international conference during which he failed to tell $eginald "ardinal about “the facts of life! and took care of (.M or +eroda#hM or Amar-utuM or +eridugM or +ardo#haiosE 1G. For 1) points. name this creator of the &konkwo family.#*$/ The Remains of the Day 10. (r. A%.#*$/ -enry James ==9 This city. A%. In one episode in this no'el.isman wrote of its finale’s relation to 7antian notions of the mathematical sublime.ra hs of this ty e have every verte: ad'acent to every other verte:9 )or => oints# name this ro erty of the real numbers which intuitively says that there are no missing oints9 A%!5*"? #om*leteness Dor word formsE =F9 This god was ortrayed by the king in a mock battle taking lace throughout the twelveBday %ew 0earGs festival of 4agmuk9 According to one account# he roved his ower by commanding a constellation to disa ear and rea ear9 $e owned four horses known as “the fleet”# “the tram ler”# “the merciless”# and “the destroyer”9 This fourB eyed# fourBeared son of 7amkina was worshi ed at such tem les as *sagila and *temenanki9 This god tamed the mushussu dragon and later gave it to his child by !ar anitu# a god of wisdom and writing named %abu9 7uring his most famous accom lishment# he recovered the Tablet of 7estinies from the breast late of +ingu after using a net# eleven winds# and an arrow to kill a rimordial ocean goddess who threatened the Annunaki9 The rise of this killer of Tiamat was detailed in the Enuma Elish9 )or => oints# name this chief god of Babylon9 A%!5*"? Bel +ardu. name this no'el narrated by the butler . the %igerian author of )o Longer at *ase and Things all &'art. This work’s &ndante cantabile second mo'ement includes a stormy " minor section in .haunted by the ghost of +eter . (iss 7enton. 1upont while his own father died from a stroke. In one of his no'els. Farraday.#*$/ "hinua Achebe @or Albert "hinualumogu AchebeA =@9 A novel roof of a theorem named for this ro erty was the sub'ect of . a woman refuses to marry the protagonist because she is an osu and then aborts the baby she had with him. Dor +arutu.s )air held here in =NKO# the Centennial *: osition9 /n this city# Absalom (ones and "ichard Allen founded the )ree African !ociety# many of whose members later 'oined the African -ethodist Church and were key in hel ing this city through a yellow fever e idemic here in =KI@9 This city was the first tem orary ca ital# and the site of the !econd Continental Congress9 )or => oints# name this city home to /nde endence $all and site of the Constitutional Convention9 A%.t go very well9 $erman !chwar<mann designed the grounds of a 5orld. &ne character in this no'el has a cup of cocoa e'ery e'ening with a colleague and attempts to define the >uality of “dignity! sought by the -ayes society. *laine . The no'el consists of the reminiscences of the narrator on a dri'e across *ngland to 'isit the former housekeeper. (arie. written by 7a6uo Ishiguro.pencer asks the protagonist difficult >uestions about foreign affairs to illustrate the flaws of democracy. "lara is the fiancEe of one of his characters.er'ice "ommission by suggesting that The Heart of the Matter was ruined by its happy ending. A%. In her monograph on this symphony.

