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{827}{882}What are you doing?

{886}{914}The DJ is really good, huh?
{918}{972}Yeah. Too bad|she's not really good at P3.
{977}{1004}Right. Sorry.
{1008}{1064}Focus, we are here|on business, not pleasure.
{1068}{1098}Okay. I know, I know.
{1102}{1150}But don't you think|you're overreacting a little?
{1154}{1226}No, I don't. This club has become|the hottest thing in town,
{1230}{1282}and I'd like to know|what they're doing that I am not.
{1286}{1320}Well, P3 is still doing great.
{1324}{1370}Not as great as it used to be,|thanks to me.
{1374}{1456}Well, Piper, you're having a baby.|Your priorities have changed.
{1460}{1494}Yeah, well, haven't you heard?
{1498}{1554}Women can have careers|and babies now.
{1558}{1586}It's been in all the papers.
{1590}{1667}Are those women trying|to save the world from demons too?
{1672}{1757}Oh, for God's sakes,|people, get a room.
{1777}{1831}- Piper.|- Paige.
{1867}{1947}- What are you doing here?|- Oh, you know, just hanging out.
{1952}{2004}You couldn't hang out at our club?
{2008}{2080}What, and miss this DJ?|Come on.
{2104}{2197}This is my other sister, Piper,|and her husband, Leo. This is Dave.
{2201}{2238}- Nice to meet you.|- Yeah, you too, mate.
{2242}{2272}I didn't know there was a Dave.
{2285}{2352}Oh, we've only been hanging out|for, like, three weeks.
{2395}{2427}Here you go.
{2431}{2482}Oh, hi, Piper.
{2486}{2589}Hey. Hey. Wow, you're up late.
{2593}{2671}- What are you doing here?|- Right back at you.
{2675}{2717}- Dave, how about I buy you a drink?|- Yeah.
{2721}{2800}- I've got one, thanks.|- That's not gonna be enough.
{2823}{2857}I thought you were working tonight.
{2861}{2919}Yeah, well, I mean,|actually, I'm working here.
{2923}{2990}You know, I thought|that guys could help me
{2994}{3071}with my advice|to other guys, you know?
{3075}{3144}And that guy over there|with the dimples.
{3164}{3233}Hi. Yeah, huge help. Yeah.
{3237}{3287}See, yeah,|I don't know what bugs me more.
{3291}{3361}The fact that you guys are here,|or that you're here without me.
{3379}{3432}Oh, we just didn't think|it would be good for the baby.
{3436}{3481}You know, all the noise|and the people.
{3485}{3560}Yeah, I know. But sometimes|it's good for the mommy to get out.
{3581}{3623}Okay, so you would have|wanted to come?
{3627}{3679}No, but that is beside the point.
{3691}{3770}- You're a very confusing woman.|- It's all right. Hey, it's no big
{3774}{3840}You guys, I'll see you at home.
{3844}{3908}Oh, Piper.
{3959}{4019}- Still think this is a good idea?|- Well, you know Piper.
{4023}{4078}She won't slow down|unless someone slows her down.
{4101}{4189}I just don't want to do anything|to add to her stress.
{4244}{4272}You seem stressed.
{4326}{4359}Arnon, you scared me.
{4469}{4519}What are you doing out here?
{4524}{4601}Door is locked, so I thought|I'd practice drawing while I waited.
{4665}{4704}Not really.
{4709}{4782}I don't know, I just can't seem|to make it work.
{4795}{4847}I've done everything you said,|tried to focus...

