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{194}{243}Ladies, my name is Cole Turner.

{640}{665}I won't hurt you.

{669}{713}It's too late for that,|don't you think?
{717}{776}Phoebe, I'm telling you,|I'm not evil anymore.
{809}{914}I come to you, a man.|Nothing more, nothing less.
{919}{993}Vanquish this evil|From time and space
{1725}{1774}- Don't stop.|- But it's time.
{1779}{1852}Can't you feel it?|Your wife is almost here.
{1873}{1919}My wife, Melissa.
{1924}{1980}Yes, didn't I mention?
{1986}{2063}I always like to let the wives|watch their men die.
{2495}{2556}Oh, your husband was so much fun.
{2561}{2641}It's time to snap out of it|and feel the pain.
{2758}{2852}- David?|- Oh, he can't hear you.
{2863}{2916}- Not anymore.|- Oh, God!
{2961}{3050}You see, I was burned for my sins.
{3054}{3102}Only fair you should burn too.
{3262}{3301}Death did us part, Cole.
{3306}{3351}Just because you figured|out a way to come back,
{3355}{3409}doesn't mean that I didn't keep|my end of the bargain.
{3413}{3459}Come on, Phoebe, a quickie divorce?|Don't...
{3463}{3521}I thought since we weren't|gonna ride off into the sunset...
{3525}{3580}You want sunset, I can have us|on horseback in 5 seconds.
{3584}{3666}What, are you gonna steal a horse|from one of those Apocalypse guys?
{3706}{3771}Haven't I proven to you|that I am not evil anymore?
{3775}{3823}Cole, we've been through this, okay?
{3827}{3886}Your powers are evil,|your blood is acidic,
{3890}{3963}and everything that you are, you stole|from the demonic wasteland!
{3969}{4022}This morning, my firm|agreed to pro bono work.
{4026}{4058}You can't say that's evil.
{4062}{4178}If you used demonic mind control to|convince your firm to do it, the
n, yeah.
{4182}{4259}I used my powers to vanquish three|demons this week, what about that
{4263}{4315}Cole, it doesn't matter|who you're helping.
{4319}{4388}If you're using your evil powers,|then it doesn't count, okay?
{4392}{4448}And I would think that after everything|we've been through,
{4452}{4477}you'd understand this.
{4481}{4536}- Traffic delayed the fire trucks' arrival.|- Hello?
{4540}{4587}And neighbours fear some|residents may be trapped.
{4591}{4630}Cole, are you listening to me?
{4634}{4683}- Hello?|- The flames are so intense,
{4688}{4750}fire-fighters have been unable|to get inside to help.
{4754}{4807}- Cole?|- We're gonna stay with this story.
{4842}{4898}If you're just joining us,|a fire is raging out of control...
{4903}{4967}- People are trapped in there?|- I don't know. Hey!
{4987}{5055}Breaking news. A man has just|emerged from the burning building.
{5059}{5089}- Unbel...|- He saved that woman!
{5093}{5118}He saved her.
{7569}{7615}- Paige?|- Yeah, just a second.
{7770}{7796}Are you trying to kill us?
{7801}{7858}No, I'm trying to get|a little attention around here.
{7862}{7922}Which, these days, seems|to require a small explosion.
{7926}{7996}Well, excuse me for trying to focus.
{8001}{8046}Focus? Paige, ever since|you quit your job,
{8051}{8101}you've been on some weird|witchcraft mission.

