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{64}{119}"A year after the death|of Snow White's mother

{123}{154}the king remarried.
{158}{236}But his new bride was in fact|a wicked witch,
{240}{313}- one consumed by jealousy..."|- What are you still doing up?
{317}{380}Not sleeping, as usual.
{384}{446}First trimester nonsense, I guess.
{453}{545}- You want me to mix you up a potion?|- Oh, no, thanks.
{549}{594}I don't want to turn my baby|into a guinea pig.
{601}{628}I got enough to worry about.
{632}{704}Like I'd ever risk turning my future|niece into a rodent. Please.
{708}{761}No, I was speaking figuratively.
{766}{814}And it is not a knock at your|super-witch kick.
{818}{865}It's just, I don't wanna subject her
{869}{937}to anything that could be|remotely bad for her, that's all.
{952}{1003}Then maybe you should put away|those silly fairy tales.
{1008}{1064}Silly? You think fairy tales are silly?
{1068}{1109}Yeah, they're all about|helpless women
{1114}{1168}needing big, strong men|to come and rescue them.
{1172}{1244}Plus they're filled with evil witches.|You really wanna teach your k
id that?
{1248}{1301}No, I wanna teach her values.
{1305}{1350}And that's what fairy tales are best at.
{1354}{1397}You know, good overcomes evil.
{1401}{1434}That's how Grams taught us.
{1438}{1485}Well, my grandmother taught me|values just fine
{1489}{1558}without big, bad wolves|devouring little girls.
{1562}{1644}- You want my advice?|- Not really.
{1648}{1779}You should ditch the fiction|and do what all other moms-to-be do,
{1783}{1840}and that is to rely|on your natural instincts.
{1857}{1932}Well, my natural instincts|are to panic.
{1938}{2001}And besides, every other|mother-to-be does not have to worry
{2005}{2082}about her child orbing out to Tahiti|when they are sent to their roo
{2086}{2111}I don't have a clue.
{2117}{2152}Luckily, you have|two magical sisters
{2156}{2192}who are gonna help you|any way they can.
{2197}{2274}So don't worry, honey,|you're gonna be just fine.
{2319}{2373}I hope so.
{2439}{2472}Where were we?
{2476}{2531}"A year after the death|of Snow White's mother,
{2535}{2575}the king remarried.
{2579}{2653}But his new bride was in fact|a wicked witch,
{2658}{2707}one consumed by jealousy.
{2712}{2799}Every day she asked|the magic mirror the same question."
{2803}{2868}Aren't you dead yet?
{2872}{2972}Still so bitter|after all these centuries?
{2976}{3019}Some things never change.
{3068}{3099}Careful, my boy.
{3130}{3236}Those are not just symbols.|They are pieces of history.
{3241}{3273}I understand.
{3312}{3366}Never forget,|the power of every fairy tale
{3379}{3459}emanates from each of these.
{3464}{3615}Their magic continues to shape|every child born, even to this day.
{3620}{3756}Which makes the task of preserving|and protecting them that much gre
{3835}{3896}No, the mirror. Don't let it fall!
{4135}{4167}Thanks so much.
{4173}{4230}I thought I'd never get out of there.
{4307}{4365}Now, this is the way|to begin a story.
{4441}{4467}Who are you?

{5295}{5337}Mirror. Do you? {8913}{8991}Well. not one that could|heal herself from the womb. {5564}{5622}Yet. {9261}{9288}No arguments here. {9707}{9810}All I'm saying is we've gotta be ready|just in case he tries somethi ng. mirror on the wall. vanquishing potion.. you think Cole's gonna|try and kill us? {9493}{9552}That would not be exactly|the best way to win you back. {9385}{9428}You guys have to be|really careful. {9814}{9845}He is still a demon. I need a little guidance. You're okay. {4554}{4611}Evil witch. it can. {8317}{8413}What about your friend. if the nightmare I had last night|turns out to be a premonitio n. {9209}{9257}But this time|we have to be prepared. {7599}{7642}I think I had a nightmare. {8262}{8313}I just. I think he's helping|one of his charges. bigtime. {9607}{9644}But he just helped us save her. {5341}{5454}who is the most powerful|witch of all? {5486}{5559}You're much stronger|than most witches I see. truth be told.|We all have. yeah. {7428}{7464}Piper? {7469}{7522}Where's the baby? {7526}{7594}It's okay.|I doubt it can be done. {8598}{8634}There you are. according to the Book. {8754}{8810}Remember. {8510}{8594}I just wish I could talk to somebody|who's been through this before. to do my bidding {5142}{5208}Now. too bad she's not around.{4477}{4550}A little rusty|on your fairy tales. {9292}{9327}And he's got a lot more powers now. I gave you|the letter opener with his blood on it? {8815}{8841}Right.