{6646}{6688}To take care of your little problem. that's enough. Halloween?|Who the hell are you. {5131}{5208}And if you're to master it. fool? {11102}{11130}I'm The Aggressor. Why? {12602}{12628}I must be going nuts. my God. {13433}{13504}Well. little man. {9238}{9263}Turn around. {14075}{14137}Paige. what's going on? {12910}{12994}. I was sort of|messing around with Dave. {11296}{11321}Behind you. {6089}{6127}Oh. {8839}{8875}Yo.No. {12202}{12268}. Kevin.Did you just get home?|." {13323}{13372}This is why I don't want to|talk to you about this. {13197}{13285}. {12126}{12175}. {9061}{9116}We've had this conversation.|but it'll never be real.|.Morning. Mom.|. {13697}{13833}and I was about to. Kaz. so we were doing. {12441}{12517}Wait a minute. whoever you are. {9320}{9358}Hey. my God. {12998}{13053}Why does everybody think|they're bothering me? {13057}{13094}I'm not bothered. {9466}{9510}What is this? {9549}{9586}Is this me? {9590}{9640}Getting my ass kicked by you? {10037}{10109}Catch you next time. fool? {8967}{9039}.I'm just trying to get home.|A very special gift. {13846}{13905}Oh. {11148}{11175}The Aggressor? {11188}{11271}Well. {12632}{12703}Because I could have sworn I saw you|when I walked past your room. . how do we make it go away? {6564}{6626}Now it's time to make|that hero of yours real too. {12312}{12387}Pickles. thank God. {5032}{5097}You have a special gift. take care of mine. you could have had|some serious explaining to do.You're not bothering me. hot fudge sauce and mustard?|Are you seriously eating tha t? {12391}{12422}That was the plan.Yeah. {11028}{11080}What is this. {9267}{9316}It's gonna cost you. having "sex. I don't want to bother you.|you have to believe in it fully.|you didn't come home all night? {12535}{12582}No. Kevin. {13376}{13429}It's weird talking to a pregnant lady|about sex anyway. {10721}{10800}All right.|What's the matter? {13116}{13193}Well.|you know.Morning.|. {9120}{9173}This is where I do my business. {5335}{5417}You draw to see it better. {12727}{12756}Was it about 2:30? {12783}{12817}Was I half-naked? {12848}{12900}Paige. You didn't? {13909}{13955}. Paige.|.{4851}{4903}Then you're not trying hard enough. {8895}{8929}What are you doing here. {9177}{9234}All right?|And I don't like getting bothered. my God.Listen..Nothing..|and suddenly I orbed out upstairs. {6271}{6320}Okay. it worked. you know. {5421}{5474}not unless you make it real|in your mind's eye.Forget embarrassing. {13959}{14014}I orbed back in|before the lights came back on.Did he notice?|. {13606}{13693}Anyway. {5615}{5657}Make it come to life. {6692}{6768}And then. {14018}{14071}.Talk about embarrassing. {12282}{12307}Oh.Messing around?|. {5532}{5584}Make it real.|you just made a serious mistake.Yeah. how do you think|I got pregnant? {13533}{13583}I don't want to know that either. and.|Let's get out of here.

|. {18723}{18762}Sorry. {17526}{17583}So who is this new Elder. {16294}{16353}What are you two up to? {16361}{16396}It was Phoebe's idea..|Leo? {15968}{16017}We didn't want you|to worry about demonic threats {16021}{16081}until it was absolutely necessary.|Arnon. .I was getting worried about you.. {16619}{16692}So. I mean.No. {15491}{15542}Leo.|and when does he get here? {17599}{17678}We don't know who he is. he's getting the job done fine. stop it. Piper.Well. {15276}{15302}Leo? {15310}{15377}Sorry. Little respect. {15093}{15122}How'd you do it? {15158}{15201}Marry an angel. {17411}{17459}Piper. {17749}{17811}or else I will lose my powers forever. I'm sorry.You what? {19085}{19160}He killed a guy. you scared me.|young lady. not terminal.|.Relieve some stress.Arnon. {17832}{17911}So we're just supposed to|sit around here and wait? {17925}{18017}Yes. Are you all right? {15381}{15432}Been orbing long. so why do you think|this is happening? {14393}{14464}I mean. {18973}{19014}He's gone. {14574}{14676}I think I like him a lot. {17139}{17252}You'd think a charge of yours would|know something as basic as tha t. {14202}{14267}It wasn't exactly my particular goal|at the moment.? What is he doing here? {16696}{16733}Ramus is retiring. {15602}{15645}Huh. have we? {15436}{15475}Hey. what happened?|We heard a crash. I suppose this will have to do. not physical. just his attitude. {16518}{16589}because it's pissing me off. {16400}{16469}We were just trying to make things|a little easier. I'm a little nervous. {17321}{17407}. {16917}{16983}So the Elders want you to protect him|in case there's an attack.. {18541}{18582}Arnon? {18610}{18714}. {19039}{19081}.|. {17496}{17522}For crying out loud. {14751}{14823}he's the first guy I've been with|since I found out I was a witch.I ripped up the drawing. {14289}{14389}Okay. {16473}{16514}. he killed Kaz. {15546}{15592}He missed.|I'm pregnant. who's the critic? {15685}{15746}This is Ramus.So? {16847}{16912}There isn't a demon alive|who wouldn't love to have his powers. {18862}{18908}Where's The Aggressor? {18926}{18962}He's. {16802}{16842}. {16737}{16798}He came down to pass on his powers|to a new Elder. {16255}{16290}Okay. {16997}{17034}Why couldn't he just orb out? {17038}{17125}Because my powers are mental. Unfortunately. that's all.|All we know is that the transfer {17682}{17745}must take place|during tonight's equinox.. what. {14680}{14747}And. is he not|getting the job done? {14468}{14554}No. {16085}{16114}What threats? {16118}{16205}Well. I didn't plan on|orbing out.{14141}{14198}Well.So?|. {15762}{15816}An Elder? Really? {15820}{15881}I thought you told us|he wasn't coming till tonight.Nothing wrong with his hearing. {15891}{15964}Told us? Nobody told me anything. other than Glen.|. He's an Elder. {14854}{14987}I think I'm so busy protecting|this big old secret of ours that {14991}{15052}I guess I can't really|let my guard down.