{8106}{8143}Now, I miss my sister,

{8147}{8265}and I cannot stand the constant|reek of your potions.
{8269}{8309}Well, since when|do your nasal passages
{8313}{8349}take precedence over my potions?
{8360}{8456}Since I got pregnant and my senses|went into overdrive.
{8460}{8511}But that's all right, you know.|You've been busy.
{8515}{8555}Maybe you haven't noticed.
{8559}{8624}Look, I gave up a promising career|so I could focus on the craft.
{8628}{8676}And no offence, Piper,|I still got a lot to learn,
{8680}{8736}which means I can't just sit|around the house chitchatting.
{8741}{8781}Paige, I don't wanna chat.
{8786}{8816}I got problems here.
{8820}{8893}Jeez, you're like my husband|with boobs.
{9022}{9049}What the hell was that?
{9055}{9120}That was the latest|in a series of wacky tricks
{9124}{9183}my growing baby|is playing on my body.
{9188}{9226}You know, because|the constant nausea
{9230}{9299}and the torturous breast pain|was not enough.
{9303}{9357}But the orbs, is that normal?
{9361}{9396}This is what I'd like to know.
{9400}{9453}You're half whitelighter like the baby,|did you ever...?
{9457}{9505}Burp white light? No.
{9509}{9547}What else is happening to you?
{9551}{9594}What's happening is,|I think my baby
{9598}{9655}is trying to turn me|into some kind of pacifist.
{9703}{9742}What does Leo say about this?
{9746}{9878}Well, mostly Leo says,|"Sorry, honey, I gotta go."
{9902}{9941}Earlier today, south of Market,
{9951}{10001}a storage building burned|to the ground in what...
{10005}{10030}Oh, good, you're home.
{10034}{10095}You would not believe|what's happening with my...
{10099}{10129}Did you see this?
{10133}{10195}- You came home to watch TV?|- No, look.
{10253}{10283}Is that Cole?
{10287}{10312}Oh, my God.
{10316}{10399}I can't believe he's doing "look at me,|I'm a good guy" routine on
prime time.
{10403}{10453}- Phoebe must be thrilled.|- She should be.
{10458}{10533}The Elders said the woman he saved,|Melissa, is a future whiteligh
{10537}{10571}And if he hadn't saved her,
{10575}{10640}she would never get do the good|that will earn her her wings.
{10644}{10682}Well, speaking of whitelighters,
{10686}{10741}I dreamt an animated musical|last night.
{10745}{10798}- Is that normal?|- Normal?
{10803}{10868}Yeah, in case you haven't noticed,|which I know you haven't,
{10872}{10948}my body, my thoughts, my dreams,|have all gone wonky.
{10953}{11001}Well, I'm sure it's just normal|pregnancy stuff.
{11005}{11054}I mean, we can talk about|this later if you want to.
{11058}{11110}Oh, I think you should|talk about it now.
{11114}{11160}Well, I think this attack|on Melissa was demonic,
{11164}{11223}and the Elders want me|to watch after her until she's safe.
{11228}{11274}Fine. Go.
{11290}{11322}Not the crying thing.
{11343}{11417}Leo, I have growing|powers inside of me,
{11421}{11454}powers that I do not understand.
{11458}{11501}And the only person who does|understand them
{11505}{11543}never has time to talk.
{11549}{11590}Add that to raging hormones,
{11594}{11686}and I guarantee you I am absolutely|entitled to do the crying thin

{11803}{11830}Okay, is that normal?
{11842}{11925}I am sure that it's just all this arguing|that's got the baby upse
{11930}{11963}Leo, the baby is an inch long.
{11967}{12019}All this arguing|is upsetting the mommy.
{12023}{12084}Okay, honey, look, I'm sure that|it's nothing to worry about.
{12088}{12151}Right now I need to watch|after Melissa,
{12155}{12239}and you need to figure out|who's after her.
{12260}{12306}I'm sorry.
{12517}{12584}You want me to orb|his butt back here for you?
{12588}{12665}No, he's right.|Innocents come first.
{12670}{12795}Besides, the smell of his aftershave|was making me want to vomit a
{12799}{12830}Where are you going?
{12835}{12860}To Darryl.
{12864}{12951}To see if the police found anything|at the crime scene that might
{12955}{13025}Okay, not to sound too simplistic,|but if she's a whitelighter-tobe,
{13029}{13078}doesn't that mean|that we're after a darklighter?
{13082}{13188}No, darklighters use poison arrows.|They don't usually set fires.
{13192}{13232}Why would a demon|want to kill her anyway?
{13241}{13284}I don't know,|but the sooner we find out,
{13288}{13385}the sooner I'll probably be able to finish|a conversation with my
{13486}{13558}I'm not here. Go away.
{13603}{13638}If it isn't the little wife.
{13644}{13738}Actually it's not. My marriage is over.|All except for the paperwo
{13742}{13785}Don't let your readers|hear you say that.
{13789}{13859}Who wants to take advice from the|woman who's divorcing Superman?
{13863}{13894}Elise, he's no hero.
{13898}{13973}And if you're here to make me give|an interview, that's exactly wh
at I'll say.
{13986}{14062}Which is why you will be getting|the interview instead.
{14079}{14108}Excuse me?
{14112}{14172}- No, I'm not a reporter.|- No, but you're the wife.
{14204}{14250}It's called human interest.
{14269}{14337}Call your husband|and get an exclusive with him.
{14341}{14385}Consider this a personal favour.
{14389}{14457}By "favour," I mean order.
{14627}{14658}Woman to woman, okay?
{14695}{14737}Cole was the love of my life.
{14742}{14809}And I'm finally learning|to live my life without him.
{14813}{14901}Now, calling him for a favour would|be opening up a can of worms
{14905}{14964}that I have worked so hard to close.
{14968}{14996}Woman to woman,
{15000}{15058}if you're still describing this guy|as the love of your life,
{15062}{15101}then the can is open,|the worms are out,
{15105}{15173}and you may as well|use them to go fishing.
{15380}{15448}Shouldn't you be home|with your wife?
{15641}{15684}Rough day?
{15708}{15752}Rough month.
{15789}{15852}You know what might make|you feel better?
{15856}{15914}A little music.
{16135}{16160}Earlier today,
{16164}{16237}a local man rescued a woman from|a burning building south of Marke