|She could help us both out. {7913}{7990}I can't seem to make this|protection potion work. {8845}{8909}I'm sorry. {8638}{8687}Paige. ask her. {7646}{7684}Yeah. {7842}{7909}. {8996}{9026}then yeah.Vanquishing potion?|. {9031}{9079}He had me back in the underworld|as his queen. {7997}{8042}Well. {10284}{10346}Powerful though you are.Failing miserably. Wendy?|She just had a baby. but you've had|that nightmare before. I see.|Where's Leo? {7753}{7838}I don't know. {9331}{9381}So there's no telling how|he's going to come after me. magic mirror? {4619}{4677}Speaks only the truth? {4702}{4737}Perhaps this will help: {4764}{4890}Freedom's loss must be unwitting|Into the glass. I didn't know you needed|that right away. but it wouldn't be|the first time he tried.The one for Cole. the Brothers Grimm|strike again. {5222}{5291}Not that you have any choice. {7689}{7749}I wonder how they got their name. {8087}{8124}Your Grams was working on an entry. {9881}{9946}Call me at work if you get|the potion.No.Wanna see more?|. {9083}{9134}Oh. that's because it can't be done. {5956}{6015}We'll see about that.. did you ever|make that vanquishing potion? {8691}{8750}. {8190}{8258}Well. {10205}{10276}I think I've seen enough|to know how to kill them. okay? {10121}{10201}. {9557}{9602}Yeah. . {8128}{8184}so that means she was close|to figuring one out. amuse me. {8048}{8082}Well. okay? {9432}{9489}What.What are you doing?|. {9648}{9702}Only because he didn't wanna|lose me. {5633}{5739}there are three|more powerful than thee. {9142}{9194}I've lived that nightmare before. {8417}{8505}Yeah.

Get my divorce attorney on the phone. {12669}{12701}I read your column. {10799}{10931}Let's begin with Snow White.I'm sorry.{10350}{10395}for good magic protects|the Charmed Ones..|I am very. okay? {14248}{14285}I found out that Adam|liked your column. Adam. {12154}{12195}.Excuse us. I'm just trying|to help you.Mr?|. {10640}{10689}Change the meaning of fairy tales? {10693}{10768}Shift them away from good?|So be it..|. {12199}{12239}.Phoebe. {10935}{10983}Woodsman. I know.|and I made your 11:00 a lunch. {11739}{11788}It's okay. {13347}{13414}I didn't want this to affect your decision|whether to buy the pape r.Oh. I switched|your 9:00 with the 2:00.. Cole and Cole again . your divorce attorney called. {13418}{13480}What. that's okay.|.I'll get some paper towels. mirror.|.. sorry.You do?|. {12536}{12608}. I wonder if it can|protect them against {10475}{10540}such powerful magic|as we have here. {14049}{14105}Don't you think you're being|a little paranoid? {14109}{14185}With my demon ex-husband from hell?|No. I'll be fine. {14206}{14244}Look. through his law firm. {12826}{12890}Well. Got hung up in traffic. {12953}{13034}Well. Cole. {12343}{12432}I really am terribly sorry. Adam Prince. come forth. I know. I don't. {14289}{14326}so I figured if he could|syndicate it.. {11910}{11935}Any messages? {11939}{12026}Yeah. l. {12447}{12496}No.Excuse us..Yeah. but about to be divorced.|. {12244}{12274}Here.|. that's not necessary.Hi. {12894}{12949}Unless you're a closet|housewife pining for love.. Phoebe.Okay.. {14774}{14805}You all right? {14810}{14873}Yeah. {13982}{14045}but whatever it is.|I'll make sure it sticks.|was the one that suggested {13654}{13699}I might be interested|in buying this one. we're married.|then Cole. {13554}{13585}TV stations too. {12733}{12806}.? Buy what pa. {12612}{12655}. {11653}{11735}Oh.You seem surprised.|I'd be happy to pay for the dry-cleani ng. {11793}{11845}bumped your 10 to 12. {13589}{13650}And Cole. {14906}{14986}So I guess this is probably not|the best time to ask you out. mirror. {11242}{11325}Bring me the heart of the witch|who's as white as snow. {10581}{10636}But using the props for evil could. yeah. {11458}{11508}Now. {13949}{13978}I don't know what you're up to. {13776}{13830}. {11512}{11593}Show me the sister|who's been burned by love.|I will vanquish you. {10401}{10470}Still.I am so sorry. {10544}{10577}Certainly worth a try. {12030}{12099}.?|This paper? {13484}{13550}Adam's family owns several papers|across the country..|it is not gonna work. you're not exactly|my target audience. .Prince.. {13143}{13174}What are you doing here? {13189}{13230}You two know each other? {13235}{13343}.|but it sounds great. {14423}{14478}And this time.|She was easy prey.Well. {14330}{14419}If you hurt me or my sisters. {12301}{12327}Thanks. {11854}{11906}I have no idea what you just said.|. {13703}{13771}That's fascinating stuff right there. yeah.. {11388}{11423}As you wish. one out of two is not bad. very late. I'm.. {13044}{13139}Adam.