For 1) points.eorge 7yer# whose relationshi with this artist alienated this man from his father9 Paintings by this artist also include Study for the Nurse in the Battleship otem!in as well as Study after Vela"que"#s ortrait of ope $nnocent %# which de icts the namesake o e screaming9 )or => oints# name this /rishBborn figurative ainter# known for focus on the sub'ects of screams and tri tychs# as seen in his Three Studies for &i'ures at the Base of a Crucifixion9 A%!5*"? )rancis &a#on 8>9 /n the beginning of this work# the writer critici<es *nglish hiloso hers and the view that the title conce t gained its im ortance from its usefulness in society9 . or the nicknameA =K9 The rotagonist of this movie gives a s eech in front of a stained glass window when he is killed by a member of the *cumenical .s rise and fall as a T& ersonality on the 2nion Broadcasting !ystem9 A%!5*"? Network =N9 1ne ty e of rece tor for this neurotransmitter is defined by being insensitive to bicuculline and baclofen9 The en<yme that creates this molecule from an amino acid with an acidic side chain reAuires yrido:al hos hate# or &itamin BO# as a cofactor9 An otent agonist of one of its rece tors is found in the Amanita mushroom genus and is muscimol9 This neurotransmitter serves somewhat the same ur ose as glycine9 The B ty e of its rece tor is cou led to . “Jupiter! @accept any underlined part/ the composer name with symphony number.m as mad as hell# and /.s in love with the rogramming e:ecutive9 After a romise to commit suicide on air cause a s ike in ratings# this movie. name this final symphony by the composer of The Magic lute. This de'elopment of this symphony’s first mo'ement begins in the flat mediant key of *=flat and makes use of the melody to the composer’s aria “Fn bacio di mano!.ater he uses the e:am le of a lamb and a redatory bird to e: lain how eo le cannot e: ect the strong to restrain their strength9 /n the second art of this work# the author discusses the conce ts of romises and “bad conscience#” including how debts used to be re aid by making the debtor suffer# the original source of guilt9 /n the third art of this work# the writer looks to !cho enhauerGs and +antGs definitions of beauty in order to contem late “ascetic ideals9” This work also introduces the conce t of master and slave morality and ressentiment9 )or => oints# name this work by )riedrich %iet<sche that aims to trace the origins of the titular human values in history9 A%!5*"? On the Genealogy of Morals Dalso acce t On the Genealogy of Morality or (ur Genealogie der MoralE Tiebreaker9 This general got his start in service of the $oly "oman *m ire at the Battle of &ienna# where he distinguished himself in battle and was made a colonel of a 7ragoon "egiment9 This general served as President of the /m erial 5ar Council and as commanderBinBchief of the Austrian army during the 5ar of the Polish !uccession9 $e commanded /m erial troo s the Battle of Turin during the 5ar of the ! anish !uccession# where he led a relief force which routed the )rench army9 .ater in the same war# this general moved to command /m erial troo s in the . the 7ochel number.between its F ma2or first sub2ect and " ma2or second sub2ect.in6! .s rotagonist is allowed to give a rant in which he instructs listeners to shout “/. ! in " (a2or.iberation Army9 /n another scene# the rotagonist is brought into a darkened meeting room to be told he has “meddled with the rimal forces of nature” and interfered with the “vast and immane# interwoven# interacting# multivariate# multinational dominion of dollars9” Beatrice !traight won Best !u orting Actress for a single five minute scene in which her husband tells her he. This symphony shares a key with its composer’s earlier “. roteins while the A ty e of its rece tor is a entameric ligandBgated chloride channel to which ben<odia<e ines bind9 /t is released by Purkin'e cells and is formed by decarbo:ylating glutamate9 )or => oints# name this inhibitory neurotransmitter of the C%!9 A%!5*"? 'A&A Dor gamma-Aminobutyri# a#idE =I9 1ne ainting by this artist de icts edestrians and cars in the background# while the rimary sub'ect of the ainting de icts a dog devouring a screaming female chimera on a T sha ed structure9 That chimera was later reB utili<ed in this artistGs Owls9 Another ainting by this artist is based u on the )uries of The Oresteia# and de icts a set of withered creatures set against a dark orange background that was later changed to blood red in a =INN version9 1ne of this artistGs aintings was done after the fatal overdose with . A%.m not going to take this anymore9” )or => oints# name this =IKO movie about $oward Beale.alomon.ymphony. ##!.#*$/ Mozart’s Symphony No. and culminates in a fi'e='oice fugato that combines all of the themes it contains. ". This symphony’s nickname was purportedly coined by 5ohann +eter . Its Molto allegro finale begins with a four note theme. "=1=F=*.