{16252}{16299}The five-alarm fire|is now completely extinguished.
{16303}{16370}- What?|- No word yet on what caused the fire,
{16374}{16425}and police are waiting|to talk to the victim,
{16429}{16506}who has been taken to San Francisco|Memorial in critical condition
{16510}{16560}- She's alive?|- Doctors have hopes for her recovery.
{16565}{16608}- I'm sorry, what?|- And her rescuer is...
{16612}{16693}You have no idea how lucky|you just got.
{17110}{17165}All right, let's get this|over with, shall we?
{17246}{17309}What was going through your mind|while you were in the fire?
{17363}{17435}Well, mostly I was hoping that|one of the powers I picked up
{17439}{17501}from the demonic wasteland|would protect me from the flames.
{17505}{17581}You know what? Let's just forget it.|Let's just forget this whole
{17585}{17641}No, no, no. No, I'm sorry.
{17646}{17715}I'll rein it in.
{17719}{17795}All right, what was going through|your mind when you were in the f
{17840}{17940}I was thinking,|"I hope I make it out of this.
{17944}{17998}I'd hate to never see my wife again."
{18002}{18046}- Cole.|- I'm serious.
{18051}{18095}All day, everything I do,|I'm thinking of you.
{18099}{18151}Okay, do you think this|is some kind of game?
{18155}{18214}Do you have any idea how|disturbing it was for me
{18218}{18265}to watch you walk|through a wall of fire?
{18269}{18334}Well, I saved a woman's life.|How is that disturbing?
{18356}{18451}Well, because you have more powers|than any demon I have ever met.
{18455}{18535}And the city may think that|you're just this brave guy,
{18539}{18630}but I know the truth, okay,|and it's freaking scary.
{18634}{18716}I will not use my powers|for anything but good.
{18721}{18803}I know you believe that.|And I know you want it to be true.
{18807}{18875}But, Cole, it's just a matter of time...
{18905}{18940}You're wrong.
{18983}{19064}Cole, evil is inside of you.
{19068}{19176}It's who you are. And no amount|of good deeds will ever change tha
{19180}{19210}You're wrong.
{19214}{19276}And if I have to hunt down and kill|every demon in San Francisco
{19280}{19328}to prove it to you,|then that's what I'm gonna do.
{19410}{19440}What about the interview?
{19450}{19515}You know me so well, make it up.
{19656}{19724}- Paige?|- In the attic.
{19728}{19822}Okay, so the good news is,|it's not a darklighter...
{19834}{19880}That's what I've been telling her.
{19943}{19998}- Shut up!|- I told you, I don't know anything!
{20044}{20108}Paige, what are you doing?
{20119}{20178}Relax, Piper.|I summoned him into a trap
{20182}{20256}so he could tell me which of his|lovely friends is trying to kill
{20260}{20299}I'm sorry, did you say relax?
{20303}{20398}You brought a darklighter into|our home, and you want me to relax?
{20403}{20463}Don't worry, the Book of Shadows|is safe, it's downstairs.
{20468}{20497}I'm not worried about the Book.
{20501}{20579}Paige, you have whitelighter genes,|which means this guy could kil
l you,
{20583}{20643}not to mention my husband|and my unborn child!
{20648}{20713}Please, it's not like he's|in a power position or anything.
{20803}{20847}Okay, I was wrong.|Blow him up!

{20976}{21002}What the hell?

