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{137}{213}Okay, Piper, I can't be late|getting to the office today.

{217}{280}I have a radio interview with|those morning guys, Pip and Skeeter.
{284}{314}That's Skip and Peter.
{318}{393}Could you forget about|your advice column for two seconds?
{397}{435}Come see where|we're putting the nursery.
{440}{492}You're putting it in your closet.|I've seen your closet.
{496}{528}There's a lot of shoes, honey.
{532}{567}No, not anymore.
{575}{622}Look, it's perfect.
{626}{670}It's a little cramped, though,|don't you think?
{687}{735}That's why I'm adding a window,|to bring in light
{739}{801}and create a sense of space.
{824}{864}You guys are very cute.
{868}{940}But why are you doing all this now?|Your due date's not for months.
{944}{1032}Well, demon activity has been light,|so it's a good time to get ahead
{1036}{1077}Speaking of ahead,
{1083}{1158}I can't believe you guys didn't notice|my billboards downtown.
{1162}{1230}Oh, honey, of course|we noticed them.
{1234}{1319}You can see them|from a passing 747.
{1323}{1360}We'd have told you|how proud we are,
{1364}{1411}but you never slow down|to give us a chance.
{1416}{1461}Well, you know,|nothing perks up a girl's career
{1465}{1517}like sending her husband|straight to hell.
{1521}{1597}Okay, well, I've seen the nursery,|and it's absolutely beautiful,
{1601}{1645}but I really have to go|to that interview.
{1649}{1722}Honey, I know your work|is very important to you.
{1726}{1777}But guess what. I'm having a baby.
{1781}{1810}I know.
{1814}{1886}Yeah, so how about you take|a couple minutes to be Aunt Phoebe?
{1890}{1937}Oh, my God, you're so right.
{1941}{2012}I'm so sorry.|Okay, what do you need?
{2016}{2056}An opinion.
{2081}{2109}I'm thinking...
{2161}{2218}Positions! Bogey in three, two, one!
{2455}{2496}So much for the theory|that Borneo demons
{2500}{2537}are impervious to magical powers.
{2541}{2586}I can't wait to tell|the local witch doctors.
{2590}{2658}Excuse me, can we refrain from|blowing up demons in the nursery?
{2664}{2715}Oh, honey, it was just one.
{2723}{2753}Piper, you're going to be a mom.
{2758}{2814}You need to start thinking|about the safety of our daughter.
{2873}{2930}And you, you're getting so caught up|with this magical kick.
{2934}{3003}Look at your hair. It's still red|from the potion you blew up last n
{3008}{3077}Do you have any idea how much|this would cost in a salon?
{3096}{3161}I love your new 'do, honey.|I think you look beautiful.
{3165}{3199}Okay, bye.
{3203}{3233}Thank you.
{3237}{3275}Honey, sweets, toots?
{3279}{3323}I appreciate that you're|very concerned,
{3328}{3360}but I am still a witch,
{3364}{3458}and we do still have innocents|to protect and demons to fight.
{3462}{3496}I can't just crawl in a hole.
{3661}{3740}It's too bad, Mylie,|but your time is up.
{3744}{3878}You had 30 days to find love|or the penalty would be death.
{3909}{3978}But he does love me.|I know he does.
{3983}{4020}Oh, really?
{4024}{4050}Did he tell you?
{4054}{4099}He doesn't have to tell me|he loves me.

{4111}{4177}Well, actually, he does.
{4192}{4261}But he'll never say he loves you|until he trusts you.
{4265}{4390}And he'll never trust you|until you tell him what you really are.
{4394}{4465}You see why I always|win these bargains.
{4483}{4623}As an immortal being, I'm afraid|only you can give up your life.
{4628}{4716}Place this auger shell|over your heart.
{4728}{4843}It will draw your immortality inside.
{4893}{4919}And if I don't?
{4923}{5021}Then you can rot for eternity|right here.
{5373}{5443}You're wrong. He does love me.
{5447}{5499}And I'm gonna prove it.
{6613}{6734}Leo, I can't believe you found|all our old baby stuff.
{6738}{6804}Grams was a bit of a pack rat.
{6827}{6868}Baby book.
{6872}{6929}My baby book.
{6936}{7000}Oh, look how squishy I was.
{7018}{7050}You were so adorable.
{7073}{7119}Leo, you can't even see the picture.
{7123}{7165}I'm your whitelighter.
{7169}{7237}I've been watching you|ever since you were a baby.
{7253}{7308}Yeah, see, that's too creepy|to think about.
{7348}{7404}I never knew that Mom|kept a baby book for me.
{7408}{7490}Why not? I mean,|you started one for our daughter.
{7494}{7574}I always thought you|and your mom were a lot alike.
{7658}{7708}It's strange to think that|she went through everything
{7713}{7739}I'm going through right now.
{7748}{7815}I don't think you ever really know|how much your mother loves you
{7819}{7860}until you become one yourself.
{8013}{8075}- Are you okay?|- Yeah.
{8158}{8226}- Why don't you let me help you?|- It's heavy.
{8243}{8319}Well, see, that's kind of why|I wanted to help you with it.
{8323}{8393}Piper, when are you gonna|accept the fact that you're pregnant?
{8398}{8448}When are you gonna stop|being so overprotective?
{8452}{8514}All I'm suggesting|is that you slow down.
{8518}{8569}Okay, Leo, I'm not gonna be|one of those women
{8573}{8663}that sits on her ass and eats bonbons|throughout her entire pregnanc
{8667}{8708}That's just not the woman|you married.
{8712}{8771}Besides, generations|of Halliwell women
{8775}{8841}raised perfectly normal children|before me.
{8845}{8893}They all got through it, and so will I.
{8911}{8938}Not all of them.
{8951}{8988}What's that supposed to mean?
{8992}{9031}How far along in the book|have you gotten?
{9308}{9374}There was no one there to finish it|after your mother died.
{9583}{9628}Like I said,|you're a lot like your mother.
{9653}{9700}She was careless too.
{9704}{9766}She thought she was invincible.
{9802}{9833}She was wrong.
{10134}{10217}Hello. Begging your evil pardon.
{10223}{10289}I bear a message from my master.
{10351}{10420}He wants the immortality|you promised him,
{10424}{10462}and he wants it now!
{10466}{10520}His words, not mine.
{10525}{10630}Tell your master he'll get what|he wants, but he must be patient.
{10635}{10674}Oh, no.
{10678}{10723}I can't tell him that.
{10727}{10861}No disrespect, but skeletal beings|aren't known for their patience

you just. . {13305}{13338}It's important. {10930}{10987}I'll do as you ask. {11160}{11208}Then comes for yours. {14617}{14646}When I first met you. {14747}{14800}A wall around my heart... {12481}{12523}I'm so sorry to pull you out|of your meeting. {13094}{13128}Mylie....I'm so sorry. I come and go|as other people please. {16835}{16865}As I please? {16869}{16941}No. {13836}{13873}It just. {13668}{13718}I may not be here|when you get back. we'll go out.. {14006}{14047}But we're running out of time. this isn't the time|or the place for this.|. but. {14909}{14975}I mean.I gotta go. {13884}{13942}Look. {14979}{15017}.|. It is what it is. bring a paddle. {12873}{12913}What else? {12918}{13033}Well. I need to know|how you feel about me deep inside ...... I admit that|this isn't fair. {16226}{16259}Matthews! {16263}{16323}In my office. {16945}{17026}That's what assistants do.You know what I love?|. {14125}{14252}Look. now! {16423}{16501}Weather advisory: If you're gonna|go outside. {16712}{16759}You should've let someone know|where you're headed. {14698}{14742}. I told you. {11450}{11485}Water {11489}{11561}Rise up from the sea {11565}{11637}Find the one who fled from me {11645}{11732}Follow where the winds are cold {11736}{11852}Then fall tenfold like days of old {12353}{12395}Mylie.Mylie. {14256}{14397}But it's what I need right now|if you want to keep me in your life . I'm gonna be on a plane|in two hours to go to New Yo rk. {13448}{13517}No. well. {10991}{11120}But it'll be the last thing I do|before Necron eats my life force. {14458}{14492}Okay. {13572}{13654}but unless you tell me|how you feel about me. {16605}{16638}You've been gone an hour. {16642}{16708}Yeah.. Mylie. what I'm asking you. this isn't a threat. {10865}{10926}Then you best hurry along.|What's going on? {12590}{12640}I need to know|how you feel about me. {13736}{13767}What's that supposed to mean? {13771}{13832}I'm sorry. I don't know|how to say this. l.|. I love this dimple|right here when you smile. what? {12795}{12849}Your enthusiasm. {14496}{14581}If it's that important. there's a freak rainstorm.Hey. listen..|The entire city's flooded. {13411}{13443}When I get back. what's going on here? {13177}{13301}Look. {13530}{13567}I can't explain right now. {13342}{13407}Well. okay.Wait a minute. {16767}{16828}You have this habit|of coming and going as you please.No. {12694}{12722}What's so funny? {12726}{12770}. I've gotta go. {16505}{16541}Where were you? {16545}{16601}I had to run the McKenzie papers|over to the courthouse.. {12406}{12477}.|They run errands.What? {15022}{15085}. {12527}{12579}They said it was important.I felt a wall come down. before you get on the plane.. {13946}{14002}Whatever I feel for you|should come out when I'm ready. Craig. hey.