and do e'entually marry.#*$/ Frederic IFranJoisK 'hopin @or Fryderyk IFrancis6ekK SzopenA @1)A "hopin’s most popular walt6 besides the -Minute.. and is in this key that "hopin also used for his antasie0 Im'rom'tu.s am hlet attack *isenhower as a Communist has over =>> ages of bibliogra hy and endnotes9 A%!5*"? "obert %el#h D=>E This man. For 1) points each/ @1)A %ame this work in which one character fails to propose marriage while picking mushrooms. when he fears for that son’s life during a lightning storm.alt/ is &p. -owe'er. A%. the half=brother of 7o6nyshe'. and therefore turns down this character’s first proposal of marriage. D which begins with 4=sharp M * and F=double=sharp M 1=sharp si9ths in the right hand.alt/.yndon (ohnson due to ublic erce tion that he was kind of a nut9 A%!5*"? Barry 'oldwater D=>E “The Paranoid !tyle in American Politics” was written by this Columbia historian# who attacked common views of American historical figures in The American olitical Tradition9 A%. A%. . .#*$/ $ichard &ofstadter This eAuation can be used to calculate the $ of a buffer solution9 )or => oints each? D=>E /dentify this eAuation that gives $ as eAual to +a lus the log of the Auantity AB over $A9 A%!5*"? 2enderson-2asselbal#h eAuation D=>E The +a term in the $endersonB$asselbach eAuation refers to the negative log of this constant9 A%!5*"? a#id-disso#iation constant D=>E This $ value# at which an amino acid e:hibits no net charge# can be estimated with the $endersonB$asselbach eAuation9 A%!5*"? isoele#tri# *oint -is !econd Piano !onata includes a famous funeral march in :=flat minor. Two other characters in this no'el reconcile by writing out the initials of the words of their dialogue in chalk.#*$/ '(sharp minor @do %&T prompt on or accept “"=sharp! or “1=flat minor! @1)A Another famous +olish composer is this composer of (eatus 1ir.#*$/ Anna Karenina @1)A &nna +arenina is by this $ussian author of . %o. A%. /a0oy Dor )ranPoisBEug1ne de /a0oie# Eugen 0on /a0oyen# Princi e Eugenio di /a0oia-CarignanoE &ne character in this no'el disco'ers his lo'e for his son. A%. she e'entually marries this character.ow Countries9 7uring the AustroBTurkish 5ars# he led Austrian troo s during the !iege of Belgrade and the Battle of Petrovaradin9 $e was also a atron of BaroAue architecture and commissioned the construction of the Belvedere Palace9 )or => oints# name this )renchBAustrian Prince who defeated the )rench troo s of .ouis C/& at the battles of Blenheim and -al laAuet9 A%!5*"? Prince Eugene o. A%. For 1) points each/ @1)A %ame this +olish composer of the -Military. . who was inspired by the -olocaust to !ym'hony of !orrowful !ongs.ar and Peace.s nomination to be the "e ublican residential candidate ins ired the essay9 $e lost in the =IOF general election to .eo %ikolaye'ich $olstoy @1)A In &nna +arenina. 0L. 7itty initially belie'es herself to be in lo'e with ?ronsky. and -Heroic. Polonaises and the -Minute.#*$/ "onstantin 1mitrie'ich %evin @accept eitherH also accept "ostyaA %ame these eo le from “The Paranoid !tyle in American Politics#” for => oints each? D=>E The essay claims the “mantle of -cCarthy” has fallen on this man# the founder of the (ohn Birch !ociety# and observes that this man.#*$/ "ount .