{21323}{21408}See, this is why we do not summon|darklighters to the house!
{21412}{21472}Noted. Now, what the hell|is going on with your powers, lady?
{21476}{21541}I don't know.|I think my half-whitelighter baby
{21545}{21614}thought that fireworks would|be prettier than demon guts.
{21619}{21669}Okay, you need to teach|your also half-witch baby
{21673}{21727}the joys of maiming|and killing demons.
{21731}{21764}Get that thing away from me.
{21831}{21869}What, are you gonna|tell on me now?
{21873}{21914}No. We need help.
{21918}{21995}Especially if my baby's gonna|be messing with my powers.
{21999}{22063}Look, Melissa's husband's lungs|were incinerated
{22067}{22103}before the apartment burned.
{22136}{22205}And Darryl said three other men|died the same way recently.
{22209}{22267}So the fact that Melissa is|a future whitelighter
{22271}{22333}might be just a coincidence.
{22337}{22405}For God's sakes, Leo!
{22606}{22653}- Hello?|- Yeah, what's up?
{22657}{22687}What's up?
{22691}{22730}Now you don't even|come home when I call?
{22735}{22788}Well, I haven't had a chance|to get in and heal Melissa.
{22792}{22869}She's in really bad shape, but I think|the doctors are about to co
me out.
{22873}{22923}Yeah, okay, well, we're in pretty|bad shape here too.
{22927}{22996}- We've had some demon to deal with.|- Sir, that phone is for staf
f only.
{23000}{23029}Okay, just one second.
{23040}{23073}Now's my chance.|I have to go.
{23079}{23131}No, you don't understand.|My powers are on the fritz,
{23135}{23193}and I have no idea how to con...
{23229}{23257}- trol them.
{23743}{23779}Maybe he got disconnected.
{23783}{23849}Oh, no, he hung up on me.
{23853}{23921}Okay, vanquish demon first,|kill husband later.
{23925}{23983}Let's just get to the Book...
{24098}{24169}It's so beautiful.
{24173}{24222}What is?
{24238}{24293}Hello? Anybody home?
{24659}{24716}Orb her out, Leo!
{24737}{24780}Kiss this, bitch.
{24868}{24919}Oh, bad baby.
{25288}{25367}I hit her with flowers?
{25383}{25432}You're welcome.
{25716}{25782}- At least that power still works.|- Are you all right? What happe
{25787}{25879}Before or after you were|making out with the demon?
{25916}{25947}Well, I'll just go get the Book.
{25967}{26025}- Honey...|- No, don't you "honey" me.
{26029}{26093}Leo, our pacifist offspring
{26097}{26173}just turned my best offensive power|into flowers.
{26177}{26223}Which got me blown out a window.
{26253}{26313}Are you all right?|Did she heal you?

{26317}{26343}Oh, is that what you think?

{26347}{26418}Because I'm self-healing now,|that you don't need to be around?
{26422}{26463}No, I don't think that at all.
{26467}{26542}Look, let's just focus on what's|going on with your powers.
{26546}{26622}No, I am sick and tired of focusing|on everything but us!
{26626}{26684}I feel like I'm going through|this whole pregnancy by myself,
{26688}{26714}and I do not like it!
{26718}{26760}Well, what am I supposed to do?|I have a job.
{26764}{26802}Yeah, you have a wife too.
{26828}{26883}I think I found the demon.
{26895}{26950}- Am I interrupting something?|- Yes.
{26954}{26981}What does the Book say?
{26985}{27057}Well, "As a mortal, the Siren fell|in love with a married man,
{27061}{27118}but when they were caught,|the man was held blameless."
{27159}{27226}"The village women cheered|as they burned her to death,
{27230}{27278}and her rage turned her into a siren,
{27282}{27359}a vengeful demon who seduces|married men with her song,
{27364}{27436}then destroys the couple with|the very flames that consumed her."
{27476}{27527}Nothing we can't handle|with a good potion.
{27533}{27566}You sure?|You didn't feel her power.
{27570}{27645}Looked to me like you felt|a little bit more than her power.
{27649}{27686}Yeah, right, like I really wanted to.
{27690}{27738}- Well, if you were home instead...|- What?
{27742}{27812}What am I supposed to do?|Abandon my charges, clip my wings?
{27816}{27922}I expect you to care and notice|and ask what's going on with me.
{27926}{28013}I expect you to make me a priority and|not just when demons are in
{28017}{28083}- Piper, Leo.|- Look, it's not like I'm out golfing
{28087}{28125}or screwing around, you know.
{28129}{28186}I'm working,|and my work is very important.
{28190}{28252}- I'm not saying that it isn't.|- Then what are you saying?
{28256}{28322}- You guys?|- Forget it, you don't understand.
{28326}{28369}I don't understand?|You don't understand.
{28373}{28451}Well, I understand that your charges|are more important than your
{28456}{28506}You have no idea what|I go through every day.
{28510}{28588}Yeah, well you have no clue|what I go through every day.
{28670}{28700}That can't have been good.
{28711}{28746}What happened?
{28751}{28831}Well, I tried to tell you guys.|Orbs were swirling and...
{28872}{28933}Where...? Where am I?
{28937}{28981}Freeze her again.
{29072}{29120}What just happened here?
{29155}{29220}- Melissa, wait!|- Oh, my gosh!
{29226}{29284}Hey, that's my power.
{29420}{29504}Okay, why do I have the feeling|my day is about to get worse?
{29681}{29714}Hold on.
{29718}{29776}Almost there.
{29932}{29988}Was it the Charmed Ones?
{30073}{30102}Smells that way.
{30119}{30168}There were only two?
{30193}{30247}Lucky you didn't meet all three.
{30251}{30326}You wouldn't have had the luxury|of calling me for healing.
{30380}{30443}You should leave|before the witches find you.
{30447}{30524}I want them to find me.
{30528}{30598}Save me from having|to sing for their husbands.
{30603}{30728}So eager for vengeance.
{30741}{30790}You foolish girl!