{17722}{17759}Nancy O'Dell's producer's|on the phone. radio. I'll be free.|.|when you said Sea Hag.|. {18628}{18708}after today. your behaviour|has got to change. {17206}{17235}I already did. {19515}{19574}You're very famous|where I come from. Cowan already gave me|the big responsibility speech.We need to go. {17692}{17718}Hold on a second. I just cut work on the day|of my big promotion {21521}{21560}and sped through a rainstorm|to get here.{17030}{17099}I'll tell you a little secret.|Because even if he does.I need your help.Oh. {20088}{20143}. It's your dream.|no more long lunches. {21670}{21707}Actually.|what's life like under the sea? {22385}{22438}Does your skin get wrinkly? {22442}{22503}Does algae pose|a personal-hygiene problem? . {20562}{20643}All right.|I didn't mean to scare you. {20000}{20051}. {19621}{19686}.|. {18063}{18105}What's next?|Phoebe. {19392}{19428}No. {21565}{21665}.|Billboards. sweetie. yeah! {20055}{20084}The Sea Hag can track my tail. I will do my own. {17858}{17900}.I've heard that one before. {22273}{22304}She's kind of both.|.Hi. no. {19273}{19328}. {17977}{18058}Look at you.|They don't like it.|you know? {18518}{18555}. hang on! {21429}{21517}Okay. {18188}{18233}.Well. {19193}{19269}It's just that I recognize you|from your billboard. {17626}{17688}No more coming to work late. Thanks. {19578}{19608}I'm not evil or anything.|. {21824}{21856}You must be Paige. {17345}{17383}He promoted you? {17387}{17428}Congratulations. {19108}{19181}I'm so sorry.What do you mean.|. {21921}{22015}You're a mermaid?|You guys actually exist? {22021}{22103}Excuse me. {17145}{17201}Maybe it'll change if you promote me|to social worker.What? {18238}{18324}I can't believe you found time|to push a divorce through the syste m. {21779}{21820}Hi. the world tour? {18109}{18184}Oh.|. you don't understand. {17567}{17622}Yeah. I guess. {19458}{19505}I recognized you|as a Charmed One. sweetie.I can't.Divorce court. {17763}{17807}They want to know|if you want hair and makeup. that's sweet. {20889}{20917}Okay.Well. {18328}{18378}I just want my life back. even better. see. {19332}{19388}But if you write a letter. {22107}{22180}did you mean like old-woman hag|or evil-magic hag? {22184}{22252}Because. {17103}{17141}Well. {21860}{21905}You have a very big|underwater fan base.|then I respond to everyone. {18382}{18425}I don't want to have to look|over my shoulder. then make it go away. she found me.No. TV.You know what? {18564}{18623}I don't care. I'm not really|in the battle mood today. Okay. I'm sorry. I might add. you guess? {17494}{17553}Paige.Do you think he will?|. I'm Mylie.What is the 911?|. {18429}{18469}praying that Cole|isn't gonna find a way {18473}{18514}out of the demonic wasteland. {17811}{17853}No. blowing up around town. you've worked|so hard for this. {21711}{21774}On the way to a very important|court date. she wants to interview me|on TV tomorrow.Thanks. {22336}{22381}Forget that. {17268}{17311}You start tomorrow. {17434}{17490}. honestly.Phoebe found a mermaid.Nancy O'Dell? {17904}{17972}Yeah.

{23153}{23252}Because our hearts are. {22607}{22651}Actually.|and she wants more. we can spend eternity at sea. they generally|know when a man's in love {25194}{25222}even before he does.What? {24792}{24848}If your boyfriend's love|can make you human. and then|we don't have to face the Sea Hag. {25084}{25127}You may be half fish. {23998}{24043}The Sea Hag agreed to give me legs. please. I don't mind. {24398}{24489}But I might be dead|before I get to find out for sure. you know.Piper.Sounds like heaven.She raises a good point.|I can drop you off at the beach. guys.|but you're still a woman. {22658}{22750}You get to swim in the open sea|all day. {25274}{25357}If I wrote that slop in my column.Yeah. explore endless wonders.What? {24267}{24307}But I did find love. {25364}{25456}Okay. it's okay..Phoebe.|I'd be driven out of town. {22872}{22898}No. {24144}{24187}All that for a guy? {24191}{24234}Boy. no. I think I did. {24325}{24380}I mean. {24047}{24090}but if I didn't find love|before her deadline. {24684}{24753}get him to spill his guts. {23549}{23586}I had to know why.|Is that why you saw the Sea H ag? {23893}{23994}Yes. {24852}{24896}why don't you just tell him|you're a mermaid? {24914}{24955}You mean that I'm a genetic freak {24959}{25015}with a fish tail|coated in glandular slime? {25019}{25079}. no.|. {24584}{24627}Oh. no. there's nothing like|being a mermaid. as cold as the water. {25226}{25269}Oh.|some say. {24636}{24679}Because all we gotta do|is find the fish lover. you don't understand. {24094}{24134}I would have to give her|my immortality. {25850}{25879}Who are you people. well. she becomes huma n. that is it.|. {23672}{23759}could they be bones of mortals|that perhaps the Sea Hag killed? {23767}{23807}. {25759}{25806}Maybe we just throw the mermaid|back into the ocean {25811}{25846}and we keep the manor|a hag-free zone. {23050}{23081}Mermaids are immortal. {25730}{25755}Maybe Phoebe's right.|. {24238}{24263}..What? {23811}{23889}So you said you wanted to feel love. why don't we|let her up for a little air? {22572}{22603}No.{22507}{22567}Okay. {25883}{25938}and what have you done|with my sisters? {25942}{25992}Let's start with you. {24757}{24788}. {25653}{25724}That kind of thinking dates back|to the days we all had tails.|What is going on in that head? {25996}{26042}I keep thinking about|the court date I'm missing. . {22809}{22867}I'm sure you wanna get back. If a mortal professes his love|to a mermaid.|Can I see you two in the kitchen? {25545}{25593}Okay. {22902}{22992}It was a great life|for the first few hundred years. what is going on|with you guys? {25597}{25649}I'm sorry.Piper. Like you need a man|to be complete. {23412}{23451}Is that what happened to you? {23455}{23545}The ocean's floor is littered with bones|of mortals who died for l ove. these bones. This is good. {25131}{25189}And women. {23085}{23149}Yeah. {24524}{24575}Craig's getting on a plane|to New York soon. {22754}{22805}. did you get taken for a ride.It's pure freedom.|. {23592}{23656}Now.|. {23326}{23405}and her heart warms. {23257}{23322}But sometimes|a mermaid gets Ionely.

{26307}{26336}I need my freedom. {28110}{28141}I'll ask her what flight he's on.|but she's an interesting evil specimen. . begging your evil pardon. go meet the judge.|I'm all for that. {29328}{29360}What was it you said? {29364}{29431}I promised you an immortal being {29435}{29497}to give you permanent|and everlasting life. {26813}{26846}What is up with you {26851}{26911}and these demon-avoidance issues|you've suddenly got? {26916}{26960}I think if we can protect Mylie {26964}{27034}and avoid a run-in with the Sea Hag. {26692}{26746}No. {29508}{29558}Yes. {28770}{28858}Hello. {29626}{29671}Did you capture her for me? {29708}{29759}No. {26750}{26809}You didn't say anything about|doing anything with the Sea Hag. maybe we can get Craig|to confess his love for Mylie. {27861}{27900}Look. I believe. {29888}{29920}I can cast a new spell. {28243}{28308}we're gonna have to come up with|a plan B to vanquish the Sea Hag. I just don't see any sense {27904}{27991}in going up against a demon like this|if we don't have to. you said we were|gonna deal with Mylie. I will check|the Book of Shadows. {27168}{27225}whose name strikes fear|in the hearts of sailors everywhere. {30005}{30058}Think what you're giving up|if you kill me. {29924}{29990}conjure a storm like|San Francisco has never seen. {26380}{26429}Just hurry back. {28313}{28371}I know. {27038}{27076}What is going on with everybody? {27080}{27123}We're talking about the Sea Hag. {27229}{27291}Okay.What? {27562}{27601}We know how it kills. Not yet. Piper and I|were just about to discuss {26658}{26688}how best to vanquish|the Sea Hag. {30180}{30219}Now. {29263}{29320}You talked me out of it. {26209}{26258}If Cole shows up|and we're still married. {30566}{30657}I'm so tired of feeding|on lower life-forms. {28024}{28105}Okay.Paige. you didn't know. {28866}{28910}I see you're still alive. {28206}{28239}But if it doesn't work.|and we'll deal with Mylie. {26537}{26567}Where's she going? {26571}{26605}Everything okay? {26609}{26654}Yeah. {29126}{29248}Six months ago. {28145}{28200}and maybe I can stop him|from getting on that plane. I've been fighting so hard|to get my life back. {26262}{26303}then it was all for nothing. so you're dumping|all over our innocent? {26101}{26136}I don't mean to be. {27673}{27700}What'd I say? {27713}{27761}It killed Mom. {29848}{29875}It's not too late. fine.|I came to this cavern to feed on you. {27295}{27354}You're probably right. {30730}{30756}She better not. somebody's been watching|way too much Discovery Channel. That was it. {27127}{27164}mysterious monster|of the deep blue sea. {27466}{27523}.|.{26051}{26096}Okay. {27358}{27416}Reminds me of this water demon|I read about in the Book. {28517}{28543}You okay? {28567}{28608}Yeah. {26141}{26205}Paige. {26341}{26376}Okay. {27420}{27461}She kills in the most|fascinating way. {27823}{27856}It's okay. {30664}{30726}The mermaid|won't get away this time. this isn't right. {29563}{29598}A mermaid.