s disease Dor 2untington. as well as his & !hro'shire Lad.ilG 5ayne is the marAuee artist for Cash -oney "ecords# a label founded in this !outhern city which has roduced such other acts as -aster P# (uvenile# Birdman# and intensely ironic convicted murderer# CB-urder9 A%!5*"? 5ew 6rleans D=>E /n this track off Tha Carter $V) 5ayne endeavors to e: lain to his aramour that he is not at all discouraged by ubic hair# reaffirming his desire to “see that 7onkey +ong9” /t closes with the eternally onderous musing# “/ would talk about my dick9 9 9 but man that shit.olding D=>E Protein folding going wrong is art of the cause of this neurodegenerative disorder caused by CA.s most accom lished fowlB defiler# Theodora9 A%!5*"? !ustinian ( Dor !ustinian the 'reatE D=>E This *m eror rebuilt the By<antine *m ire from the *m ire of %icaea following the ca ture of Constantino le . This other *nglish poet also wrote a collection called Last Poems.#*$/ -enryk (ikola2 )*recki This poem appeared in the author’s collection (irds.hip of 1eath!. re eats9 Those affected ty ically e: ress sym toms later in life although its 5est hal variant occurs in 'uveniles9 A%!5*"? 2untington.#*$/ AIlfredK *IdwardK &ousman This musical artist ra s# “"eal .s choreaE D=>E $untington.olli o 9” A%!5*"? "il3 %ayne Dacce t 4wayne Carter# (r9# 0oung %eezy# rom t on "il3 Tune#hiE D=>E . A%.d be a long storyQ” A%.#*$/ 1Ia'idK -IerbertK %awrence @1)A “The .hip of 1eath! appears .s disease is an e:am le of a olyglutamine disease# which includes this disease with something like =K ty es# many of which are caused by an affected ata:in rotein9 A%!5*"? s*ino#erebellar ata7ia Dor /CAE Conversion to this sect# which considers Ale:ander the . and lowers. which includes “#hen I #as &ne=and=Twenty!.#*$/ “No +orries! Peter 5olynes created a lot of configurational enthal y vs configurational entro y to create an energy funnel that is highly illustrative of this rocess9 )or => oints each? D=>E %ame this rocess in which a linear chain of amino acids assumes a threeBdimensional structure9 A%!5*"? *rotein .#*$/ “Snake! @1)A “.nake! is by this *nglish author whose other poems include “:a'arian 4entians! and “The .reat a ro het and counts among its holy te:ts the Epistles of *isdom# was only allowed during a 8OByear eriod known as the “7ivine Call”9 )or => oints each? D=>E /dentify this religious grou # symboli<ed by a fiveB ointed# fiveBcolored star# whose members refer to themselves using terms meaning “the monotheists” and “the unitarians”9 A%!5*"? the 4ruze Dor 4erziM or 4urziM or 4uruzE D=>E Continuous ersecution led the 7ru<e to engage in this ractice of religious dissimulation# in which a erson under duress is allowed to deny or otherwise conceal their faith9 This doctrine was develo ed by Twelver !hiGites during the antiBAlid cam aigns of AlB-ansur9 A%!5*"? ta8iyya D=>E Another famous instance of religious denial occurred when this a ostle thrice disavowed knowledge of (esus after the latterGs arrest# after which he heard a rooster crow9 This former fisherman is also regarded as the first o e9 A%!5*"? !aint 9eter Dor !imon 9eterM rom t on “!imon” or “!imeon” or “!himon”E Proco ius described a lague that struck this manGs ca ital in The Secret +istory9 )or => oints each? D=>E %ame this *m eror# who is famous for establishing the Corpus .uris Ci-ilis and fleeing Constantino le during the %ika "iots9 This man financed the church of $agia !o hia and was married to history. For 1) points each/ @1)A %ame poem whose speaker throws a “clumsy log! at the title creature at his water trough and thus “missed my chance with one of the lords of life.Gs move in silence like lasagna” over a $arry Belafonte sam le in his “O )oot K )oot9” )or => oints each? D=>E /dentify this artist behind the Tha Carter series# whose finer creations include “7ro the 5orld#” “"ight Above /t#” and “.! A%. (easts.awrence’s collection Last Poems.A%. A%.