{30822}{30875}You barely got away the first time.

{30891}{31005}I wasn't ready for them.|This time I will be.
{31044}{31108}But how can you hope to fight|such powerful witches?
{31113}{31170}They may be powerful,
{31181}{31303}but they are no different than any|other woman when it comes to lo
{31478}{31524}I need to go after Melissa.
{31528}{31571}And what, blow her up?
{31583}{31647}Damn it. Look, give Daddy|his powers back now.
{31651}{31681}Don't blame my niece.
{31685}{31760}She magically swapped your powers|because you were not communicati
{31764}{31797}We were communicating.
{31801}{31843}We were just communicating loudly.
{31853}{31933}Well, think what you want.|I think my niece is a genius.
{31938}{32004}She did exactly what any good|marriage counsellor would have done.
{32008}{32066}A good marriage counsellor|would have swapped our powers?
{32070}{32143}No, she would have made you walk|a mile in each other's shoes.
{32270}{32354}- Nice job.|- You did all that with "abracadabra"?
{32358}{32408}No, I used a spell.
{32413}{32472}I just always wanted to say that.
{32480}{32524}Come on, we need to go make|the Siren's potion
{32528}{32570}before she starts singing again.
{32574}{32631}Shouldn't we concentrate|on swapping our powers back?
{32635}{32682}Come on, now, Leo.|You know how that works.
{32686}{32729}You two are only gonna|get your powers back
{32733}{32779}once you've learned your lessons.
{32794}{32858}I hate that.|It's just so very "after-school special."
{33057}{33153}Okay, what's with all the chatter|in my head?
{33157}{33246}It's probably one of my charges.|Does anyone sound panicked?
{33250}{33286}How do you differentiate?
{33314}{33363}Wait, do you hear these|voices all the time?
{33377}{33446}- Pretty much.|- Can we just focus on the Siren?
{33459}{33538}Power swap or not, if she came after|you once, you're still vulner
{33542}{33595}Hey, you're still married too.|She might come after you.
{33599}{33630}Yeah, technically.
{33634}{33733}Besides, if she's stupid enough to go|after Cole, it'll be her swa
n song.
{33779}{33844}Knocking.|Okay, I'm hearing knocking sounds.
{33855}{33891}Yeah, honey, we all are.
{33934}{33981}- Cole!|- What?
{33986}{34054}- I knocked.|- Doors, people use doors.
{34058}{34149}No time. I came to warn you,|there's a siren in town.
{34153}{34221}- I think she might be the one who...|- Set the fire? Yeah, we got
{34286}{34334}- What was that?|- Hey, how did you do that?
{34338}{34383}I don't know,|but I'm feeling really nauseous.
{34387}{34452}Oh, God. And I'm not.
{34456}{34541}Wait, how...? Why...? Why does|he have my pregnancy symptoms?
{34545}{34585}Wait, wait, what? You're pregnant?
{34589}{34632}Well, I was, but now I think Leo is.
{34656}{34694}No. No, no, no.
{34698}{34774}Relax, you guys. Leo blew the door up,|he didn't cover it with flo
{34778}{34835}which means clearly|you're still pregnant.
{34870}{34895}Then why...?
{34899}{34957}Because magic has|a sick sense of humour.
{34961}{35015}- Just enjoy it.|- Are your boobs always this sore?

{35058}{35090}I'm a little confused.