as long as I'm here.|. {18390}{18470}Did you perform a ritual|to promote growth? {18502}{18601}Did you cast a spell to ward off|demonic parasites? {18630}{18669}Sweetheart. if you don't|wanna lose control of them. okay? {16160}{16215}And besides.|We've got plenty of work to do. you wished for me? Why? {17987}{18045}Because I need help. but it is to me. Regis. {16089}{16156}Yeah. {17907}{17983}Oh. I can't do that. {15192}{15226}I'm interested.Rain check? {15511}{15540}Absolutely.That's ridiculous. {16861}{16899}And when I say now.|. {15239}{15302}And very. but that was|a unique situation.|don't I get a hug? {17617}{17698}But wait. very flattered. {16342}{16396}Well. {16597}{16658}. well.|but I'm not that good. {18158}{18283}Now. {15823}{15877}Well. Leo. {17119}{17160}Thank you. {16219}{16300}Look.|it's not the best time for me. You think? {17819}{17858}Maybe you tapped|into her power somehow {17862}{17892}and made your wish come true. I didn't do anything.|Thank you very much. {18108}{18154}Oh. per se. {15578}{15614}All right. {18770}{18831}Closet? Well.{14998}{15031}I mean. this is a very special baby|with very special needs. {16791}{16857}and I need someone pretty damn|special to help me figure it out.|and I don't want to screw it up. She's dead. {16304}{16338}I can't do this alone. {15881}{15921}I'm not asking you to resurrect her.|Who summoned you? {17729}{17808}. okay.No. {16663}{16726}It is not ridiculous at all. {18926}{18952}Oh. and it's not your fault. {15334}{15408}But you're probably right.|It didn't work.|for some advice. {16400}{16455}Yeah. I know.No. now. have you been|exercising your powers daily? {18288}{18314}Do I need to? {18319}{18385}Well. what did you do? {18673}{18756}We built a nursery|in our bedroom closet. Leo. I realize that. {15113}{15188}and I thought|maybe if you're interested. {15704}{15778}You heard me. what do you mean?|Didn't you come on your own power? {17396}{17460}Honey. you know. {15544}{15573}Okay. {17164}{17214}Don't thank me. that's easy. {16459}{16501}But there's only so much|you can do. I'm good.The baby?|. {15433}{15490}. I know this doesn't seem|important. {18956}{19016}Don't tell me you're already|interviewing nannies. you know . we'll start in there. {15036}{15109}It's just that I'm hosting a charity|fundraiser tonight at the St. {16003}{16053}Then why don't you try|conjuring her? {16057}{16085}You did it once before. {17218}{17277}What am I doing here? {17281}{17318}And corporeal to boot? {17323}{17392}Well. {16730}{16787}Okay. I mean now! {17062}{17091}Piper. I'm here. I already tried. my goodness.Sure. I want you|to bring Grams back. it's not ridiculous. you're not alone.. {17475}{17568}Well. not on a date. {18836}{18921}Come on. {15782}{15819}Okay.|I need your advice. {18049}{18104}I need to know how|to get ready for this baby. . let's see. no wonder|this baby called me. I still don't understand.|This is not raging hormones talking. okay? {16505}{16593}I'm the one that's carrying the baby.. {15925}{15999}I just need her here for a little while.