inite state ma#hineM or 4FAM or 5FAE D=>E 1ne of the criteria for a finite state automaton is that it have this relation that ma s stateBin ut airs to states9 /t is often re resented with a delta9 A%!5*"? transition . s#aleM or in#reasing returns to s#aleE D=>E 1ne way to obtain an economy of scale is to borrow from banks that charge a lower value for this# a ercentage fee of the initial loan that is generally symboli<ed $ in economics9 A%!5*"? interest (rate) D=>E Businesses wishing to take advantage of economies of scale must be wary of this effect# the first identified form of social loafing# in which individual workers become less efficient as the si<e of the work force increases9 /t is named for its formulator# a )rench agricultural engineer9 A%!5*"? Ringelmann *ffect Answer the following about models of com utation# for => oints each? D=>E This model consists of an infinite ta e whose cells are edited by a readRwrite head9 According to a thesis of Church and its namesake# this model is sufficiently owerful to ca ture the intuitive notion of com utability9 A%!5*"? Turing machine D=>E This much weaker com utational model consists of a set of states and by definition only acce ts regular languages9 1ne can interconvert between its deterministic and nondeterministic ty es9 A%!5*"? .lores Altar iece D=>E %obody really has any idea who ainted this rendering of the Annunciation# which shows the &irgin facing the viewer while reading and features (ose h at a workbench on the right anel9 /t is traditionally attributed to "obert Cam in# who may or may not have been the -aster of )lemalle9 A%!5*"? +erode Altar iece D=>E A lessBdis uted iece by Cam in is the *erl Altarpiece# which features its commissioner standing ne:t to this figure# who kneels in rayer9 This figure makes a guest a earance in severed head form in numerous aintings of $erod or !alome9 A%!5*"? !ohn the &a*tist .reekBnationalistBfantasyland# this man was killed by troo s under -ehmet //9 A%!5*"? Constantine :( Palaiologos These things shift the shortBrun average total cost curve down and to the right9 )or => oints each? D=>E %ame these advantages that businesses gain to due e: ansion# rimarily because it has more out ut while its roduction cost decreases9 A%!5*"? e#onomies o.s Altar of Saint .reek folklore called the “-arble +ing#” who was saved from death by an angel who hid him in a cave9 /n nonBdeludedB.inite state automaton Dor F/+M or .ar )or => oints each# name some aintings whose authorshi has recently been reBevaluated? D=>EThis aintingGs Berlin version has recently been confirmed as the original9 /t is a try tich showing the Pieta behind a gothic arch in a cha el# and shares com ositional structure with its ainter..un#tion !hulgi com leted a “great <iggurat” in this city during its soBcalled “third dynasty9” )or => oints each? D=>E /dentify this city which saw a resurgence of !umerian ower under kings like %ammu# who ut forth a namesake law code9 .r D=>E The third dynasty of 2r came to ower after the colla se of the dynasty founded by this man# one of the first AkkadianBs eaking rulers of -eso otamia9 $e was also cu bearer to the king of +ish9 A%!5*"? /argon of Akkad or /argon D=>E Although never a olitical ca ital# this city where the *kur Tem le of *nlil was located was a ma'or center of !umerian scholarshi and one of the last laces it was still s oken9 /t was also home to the great *kur tem le of *nlil9 A%!5*"? 5i**ur or 5u.eonard 5oolley unearthed a ma'or artifact of this city9 A%!5*"? . s#ale Dor e#onomy o.during the Fth Crusade9 $e established the 7es otate of -orea on the Pelo onnesus# with its ca ital at -ystras9 A%!5*"? +i#hael $((( Palaiologos D=>E This porphyro'enitus *m eror became a legendary figure in .ohn9 A%!5*"? +ira.

s law9 A%!5*"? *ermitti0ity o. A%. but 4od answers her prayer and washes her gra'e away with rain. the speaker is crushed to death by the infinity of the world after touching the sky. For 1) points each/ @1)A %ame this annual festi'al established by +eisistratus.! A%.#*$/ 4reat -ionysia @or "ity -ionysiaA @1)A This playwright of %edi'us #e2 won the LLD :" 1ionysia with &ntigone.a Answer the following related to electromagnetism# for => oints each? D=>E This constant denoted e silonBsubBnaught is found in Coulomb.#*$/ *dna .#*$/ Sophocles @1)A This oldest complete sur'i'ing play in the history of literature won its author. the orphans of citi6ens who died in battle were paraded around alongside the tribute brought by Athens’s allies. whose works include 3*uclid alone has looked on :eauty bare.This poet wrote of a mother who dies fashioning clothes from the title instrument in 3The :allad of the -arp= #ea'er3.