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ARLEEN DELIMA Now, I SHOT DAMIEN HIRST 2010 (Transcript for Audio/Video Performance)

ARLEEN DELIMA Now, I SHOT DAMIEN HIRST 2010 (Transcript for Audio/Video Performance) ******

This is it you, I hate you! Ive waited too long for this. I hope I make you feel like nothing. I hope I make you feel like you will never amount to anything, your incompetent. Completely unable to control YOUR emotional stress and anger levels, you leave me to believe that you could never be civil. Fix that, drill this, FIGHT THIS, and punch that. Wow, I guess your too busy thinking illogically, to actually view the other perspectives. Can you even groom your self? Your nails are disgusting they look like they have never been filed or cut, what type of person uses a scissor for that? ALSO what gives you the right to smell like that, your offensive! Youre in my circumference, you smell horrible. Its my business once my sense of smell is affected. MAYBE ONE DAY I WILL MAKE sure I forget MY deodorant, and ill sweat and I wont shower, AND Ill drench you in my rank vaginal scent after this. But I'm sure you would enjoy that.

VALERIE YOU CRAZY BITCH, YOU WERE RIGHT. GODDAMNIT YOU WERE RIGHT. And YOU YES You, I bet you think your hot moving to that cool hip neighborhood or getting that internship that doesnt pay you. I HOPE YOU LIKE THROWING AWAY THE TRASH FOR THOES ART ELITES. How is that? You walk around drinking expensive teas from cute cool little local coffee shops, talking about the latest art news article on you just so happen to read while taking a shit in your very expensive BUT small apartment. You dont even pay for it, your parents do. But somehow you mange to still complain about a struggle that you may never EVER experience. You cant be poor!! Shop at goodwill but still have enough, money to pay for youre socially expensive smoking


and drinking wanna-be habits- OH and still have money to buy organic food.

Do you know what it feels like to pay $650.00 for rent, along with another $650.00 in student loans INTEREST? INTEREST INTEREST..! NOT EVEN HITTING THE PRINCIPLE BALANCE. DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO OWE 8 DIFFERENT COMPANIES $76,000? NO I dont think so, because you HAD it set. You had it made, Momma and papa, or dead Mr. grandpas trust fund got you covered. Your pretentious, AND UNDGREATFUL. AND you live with A BUNCH OF other pretentious AND UNGREATFUL individuals, who feed off one another pretentiousness. YOU DONT DESERVE IT. WHAT HAVE YOU EVER CONTRIBUTED TO SOCIETY? Doesnt it make you sick? Do you even care about your family? What if your mom dies, what if your brother needs you to go back home and work on the farm? Would you go? WHO WOULD THEN PAY FOR YOUR COOL APARTMENT? GUESS YOUR screwed now THEN. Let me know when your really struggling and ill teach you how clip coupons. Speaking of poor, giving to the actual poor seems like the cool white thing to do. Maybe its the ironic thing to do, looking and acting poor for social purposes. But come across someone who is actually considered poor in this demographic, and you immediately are drawn to them. So that all your buddies can see how much of a philanthropist you are.

Hey buddy your poor, "Im not racist so here 10 cents go away, and you smell just as bad as my girlfriend who trying to reconnect with her radical feminists roots and is now anti-deodorant, But I wont tell her she stinks otherwise shell call me a sexist and oppressing boyfriend.

Hey missy, dont think I forgot about you! Your fucking straight bitch, you would only kiss a girl on a good night of drinking. After that your back to sucking on that dick you love.


Yea theyre no such things real pure hot lesbians, so dont waste your time exploring. Its clear you would rather get objectified constantly. Walking like that, your not empowered, your disgusting. Valerie chime in on this one: do you think she can really walk act and talk in that manner a really be taken seriously? Tell me youre a real a dyke and Ill listen to you, if not then youre not worth my time. Tell me what you know about feminism? Tell me what you know about misogyny? Tell me what you think you are, tell me how you want to be perceives as, tell me how think others perceive you? Speaking of dykes, lesbians, butches, and femmes, trannys ect. Whats the point of your objectification? You look just as stupid as the guys do! I actually have no problem with lesbians. I say we ban together and join hands!! Take over Wednesday nights from now on! Nationwide epidemic everywhere for some reason ladies drink free on Wednesday. MY THEORY: Free drinks, drunken lesbians, and no men to reap the benefits. Sounds like a MASTER plan.