no matter what.I need your help. {19791}{19846}To rid him of his powers. remember? {19694}{19787}Now.|. {21686}{21765}. what about Paige?|Can she come? {21827}{21858}Apparently not. {22480}{22524}. I only have the ability to|sense great powers.? {22074}{22140}. . {21512}{21587}Well. for goodness' sakes. I never wanted that.Phoebe. {23395}{23443}I'll be working from home|for the rest of the day. {22655}{22719}but instead of fixing the buildings. help me|do the right thing. {20939}{20996}I got it.|. {22853}{22923}Oh.Yeah. "Bored in Berkeley" can wait. {21420}{21508}Oh.Well. wasn't he? {19357}{19394}Just like Ramus is.Phoebe Halliwell.. not most of them. {21591}{21632}No. not if you come home|and babysit Ramus.. you help me. you don't understand. not to kill.Phoebe.|. He. {21862}{21933}She's with Dave. Thanks.He was a bad guy.So. I'm sorry. {20386}{20447}before somebody else loses theirs. {21636}{21682}You're not supposed to be|going to work. not literally. {23448}{23493}Phoebe. {19635}{19680}I help you.|Are you mad at me? {21358}{21415}No. {20189}{20262}Now.|This isn't about us. they just keep coming. {21000}{21056}.No. {19482}{19544}Arnon. not pos sess them. who doesn't? {22550}{22599}You ever heard of Edward Miller.|. {20755}{20781}What can you do? {20786}{20827}Answer two or three a day. {20314}{20377}Bring your superhero back to life. anyway. sweetie. really? You?|What's with all the red tape? {22927}{22979}Why don't you just|turn him into a fountain pen? {23023}{23048}Believe me. Listen to me.Yeah. what do you say {21061}{21121}to an overbearing younger sister {21126}{21223}who's treating her pregnant|older sister like a porcelain doll? {21236}{21282}. okay.|the slumlord? {22603}{22651}He took millions from the city|in renovation moneys. {20583}{20647}. I need The Aggressor|to take out Ramus. {19867}{19932}Why can't you just|take him out yourself? {19936}{20059}I told you. I'm tempted. {22193}{22232}No. that's the problem.|he's kicking the tenants out? {22732}{22767}Well.Those are all life and death?|.|.Since when?|. {19426}{19453}I'm not drawing him again.Since I tried strangling you with them.|ignore the rest. okay? {22327}{22393}.Cole.Can't I worry about my niece? {21769}{21812}Okay.. these are|a lot more serious than that. watching an Elder? {22144}{22189}I really don't think that's a good idea.|I've got DJs to audition. I can't. look. {21937}{22030}Oh.You can't help everybody.Whatever it is. I've got|a gazillion letters that I have to get to.How about.|that's how I'll find Ramus. {20063}{20136}That's how I found you.|.|Well. {19586}{19631}We had a deal.|trying desperately not to orb. {23142}{23242}. {23053}{23131}But I've decided I'm not gonna|use my powers. I'll be home|as soon as I can.{19168}{19238}Isn't that why you wanted me|to help you create your superhero? {19243}{19323}.|."Thank you"?|.Cole. but that's why I'm trying|to get an injunction to st op him. how is he able to do that? {22771}{22843}I don't know. Kevin. what about. {20687}{20751}What am I supposed to do?|I can't keep up. {22397}{22476}No. {20831}{20896}. {20651}{20683}At least.|this is legitimate.. {22257}{22318}Okay. I don't have time. "knock it off"? {21290}{21354}That's probably better advice.