of course. it's a long story. why not? {22516}{22572}They're real. come here. but I won't. {21350}{21404}I'm telling you.. I'm glad|you're finally doing something.|And speaking of stories. the Woodsman. {24271}{24327}Wait. darling. maybe? {22017}{22092}Oh. {20435}{20464}Piper! {20653}{20724}What the hell was that? {20764}{20809}What's going on? Paige? {20813}{20847}Paige? {20852}{20934}Try as you might. {23364}{23440}Fairy tales are not all fables. not a problem|I'm having right now..{19046}{19169}Paige. it's so good to see you.|Oh.|I mean. didn't you? {23878}{23910}That was different. I certainly don't want a body|if it's gonna get chopped up . Look at you. {24225}{24266}Oh. Halliwell. {23448}{23563}Some are recountings of|ancient battles between good and evil. Piper says you're the super witch. {19727}{19787}I mean. that was a demon. {21665}{21745}I mean. you guys. what did I just hug?|Where did you get the body from? {24331}{24412}Oh. {21852}{21925}Although there was something|about him that looked familiar. fairy-tale magic|runs out at midnight.|was anyone here when this got? {24085}{24111}Grams. of course. {19479}{19531}Quick. axe. you're even more beautiful|than I imagined. {23570}{23621}And they're as much a part|of our heritage {23625}{23668}as anything|in the Book of Shadows.|What do you think he was? {21822}{21847}I don't know. {21408}{21480}No crazy person off the street|is that good with an axe. {21067}{21096}I'll split the witches up {21100}{21209}and make sure that none of them|lives happily ever after. call me Grams. {22102}{22147}Oh.|but aren't you supposed to be dead? {19669}{19719}Oh. I'm your Grams. {19189}{19233}And you are? {19237}{19346}Why. {20938}{20996}There's still plenty of time. {22486}{22512}Well. right? {19956}{20015}Actually. you recognized him too. she was a real looker too. {21946}{21985}A little like this. {22652}{22744}I can see I have lots|to teach you too. go clean up the nursery.|Oh. Paige. {19579}{19665}No offence. you're saying a fairy-tale|character came to life {22436}{22482}and attacked us? Come on. {19792}{19890}You have my mother's eyes. Mrs. my dear. {23914}{23964}A past life. Well. {23673}{23726}You expect me to believe|that there are giant beanstalks {23730}{23773}and gingerbread houses|that actually existed? {23792}{23869}You used to think the Evil Enchantress|was just a fairy tale too. {24116}{24175}In the flesh. that was. at least they used to be. {23968}{24062}Hey. {21749}{21817}Well. yours. so to speak. {22576}{22605}What? {22609}{22637}Oh. you're absolutely gorgeous. {22360}{22432}Wait. {21000}{21062}The Woodsman failed. {22153}{22229}I read fairy tales to my baby|just like you read to me. what's the difference? {21594}{21661}Who cares? Let's just see if there's|any more where he came from. {19894}{19933}Bet you have plenty|of boyfriends. {21484}{21546}Except since when do demons|attack with an axe? {21550}{21590}Athame. {20019}{20074}Oh. {24481}{24506}A fairy tale? . {22234}{22338}Oh. {24416}{24472}a fairy tale just tried|to slice our heads off. I'm over that. please.

this is getting too weird. {28354}{28408}Meet Cinderella at the ball. no doubt. {27258}{27318}Right now. {25261}{25328}Hey. {26712}{26758}I can't. {28996}{29029}God! {29124}{29207}.|You don't know what could happen. {25595}{25655}We can't just sit around here|and wait to be attacked.|. no! {30095}{30194}Looks like he wants Cinderella to go|to the ball alone. {27416}{27465}Oh. get out of them. I'm fine.|I'll give him that much. I know that Cole won't hurt me. sir?|Did Cole Turner send you? {29721}{29794}Hello? I asked you a question. {25022}{25064}I think I better go check|with the Elders. you won't have|a happy ending either. {25332}{25412}Well. {24920}{25017}Except it was an evil witch who sent|the Woodsman in Snow White. we've got to deal|with evil witches. {24702}{24768}Cinderella's. {27326}{27363}Right. what do we do?|. {27101}{27134}She's already in trouble. {29514}{29584}Okay. I am very interested|in making an offer. {28413}{28500}But be certain that she's|in the carriage at midnight. well. my queen? {28273}{28339}Just be a charming prince. {27539}{27584}Listen.|. {25068}{25117}I think you better.|Cole knows it's my favourite. {27721}{27779}Can we talk first thing|in the morning? {27783}{27851}Great. . {29588}{29669}Excuse me. Thank you.{24511}{24552}The Woodsman from Snow White.. {26771}{26812}The door! The door! {26817}{26873}. {25416}{25497}Well. I'm better than fine.|who am I to disagree? {26092}{26135}This way. {28718}{28790}.Just let her go.I don't know. but why did they stop? {29444}{29510}Well. just like in the story. I can't stop!|..Get out of the street! {28796}{28868}Don't you have any way|of controlling those things? {28872}{28981}They didn't exactly come|with an instruction manual. {24773}{24818}Cole? You think Cole|is doing all of this? {24822}{24880}Who else has enough power|to turn fairy tales against us? {24884}{24916}I told you he was gonna attack. {27149}{27184}Help! {27200}{27254}I'm gonna have to help you|get ready to be a mother later. {27899}{27949}What the hell? {28177}{28234}How can I serve you. that's risky. {24577}{24665}Okay. a little support here? {25789}{25878}If Grams thinks it's a good idea. as much as I distrust him. he's got style. follow her. whatever happens.|you are not getting into that. {26585}{26629}Where are you going?|Where are you going? {26633}{26708}. {25502}{25591}All the more reason to play along|and find out who is. {25659}{25688}She could get killed. See? {26139}{26194}No problem. {29861}{29940}Okay. {24669}{24698}Glass slippers. I'm walking here.|we don't know that it's him behin d this.|This one.Proving that I'm right. {29949}{29975}Phoebe.|Orb her out if she gets in trouble.Hey.Yeah. {28504}{28606}Otherwise.What are you doing?|. {25698}{25732}Piper. Paige. {27013}{27082}Paige.Grams. that would explain|where these came from.They stopped.|physically anyway. {26877}{26966}We're never gonna be able to get|to the bottom of this if you don' t. {26467}{26525}Actually.|We're getting out of here. {25182}{25237}.Well. {27589}{27679}but I am on my way|to a charity event right now. not that book.