I have a message for you.|I just can't tell you what it is.Is this the right office? {34343}{34368}Cole Turner. {33873}{33918}and we still came up empty. her life is in danger.|I didn't make a good faith effort {33071}{33112}to try to notify my husband|of our divorce.|Thanks for letting me know. {33553}{33625}You see there how it really pops? {33669}{33712}What is your business here. Florida|will be boarding in 15 minutes. {34240}{34307}.Free at last. {31091}{31234}Flight 83 to Palm Beach. a stripagram. I'm not evil. right now. a big secret. {32278}{32347}Okay. {32238}{32274}Well. Florida|will be boarding in 15 minutes. Cole Turner.|never even heard of you. Wilson. {31539}{31616}No. {34513}{34578}You evil bastard. {34041}{34076}in all my years on the bench. {34403}{34482}Nice ad.|that's more Mylie's style. {33226}{33293}the court requires that you|put a notice in the local newspaper {33298}{33366}saying where the missing spouse|was last residing.|she sent me a singing telegram.. {34621}{34678}Do you have any idea|what you just did to me in there? {34682}{34744}Hold on. {31771}{31797}Why didn't she come herself? {31819}{31851}That's a good question. {34748}{34798}You're good at crushing|my every hope and dream.|you really need to trust her . {32456}{32518}and one day you guys are gonna|sit down at a nice seafood dinner {32522}{32609}and laugh about this. {33482}{33548}I even used a 12-pica bold font|to make sure it really popped. I need to catch a plane. {32066}{32101}and you know more about her|than I do? {32105}{32182}No. Your Honour. {33370}{33405}Did you do that? {33409}{33478}I made the notice|larger than legally required. {31855}{31929}There's a good answer. I'm tired of her moving closer|to me.|to his work. {31933}{31962}But it's good.|Excuse me. not more about her|than you do. {32021}{32061}I've never met you. {31354}{31400}Craig? Craig Wilson? {31404}{31440}.{30768}{30813}For your sake. {34080}{34151}I have never seen a divorce|pushed through this fast. {33015}{33067}Trust me. {32186}{32232}Well. . {31485}{31535}Let me guess. {31620}{31670}Shocking and unexpected. {30956}{31087}Flight 83 to Palm Beach.|You're a friend of Mylie's. {31674}{31699}I'm a friend of Mylie's. {34155}{34197}Please sign here. {31966}{32016}Let me get this straight. I'm not evil. {31703}{31759}She sent me here|because she needs to speak with you. Your Honour. Why didn't you|just stay where you belong? {34583}{34617}Wait a minute. and then running away and. I'm good. I'm tired of Mylie's secrets.|. {32410}{32452}There's a really good reason|for all of this.|inspector? {33716}{33798}I led the investigation into|the disappearance of Mr. {32676}{32752}Craig.. Turner|has left the country. {32613}{32672}No. {33158}{33222}But to grant a default divorce. young lady. even his dry clean ers.|Have a nice flight. {32374}{32406}I'm just tired. no. {31256}{31339}Thank you. but until then. {33997}{34034}I must say. just a little secret. Mr. {33922}{33978}It's my belief that Mr. {31444}{31481}Mylie sent me. {32912}{33011}I sent a sheriff to his apartment. {33116}{33154}I made a great faith effort. {33803}{33869}We used every method at our|disposal to locate his whereabouts.Yeah?|.

{35155}{35222}You see.|I swear I'll scream. the Book says|that the Sea Hag {38020}{38071}has power over|her natural environment.|I just don't feel like myself. {37885}{37970}Pounding the coastline|and leaving weary residents. {36273}{36314}My love for you hasn't changed.. You have to tell her|how you feel about her. {35348}{35393}I was just there.|I should arrest you on principle. our job is|to keep the innocent calm. {34950}{34995}You know. {35120}{35151}Too many people talking at once. I'm gonna make up for that. {36505}{36555}You won't use that. hurricanes. {35584}{35616}You better be careful. {37974}{38016}Now..Hurricanes? {38271}{38304}Even tidal waves. {36401}{36440}. {36335}{36397}It kept me alive in the wasteland. What's going on? {39056}{39109}I really need to know|how you feel about me.and led me back to you.|How far do tidal waves travel? {38390}{38417}Excuse us.|. {38951}{38977}You came. Cole.|I didn't mean to stay so long. . {37725}{37784}You're lucky that's all she did. rainstorms? {38169}{38262}. {36911}{36985}but don't you think|this is a little extreme? {37169}{37209}Wait. {37224}{37250}You stay away from me.. {35831}{35900}I'm gonna use my powers|to help people. Paige told me your life|was in danger. {35785}{35827}I got my job back at the law firm. {35970}{36004}You'll see we're meant to be together.Go to hell. {36775}{36870}You are seriously mistaken|if you think I still love you in any wa y..|. {35926}{35956}Make up for my past. {34838}{34882}Made me look like a fool|in front of the judge. {36560}{36641}I know you still love me.|What.. you two in on this joke. huh? Execute who? {35512}{35580}My plan. {38441}{38489}What has gotten into you? {38493}{38554}I don't know. rainstorms. {35630}{35725}You are stepping down|a very dangerous road right now.Yeah. {35397}{35443}but I needed to gather|enough powers to execute. I'm here to redeem myself. {34886}{34944}You are like a pit bull|with a death grip. {35226}{35295}Good people don't turn other people|into water coolers. {37538}{37577}What happened? {37601}{37628}Where's Phoebe? {37650}{37683}She ran off. {36179}{36218}I'll keep my distance.. {38075}{38165}Would that be. {38319}{38386}Leo. this is|exactly what I'm talking about. {35300}{35338}.{34803}{34834}Well. {38981}{39039}Yeah. like. deep inside. {36108}{36166}I want you out of my life. she said tidal waves. {36008}{36078}Cole. {38906}{38939}Hey.|on some level. {35729}{35772}I'm already on it. {36222}{36258}But I'm not going away. if you say that again. or what? {39191}{39245}It's no joke. {36875}{36907}I wasn't expecting a warm welcome. {39113}{39184}I can't believe we're back on this. {38558}{38612}Well. {38616}{38658}Can you do that|while I go talk to the Elders {38662}{38706}and see if they|can help control the Sea Hag? {38710}{38747}Sure. {37266}{37301}whatever you are.I needed you to hear me. {35447}{35508}Execute who...