babies. Dave. {26641}{26725}You know. {25230}{25283}You keep saying that. {27297}{27345}. but I can't.Would you mind? {27166}{27240}My meditation|requires peace and quiet. {27356}{27408}Okay.|but what does that mean? {25316}{25359}It's complicated. {27244}{27293}Well. {24072}{24122}I am powerless|to do anything right now. {27620}{27662}Little history lesson: {27666}{27700}I'm not a big fan of your rules. {24947}{24986}Did you? {25019}{25064}No. I'm not a freak.|the slumlord? {24407}{24465}Actually. I don't know|what you're talking about.|You won't scare me away.Just forget I said anything. {25515}{25588}Come on. {23719}{23803}I don't have enough time to help my|readers with their problems ri ght now. talk to me. if you could just|threaten to expose him in your paper {23678}{23715}or maybe even|leak it to a TV station. then you're in|the wrong house. I think|I got closer that time. {24021}{24057}I really do. pal. I know you Elders|were dead set against that. {23930}{23968}Look. {23591}{23673}I mean. {27558}{27589}Those are the rules. {24469}{24562}. {25794}{25850}. {25387}{25425}Well. {25185}{25217}Trust me. {27752}{27822}I know. {25613}{25655}Promise? {25715}{25769}It's just that I'm.Forget what? {26333}{26395}Look. I mean really different. {27827}{27877}Oh..|It is your job to protect me. I take pride|in breaking them.|. {24335}{24403}Was he talking about Edward Miller.|.. {25430}{25486}Because I happen to specialize|in complicated.|That's what I like about you. {28013}{28089}Some of us foresaw|the special baby you'd be carrying. {25854}{25940}I know. {23807}{23852}But we're talking about|whole families here. you're in luck.Have you seen my husband?|. {26748}{26791}You wanna try again? {26969}{27008}Leo? {27013}{27064}Leo! {27098}{27162}.Really? I haven't seen them. could you tell him|that I'll be at P3? {27412}{27462}He can watch over you|until Phoebe shows up. {27466}{27553}I'll tell him no such thing. you've been|a real pain over the years. {26089}{26136}Okay.|. {24131}{24236}You may be a lot of things.. {26018}{26072}More than you|could possibly imagine. it's me. {27975}{28008}Not all of us. {23861}{23926}Kids.What are you doing?|.No. you did get some letters|from some of his tenants. {26447}{26556}. {25141}{25181}It's not you.. {27704}{27747}In fact. not his ..|It's not like I have a tail or something.. {26399}{26443}Paige. {26162}{26214}So you're all right with that? {26222}{26247}All right with what? {26285}{26329}. .Forget it. {25092}{25137}I didn't think so. Paige.But you didn't say anything.|but powerless isn't one of them.really different than other girls. {23973}{24007}It's great that you want to help.He's upstairs. you mean marrying Leo? {27881}{27945}Yes. you haven't gotten to them. {25959}{26014}No. with nowhere to go.{23497}{23537}These people are|gonna be evicted tonight {23541}{23587}and I can't get an injunction|until tomorrow.

No.{28093}{28136}Still.|He literally hid in movies. let's go get you|into something less comfortable. {28372}{28408}. If I see some dude in tights. {30315}{30386}. {30879}{30939}Paige. {30582}{30659}Otherwise he'll miss his chance to|pass on his powers to his succe ssor. {31305}{31371}He was before you. {30108}{30194}Well..No. {29568}{29604}Ramus! {29839}{29897}Who was that masked man? {30011}{30045}Okay. that doesn't.Hi. sir. {28661}{28736}I'm sorry.|I'll just orb out. {28768}{28816}What's the matter? {28836}{28883}Someone's coming..He could still be a demon.|. {30663}{30732}But tonight's my only night|to help the families being evicted. {31993}{32079}Come on. Really. it's dangerous.|I can't stay long.|I'll catch up with you later. I think super villains|trump slumlords. {29391}{29458}Yeah. can't he just wait|for the next one? {30553}{30578}No. you two have got to|cut this crap out.|I just want him. I was so close.You'll see. how about A? {30198}{30265}I'm telling you. {28896}{28932}For me. .I tried. {32567}{32631}I want power. the invisible wo man? {31897}{31989}Now. forget about it. {28140}{28184}What do you mean. {31100}{31152}Can we please just concentrate|on the comic-book guy? {31181}{31231}Well. {31681}{31751}No.Wait. {31809}{31893}Well. {29334}{29387}I don't wanna hurt you. well. She won't have to.|..|Remember me.Ramus. {28619}{28657}Okay. {31477}{31517}So we need to check|comic-book stores? {31521}{31564}Oh. {30269}{30311}At a comic-book convention maybe. "special"? {28213}{28277}.. {32391}{32459}The equinox comes around|once in a lifetime. {31011}{31061}I'm your whitelighter. that's gonna take forever.. freeze him. {30505}{30549}Oh.|.|.|..Hi. {30462}{30500}Otherwise he'll miss the equinox. but if I don't|stop that dirt-bag landlord. comic books wouldn't be|a bad place to start.No.|but he can't stay there long. we should look under. {30736}{30787}Otherwise they'll be on the streets.|so if you ever want to talk. where did you orb in from? {30961}{31006}Just dealing|with some personal problems. {29162}{29208}Paige! {29264}{29321}Damn. Ramus' power. {32647}{32752}.|You shouldn't do it alone. he had a great big giant|A on his chest.Hurry..Remember the Demon of Illusion?|. {31649}{31677}No. he can't. {31375}{31473}So this guy could be hiding in comics|or coming out of them someho w. but I gotta go. guess what. {30416}{30458}Ramus is safe. he was in tights. {32463}{32557}And I don't plan on spending|the rest of that lifetime sensing pow er. {28975}{29019}. {31236}{31300}. you're not gonna|find him in the Book of Shadows. now..|. {31756}{31804}Paige. {32206}{32247}How could The Aggressor fail? {32251}{32309}You told me you drew him invincible. {28443}{28593}It is an honour and a pleasure|to meet an Elder. {31568}{31645}You just go deal with your slumlord. what do you mean? {28281}{28335}Don't get excited. {30791}{30874}Phoebe. I have no idea|what to look under. {31066}{31092}.Not hard enough.Paige. we should do it together. {30049}{30104}Actually.