{35145}{35182}Cole, maybe you should leave.
{35259}{35290}Phoebe, this siren is dangerous.
{35294}{35418}And since your powers are obviously|a little off, maybe I could he
{35422}{35449}We don't need your help.
{35453}{35509}We got enough demons|to deal with around here.
{35684}{35749}I'll find her and vanquish her myself.
{35822}{35874}He's trying so hard to be good.|Maybe...
{35878}{35959}Phoebe, we've been down|this road before.
{35976}{36027}Panic! Somebody's panicking!
{36031}{36070}- Who is it?|- I don't know.
{36074}{36141}It's close. I think it might be Melissa.
{36145}{36191}- Is the Siren after her?|- No.
{36195}{36251}She seems more overwhelmed|than scared.
{36255}{36295}Yeah, everything|that she's been through.
{36299}{36359}- I have to go to her.|- You're not going anywhere.
{36364}{36414}- She's going.|- Me? Why?
{36419}{36494}Because you have Leo's powers now.|That means you're the whiteligh
{36506}{36557}No, no, no. But that doesn't mean|I know what to do.
{36561}{36606}I think that's the point.
{36611}{36661}Walk a mile in each other's shoes.
{36716}{36763}You have to hurry.|Paige will show you how to orb.
{36770}{36807}I have to stay here|and make the potion.
{36811}{36860}- I'll do it.|- Come on, come on.
{36865}{36929}- She's giving me a migraine.|- But...
{37060}{37144}So are you ready to kick|some demon ass, sis?
{37284}{37320}Okay, we're here. Now what?
{37325}{37377}I don't know.|I mean, she's afraid of us.
{37381}{37428}I don't wanna make her more upset.
{37432}{37512}Let's just cast a spell to help her deal|with what she's been thro
ugh today.
{37516}{37614}Call me crazy, but somehow I don't|think witchcraft is the solutio
n here.
{37618}{37660}Well, I'm out of ideas.
{37664}{37745}You know, Paige,|there is another part of you.
{37750}{37803}Your first father was half whitelighter.
{37807}{37874}Yeah, he also had blue eyes.|Doesn't mean that I do.
{37918}{37983}Who are you?|Why won't you leave me alone?
{37987}{38035}Melissa, we're just trying to help you.
{38039}{38096}- And get you some clothes...|- Get away from me!
{38100}{38161}Just leave me alone!
{38246}{38281}Another charge is in trouble.
{38286}{38317}Oh, big trouble.
{38321}{38354}You go after her. I've gotta go.
{38358}{38429}What? No, you can't expect me to...
{38465}{38538}I'm not a whitelighter, I'm a witch.
{38861}{38902}Was that French?
{39070}{39108}Nice shot.
{39112}{39176}I was aiming for the plant.
{39180}{39243}These powers are useless.|They're completely out of control.
{39247}{39319}Well, that's because you're a little|out of control. You just need
to relax.
{39323}{39396}Relax? I'm sore all over,|I'm without my powers,
{39400}{39447}and I'm about to have|to fight a demon!
{39451}{39512}My own aftershave|is making me sick.
{39516}{39551}How does Piper do this?

{39555}{39621}Well, she, too, sometimes|gets a little cranky.

{39625}{39652}The Elders are gonna kill me.
{39656}{39721}If anything happens to my charges,|they're gonna clip my wings and
{39764}{39805}Oh, this is ridiculous.
{39921}{40011}Why do they call it morning sickness|if it lasts all day?
{40041}{40078}What the hell?
{40082}{40130}- A rooster?|- Long story.
{40177}{40216}Since when do you speak French?
{40223}{40267}Whitelighters speak|whatever language,
{40271}{40318}their charges are speaking in.
{40340}{40390}We've been together four years,|and I don't know this?
{40394}{40430}- Well...|- Hey, where's Paige?
{40434}{40498}- Because this potion's almost ready.|- She is with Melissa.
{40503}{40548}And she's not real happy|about it either.
{40553}{40612}- Help me, Leo.|- I gotta go. Somebody's calling.
{40616}{40669}Okay, Piper, wait.|I need help with your powers.
{40674}{40724}And with your nausea.
{40729}{40798}Well, honey, I'm sorry,|but somebody is really in trouble.
{40802}{40840}But I'm really in trouble.
{40844}{40881}Try saltines.
{40924}{41022}Okay, here are your crackers.
{41026}{41099}Here's a pad and a pen.|We need a summoning spell.
{41104}{41147}Now I'm supposed to rhyme?
{41151}{41197}Yeah, no rest for the whiny.
{41201}{41260}The potion won't work on the Siren|unless we can find her.
{41264}{41309}Do it.
{41396}{41465}Where is the Siren?
{41769}{41824}I'm sure you two|will want to be alone.
{42387}{42485}Right now I need to sing|for your witch.
{42618}{42715}Hey, let's hear the spell, Leo.|We got a siren to vanquish.
{42889}{42935}O singing lady of the dusk
{42939}{43018}Who preys on men|Turns love to lust
{43022}{43090}- We hearken ye...|- "We hearken ye"?
{43094}{43170}What, are we trying to summon|a leprechaun here?
{43174}{43225}I told you I wasn't very good at this.
{43229}{43308}Give me that. It's okay, honey.|We'll just rewrite that last line.
{43367}{43431}- What's going on? Is it all over?|- No, you're just in time.
{43435}{43505}We have a potion, a barricade,|we almost have a summoning spell.
{43520}{43550}Well, okay, let's get to it.
{43564}{43592}Wait, where's Melissa?
{43671}{43705}Well, she got herself arrested.
{43719}{43760}I know, I know.|I was trying to talk to her,
{43764}{43802}and then I was just|running after her,
{43807}{43867}and she kept running, and she|ran into the middle of the street,
{43871}{43923}and she caused a big,|giant traffic accident.
{43927}{44031}- Paige!|- Well, you know, she'll be safe now.
{44035}{44072}In jail.
{44077}{44123}Paige, you were supposed|to be taking care of her.
{44146}{44185}Look, don't you get it?
{44189}{44222}This could be the final straw,
{44227}{44300}the beginning of a downward spiral|from which she may never recove
{44414}{44447}I'm sorry, I...
{44694}{44736}I don't know what's wrong with me.
{44740}{44799}Dude, it's the crying thing.