Piper. {44291}{44324}Which could be any minute.|Mylie's gone. but she took our innocent. and it's my fault. {43893}{43937}The only way to track her|is with a mermaid.. {43041}{43068}More like taking over. {42920}{42988}No. yeah. {43536}{43565}I have it somewhere. {41743}{41782}Piper! {41795}{41870}Piper. it's not your fault. don't! {40633}{40685}Please don't be afraid.Know what. You obviously|wouldn't be here if you didn't ca re. wait! {40210}{40273}You want to know|what I'm hiding from you? {40299}{40336}Okay. If she gives up hope. look. {39808}{39887}So why don't you just tell her|that you love her. unfortunately.|she might wanna die. what about a location? {43638}{43683}Did the Book say|where we could find her? {43750}{43824}The Elders say she keeps|a cavern on a remote island. {42782}{42815}Let's give Piper a break. {39612}{39680}I miss my plane. {42679}{42723}I couldn't breathe or move. {39560}{39608}you have your friend ambush me|at the airport.{39249}{39285}Her life depends on it.|What'd you get on the Sea Hag? {43445}{43526}There's a vanquishing spell. {43298}{43329}I don't.|then we gotta fight the evil. she's right. {43072}{43148}It's natural for a mother|to feel protective of her baby. {40435}{40473}No. {39427}{39496}. relax. {40700}{40730}It's still me. well.|It's your hormones. {44177}{44247}The good news is. I just.. .What? {39920}{39992}If he does not do this. {44331}{44407}It's true. {43842}{43889}She keeps it hidden|with charms and spells.. {40037}{40075}Person. I froze up. {43357}{43425}Let's just focus on finding Mylie.|we're fresh out of those. {40377}{40415}Mylie. {40760}{40815}What are you? {41135}{41175}Did you find a vanquishing spell? {41255}{41280}Piper. {39385}{39410}Tell me what's happening. is that the Sea Hag|can't steal Mylie's immortal ity {44251}{44287}unless she's willing to give it up. {39891}{39916}.|and you can't tell me why? {39701}{39727}No. {43952}{43996}Well. {43603}{43634}Okay.|I think I had a panic attack.. {44003}{44074}Okay.I can't. I'm out of here. buddy.|power of three. {42992}{43037}Your maternal instincts|are kicking in. {43152}{43210}But she's been handling demons|ever since she got pregnant. for crying out l oud.|.You can't? {39519}{39555}You yank me out|of a business meeting. where were you|when this all went down? {44133}{44169}I had my own demon to deal with. okay? {42819}{42916}No. freeze her! {41350}{41376}I can't.Craig. help me! Piper! {41875}{41915}Help! {42098}{42142}What happened to you? {42510}{42589}She took our innocent?|How could you let that happen? {42593}{42675}I don't know.|. {43214}{43242}Why the sudden change today? {43252}{43294}I don't know. {40079}{40130}. {39731}{39804}Okay.|. {39291}{39358}What is this?|The Delusional Girls' Club? Come on. {42738}{42778}Okay.

No. {48422}{48454}Here. {48009}{48063}I help you make this collar.Are you gonna answer your phone?|. Why? {47886}{47928}You mean. {47837}{47882}Yeah. {48110}{48146}What if I don't want your help? {48166}{48224}I could always turn you|into a water cooler.What did you do?|. {48942}{48976}Whether they like it or not. {45860}{45910}Maybe he did love you. {45073}{45123}She's right. {47647}{47686}You thought right. {47766}{47833}.. {49461}{49516}It should break through|the Sea Hag's protective charms.|just turn off the phone. {46961}{47025}216 in progress. maybe in our new destiny.|He was headed to New York. {44951}{45014}If not for your sake. {48067}{48103}It's a win-win proposition. {45636}{45683}But you.{44411}{44449}Well.. {45509}{45570}They always come back to me|with empty hearts. I have shots fired. hold this.. {47690}{47744}Let's go get the bad guy..Rest...|. {49395}{49457}Adding Eastern thinking|to Western Wicca. {48980}{49049}Look.|Inspector 43 requesting backup. {49206}{49261}Don't forget to tell her what I did. {44753}{44792}I might have been pushing too hard. {45438}{45505}I underestimated you. I can see that. It's my boss. {49053}{49087}Why don't you just give it up? {49106}{49135}Because I'm in love. {44582}{44622}I'll try to locate the Sea Hag. {47121}{47202}Last time I come to this place|for lunch.No. {48673}{48755}I'm gonna prove to everyone|that I'm not evil. I need to show Phoebe|that I am good. please.Gave us a little extra time. {48267}{48307}Got cuffs? {48386}{48418}Thanks. if you need help|on any cases.|. {49605}{49665}.|We may need him. {47573}{47629}Thought you could use a little help.|then for my niece.. I'll find Craig. then can we turn it off? {49670}{49735}Do you think it's possible to get|promoted and fired in the same d ay? {49739}{49790}Paige.. {46115}{46203}It's time to embrace your fate. {45819}{45855}I did find love. {45574}{45632}begging me to end their lives.Okay. other than|to save your ass? {47932}{48005}Well. {46472}{46540}As an immortal creature. {44810}{44865}Why don't you let me and Paige|worry about the Sea Hag? {44887}{44947}. {49355}{49391}This is really good. {46347}{46430}The pain you're feeling|won't go away.|my dear child.|I'm at your service. {47030}{47107}Ten-four. {45985}{46028}now that he knows what you are. {49794}{49876}You know. {44640}{44690}Oh. {49520}{49601}. {45915}{45981}But I'm afraid that's over. {46545}{46638}. {44453}{44495}Try the airport.|you look good to your bosses.I've been gone all afternoon. {48586}{48669}supernatural or otherwise. {45018}{45069}All this stress can't be good. {44711}{44736}I'm sorry. honey.can you bear to live with it|for eternity? {46920}{46957}Inspector 43 in need of assistance. {48510}{48582}So anyway.|this job just isn't meant to b e. this I've got to. . {45755}{45800}You almost found love. she doesn't want you.

{50844}{50878}I swear. right?|One. {52720}{52775}Should we wait for Leo|to find Craig before we go? {52779}{52838}No. okay? {51851}{51878}Okay. {54424}{54497}It is very cold. why me?|Why did I get the tail? {54259}{54310}We all read that spell together. {50025}{50066}Phoebe. cruel sea {53977}{54009}Hey! {54013}{54042}Sorry.|and I just want to run. {50519}{50575}.{49880}{49920}Okay.|turn your anger towards the Sea Hag. {54700}{54730}And get my hair wet? . {50670}{50770}He wants me back..You stabbed him?|.|But this is the ocean. {52087}{52165}Oh. maybe if you put|your head underwater. {54180}{54255}Okay. let's go. {51919}{51960}Thank you. {52996}{53048}Powers of the witches rise {53052}{53122}Find the hag who speaks in lies {53127}{53192}Balance chakras. focus chi {53197}{53270}Lead us through the cruel. {51110}{51164}Okay. {50882}{50962}Paige. {51070}{51106}I don't wanna go through it again. forget that. three. {51582}{51632}You know what. {50229}{50261}. {49947}{50010}Okay. {51215}{51277}You have built|a great life for yourself.Cole.|and I'm allergic to shellfish! {54501}{54586}Okay. {52903}{52992}Okay. if this spell works. {50271}{50309}What? {50406}{50436}This is his blood. {54316}{54354}Maybe because|you're the best swimmer? {54358}{54419}Yeah.|you don't have legs. {52663}{52716}It's a power-of-three spell.Who?|. {50991}{51066}He has put me through|so much. Mylie needs us now. {50594}{50657}.|I'm kind of worried about her. and I just.Are you sure you're up to it?|.He wants me back. two. {52272}{52328}You think she's gonna be okay|to take on the Sea Hag? {52332}{52416}Well. at the Y. Interesting. {51978}{52042}Let's see if the spell|that you wrote works.|. We got a job to do.. I would orb myself to a rock|in the middle of the sea. {52470}{52495}I'll be fine. {50106}{50133}What is going on? {50179}{50210}He's back. {51651}{51717}After we deal with her. I think pregnancy's|an emotional time. {51418}{51467}And I don't even know if I could. {51335}{51375}I'm too tired to fight him. you can't stand. if I had your power.|I'll test Cole's blood {51721}{51806}and come up with a magic way|to keep him from you. {54092}{54170}Phoebe. Piper. {50440}{50485}Blood is not supposed to do that.Yeah.Good. {50775}{50835}As fast and far as I can. I don't have a choice. {52597}{52659}. Do you sense|the Sea Hag? Is she close? {54590}{54625}How should I know? {54644}{54695}Well. well. running is not the answer. {52169}{52202}She picked maybe the worst time {52206}{52250}to come up with|a massive demon phobia. I couldn't hold you.Well. {52047}{52082}I will go find Piper. {51168}{51211}Don't give him that power over you. {52532}{52593}Okay. {52420}{52451}and anything can happen. {51281}{51331}But it doesn't matter.|it should take us right to the Sea Hag. {51471}{51555}He's got all these|new demonic powers now.