we have a few more stores|to check out. {32993}{33038}What if I turn The Aggressor|on to you? {33057}{33100}I'd kill you before you could try. I'm a little rusty on my law.|and I'll sue you for libel.|don't drop me. I don't think so.Hey! {34878}{34961}Look! You can run. come on. {37546}{37607}They don't have to move.You won't get away with it. what just happened here? {36259}{36340}See. {33323}{33360}. {38114}{38153}What the hell are you doing? {38167}{38207}Well. {35788}{35850}which does not bode well|for my love life. okay? {34147}{34188}.|. {37658}{37742}What about the cockroaches? Are you|gonna do something about them? {37746}{37823}First thing tomorrow. {33288}{33319}Now. Bay Mirror. .Get out of my way.I already have. mister. {32873}{32963}Stronger.Please don't shoot me. {34493}{34534}when the morning edition comes out.. {35982}{36080}Well.Are you all right?|. {34736}{34812}but how could it be libel.|.|but it'll do.Well. {34618}{34678}You print that.|but I have enough to do that. then relax. {33124}{33206}And then I'd kill the rest of the people|in your life who still ca re about you. I was kind of hoping|you could tell me. {34694}{34732}Now.. {34224}{34263}Could I ask you a few questions? {34280}{34320}No.|when it's actually the truth? {34822}{34874}. I just met him. {34539}{34609}and everyone reads that you're|forcing families out on the streets . {38417}{38443}That's slipping.Hey! {36857}{36922}Not exactly what I had in mind.Who are you people? {37264}{37312}Where did you come from? {37316}{37382}That's a mighty good question. lady. {35659}{35697}Maybe we'll still find something. Please! {37827}{37862}Phoebe? {37866}{37915}Cole? What are you doing here? {37945}{37993}Well.. I'm teaching my buddy here {38211}{38266}how important it is|to be a better person. {35044}{35108}.|Are you gonna marry Dave? {35948}{35978}No. more Ionely superheroes|who have to hide their true identiti es. {35598}{35654}Well. One that can handle|the witches when Ramus returns.draw.Are you a better person yet?|. {37612}{37654}Ten years. lady. {38348}{38389}No. {33843}{33908}All right.{32829}{32869}You'll draw a new Aggressor. {35701}{35784}Yeah. {37004}{37052}Hi. let me ask you a question. {36364}{36415}Help! Somebody help me! {36426}{36475}Please. Worry about it|when you gotta worry about it. How's it going? {37190}{37256}. {33210}{33284}I may not have much power.Yeah? {34192}{34220}Phoebe Halliwell. let's get these people|cleared out. {34965}{35027}My newspaper's gonna do|a huge exposé on this. {35854}{35944}Paige.. help me! {36482}{36528}No! No! {36622}{36655}. not until tomorrow.I'm slipping. {36172}{36254}Okay.Excuse me?|. Just please. {38283}{38344}.Edward Miller?|. so how does it feel to be|the most hated man in the city? {34411}{34489}.|They can stay for a year.|but you cannot hide. {34073}{34143}Hey. I got a call|from one of the tenants {37997}{38110}saying that Wonder Woman|was terrorizing the landlord.|. at least. you're not slipping. {34324}{34407}Okay. Move it.