{30920}{30976}How? How can you rewrite them?|They're already in print.|No offence. one that works wonders|on evil witches. speak of the devil.|I'm so glad. {34744}{34789}Even if that someone else|thinks I am. {30334}{30393}But what about you? {30398}{30475}Look. Mrs.Actually. {31239}{31298}that somebody took over|the fortress from the inside.|even from the Elders. {30600}{30649}Grams. I'll call for Leo|if I'm in danger. {30255}{30283}I'll orb you out. {30695}{30777}then Phoebe could be in a lot more|danger than we think. {31181}{31235}The Elders think something|has happened to him. {32004}{32029}What potion? {32034}{32122}Oh. And none taken. {33169}{33266}Hair and a cloak? That's not|in the Little Red Riding Hood tale. after you find her. {30520}{30596}We never should have split up. {35172}{35200}Boots? {35204}{35250}You know what I mean. {33304}{33409}But luring them away|from Grandmother's house is. {35029}{35079}. you came.As if you don't know. {31480}{31548}Its location has been kept secret. {34553}{34619}. no. {34956}{35024}.|. buddy. but every copy is|a manifestation of an original. {33966}{34051}Excuse me. go back to the manor. {31307}{31363}An evil witch. {31739}{31819}I mean. {32956}{33029}She'll find you. well. We all co uld. {34679}{34740}Oh.|Coming through. {35122}{35163}but they're never walking|back to you.What are you doing here?|. {31689}{31734}Piper.|And by midnight too. {30980}{31048}Yeah. {33270}{33300}No. pardon me. . I'll show you.Listen. anyway.{30198}{30229}Hold on.|. if what we heard is true. {34816}{34863}I'm sorry? {34867}{34929}Oh. {34248}{34275}Excuse me. I'm surprised at you. {34425}{34516}Yeah. I might add. {30289}{30329}No. right. well. I didn't really|have much of a choice. okay? {30479}{30515}She's already in danger. {33050}{33114}I want her to find me. {31367}{31423}Why don't we just orb to this fortress|and kick her butt? {31431}{31476}Because nobody knows where it is. Cole. {31899}{32000}you lure her back here to us. she's a witch. {30831}{30905}it could rewrite them.Thanks. {31823}{31859}Oh. {34373}{34421}Phoebe. {30781}{30827}Yeah. Halliwell. well. I don't. if somebody is using|fairy tales for evil. {31053}{31128}An original that was entrusted|to the Keeper of the Fairy Tales {31132}{31177}long ago for protection. {32619}{32651}You all right? {32663}{32707}I need to concentrate. corrupt them|for every future generation. I am definitely|not here with someone else. {32369}{32428}if we have time. {33413}{33528}And so is the big bad wolf. {34623}{34669}I just hope you're not here|with someone else. {35083}{35117}these boots may be|made for walking. {32126}{32166}Come. {33119}{33163}Part of me.|and we vanquish her with a potion. {30654}{30691}Yeah. {32239}{32364}Maybe we could also work|on your protection potion. {31553}{31625}Where was their infinite wisdom|on the day that was decided? {31632}{31685}The point is we have no way|of finding her.You look fabulous. isn't she?|Just scry for her. {31864}{31895}Then.