{55841}{55883}We'll take our chances.|. Everything's under control.Witch.Can we stay positive. let's go. {60276}{60322}No. {56426}{56467}Piper.|just not the way I envisioned it.. {58358}{58412}Come on. {57232}{57296}Necron will be pleased.Angel. she's dying. {60471}{60509}No.She could have avoided all of this.|but who she is. {57017}{57106}Are you ready|to make your pain go away? {57112}{57152}Yes.|Did you find the Sea Hag? {55730}{55789}Now that you mention it.She let go of my hand. .Yeah. {61417}{61450}Your love can save her. I promise. {61454}{61515}My love? Hey. {55793}{55837}That could be|the sewage treatment plant. {61246}{61299}But all that matters is she's dying.Really beautiful heart? {61641}{61706}Now you know what she is. {56359}{56421}Okay. how can I love her? {61519}{61583}. you got|the power-of-three spell? {56600}{56655}Piper.? Who are you people? {61029}{61068}.I don't know. Get Craig. {61303}{61334}What can I do? {61338}{61392}Tell her how you feel. Hurry. {57441}{57499}The auger shell brings peace.Good point. {55585}{55667}The call of the sea is intense.|. {59041}{59067}What? {59096}{59167}Enough with the water! Shell! {60210}{60271}. {60944}{61014}What.|there was a stench under the water.{54742}{54772}Phoebe.|call for Leo and we will orb th ere.|Follow the stench. {58304}{58354}She's calling. {61072}{61127}. {55976}{56062}And then when you find the cavern.Mermaid. are you okay? {56718}{56805}I'm fine. you guys ready?|T minus Sea Hag and counting. The water's great.. that would explain it. {56067}{56092}Okay. {62062}{62098}I do love you. {55926}{55965}Get in touch with your inner fish. come on. {54824}{54919}My spell worked. get back here this instant. {55276}{55345}Oh.Where's Piper?|. {55889}{55922}. she's got a. What.|Just like Mylie said it was. let's go! {58979}{59028}. She's not human. {60330}{60385}Can you heal her? {60421}{60467}It's no use. {54776}{54820}You should be able|to sense the Sea Hag.? {60769}{60832}What just happened? Where am I? {60836}{60911}Somewhere off the North Atlantic|would be my gut instinct. you're a mermaid.Don't you mean witch? {61188}{61241}I know this is hard to accept. not yet. plea se? {60693}{60727}Get your hands off me.How?|...|.|and you can help. He was on a plane|on his way to New York.. {55671}{55716}Well.Which time?|. {57345}{57434}It doesn't hurt.Is everyone okay?|.|. {56201}{56281}That's actually the most fun I've seen|Phoebe have since Cole died . {55077}{55134}I found Craig. {55354}{55417}Dive in. {55427}{55488}Phoebe. {56286}{56355}. {55179}{55216}Why am I standing in the ocean? {55220}{55258}Phoebe's a mermaid. {60559}{60607}She should have stayed|in the water.Look at her. {60611}{60684}.. {61711}{61747}you've always known that. well. ignore it.

{64628}{64657}Phoebe! {65976}{66011}Leo. {64499}{64549}I just want to be free. what don't I know? {66872}{66913}Cole's back. we've established {66734}{66785}I was a spineless coward|in the face of evil.Phoebe. take my hand.I don't know what? {66617}{66651}Well.|. TV interviews. {67242}{67319}This is not something|you just sweep under the rug. {66353}{66399}Well.Well. {67132}{67180}I have a greater duty to my sister.|It'll turn her heart cold if she lets it. {66655}{66694}you know. {63546}{63615}Okay. I'm staying in the ocean. the Persian.. it's everything|that Mylie said it was.Yes.|. take my hand. {66250}{66308}It's official.|Library of Congress. {66109}{66170}You did?|Well. {67078}{67127}As a witch. get out of the water.. Internet. you'll probably|beat us there anyway. {64160}{64239}The call of the sea. {67845}{67884}Paige. He wants Phoebe back.|I'm not going back. {67492}{67550}Does he want my baby? {67564}{67618}No. {63495}{63539}Thank you for everything. {63744}{63800}Nope. I hate to cut this short. {68110}{68159}Wait a minute. {67704}{67767}Hey. you getting|so panicky and all. . {66546}{66613}.|she got her divorce. but he's|the former Source of All Evil. {68332}{68377}All right. I didn't want|to make you mad. {63843}{63894}You swim so fast.|. {63899}{63994}No. {64044}{64090}Paige. {67184}{67238}Excuse me. what the heck|is she swimming from? {66404}{66486}She's got billboards. Take a deep breath.|Take a deep breath. but I'm your whiteli ghter.|I'll orb you back.. Phoebe told me confidentially. of course not. {64264}{64335}. {67622}{67674}He's in love. {67419}{67487}Breathe. Phoebe's on the run. {64339}{64393}. I know you hate Cole. I'm staying in the ocean. so where do we go next? {68381}{68444}I don't know. just meet us|back at the beach. {64009}{64040}I don't understand. {64118}{64156}It's complete freedom. Book of Shadows. technically. but.|. {63619}{63693}and I think we should get back to her|and let her know everything' s all right. why didn't you bring her? {66174}{66235}She's too fast. maybe she's been in|the deep freeze {68275}{68311}ever since Cole came back.{63444}{63472}Thank you. {67969}{68027}Mylie said that mermaids are|cold-hearted.. that's it.|not the solution. fight it! {64454}{64495}I don't want to fight it. {66312}{66349}On the swim. {66698}{66730}Yes.|but that's not the point. If Cole and Phoebe|declare their love. And slippery.That's right. {68448}{68514}Anywhere we can|to get rid of Phoebe's tail. {67772}{67836}Cole's love is the problem. Maybe that's why {68031}{68106}my spell turned Phoebe into|a mermaid in the first place. {63703}{63740}Phoebe. honey. you have a duty|to let me know this. {68163}{68214}Since when did Phoebe|become cold-hearted? {68218}{68271}Well.|but I can sense Piper's panic. {63804}{63839}Okay.|we're talking about Phoebe here. {66493}{66535}she should be loving life. I loathe and despise him. {66932}{66988}What? Why don't I know about this? {66992}{67074}.No! {64397}{64444}Phoebe. {67888}{67965}Yeah. {66789}{66826}Now. {66063}{66104}I found Phoebe..Phoebe. you don't know. I do.No..

{73312}{73391}Your scales.|Mr.No.. let go. {71090}{71165}I was tracking her and. it's not... {71302}{71352}Look through these books. {71919}{71949}You can't let that happen.|.You sure you can handle this alone?|..Honey.But what about. {71791}{71855}and I'm already screwing up|and failing bigtime. {71957}{72002}I'm so glad you agree. Of course I am. . {72383}{72481}Okay.You lost Phoebe?|.But what about what? {72170}{72202}You're just an orb away. it's your choice. {72626}{72661}What do you mean? {72665}{72712}Go up to the attic|and see for yourself. {73667}{73729}Piper.. {73535}{73577}Piper. {73837}{73882}Leo. {70716}{70773}And I'm gonna prove to you|just how grateful I am {70777}{70848}as soon as I get there. It's just my sister. and.{68816}{68854}Hag? {68989}{69055}I want my eternal life! {69116}{69186}Or your life. {73395}{73472}.I'm not alone. {74104}{74139}Piper. {72222}{72293}. {71023}{71050}. {72557}{72612}I had to come down here|to get any work done at all... you're pregnant. I'm almost done. {71709}{71741}You lost me with that last one. {71549}{71620}they like shiny baubles.. {73476}{73531}No.. {72317}{72354}Piper. Cowan.|She's getting harder to sense.Yeah.?|. you don't. {71464}{71497}Well. {72127}{72166}..|she's had a fishing accident. {70151}{70177}They're all yours! {70391}{70467}I am so sorry I am missing work. {72007}{72073}I was thinking I'd just cast a spell|from here and create a file. {71055}{71085}Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. {73899}{73935}. Leo. {74201}{74231}It's okay to be afraid.. {70014}{70042}Who are you? {70048}{70106}You have something I want. {71859}{71908}This kid's adoption|is gonna fall apart without me.. {70471}{70595}L. {72077}{72122}That's not what I meant. you need to take a break. {74235}{74283}No.I'm scared. sea chanteys|are the only songs they know . Cowan? {70891}{70928}Hello? {70960}{71002}I lost Phoebe. {70852}{70887}Mr.|Go to work.|. . {74143}{74197}Your hormones and adrenaline|are running very high. it's okay. I have Pipe r. {73950}{74042}. {70600}{70712}Well. {71169}{71235}I think the mermaid in her|is starting to take over. it's my first day|as a social worker. I don't know if it's because|she's afraid of the demons {72485}{72552}or she has guilt over Phoebe. this is not helping Phoebe.No. {74046}{74100}I'm scared all of the time. {71243}{71298}I'll just have to find a way|to turn her back. {73582}{73654}I just need one more verse. {71624}{71705}and my adoption file|is short one document. what have you learned so far? {71502}{71545}I have learned that mermaids|are cold-blooded.|but she's not doing so well. of course I'm grateful for|the promotion.I know.... {71371}{71420}You've been working on this|all night? {71424}{71458}Yeah. {71745}{71787}Leo.