{40104}{40134}Head rush. {40245}{40296}Besides. sis. literally. {39252}{39330}Phoebe.. I gotta go. Kevin. {40398}{40462}. are you out of your mind?|What if somebody sees you? {39334}{39386}That's why we wear masks.|What do you mean you drew us? .Okay. {43336}{43405}. I thought|maybe if I drew you wit h powers.Let's do it again. {38792}{38883}. you have|some explaining to do. we need to think clearly|so we can figure out who did t his. {39055}{39133}One more slip-up.|. {42780}{42810}He thanked you? {42814}{42853}Just hurry up. I'm putting it back on. {41100}{41142}I don't like it. {38649}{38707}This is new-and-improved me. but suddenly.. {39390}{39477}. {38711}{38788}Not only can I help my readers. Edward.Just do it. {41146}{41215}No. {39809}{39877}I want you to find out everything|you can about Cole Turner's wife . {39577}{39628}. {40982}{41067}.Okay?|.Yeah.Honey.|We almost did. {40847}{40931}making us feel like we're invincible. relax. {38607}{38645}Are you kidding?|This is better than who cares? {40339}{40390}Okay. {41321}{41355}Phoebe.. Because I have a lot|of loyal readers that need my help.|but I can help the entire city. {42117}{42143}Thank you. superheroes.I don't know and I don't care . {39481}{39573}Cole. see?|.Yeah. unfortunately.Yeah. mister.I don't know. {43623}{43701}. {43705}{43744}We were gonna kill you.Nice outfit. {43865}{43907}I didn't want to hurt anyone else.. {40139}{40197}. Paige. {40632}{40670}.Yeah.|. {43911}{43992}And then after our first battle. please. {43996}{44075}Hang on a second.The Aggressor? Don't you mean you?|. {40680}{40723}.. {42708}{42766}Plus.His wife? Why?|..{38447}{38534}.. {40792}{40843}It's like the masks|are clouding our judgment.Kevin. {38888}{38971}The only thing he can hear right now|is the blood rushing to his b rain. he's got ears. {42564}{42597}What are you waiting for? {42601}{42663}How do we know if we heal him|he's not gonna try and kill you agai n? {42667}{42704}Leo.|I've helped so many readers. {43409}{43463}Well.No.|and we'll end up right back up here. {40727}{40785}I don't feel so good about this..Careful. {40466}{40531}. killers don't usually thank you|for killing them.Back at you. {43107}{43132}What happened? {43136}{43235}Before or after|your alter ego tried to kill us? {43276}{43316}Come on.We?|. what if somebody sees us? {40201}{40240}Sees us? We're blurs.Okay. give me a sec|while my organs catch up.Don't call me "honey" anymore.Oh. {40535}{40628}All I know is I'm on a roll. {39881}{39957}.|. {43752}{43801}Is that what you wanted? {43829}{43861}I didn't know what else to do... {43467}{43514}Are you responsible|for these outfits? {43552}{43619}I was hoping you'd be able|to stop The Aggressor. {38539}{38603}I don't know what's going on here.What?|. he's a kid.|but this is not you. but where did we get them?|.|.What's your name?|.

{48712}{48755}What do you mean? {48759}{48818}I am an Elder|and I can foresee the future. {46386}{46454}. Trust me. {45680}{45721}I won't be in danger|with you guys there. {47817}{47857}How the hell|am I supposed to protect you {47861}{47902}if I don't know what the hell|is going on? {47944}{48009}. {47586}{47712}Look.. cockroaches.{44100}{44156}I've always been able|to imagine things. {45130}{45201}No. Here is fine.|. {45796}{45862}you'll easily be able|to overpower him.Sorry.I think we'd be safer upstairs.|You have to wait till we find him. {46468}{46521}Do you hear anything inside? {46533}{46575}Rats. {46686}{46749}I don't hear any Arnon. no.|Might as well be my old apartment. however.|The equinox is starting.|. perhaps|something I can do for you. {44862}{44915}Said he was a bad guy. you can't. they want me|to bring Ramus back down. {44160}{44228}and then make them come to life|through my drawings.|I'm right where I'm supposed to be. {44233}{44267}Like you guys. {45548}{45601}So all you have to do is|follow me back to his hideout. {47115}{47186}Anybody who attacks|doesn't need doors. {47372}{47406}What is that supposed to mean? {47439}{47534}. {45404}{45466}. my fate is sealed. Leo. {48076}{48105}Just because you're an angel {48109}{48193}doesn't mean you can't|kick some ass now and again.|It means he's a witch too. {47073}{47111}With all the doors. but you have to|do exactly what we say. {46074}{46118}Promise. I like that. it freaked me out a t first.|. I drew you.Somebody I wish I'd never met. {45326}{45400}We can't know that for sure. {44518}{44562}Why did you|make yourself a superhero? {44566}{44626}Because I got tired|of getting beaten up all the time. {44815}{44850}He used me to get to Ramus.. Not until|we figure out a way to stop Arnon. {47717}{47812}Which means|there is a reason for here.Is this it?|.What aren't you telling me?|. {45260}{45321}. hey. {48822}{48953}Enough of it. {48262}{48327}Leo. {45881}{45928}After all.I know how. didn't I? {46006}{46063}Okay. if you're interested. you know as well as I do|that there is a reason for eve rything. {44711}{44794}.No.He can't. {44284}{44335}I never told anybody|about what I could do. that is too dangerous.No. for now.Arnon.Yeah. though. not without The Aggressor. to give you|a glimpse. quite a bit. {46579}{46682}Dripping water. anyway. {46919}{46994}Well. {48432}{48475}Which means|that there is nothing more {48479}{48553}either of us can do to change that. Leo. the Protectors. at least|you didn't break anything this time. {44950}{44996}But all Arnon wanted|were his powers. {45726}{45792}With all your super powers|and your super hearing. through that door. {48577}{48699}There is.|if anybody attacks. Who's that?|. {45486}{45537}Arnon doesn't know|The Aggressor failed yet. {45614}{45676}No. {46998}{47069}. {45206}{45256}I don't have a choice.|I mean. {44430}{44514}Thought projection is a rare power. {45068}{45126}The Elders.|that we had to stop him.Actually. {44630}{44707}Then Arnon came along and said|he'd teach me how to focus my power . {44339}{44426}I knew it would freak people out.He'll kill Ramus. {47272}{47360}There's nothing either of us can do|to change what's meant to be. but how?|. {48331}{48418}Win or lose. {47190}{47238}Relax. .Yeah. {48013}{48072}You could stand to be|a little tougher sometimes.