Okay. {36817}{36875}I can't believe you did that|without looking at the Book once. but never during|a private moment. I suddenly feel|like I can't make any decisions at a ll..|I mean. why don't we get a drink? {35392}{35458}Oh. you know. {37394}{37452}You know. {36959}{36995}Would you be a dear|and get me a vial? {36999}{37044}Oh.{35294}{35332}Am I up to something again? {35336}{35387}Listen. {37684}{37752}Oh.|.Yes. {39526}{39623}I feel like I'm 10 years old again|around her. let me guess.. {38353}{38399}I understand. Let him go. ..|leave him alone. {39655}{39703}Hey.|All the good potions. not one that'll work.Yeah.. I don't think you should. yeah.Okay. {36553}{36653}And then you simply roll them|in mustard seed.Grams. sometimes.|Little Red Riding Hood's? {39861}{39950}Wait. the vial? {37306}{37359}I'm sorry. {40167}{40209}Paige.|aren't we? {39962}{40009}Oh. {35613}{35649}At least.Phoebe. {38239}{38344}I guess it just feels a little odd|because I don't know you. it's a good thing|you quit your job... {36657}{36709}And then. {36879}{36954}Honey.. really loved. You ready? {36147}{36211}. {37531}{37607}How'd you know I quit my job?|How'd you know I even had a job? {37611}{37680}Oh. {36507}{36549}Otherwise. anyway. Grams. I wrote the Book. Yeah. why don't you back off.|.goodbye. {38403}{38472}And I wouldn't dream of trying|to replace someone {38476}{38509}as special to you as that. {35723}{35787}. you know what. Mrs. pal. wait.Listen. {38995}{39063}I'd better get a couple of vials|for Phoebe and Piper too.Phoebe. {39328}{39354}Grams? {39359}{39428}You don't need Grams to do|the scrying. What's gotten into you? {39432}{39522}I don't know. {40255}{40301}Paige! {40436}{40505}No. no offence.Are you okay?|. that's my point. Cole. what's this? {39719}{39827}Oh. I'm fine. evil witch. {36431}{36502}You must take care to cut|the mandrake root to expose the meat. No! {41092}{41141}What happened? {41166}{41256}I'm afraid she's dead. {35801}{35826}Excuse me? {35917}{36001}Okay. {37972}{38054}Okay. we're off the beaten path. {38534}{38636}But isn't it possible|that maybe there might be {38640}{38700}a little room left in your heart|for me too? {38743}{38775}Someday? {38833}{38904}Well. but not too heavily . what choice do I have? {37883}{37964}. {37244}{37302}Paige. {38059}{38106}One I really. {37456}{37527}You catch on quickly|and you have a real gift for the craft.|.|I already had a grams. Halliwell. {36764}{36811}. yeah. I guess. isn't that part|of your master plan? {35570}{35609}There is no master plan. {37813}{37868}I mean. I peek. {38117}{38234}And yes. {35666}{35719}. {37777}{37809}Thanks.I don't care what you thin k.. {36017}{36127}. technically we're related|and you're my grandmother too. no. at least I can see|where I get my stubbornness from. you two here together? {35472}{35542}Yeah. sure. you ready?|. {36222}{36273}Just stay the hell away from me. it doesn't do any good.

|.|the dwarves are all over it. {41672}{41739}If Snow White can come back to life. {46258}{46283}Wha. {43227}{43265}Bad batch. {44785}{44827}I see.Done.What about a kiss?|. {46170}{46207}Cole is behind all of this. {43064}{43110}Did you finish|the vanquishing potion? {43157}{43195}No. would you be a lamb|and see who that is? {43574}{43664}Honey? Honey. {46211}{46254}Not according to the Elders he's not. Grams? {41812}{41865}I wouldn't get my hopes up. {45031}{45077}You know. {42451}{42488}Stomach is really upset.A kiss? {42052}{42105}It worked for Snow White.No. {45783}{45808}The dwarves? {45812}{45855}Piper cast a spell|that wound up summoning {45859}{45902}the descendants|of the seven dwarves. {45511}{45567}But if you try to hurt Phoebe. it's not like that at all.? {46287}{46358}Look. It's what they do. {41869}{41895}What are you talking about? {41899}{41987}You're supposed to be the expert.Word. they prefer to be called|"little people" now. {43323}{43401}Oh. let's find her boyfriend.. {42543}{42591}Hear our call|For those who fall {42595}{42722}Purge her to awaken|From this toxin taken {42779}{42821}Nothing.|It's just very complicated. no. {45425}{45507}. {42492}{42539}Wait. sorry.. {42237}{42309}She doesn't have a boyfriend. {44655}{44684}To make him jealous. Leo? {41592}{41667}No. {44831}{44878}I could always have him fired. {44882}{44939}. {42195}{42233}Come. {45969}{46004}Snow White and the Little People? {46008}{46076}Look. Leo. {43828}{43886}What? What is it? {43988}{44049}Someone here|eat a poisoned apple? {44459}{44519}You know.I don't know what you're talking about. by all means.|if that would help. we are not giving up. {42130}{42191}A kiss.|There has got to be some way. even if he is responsible. {45083}{45131}What do you say we get out of here? {45201}{45246}Hold that thought.|there's nothing more you can do h . {45313}{45381}I don't know what happened to you. {45909}{45965}Actually. just say the word. It's our only hope. {42964}{43059}in the hopes that it reverses|the dark magic.|remember? {42314}{42343}Right. {41997}{42048}. {46080}{46105}At least it'll buy us time {46109}{46166}until we can vanquish|the evil witch who's behind all this.{41458}{41546}I know there's something in here|somewhere about poison. of course you don' t. {44943}{44987}.Absolutely.|but I do know evil when I see i t. I mean. {42825}{42857}Grams. {45385}{45421}And you're it. the point is that they preserve|the dead.Really?|. what do we do? {42911}{42959}We focus on vanquishing|the evil witch. I got a spell. you might|wanna come look at this. {45646}{45729}She's dead?|What do you mean she's dead? {45733}{45779}Don't worry.|. {44523}{44557}What? {44561}{44651}It's just I'm not sure if you're dancing|with me or for Cole.|I'll kill you. there's a fine line|between love and hate.|It's worth a shot. unfortunately.|then Paige can too. {44689}{44781}Oh. Yes.|This is a stinking fairy tale. {41743}{41792}Right. it's almost midnight.

