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And fhe LOPD 0od soid, "If is nof good fhof mon
shouId be oIone. I wiII moke o heIper for him." 0od
broughf oII fhe birds ond beosfs fo
Adom. Adom nomed fhem oII. He
musf hove been very cIever fo do
so. 8uf omong oII fhe birds ond
beosfs fhere wos no suifobIe
porfner for Adom.
0od broughf Adom info o deep, deep sIeep.
Pemoving one of fhe sIeeping mon´s ribs, 0od
formed Womon from Adom´s rib. The womon
0od mode wos exocfIy
righf fo be o porfner
for Adom.
When 0od Mode Everyfhing
A sfory from 0od´s Word, fhe 8ibIe,
is found in
0enesis I ond Z
"The enfronce of Your Word gives Iighf."
PsoIm II9:I30
0od mode everyfhing in six doys. Then
0od bIessed fhe sevenfh doy ond mode
if o doy of resf. In fhe gorden of Eden,
Adom ond Eve his wife hod perfecf
hoppiness obeying 0od. 0od wos
fheir LOPD, fheir Provider
ond fheir Friend.
Who mode us7 The 8ibIe, 0od´s Word, feIIs
how fhe humon roce begon. Long ogo, 0od
mode fhe very firsf mon ond nomed him Adom.
0od mode Adom ouf of fhe dusf of fhe eorfh.
When 0od breofhed Iife info Adom, he come oIive.
He found himseIf in o beoufifuI gorden coIIed Eden.
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Written by Edward Hughes
Adapted by Bob Davies and Tammy S.
God knows we have done bad things, which He calls
sin. The penalty for sin is death.
God Ioves us so much He sent His Son, Jesus, to die
on a Cross and pay our penalty. Jesus came aIive and
went back to Heaven! Now God can forgive our sins.
If you want to turn from your sins, say this to God:
Dear God, Ì believe Jesus died for me and now lives
again. Please come into my life and forgive my sins, so Ì
can have new life now, and then be with You forever.
Help me live for You as Your child. Amen. John 3:16
Read the BibIe and taIk to God every day!
Illustrated by Byron Unger and Lazarus
In focf, 0od mode everyfhing fhere is - everyfhing.
In fhe beginning,
0od creofed fhe
heovens ond fhe
Then 0od spoke. "Lef fhere be Iighf."
And fhere wos Iighf. 0od coIIed fhe Iighf Doy ond
fhe dorkness He coIIed Mighf.
And fhe evening ond
fhe morning were fhe firsf doy.
On fhe second doy, 0od broughf fhe wofers of fhe
oceons, seos ond Iokes info order under Heoven. On
fhe fhird doy, 0od soid, "Lef fhe dry Iond oppeor."
And if hoppened.
0od mode
every kind of
fish fo fiII
eorfh´s wofers
ond every kind
of bird fo
enjoy fhe Iond
ond seo ond
sky. And fhe
evening ond
fhe morning
were fhe fiffh
Seo creofures
ond fish ond
birds were nexf
on 0od´s Iisf.
On fhe fiffh doy
He mode big
swordfish ond
finy sordines,
osfriches ond
hoppy IiffIe
humming birds.
Then 0od mode fhe sun, ond
fhe moon, ond so mony sfors
fhof nobody con counf fhem.
And fhe evening ond fhe
morning were fhe fourfh doy.
0od oIso commonded fhe gross ond fIowers ond
shrubs ond frees fo oppeor. And fhey
oppeored. And fhe evening ond
fhe morning were fhe
fhird doy.
And fhe eorfh wos
wifhouf form ond void.
And dorkness wos
on fhe foce of
fhe deep.
8efore 0od mode Adom, He mode o beoufifuI worId
fiIIed wifh wonderfuI fhings. Sfep by sfep 0od
mode hiIIy pIoces ond proirie spoces, frogronf
fIowers ond foII frees, brighfIy-feofhered birds ond
bu;;ing bees, woIIowing whoIes ond sIippery snoiIs.
In fhe very beginning,
before 0od mode
onyfhing, fhere wos
nofhing excepf 0od.
Mo peopIe or pIoces
or fhings. Mofhing.
Mo Iighf ond no
dorkness. Mo up
ond no down. Mo
yesferdoy ond no
fomorrow. There
wos onIy 0od Who
hod no beginning.
Then 0od ocfedl
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0od spoke fo
Adom. "Eof
whof you wish
from fhe
gorden. 8uf
do nof eof from
fhe free of fhe
knowIedge of
good ond eviI.
If you eof from
fhof free you
wiII sureIy die."
0od did somefhing eIse on fhe sixfh doy -
somefhing very specioI. Everyfhing wos now reody
for Mon. There wos food in fhe fieIds ond onimoIs
fo serve him. And 0od soid,
"Lef Us moke mon in Our
imoge. Lef him be Iord
over everyfhing on fhe
eorfh." SO 0OD
And fhe evening ond fhe
morning were fhe sixfh doy.
Affer fhof, 0od spoke ogoin. He soid, "Lef fhe
eorfh bring forfh Iiving creofures . . ." Every kind
of onimoI ond insecf ond repfiIe come info being.
There were eorfh-shoking eIephonfs ond busy
beovers. Mischievous monkeys ond cIumsy
crocodiIes. WiggIy worms ond cheeky chipmunks.
0ongIy giroffes ond purring pussy cofs. Every
kind of onimoI wos mode by 0od fhof doy.
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