{78329}{78357}Didn't we fire you? {78367}{78399}Actually. {76990}{77046}and I don't always know|when to shut up. {77749}{77782}Yeah. that would hurt. {74640}{74699}You know. {79021}{79051}It won't be any trouble at all. {76444}{76478}What's that? {76622}{76675}So how's your sister doing|after the fishing accident? {76679}{76746}Well.|but to you and Piper as well. {77786}{77858}But you don't want to use your powers|in front of all these people . {75277}{75307}I think you just did. Before you say anything.Paige!|. Can I go now? {77367}{77420}Don't make me regret|giving you this promotion. {78173}{78219}It might sway the agency's decision.|You're very insolent. {74464}{74527}It's my job to take care of this family. {78755}{78847}They don't get much better|than Jackman. and now|you're back. {79534}{79584}Phoebe's a what? {79649}{79681}You wanna know what Phoebe is? {79685}{79734}She's a mermaid. Mr. {76932}{76986}I may be stubborn at times. you heard him. {78669}{78736}A good social worker knows|when to use outside resources. the only way you can help|Phoebe is by removing your fear. {74531}{74595}Sometimes it's this family's job|to take care of you. {78403}{78477}But now I'm a partner|at Jackman.|Maybe I could do some good here. {77087}{77137}even if I told you the truth. therapy takes years. {74871}{74964}Okay. like right now.Came to help Paige. {75311}{75437}Right now. {78223}{78316}I'm familiar with family law. {78927}{78954}Well.|so let me help you. {75441}{75480}Alone. well.. {77213}{77276}You forgot insolent. Cowan. Paige.What do you want?|. {77532}{77579}Wait.|and I can help you do that.I want to prove that I've changed. {77052}{77083}but trust me... {77646}{77738}Because I'm about to orb|your family jewels far. I quit. what do I do? {74819}{74867}You need to figure out|what's behind your fear. {77312}{77363}You're right.|and late to work often.|Some time to figure this out. {77142}{77204}So if you'll excuse me.{74292}{74343}Did you see what my fear|did to Phoebe? {74350}{74415}I'm supposed to be stronger than ever|now that I'm pregnant. {78481}{78573}. not ever. {74419}{74460}for our daughter and my sisters. is she lost at sea? {76813}{76850}You could say that.|we haven't found her yet. do you? {77887}{77967}. {78127}{78169}Fax them ASAP.|and Phoebe needs me now. far away. {78958}{79017}They don't get much better than me.|you wouldn't believe me. {76854}{76928}. Carter and Kline. what are you doing here?|. {79188}{79232}Yellowtail? {79247}{79296}Your usual lunch order? {79347}{79417}No fish. {77610}{77642}Not say..|And do you want to know why? .. {77977}{78030}Not just to Phoebe. {78052}{78122}The copies of the adoption application|and police clearances.So. we're not sure. {79055}{79113}No trouble?|You've been nothing but trouble. {74786}{74815}Well. {74968}{75063}Well. sometimes it's my job. {79117}{79184}Phoebe was finally happy. Do. Not now. {75110}{75135}What did you say? {75140}{75224}I said you need to remove your fear.. I just need some.Look. and suddenly she's a. Carter and Kline. {78577}{78644}Who doesn't want or need his help.|I have an adoption to save. {76750}{76805}What.

{80303}{80371}join a monastery. {83237}{83294}If we bring her in like this. fins..|She's a mermaid. {83579}{83634}Sorry.She still loves me. {83433}{83503}we could sell the body for a fortune. on the other hand. please? .|. {81121}{81156}Forever. {83310}{83361}But mostly we'll just get credit|for finding her. we can't fix that.Love Phoebe? {80440}{80522}What is it with you guys? Like it's all|about you and your feeling s. {84156}{84230}Mermaids are such|poor. {80526}{80554}What about Phoebe's feelings? {80558}{80606}. {80135}{80200}Well.|but it's in my past. her life belongs to me. defenceless creatures. {85506}{85546}Could use a little salt. get your filthy meat hooks|off me! {82878}{82911}Check out the mouth on her. there may be some truth to that.|if we say we found her dead. {84273}{84323}Pity this! {84473}{84567}Leo! I'm ready to go home now! {84585}{84628}I'm glad you finally|came to your senses.I came back to make up..because you broke her heart. {80081}{80131}Bodies.You don't understand.|but they happened. right? {79859}{79918}No. {81352}{81408}Locked in. {79992}{80044}You didn't mean to do lots of things. boxed in. Find the mermaid. pray for absolution. {85310}{85364}Here's your water.|. {83019}{83072}How much do you think the tabloids|would pay to see this? {83076}{83149}I don't know about you guys.|.|sure. blood and pain|follow you wherever you go. full of fear {81412}{81479}My panic grows manic till I can't hear {81483}{81535}In need of reprieve|So that I can breathe {81539}{81620}Remove my fear|Please make it leave {82429}{82474}What the hell? {82781}{82821}Watch it! {82826}{82866}No. {85642}{85688}Will one of you orb me|back to the ocean. I love. {84234}{84268}I almost feel pity. {85578}{85638}. {83366}{83423}Now. {79817}{79855}Well. did you say "mermaid"?|. you can fix that. she doesn't love you. {82926}{82962}All I care about is the tail.|go to Tibet. we'll get a small fee. scales an d all. well. not a vet.Yeah. {83153}{83203}Maybe we should be thinking|bigger than tabloids here. {80376}{80429}.|because she wants to be a mermaid {79922}{79988}.Wrong.|She wishes you'd stayed dead.|but don't put your guilt on us.{79739}{79813}.. {80926}{80996}She had to turn into a fish to get away|from you. {84688}{84732}No! {84875}{84927}Go.Make up for it? {80257}{80299}If you want to make up for it.|. but I don't|wanna spend my life on th at boat.. Do you get it no w? {81007}{81073}Listen. good enough.|. {80049}{80077}You are a one-man death squad.Bigger?|.I never meant to hurt her. Cole. I was a medic. {80701}{80759}She doesn't love you.I'm sorry. {80204}{80251}.Yeah. the only way|you can help us get our sister back {81077}{81116}is for you to disappear. {80880}{80921}Her body erupted in scales. {85220}{85305}Sorry.That's about all I can do for it.Okay. {83207}{83233}. {80791}{80816}She told you this? {80821}{80876}Told me? She didn't have to tell me. gills. {80611}{80665}She thinks you're an evil freak|with super powers from hell {80669}{80696}and battery acid for blood.

dark and skeletal. what about this demon? {86057}{86125}Where is it?|I'd like to thank it and then kill it. {87059}{87113}Book of Shadows.. I don't need saving. what does this demon look like? {86654}{86715}Tall. {85983}{86053}So.Thank you.You are home. Turner. {88180}{88262}A skeletal being who hovers|between life and death.|and now I feel fine. that was nice of it.|shoots electricity.. {87424}{87484}Relax.Yeah. . {89745}{89806}.{85692}{85738}Wait. {88668}{88747}Will someone please get me|back to the ocean before I suffocate? {88752}{88788}I need the water.|If mermaids are immortal. Paige. everything will be fine. isn't there a demon after you? {85742}{85798}Demon?|Did somebody say demon? {85802}{85869}Yeah. {86730}{86791}Paige. {87838}{87949}Okay. never better.|I cannot ignore the call of the sea. {88386}{88463}No wonder he's after Phoebe. he cannot have|my immortality. there's that word again. {87727}{87760}So can we save Phoebe? {87764}{87834}Okay.|Can you orb it down here? {86795}{86875}You want me to use magic|for household chores? {86879}{86924}I thought you had a total fear|of personal gain. {88087}{88125}Got him. {88792}{88870}You want water?|I'll get you some water.Can I go home now?|. that's him. I just did as you suggested. {87292}{87337}.Yeah. all I need are my sea friends|and little shiny objects {87953}{88033}and to lay on a rock|and comb out my hair.. the call of the common bathtub|is just gonna have to do.|. {86218}{86316}Ready to face my fears.. {86402}{86433}but now."|It's very debilitating. {87562}{87632}Why are you so calm? {87637}{87723}Well."Necron. Mr. {89327}{89388}We cannot accept anything|but the original medical report {89392}{89423}for a legal adoption.|Welcome home.Anytime. I told you everything I know. {89223}{89263}Why are you being so difficult? {89267}{89323}The regulations|concerning this matter are clear. {88894}{88937}You are holding me hostage! {88942}{88969}Yep. {89695}{89741}I'll finalize the adoption immediately. {89551}{89648}Are you absolutely sure|you can't use the fax copy I sent you? {89652}{89691}Of course we can. {85873}{85932}Well. {88467}{88503}and he's stuck between|life and death. {86546}{86599}No offence. {87342}{87420}And you're insane if you think|that I am gonna take you anywhere. {89427}{89492}Well. {86330}{86397}I hung it on the wall because|I was afraid to tell Leo that it was ugly. {86156}{86207}. "Fear. {86603}{86650}So. {88507}{88568}then immortality would place him|squarely in the "life" column. {88266}{88333}Has the power to incinerate any|living creature and feed on its li fe.|. I am not a common goldfish. {85936}{85972}This isn't my home anymore. looks like it. you guys. that really just|doesn't work for me. {87227}{87287}Okay." {88337}{88382}Yadda yadda yadda.|like that painting. one chased Phoebe|back home. {86998}{87026}Just do as I ask. {89065}{89144}Well. {86928}{86994}See. {88037}{88071}I need water. {88587}{88664}Well.Are you sure you're okay?|. honey. we need the Book of Shadows. {87501}{87558}Glad you're so calm. {88973}{89052}Look. {88141}{88176}.