#*$/ 3. ?incent Millay @1)A (illay s 3First Fig3 describes one of these ob2ects burning 3at both ends3 but gi'ing 3a lo'ely light3.s and .#*$/ candle @1)A In this poem by (illay.ree s*a#e D=>E The noBload losses in a transformer mostly consist of hysteresis and this henomenon# which is induced by a timeBvarying magnetic field9 This henomenon results in the skin and ro:imity effects9 A%!5*"? eddy #urrents D rom t on induced ele#tri# . A%.od and the way events lay out are each a causa sine qua non to the other9 A%!5*"? Peter "ombard D=>E This hiloso her summari<ed Aristotelian arguments in “Book of Causes and Precession of the 2niverse9” This author of a threeBvolume commentary on .ombard. whose highlight was a theater contest in which three tragic poets would present three tragedies and one satyr play. first pri6e at the L8D . the second play chronologically in his Theban trilogy. A%.auss. Aeschylus. . A%. the larger counterpart of a related “rural! e'ent. For 1) points each/ @1)A %ame this American poet.ield or electric #urrentE D=>E The timeBaveraged form of this vector is oneBhalf times the real art electric field crossed with the con'ugate of the magnetic field9 /t gives the ower density and direction of ower flow of an electromagnetic wave9 A%!5*"? 9oynting vector This man wrote about contingent ro osition in his Treatise on redestination# and identified three ty es of uncertain beliefs called su ositions B the ersonal# sim le# and material9 )or => oints each? D=>E /dentify this *nglis thinker better known for a theory that “*ntities should not be multi lied unnecessarily#” his namesake “ra<or9” A%!5*"? 5illiam of 6#.t.enascence3 This demigod caught and beat the sun with the 'awbone of his ancestor until it agreed to make each day longer9 )or => oints each? D=>E %ame this Polynesian culture hero who used that 'awbone to ull u the land that became# in various traditions# the %orth /sland of %ew 4ealand or the islands of $awaii9 A%!5*"? +<uiBtikitiki D=>E This other $awaiian deity# a goddess of volcanoes# fire# and lightning# narrowly esca ed being ra ed by a hogB man when her sister +a o distracted him with her detachable vagina9 A%!5*"? 9ele D=>E PeleGs other siblings include the shark god +amohoaliGi# the sea goddess %amaka# and this atroness of the hula dance9 Pele carried this goddess in the form of an egg from Tahiti to $awaii# where she was born9 A%!5*"? 2i3ia.s Sentences was a teacher of Thomas AAuinas9 A%!5*"? Albertus +agnus Dacce t Albert the 'reat or Albert o.ham D=>E This other thinker addressed a form of redestination# claiming that the e:istence of humans cannot merit grace and that the resence of . CologneE 1uring this festi'al.

.reat by *tienne )alconet9 A%!5*"? The Bronze Horseman Dor The Copper HorsemanM or STUVWX YZ[UV\]E D=>E )alconet first gained attention with a scul ture of this .reek wrestler being attacked by a lion9 This mythological figure is also the sub'ect of an earlier scul ture by Pierre Puget9 A%!5*"? Milo of Croton D=>E This /talian "enaissance made an eAuestrian statue of *rasmo %arni called .attamelata9 $e also did a bron<e statue of 7avid currently held in the Bargello Palace9 A%!5*"? 4onatello Dor 7onato di %iccolo di Betto &ardiE /dentify these British Prime -inisters# for => oints each? D=>E This Prime -inister and eternal rival of Ben'amin 7israeli waged the articularly horrible -idlothian Cam aign# in which he warned that angry# morlockBlike Turks were re aring to our into *ngland from Bulgaria and eat everyone.ords9 A%!5*"? "ord "obert Arthur Talbot .s children9 A%!5*"? 5illiam 'ladstone D=>E This Prime -inister got his start in olitics as ChurchillGs rotege and began the decoloni<ation of Africa9 $e also assisted in the creation of the %uclear Test Ban# and endured the Profumo Affair9 A%!5*"? -aurice $arold +a#millan# )irst *arl of !tockton D=>E This threeBtime Prime -inister commenced the construction of the Thames *mbankment and resided of the beginning of the Partition of Africa9 $e served as !ecretary of !tate to /ndia under 7israeli and was the last Prime -inister to command his administration fully from the $ouse of .#*$/ The Persians @or PersaiA /t stands in the !enate !Auare in !t9 Petersburg9 )or => oints each?D=>E %ame this eAuestrian statue of Peter the . In it. A%.ascoyneBCecil# Third -arAuess of /alisbury .:" 1ionysia.ueen (other Atossa an9iously awaits news of her son Ner9es’s e9pedition against the 4reeks.

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