I believe this: We need to ban together in order to fight the SOCIAL war, the war against the way things are!! The war against the establishment!! The war against the current mentality we have for one another! Forget your stupid dishes, and forget your stupid lawnmower. I dont need you in my home fixing my things; I dont need your income!! I dont need your joint health care!! I dont need your name on my tax returns!! If I cant fix it myself, Ill make sure to hire a professional to fix my broken washing machine with the money I made in my pocket!! **** We need to take back what is ours, America the land of free. SURE SHES FREE, IS SHE? Think about, America the beautiful, why not America the handsome. ILL TELL YOU WHY! BECAUSE SHE OUR LAND, SHE ONE TO CLAIMED AND DRILLED FOR OIL! SHE IS THE ONE WHO IS PLOWED FOR CROPS AND THE SOLD AND BARTERED FOR MONEY AND THE LIST CAN GO ON


ITS DISGUSTING! HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT PUTTING TWO AND TO TOGETHER! Ok get this one! The term WOMAN if youre really break it down actually means man with a womb WOMB-MAN, MAN WITH A WOMB. Do I look like a MAN with A WOMB? Here is new term how about, WO-not a MAN, ANTI penis person. Now, dont get me wrong, Im not trying to make you join my team, or think that Im some neo radical lesbian feminist leader. Yes I know the 60;s is over, yes I know Im 23, and yes I know I maybe completely powerless But if your reading to this broadcast right now, then know that I am just want to point some things out. I want MY concerns to become YOUR concerns. I want you to come and close your eyes with me and think about these key terms I am about the recite. VAGINA PENIS MONEY POWER LESBIANS WHITE PEOPLE HIARCHY EDUCATION . .. OKAY LETS TALK AOUT EDUCATION. I HAVE MY BACHLORS Degree; I HAVE JUST SPENT WELL OVER $76 .OO0 OF PRIVATE LOAN COMAPNIY MONEY. Just to get a certificate that says, HEY I did it. Well you know what I sure did, this basically means that while you blab away and try to talk to me about something completely un important, I can think to myself, How I have this shiny piece of paper that says: RHODE Island school of design Bachelors in Painting.



FINALLY! HOW COULD I FORGET THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC, THE FELLOW ABSTRACT PAINTER! No one really cares ABOUT YOU! They are too concerned about their own issues to see pass your horrendous paintings. Honestly I think I think youre awful. I hate your dumb abstract renditions of what your idea of ABEX is? Youre awful, your drips, your splatters, your heavy waste of acrylic paint is awful! Your store bought canvas sucks, your fan brush sucks, your easel sucks, and so do all your stupid attempts to RECREATE a Jackson Pollack or a vague memory of a Mondrian THAT YOU ONCE SAW IN ELEMNTARY SCHOOL AT THE MOMA. Your not Yves Kline, take your blue #57 and shove it. Shove it; shove it WITH YOUR fan brush! --------------------------------------------------------------In all honesty, Im not here to offend anyone, just the ones who have crossed my path. I am waiting, waiting for the day that that the tables will turn. Waiting for the day that I too can mount that chariot that you unappreciately ride. Push you off and drive it myself. I dont need anyone to pull the horse and buggy for me, I got it. I got my self covered, No thanks dead grandfather who was never there for me. I'll figure it out, just like I have done before..

Even of it takes me 76000 thousands days, AT 1 dollar a day, Ill gets there. Valerie I hope I may one day do you some justice, I can try to eliminate the money system, and try to overthrow the government, BAN ALL WOMEN TOGETHER AND OPEN THEIR EYES TO WHAT REALLY IN FRONT OF THEM. We come so far in that past decades, but the fight is not over yet. Its only just begun. Do not settle!!!!!! DO NOT SETTLE!!!! I have served in your lesbian army but I do not think I can actually shoot Damien Hirst


Mr. Hirst I address you, I never had any intentions to shoot you. I have no gun, no money, time or energy for that. Youre a lucky one, just wait another 13 or 14 years and I can only hope some radical little gay boy will want to shoot me as well, in hopes of receiving recognition after hearing this transmission. I know that even using your name with out your consent can put me under suspicious watch MR. HIRST. So with that thought, I bid you farewell America. Goodnight, and sleep tight, until next time.

************* END TRANSMISSION