" {49661}{49720}"The better to hear you with. {47373}{47447}Oh.|. {48543}{48568}Okay." {49895}{49985}Yeah.|what are you doing with that? {47167}{47230}Well. {47086}{47163}Sweetheart. you don't believe|that silly old story. {47710}{47795}No. {51990}{52080}Put it down.Come on. {46977}{47036}Forgive them. {48900}{48930}How could you have done this? {48946}{48972}. but that one|was made up to scare little kids. {50588}{50614}What are we doing out here? {50959}{50988}No! {51364}{51442}The end. it's in our version. Gently. "What big eyes you have. {46662}{46695}When's her prince getting here? {46699}{46730}She doesn't have a prince. a little girl gets|eaten in the end. {52657}{52737}Oh. wait. "Grandmother. he's evil. I'm not gonna sit around|and wait for the wolf to attack." {49725}{49821}And then. {46843}{46899}. {52261}{52293}You don't wanna hurt her. and then.I'm really sorry. you're the one that says|fairy tales are based in truth. {52089}{52166}I can't. please. {48799}{48849}Don't go anywhere with this guy. the Woodsman comes|and cuts open the wolf's stomach. Adam. {47235}{47286}Wolf? What wolf? {47290}{47362}From Little Red Riding Hood. {47799}{47853}and frees her and the grandmother. {47871}{47937}Well.People! {46903}{46973}A little professional|decorum here. {47619}{47706}I mean.|. I'll do it. {53097}{53141}Where's my wife? . Something|has happened and I gotta get home. The witch will kill me.In your dreams.I'll do it. {48248}{48327}. {49990}{50052}"What big teeth you have. {48735}{48794}.Leave her alone! {49018}{49068}Keep him away from me.|my dear. {52170}{52202}And so will I.Then let me give you a ride.Phoebe. {46734}{46777}No prince?|Then who's gonna kiss her? {46782}{46839}. yeah.Think she knows that's a wolf?|. {49550}{49657}She says.|what big ears you have." {49825}{49890}"The better to see you with. it's been a while.|This cloak is meant for me. What a dow ner. yes. after all. {49520}{49545}Okay. {49479}{49516}Skip down. {49399}{49475}As if she wouldn't see through that.I told you not to call me that.|. {46362}{46417}Piper needs you back home|to try and save Paige. stinky.|. let's orb. {47539}{47614}Well. {48019}{48073}Really? Show me. {46435}{46468}Okay." {50056}{50161}"The better to eat you with.|my dear. {49305}{49395}and finds the wolf|dressed as her grandmother. {49105}{49130}Leo. {47964}{48015}Well.Done what?|.ere. let's see.Not our business. {48572}{48644}Phoebe. {49134}{49190}Really? And what are you? {49237}{49301}So Red Riding Hood|comes into the house. that's not the popular version. where are you going?|Who is this guy? {48648}{48731}This is my brother-in-law.|my dear!" {50454}{50500}Piper. what am I gonna do with you? {52971}{53027}Keep your hands off my pumpkin. do you? {47451}{47516}Grams. {48976}{49014}.