{52626}{52691}Hey. no complaining. I'll hear it. call for us|and we'll get you out of there.Everybody still alive?|. Ramus is dead. {53934}{53994}Will you just relax?|You're making me nervous.|We gotta get him out of there. {52997}{53068}It doesn't matter. I take it back. {49548}{49625}And more powerful|than you can even imagine. {49917}{49944}Okay. I'm afraid this is gonna hurt. {54056}{54105}Leo. {50830}{50880}You betrayed me. Oh. So we'll rip up his drawing {53714}{53787}and turn him back into|the wimpy demon that he is. {54287}{54320}They're just gonna be too late. {52804}{52871}Oh. {53547}{53610}But you couldn't stop|my superhero as witches. {49948}{50008}You don't have to do this..Paige.|But apparently not aches and pains.I didn't have a choice. {52529}{52585}You're the one that didn't want|to be pampered. {52955}{52993}Arnon threatened to kill me|if I didn't. at least you have|a baby that can heal you. {52875}{52951}. {49360}{49437}Well. {53614}{53661}How are you gonna stop Arnon's? {53665}{53710}Okay. {53072}{53146}For now. until he needs me|to draw him even more powers. okay? {49780}{49840}But when he comes.As super witches. that'll take too long. {55145}{55202}You're too late. {55383}{55427}Left. {52695}{52800}Yeah. {49687}{49776}Okay.|He took the drawing with him. {52387}{52478}.|You've already done your job. {54224}{54283}. {50032}{50101}No. {53998}{54052}Okay. forget it. it's not your fault. {54710}{54776}Looks like getting your powers|will be even easier than I thought.So how do we stop him?|. {55260}{55303}. {50223}{50266}You okay? {50727}{50807}Arnon. I've told you. {50999}{51109}Now that I know you can draw powers|for others. {51175}{51240}Stupid planes. something isn't right. Wake up. Come on. {53350}{53392}I could make you superheroes again. You're gonna go in there|and summon him. listen. Well.|I can sense it. {54172}{54220}I just don't understand|what's taking so long. you know.|.|and one question only.They should be home by now. remember? {52589}{52621}I take it back.|All I hear is ringing in my ears.|All that matters is that you're fine.|I'm getting you out of here. What do I care? {49139}{49246}You can ask me one question. {51433}{51508}Kevin. {53269}{53346}Okay. {54423}{54498}Oh. very healthy.|.{49024}{49058}Isn't that against the rules? {49062}{49113}I'm retiring. {52482}{52525}Oh. {53396}{53462}No. open wounds. {54803}{54852}Enjoy it while it lasts. it's me. I want to. so how do we stop him?|We're not superheroes anymore. will our baby be healthy? {49476}{49520}Yes. .. now. {53791}{53887}You can't.Leo.|.|I'm so sorry about this.I'm not sure yet. God. {55307}{55336}Boot. I meant left boot. {49851}{49894}The slightest peep.They will be. he won't need any more powers|if he gets to Ramus before we do. you can draw some for me.|He'll have Ramus by then. Arnon. {54109}{54168}Now it's time|to let your charges do theirs. {53151}{53246}Well. {53466}{53543}. {54324}{54392}You know what.It's okay. {51244}{51312}Okay. God. {51549}{51594}What is this? {51606}{51641}Another Aggressor? {51645}{51684}That's right.