{44803}{44861}- It's the hormones.|- Really?

{44865}{44908}I just thought that was an excuse.
{44920}{44951}Welcome to our world.
{45032}{45061}What happened to Melissa?
{45075}{45100}Word travels fast.
{45110}{45138}I feel like she's in trouble,
{45142}{45212}but I'm getting so many|damn signals, I can't find her.
{45217}{45287}Wasn't she supposed to be the one|charge I didn't have to worry ab
{45291}{45359}- Cole.|- I'm sorry, Piper, I tried.
{45363}{45428}Yeah, well, while you were trying,|I evaded assassins,
{45432}{45509}I prevented two crimes of passion,|in Portuguese no less,
{45513}{45548}and delivered a baby.
{45554}{45641}I think the least that I could ask for|in return is a little help
from my family.
{45645}{45714}Well, I told you I wasn't any good|at this whitelighter thing.
{45718}{45770}But it's in you.|It's half of who you are.
{45774}{45806}Obviously the latent half.
{45810}{45836}No, Paige,
{45840}{45909}it's the half that made you become|a social worker in the first pl
{45919}{45998}But it's like when you quit your job,|you quit half your personali
{46002}{46096}My job is being a full-time witch,|and I intend to be good at it.
{46100}{46162}I don't think there's a problem|with me concentrating on magic.
{46166}{46230}There is when you're in such a hurry|to get back here for a vanqui
{46234}{46278}that you leave an innocent|alone and in pain.
{46305}{46358}Paige, it's our compassion,|not our powers,
{46362}{46419}that separates us|from the bad guys.
{46423}{46476}It's the part of you|you can never afford to lose.
{46480}{46540}And it's that part of you|that Melissa needs now.
{46583}{46632}I guess I'd better|get back to her, huh?
{46789}{46837}You know, you're a pretty|good whitelighter.
{46889}{46944}Well, I learned from the best.
{47376}{47425}How did you get them|to let you in here?
{47434}{47495}I have a friend who's a police officer.
{47499}{47544}And he knows I'm not|here to hurt you.
{47584}{47637}Look, I know you don't know me.
{47641}{47705}And after everything|you've been through today,
{47709}{47751}I know you have no reason|to trust me.
{47762}{47804}Who are you?
{47809}{47854}What are you?|What do you want from me?
{47914}{47977}My name is Paige Matthews.
{47981}{48103}And I'm a witch|and a sort of part-guardian angel.
{48109}{48219}I know it's a lot to process|and really hard to believe,
{48223}{48298}but I really do just wanna help you.
{48332}{48397}I feel like I'm going crazy.
{48401}{48540}Yeah, I think after what you've been|through today, anybody would.
{48600}{48688}My friend, he's working|on getting you out of here.
{48725}{48776}I don't care.
{48789}{48838}I don't care if I ever get out of here.
{49086}{49151}I'm so sorry about your husband.
{49229}{49285}I just can't believe that he's gone.
{49576}{49602}Phoebe's not anywhere.
{49606}{49652}What if Phoebe|underestimated the Siren?
{49656}{49711}What if the Siren|has Phoebe and Cole?
{49715}{49756}- Can you sense her?|- I've been trying.

{49761}{49797}But there's all this chaos|in my brain.