{53528}{53561}Are you okay? {53597}{53645}Yeah.Come on. men. {55620}{55657}Damn it! {55673}{55755}Well. {54928}{54965}Don't forget the potion. {57337}{57363}A glass slipper is missing. I swear. {55822}{55847}You? {55858}{55890}That's not possible.|. {54793}{54881}I knew I was gonna have to put on|this stupid thing sooner or late r. {57047}{57084}does that mean|my sisters won't either? {57095}{57156}No. Grams. no.Who are you?|. we can't. {56293}{56432}I'm melting! I'm melting! {56777}{56807}You saved me.|you saved them too.|. {54279}{54325}We find the witch who did this|and vanquish her. Show her who's|the most powerful witch of all.All right. {56840}{56869}Are you the Keeper? {56874}{56933}No. I didn't agree with him. {58802}{58872}Paige. . Wait. {57160}{57238}so when you saved the fairy tales. {53808}{53868}Back off. I think I do. {55922}{55978}The wolf ate you. {54581}{54634}Although I don't know how|we access it. can someone please tell me|how I got in a coffin? {58338}{58365}You were dead. {58652}{58728}.How did you?|. {54135}{54216}. {53649}{53730}. And I had nothing|to do with this. you're okay. if he didn't|come back to life. my. {57648}{57695}Any idea how I get|the heck out of here? {58253}{58333}All right. {54695}{54779}But maybe|Little Red Riding Hood can. {53930}{53976}She's back. {54490}{54570}Perhaps it's a portal of some sort. {54638}{54663}Well. well.What are we going to do now? {54220}{54275}Well.Oh. then. no. {55006}{55119}Go on.No. {56103}{56142}See if this agrees with you. {57484}{57533}Well. guys. dear. {58621}{58648}Let's go. we do what we were gonna|do in the first place. {57589}{57621}I guess so.|I just saved your ass. I'm melting. {58369}{58451}But bright side. {54335}{54389}. {57372}{57453}Must mean that story|hasn't found the happy ending yet. at least now we have|something in common.Do you know how to find her?|.We'll send you the bill. {56988}{57043}Oh. I guess this makes you|the new Keeper. I think so.She blew him up from the inside.{53145}{53172}Where's my wife? {53309}{53352}No! {53459}{53503}Piper. if I'm not the most|powerful witch in the land. {54413}{54440}Wait a minute. {54033}{54122}Your sister. you really ought|to get yourself a prince {58508}{58542}in case this ever happens again. they were victims|of fairy-tale magic. {55423}{55467}Why won't you answer|my question? {55471}{55521}Why won't you tell me|what I want to hear? {55526}{55616}You know as well as I|that I cannot tell a lie. {56937}{56983}Or at least I was. {56001}{56063}Yeah. his apprentice. {53766}{53801}Although it took her long enough. let's go. {58455}{58503}You know. I saw it. {56220}{56252}No. {58564}{58617}. who is ? {55766}{55818}Take a wild guess. {54444}{54486}The wolf was trying to get into|the book of fairy tales.

{61919}{61958}Do you mean Adam? {61991}{62046}He was just being used by the witch. I suppose that means|it's time for me to go. {62670}{62716}What are we doing here? {62739}{62792}Rebuilding your trust. do I at least|get a hug goodbye? {60225}{60302}It was great to finally meet you.|He's a good guy. {60306}{60346}Grams. {63462}{63508}you'll never learn to trust me. {59227}{59254}Is everybody okay? {59265}{59305}Well. thanks to you they are. {61389}{61451}Okay. right? {62879}{62939}Yeah. {61115}{61212}I guess I'm gonna catch up|on some sleep.|So where's? {59068}{59101}Piper. {59325}{59402}Well. why do you have to go at all? {59520}{59589}Because I don't belong here anymore. so? {62945}{62986}So he's not under a spell. {62075}{62172}Really? I don't think|I can even tell anymore. okay? I'm sorry. {59766}{59812}Okay. {60058}{60142}Well. {61626}{61666}I really am. my darlings. {59736}{59762}Not even for her.{58890}{58962}Which means the witch is vanquished. {59660}{59732}but I was only here to remind you|that you don't. {63317}{63356}Why are you doing this? {63377}{63458}Because unless you learn|to trust yourself again. but what about me? {59816}{59874}I feel like I didn't get to spend|any time with you. {61677}{61728}It's not your fault. you want me to say it. {63008}{63068}Why don't you see if|your original instincts were right? {63118}{63190}Look. {59406}{59437}Mind giving me a lift? {59443}{59489}Well. {59885}{59970}That's okay. I don't stay dead long. {60870}{60899}Where are you going? {60924}{60990}I need to catch up on my fairy tales. {59975}{60007}Good point. I don't want you|to fall in love with him. {59609}{59655}See. {61806}{61880}I don't think I'm gonna trust anyone|any time soon. {63222}{63272}But you need to realize he's not evil. {60597}{60655}Be safe. {61733}{61783}I can't expect|to earn it back overnight.|I lost your trust a long time ago. Phoebe. {62813}{62875}You liked him|when you first met him. you thought you needed me.|don't you? {61501}{61578}I was wrong. .