{59906}{60005}Yes. {56632}{56666}What does this mean? {56675}{56710}Well.|I was just about to join a convent. {60296}{60366}Yeah. {60026}{60074}Must have been the pink leather. It's great. {59745}{59795}And apparently. {59047}{59089}Thanks. for one thing. but I think|it might have been. thank God. {59220}{59273}Yeah. it's nice to know|you still got it in you. {56432}{56478}An Elder? He's only 13. I got something|to say to you. {59145}{59216}See.Left boot. {57515}{57557}It's very distinctive to the ear. {60135}{60203}Something about leaping|over tall buildings in a single bound.|. {57655}{57708}I haven't the slightest idea|what you're talking about.And let your guard down. {56592}{56628}I don't understand.I guess that will free any girl up. Don't you just hate it|when that happens? {55791}{55831}Fortunately. {58616}{58643}How's it going. very cute. Oh. {57255}{57301}Yeah? Well.|for that matter. huh? {58430}{58503}Looks like someone|needs to get a room. {59624}{59679}It's just that there's|a new number one in town. {55926}{55981}It's gonna hurt.{55431}{55509}. {57155}{57202}But you can call me Ed.|and just. {60078}{60130}Don't laugh. {57873}{57937}Maybe we should go talk somewhere|a little more private. good for you. I gather. {57712}{57739}Really? {57743}{57815}Well. congrats on the|club. {59454}{59499}What. Who are you? {57121}{57151}Edward Miller. {57414}{57464}You know. {60207}{60292}.Oh. by the way. Although|I'm beginning to realize {59277}{59378}that being number one in town|just isn't as important as it used t o be. isn't it? {56002}{56055}No! {56106}{56139}What the hell is that? {56247}{56272}What? {56286}{56331}What just happened? {56336}{56428}Looks like Ramus was able to pass|his powers to the new Elder afte r all. maybe this|will jog your memory.|. Dave? {58648}{58710}Never better.Yeah. {58719}{58759}Oh. relax. no. I did. {57039}{57086}Are you Turner? {57090}{57117}Yeah. for goodness' sakes. of course. {57561}{57612}even when you're|hanging upside down. And the D J's wicked. {58553}{58612}Cute. {59556}{59619}I mean. {55725}{55778}Yeah. {59700}{59741}. being a witch|is still awesome. {58934}{59034}Right. special way {57468}{57511}that married people|talk to each other. mate. I'm gonna take your advice.|Never better. . {56714}{56777}it means that nobody's gonna be|pushing you around anymore. you know.|.|broke you down. really? {58789}{58854}How about you guys|go get us girls some drinks? {58859}{58930}. Are you kidding?|It was awesome. {57305}{57367}as well as the little missus.Sparkling. you didn't like|being a superhero? {59504}{59552}Oh.Sparkling or still?|.Good for you.|since you have Ramus' powers. {59382}{59436}And neither is fighting demons. {56482}{56569}Elders are like kings. {57213}{57251}I've got nothing to say to you. {59819}{59902}Since you worked through|your issues with Dave.|They can be any age. {55836}{55886}you can foresee|what's gonna happen next. there's just|a very certain.

Is he here?|.Yeah. {60515}{60552}He may find out by himself. {62076}{62112}Very hard. {62006}{62072}But I'm trying very hard|not to use them.Oh. {62736}{62772}Oh. {61786}{61827}All right. {62400}{62437}No! {62599}{62647}. {61416}{61496}Just put on those cute little outfits.|they can certainly get it.|You said he was coming. Edward Miller.|. {61290}{61330}.Why?|.|. he was gonna expose you. {60694}{60745}. your wife off my back. yeah? How? {61924}{61988}Well.I can't let you do that. pal. they better find them. {62300}{62380}. {61220}{61286}Then.Who? {62659}{62716}Miller. yeah. {61661}{61705}Well. {61873}{61909}Oh. no. wait.Cole just called.Fifty grand. this is just a copy. {62891}{62931}What do you mean? {62935}{62970}What does that mean? {62974}{63012}Phoebe. {60612}{60690}He said the idiot slumlord|wants to meet Cole and me. I have certain powers too. {61743}{61782}I wouldn't try anything if I were you. okay. {62249}{62296}Guess I'll just sell this|to the highest bidder.{60370}{60478}If he's Mr. {60860}{60891}Oh. now. {62176}{62220}Yeah. {63030}{63060}What was I supposed to do? {63105}{63139}Phoebe.What?|. {61344}{61412}And if they don't have it. I don't know. I'll tell him|I fly around on broomsticks. {61841}{61869}I can find the original. {61596}{61630}They don't have them anymore.|for starters. maybe 50 grand a month. Right. Whatever. {62817}{62852}I took care of it. Something about {60749}{60846}having a tape of Cole's|superhero ex-wife in action.Try and stop me. {61080}{61119}What do you want? {61123}{61216}Well. . {60574}{60608}. {62116}{62161}I don't like what they do to me.

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