Don't do this to yourself. {94304}{94397}What? You're never. a little burdock root|and some eye of newt. {93614}{93652}What is going on? Are you okay? {93657}{93708}Minor setback.|Darryl. she doesn't know|that I'm helping her. {94666}{94706}Actually.{89899}{89939}What was that? {89967}{90021}Just helping Paige|cut through some red tape. {94401}{94446}That is a volatile combination. {93997}{94054}Oh. I'm not|the source of any evil anymore. {93813}{93841}Minor setback? {93854}{93900}The room is on fire. {91969}{92001}I can't help it.You think I killed them?|. {92376}{92454}She says I should leave for good. {90695}{90769}the guy who saved your surprisingly|small brain from a bullet yest erday? {90773}{90871}You don't expect me to believe|that you did that for me? {90888}{90956}I'm just a pawn in your twisted scam|to win Phoebe back. {90663}{90691}You think I killed them. what powers|are you packing these days? {90311}{90365}Maybe the power|to turn men into dust? {90380}{90412}What's that supposed to mean? {90417}{90475}Three fishermen|mysteriously vanished today {90482}{90544}and left behind what|the medical examiner believes to be {90552}{90586}piles of bone dust. {91018}{91102}but contrary to popular opinion. {91632}{91671}just for the sake of argument. I am|not The Source of All Evil a nymore. {92166}{92212}Look what it's doing to you. {91570}{91628}Let's pretend for a second here. in the Book. {90171}{90227}And they're not voodoo powers.Died in the process. {94450}{94535}Well. {94059}{94094}Where's the fish girl? {94098}{94144}She's downstairs|cooling off in the tub. {92077}{92161}And your love. the only two|that vanquished him. {92016}{92073}You love her.|you'll be number three. {92797}{92888}But what you want|really doesn't matter. not y ourself. {94573}{94625}there's a "witches be warned"|on skeletal beings? {94629}{94662}The last two that vanquished him. {91282}{91340}I just want my wife back.|. {90961}{91014}I realize that people's reputations|precede them.|we need a serious potion. {90231}{90307}Oh. it's epic. {94156}{94199}What are you|mixing up here anyway? {94203}{94297}Oh. ever supposed|to mix those two things together .Yeah. {94710}{94736}. {91791}{91892}So as your hypothetical friend. Necron's a serious threat. {93001}{93059}Well. {92458}{92533}You've known her for a long time. {91106}{91174}In fact.|can I give you some advice? {91896}{91965}. It's fine.. . Okay. me.. right? {92970}{92997}Right.Damn right I do. So the rate you're going. What do you think? {92553}{92579}Should I leave? {92698}{92752}I know you don't want to. {92321}{92355}Paige says she hates me. {94740}{94795}Great. {93904}{93991}You're supposed to be figuring out a|way to vanquish Necron. we weren't using|any of this junk anyway. {94539}{94569}Did you know. I get it. {90591}{90659}. {90025}{90107}And she's okay with you using|voodoo powers to cheat the system? {90122}{90167}Well. come on. there you go. {91675}{91780}that you saved my butt|because you are my friend.

|Carpe diem. {95851}{95915}Don't look at me. {96325}{96413}Magical help?|Piper would never do that. {95504}{95559}Paige. {97826}{97889}That Nancy O'Dell|has. {97037}{97120}I am doing you a favour. {96240}{96276}What are you looking at? {96280}{96320}To see if she had any help. please. a freedom spell. {98117}{98180}Not a fearless spell. {97124}{97193}What's better than a celebrity who|wants to do an interview in the nude? {97197}{97286}I could be just as fascinating with my|clothes on in a TV studio. we know you cast|a fearless spell.Piper wrote a fearless spell. see. there's your risk-aversion|side rearing its ugly head ag ain. {97325}{97396}My show is called|At Home With Nancy O'Dell.{94800}{94860}You know.. like.." {95005}{95042}That's Patton. {98184}{98252}You told me to get rid of my fears. thank you. you ought to be|more careful. I guess it's better than|her having a nervous breakd own {96070}{96112}like she was this morning. {95925}{95990}Does it seem like she overcame|her fear a little quickly to you? {95995}{96066}I don't know. {95563}{95603}What happened? {95608}{95653}We're just getting ready|to kick some demon ass. {98431}{98474}Okay. I am so sorry.|she's not showing any tail. {96944}{96987}Go ahead and grab it. no. {96889}{96940}Oh. {95422}{95500}You shouldn't be inhaling all this|smoke when you're pregnant anyw ay. {94864}{94920}Hey.|. I don't want you|or my unborn niece around that. send them away. {98312}{98341}Well. Phoebe. "A good plan|violently executed this week {94925}{95000}is better than a perfect plan|executed next week. {95183}{95218}Hey! {95230}{95345}No touch. {97459}{97501}Fire away. {96562}{96661}. {95058}{95090}Why are you quoting Patton? {95095}{95170}So I figure|if I just double the burdock root. {97746}{97772}In the bathtub? {97776}{97812}Don't worry. {95750}{95802}Well. {96487}{96545}It's a fearless spell. {97290}{97321}Well.Paige! {96687}{96719}Gosh. {98257}{98307}But you didn't get rid of it. {98067}{98113}Piper. perfect teeth. People will|think you're bold and daring. {97694}{97729}She's going a TV interview. {96991}{97033}Don't mention carp|around me. she's your wife.. {96783}{96817}That should've been|your first clue {96822}{96885}that my sister sprang from|the shallower end of the gene pool.|so that's what I did. {96116}{96164}I'm not so sure. {97537}{97574}Piper.. {96440}{96483}Oh. {95657}{95697}That's what we do. what's the difference? {98345}{98427}I'm free to be myself|and to help others be themselves. It's probably|Phoebe's interview.|you just suppressed it. . {97976}{98062}Now. right? {95701}{95745}I'll get it. {96723}{96779}Your sister said we're doing|the interview in the bathroom. {97627}{97690}What is going on?|We heard Phoebe scre. you're such a worrywart.|You're risking exposure to all of us. but Phoebe's self|is a mermaid. {97404}{97455}See? Fabulous. come on. {97893}{97972}You can't be serious. actually you can't.|you wanted fame.

bye-bye. {99294}{99325}Yeah. see. you're only seeing|the downside here.Bye.Thanks. {100366}{100395}So how you feel? {100399}{100444}Actually. {102271}{102334}Well. {100257}{100292}. it's tricky.Orb Phoebe to the attic. for example.Bye-bye. static man.What about you? {101006}{101031}Just do it! {101192}{101251}Okay. Nance. what happened? {102058}{102092}Well. I'm sorry. {100652}{100693}Good job on the fearless spell. {98920}{98992}People are chewing|entire species into extinction. {102230}{102266}Why not? It sounds good|to me right now. we're really gonna|have to wrap this up. thanks to you. {100703}{100733}What fearless spell? {100792}{100854}What the heck is their problem? {100884}{100931}.|. {100519}{100618}From craving wealth and fame. {99479}{99511}So back to your advice to lovers.But we're not finished yet.{98478}{98583}and that self is about to be broadcast|on the 6:00 news unless we stop it. Leo? {100046}{100082}Okay. {101864}{101950}as you can tell by the lovely remains|of our burned-out attic.Can you sense her?|. {100086}{100156}. {100160}{100219}We'll reschedule.Yeah.No. {99606}{99683}Is there a lucky guy in your life|that you get your inspiration fr om? {99715}{99766}. so heartfelt.|. {99966}{100041}Okay. {98996}{99064}Take Chilean sea bass. you might|as well be munching on a bal d eagle.|. {98643}{98668}What's the upside? {98672}{98747}The upside is Phoebe loves her job|more than anything else {98751}{98803}and doing this interview|will remind her of that {98807}{98862}and help bring her to her senses. there's not. okay? {100223}{100253}. thanks to her fearless spell.|There's a lot of factors involved. {101678}{101726}Okay. {102096}{102175}she went straight to an offensive place|with her explosion potio n. come on. I do.|I have yet to even spot one. why can't we just|orb to Necron {101730}{101786}and try the vanquishing potion|that Piper was working on? {101798}{101860}Because Piper was under the|influence when she mixed that potion . so. {100461}{100515}Free from the shallowness|of human pursuit. . we're gonna|have to end this now. {99346}{99419}Okay. because the last two witches|that vanquished skeletal bein gs {102338}{102375}were vaporized in the process.Really? {99770}{99808}Then what's with|all the love columns? {99863}{99904}I don't know. I feel free. {101539}{101583}How long is that spell gonna take? {101587}{101645}I don't know. {102179}{102226}and I don't think that's the answer.I think you are.|. {98587}{98638}Now. Now all|I crave is the serenity of the sea. I'll have my people|call your people. {99202}{99289}I didn't realize you had|such a passion for fish. {99517}{99598}It's so real. {102522}{102559}. Ask one more question. {99424}{99454}It's okay. very impressive.All right. {99069}{99175}And swordfish. {99921}{99951}I think I do.|I'll show you downstairs. {101970}{102043}Okay.|especially lately. {102379}{102442}I think a power-of-three spell|is our best chance of killing Nec ron {102446}{102471}and staying alive.|.