{49801}{49893}I keep hearing voices, and there's all|this pain, and I can't isol
ate anything.
{49897}{49951}I know it's hard, but you have to try.|Breathe.
{50076}{50145}Screw that.|Let's just cut to the chase.
{50268}{50310}Cole's place?|Did you sense her here?
{50314}{50426}No, I just decided to rely on some|good old-fashioned common sense
{50431}{50471}- Phoebe?|- Okay, well, that's not working.
{50475}{50552}And we can't orb all over town trying|to find her. You have to sen
se her.
{50559}{50644}- Well, I can't.|- Piper, you have to.
{51190}{51257}She's almost here.
{51261}{51329}It's too bad.
{51333}{51392}I was actually having fun with you.
{51827}{51887}He was cute,
{51891}{51947}but this is still my favourite part.
{52124}{52222}Nobody hurts me and gets|away with it, you little witch.
{52226}{52268}Wanna bet?
{52411}{52436}You're alive?
{52467}{52496}That's not possible.
{52501}{52561}Cole, that was|the vanquishing potion.
{52565}{52614}I know.
{52689}{52726}I want her for myself.
{52878}{52920}Do me a favour, make it hurt.
{53333}{53396}Piper, you have to focus.
{53434}{53493}Take a deep breath
{53501}{53621}and imagine white lights flowing|around you, flowing through you.
{53651}{53700}If I breathe any more,|I'm gonna pass out.
{53704}{53745}Damn it, Piper.
{53749}{53883}I hear those voices.|I feel that pain all the time.
{53887}{53961}How do you think I do it?|How do you think I separate myself?
{53966}{53993}I don't know!
{53999}{54036}By coming home to you.
{54072}{54155}Now, I've been walking around|in your life all day,
{54159}{54217}and I honestly don't know|how you handle it.
{54260}{54334}But the way I handle mine
{54351}{54408}is by coming home to you.
{54476}{54640}It's your love that keeps me whole|and sane and balanced.
{54682}{54753}And I need you to allow me|to do the same thing for you right now.
{54787}{54890}So look into my eyes and breathe.
{55044}{55107}- Piper!|- Oh, God.
{55222}{55274}Cole, get off of me!
{55278}{55318}Leo! Piper!
{55322}{55394}I think he'll come in handy|with your sisters.
{55473}{55503}Leo, it's all you.
{55780}{55833}Leo, come on, now, focus!
{56395}{56427}Phoebe, wake up.
{56431}{56484}Come on, come on.|Wake up, Phoebe!
{56547}{56587}Oh, no.
{56599}{56636}Heal her.
{56640}{56687}- What?|- You can do it.
{57146}{57204}Hey, how you doing?
{57368}{57400}I didn't mean to.

{57498}{57544}I'm sorry.
{58350}{58408}- I'm a nag.|- No, you're not.
{58412}{58482}Yeah, I am, and that's why we|don't have our powers back yet,
{58486}{58535}because I'm a nag|and I never learn...
{58539}{58619}Piper, I'm the reason why|we don't have our powers back.
{58623}{58684}I've been an insensitive lout,|and I clearly haven't gotten...
{58688}{58753}Leo, your work is very important.
{58767}{58857}- Not more important than my family.|- Guys.
{58861}{58909}I mean, you're pregnant,|and you need me,
{58913}{58958}and I should have understood|that instead of...
{58962}{59010}But I could have been|a little more patient.
{59014}{59056}- Guys?|- What?
{59147}{59195}I just thought you might|wanna take cover.
{59233}{59352}- Hey, I'm not nauseous.|- Hey, I am.
{59357}{59404}Wait, that's not good news.
{59408}{59462}What about your powers?
{59617}{59657}Very nice.
{59675}{59706}No more floral arrangements.
{59718}{59779}Yeah, I guess I got in touch|with my inner whitelighter.
{59803}{59864}Yeah, helping Melissa|helped me too.
{59868}{59933}It's good to know I have it in me.
{60646}{60724}Hey, look who's back to using doors.
{60734}{60842}Yeah, I'm trying to limit|my use of powers.
{60854}{60887}Probably a wise decision.
{60983}{61083}So did you get my flowers?
{61130}{61172}"Sorry I tried to strangle you"?
{61208}{61285}Probably not a card that the florist|gets to write every day, huh?
{61372}{61416}- I didn't...|- I know.
{61442}{61497}I know you're sorry.
{61501}{61545}I know you were under|the Siren's spell.
{61554}{61603}You do know her magic|feeds on love?
{61654}{61718}She couldn't have lured us|if we didn't love each other.
{61722}{61815}Right. So once again|our love was nearly fatal.
{61819}{61872}I never would've hurt you|if I wasn't under her spell.
{61885}{61987}Most men don't try to kill their wives|when they're under the Sire
n's spell.
{61991}{62049}Most men just kiss and die.
{62053}{62101}- But because you're a demon...|- I'm not...
{62105}{62182}Okay, well, because you have|demonic powers, and a lot of them,
{62186}{62250}you became a bigger threat|than the Siren.
{62284}{62353}And that's only one way|out of a thousand
{62357}{62405}that your powers can|turn against me.
{62563}{62625}I guess I didn't want you to be right.
{62739}{62782}Neither did I.