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Safe Sex & STDs Final Project Guide How to Use This Guide: - Copy & paste all the text

into your GoogleDoc - Answer each question on its own - DELETE the questions (not your answers) - Decide which answers can flow together and which need to be their own paragraph - Add footnotes to cite sources (Insert  Footnote)

Project Name: Authors: Introduction:  This section should be the LAST thing you write, but it will be the first thing that gets read. The goal of this section is to provide the reviewer with the most important information they need to understand why your problem needs their money. Briefly describe how the problem affects the target group, the proposed solution, and the expected results. (Big Picture) Community Need: Requires Outside Sources—use footnotes! Recommended Length— 2 paragraphs  What is the problem, and who is affected?  Who is this project going to target?  

What do experts think the root causes of this problem are? How have people already tried to solve this problem, and how effective was their work?

(Details) Background Information: Requires Outside Sources—use footnotes Recommended Length— 2 paragraphs   What historical events or forces have put the target group at risk? What current attitudes or forces are keeping the target group at risk? How are they the result of historical forces?

(Big Picture) Project: Recommended Length— 1 paragraph     What contributing factor to the problem does this project focus on solving? (Education, classism, personal responsibility, government policy, etc.) What is the proposed solution, and how is it expected to work? Who is in charge of enacting the solution, and why? (Schools, community leaders, parents, government [city, state, or federal], youth leaders, etc.) What is the expected timeline of the proposed project?

(Details) Evaluation: Recommended Length— 1 paragraph  What data will be collected to determine if the project is working, and how?  What results do you expect to see, and when?  What results would make this project a success, and why?  What results would make this project a failure, and why?

Sources to Consider    Boston Neighborhood Data on Chlamydia: MA STD Surveillance Report 2010: News articles on past solutions: o o (listening option) o ks_rules_to_foil_spread_of__chlamydia/ o Segregation in America & Healthcare: and Human STD Experiments: and Barriers to Healthcare: Undocumented Immigrants & Healthcare: Sample Project Proposals Use these sample proposals to understand the language used in writing a proposal. They use a different format and may include additional sections or information.   AIDS/HIV Prevent Grant: General Sample Proposal:

   