{104198}{104264}You know. {106458}{106491}Attack! {106802}{106832}Is that the best you got? {106861}{106902}Again. {104269}{104336}Okay. {103051}{103087}. what do you mean.|lots and lots of courage. you guys. . Something Nancy O'Dell|said in that interview got me thinking. {103132}{103235}More like a power-of-two-and-a-half|spell. {104677}{104731}What if Phoebe's heart|isn't as cold as we thought? {104735}{104784}Well. {104461}{104489}If we orb Phoebe to the ocean. Wait. {105151}{105227}All right. {104074}{104144}Okay.Is she hurt?|. {103091}{103128}it's not really|a power-of-three spell.|she's out of here for good.Who knows? {102597}{102674}All I can sense is courage. {102681}{102728}Well. we still have to hurry|before Piper does something s tupid. {105714}{105759}Where's Paige? {105855}{105971}I think we've given your sisters|enough time to worry about you. {104788}{104836}Well. {104494}{104554}the second Necron is a pile of dust. I'm worried|that my fearless wife {103316}{103362}won't let us interfere|to take on Necron. {106348}{106438}The mean demon is dipping me|into the water and it's really cold . you don't have|to break into my apartment. please. {104907}{104995}I'm sorry. firstly. considering you're ha lf a witch. I'm taking your advice. I've been known|to give very bad advice. you see? This is exactly why|I love being a mermaid. {104377}{104457}You guys. please. {103369}{103426}She isn't exactly using|her best judgment right now. {104151}{104194}There are no secrets underwater. I actually think I've got something. don't worry. let's take the time. but that is a risk|that we have to take. {106101}{106127}Or what? {106293}{106344}Oh.{102563}{102593}. try to see|where she's coming from. {103246}{103311}Secondly. {105299}{105367}. {102732}{102782}He needs her alive|if he's gonna get to me. {103859}{103959}I am swimming with the dolphins now. {107129}{107167}I'm leaving.|"What happened to Phoebe?" {103796}{103855}What happened to me is the best thing|that ever happened to me. enough. call for your whitelighter.|he's not gonna kill her.|I'm basking with belugas. {107178}{107235}Don't. {102960}{103046}I'm beginning to wonder if this whole|power-of-three spell is ev en worth it. wait. you know. what did you guys|say about me? {105231}{105294}I said I thought you were gonna swim|away the moment we save Pip er. {107043}{107074}Cole? {107079}{107124}Paige. {106008}{106074}Now. stairs.|but I need to talk to you about it alone. {103724}{103781}Wait a minute. there are no walls|to keep you trapped. {102886}{102956}Like get Nancy O'Dell|an exclusive with Necron. Paige. {103544}{103583}Well. {103624}{103710}and she blames herself|for what happened to Phoebe.|somebody help me. {103440}{103489}I don't even know why she cast|that spell. {105537}{105595}This better work. {103983}{104061}Leo. we have to hurry. we don't have time to find out. {103493}{103540}I could have helped her through it. well.Come on. Leo.What do you mean?|. {103587}{103620}She's barely been able to function. honey. okay? {104840}{104903}I don't want to save one sister|just to lose another.Well. {102796}{102881}Yeah. {104559}{104594}Do we have another option? {104598}{104673}I don't know.Are you?|.

{109058}{109108}You're right.|Let's go find Piper. but you need|the power of three to take out Necron.You know what this is?|..Phoebe needs your help.|. Phoebe.|It's the best way to help her . Phoebe needs your help. {112112}{112137}No! {112141}{112230}And I promise I'll kill her|unless you give me what I want first .No! {110450}{110519}Leo.|.Do you have a death wish?|.It's a theory. but Phoebe. {108304}{108379}but now I think|it's because she loves you. {110394}{110445}. that's probably true. {110226}{110301}Yeah. maybe|an unfortunate choice of words.He wants me. {107343}{107447}I know. forget her. {111279}{111323}You would've done it already|if you were. {107894}{107948}especially because I cannot believe|what I'm about to say.{107243}{107308}.. I'm going alone. That's why I'm going away. auger shell. {109830}{109911}I guess she loves you more|than either of us realized. if you'll excuse me.|I wasn't hungry until now. Darryl said it. {110640}{110680}Phoebe! {110951}{111040}Okay.Yeah.|.Now.. {112398}{112448}What did you do? . "Phoebe hates you so much|her body erupted in scales. {108038}{108115}Oh. {108688}{108785}Phoebe said it. {108422}{108503}. {108789}{108862}Now you're changing|your opinion based on a theory? {108893}{108948}What if I can prove it? {108984}{109029}Only Phoebe can prove|that she still loves me.|he's packing a seashell. {107953}{108034}but I think Phoebe's|still in love with you.. {108646}{108684}You told me to go away. {111045}{111096}Your treatment of me is shocking." {108119}{108163}That's what you said this morning.Yeah. I can't let you leave. {109113}{109160}Open Phoebe's heart to Cole {109164}{109203}Reveal the secret that it holds {109208}{109258}Bring forth the passion of love's fire {109262}{109326}That he may feel her true desire {109383}{109408}What did you do? {109632}{109672}Phoebe. I can't let anything happen|to Piper or the baby.|I got the message. {108168}{108238}Okay. {111718}{111775}Oh. {107451}{107500}. {111443}{111538}But it's just about my feeding time.|I told you. her advice column has been|obsessed with love ever since y ou left. {111780}{111852}. {111327}{111433}On the contrary. {111907}{112001}Look. I will give you my immortality|if you let my sister go. {107628}{107663}What kind of game are you playing? {107667}{107761}I'm not playing any games. {110157}{110222}Okay. {111125}{111175}Get it? "Shocking"? {111179}{111275}. {108523}{108616}Look. {107778}{107848}And you need psychological help.You're not demon enough to kill me . {110587}{110627}I'm gonna go buy us some time. {110348}{110380}He's hurting her again.|I don't know where she is.Please. well.I beg your pardon?|. I've had enough. yeah.What are you doing?|. {110094}{110146}Paige wasn't in the manor. {110523}{110583}. {107860}{107890}Okay.You think?|. {111593}{111648}Let her go! It's me that you want. {108243}{108300}I thought Phoebe was running away|because she hated you.You wait here for Paige. look out.No! {107510}{107600}. {112243}{112279}Piper. are you okay? {112316}{112356}My baby. {111856}{111887}Sucks eternal life.

{119397}{119437}I know why you ran. {113353}{113380}Phoebe! {113441}{113467}Shell! {113522}{113588}Piper. {117337}{117375}Leo. because you're not.{112621}{112672}Keep your promise. {113218}{113251}Honey. you don't want to spend|eternity alone just to avoid th e truth. {113593}{113643}Okay. we fight this fate {113796}{113836}Make this evil obliterate {115200}{115228}Paige. I think so. {117631}{117681}. {119446}{119488}You don't know anything about me.|. {115448}{115492}Tell me about it. it's okay. washed ashore {113699}{113744}Bring its darkness evermore {113748}{113792}With all our strength. I'm right here. {118212}{118270}. {116010}{116066}I know why you've been afraid. You. witch.Mom?|. honey. {115496}{115584}.Me. {119643}{119724}But they won't. {118161}{118197}You have something that she didn't. . {115691}{115719}Where's Piper? {115900}{115944}Piper. {113648}{113680}Tide of evil. {117852}{117889}That must have been|what Mom meant.What? {117720}{117777}I guess she takes|after her daddy. {117491}{117544}How'd you do that? {117551}{117577}I didn't. {118590}{118640}I have a feeling|she'll come back again. {118313}{118344}And me. {118442}{118470}But not her. take Phoebe's hand. Not until you admit|what drove you here in the f irst place. {119499}{119577}You thought you could escape|into this big ocean.|This can't be happening. {119581}{119627}that the waves|would wash away your pain. it's okay. {116541}{116573}Take my hand. only faith will. {117907}{117978}. {119150}{119222}This isn't happening. {119949}{120033}Come on. {117982}{118052}She helped me understand|why I've been so afraid. wake up. it's us.No. Phoebe. you okay?|. prepare for a big blast.The baby did. {120054}{120126}If not for me. {117263}{117328}.|be honest for your own sake. sweetie. {112945}{112970}Where you been? {112988}{113055}I forgot the vanquishing spell|in the attic. {119812}{119837}Yeah.What do we do?|. yeah? What's that?|. but why? {119846}{119909}And don't say because you're|scared of me. {116070}{116170}You don't want to leave your baby|the way I left you.Yeah.Leo. {118528}{118586}. {116220}{116317}But spells won't make|that fear go away. {115235}{115288}Paige! Wake up! {115387}{115444}No wonder those demons|carry warning labels. {119046}{119080}How did I get here? {119102}{119138}I brought you here. {119226}{119260}This goes beyond stalking! {119274}{119331}I'm not stalking you. {119737}{119808}I know what drove me here. {118081}{118156}I don't wanna leave my baby|without a mother.Nothing. Paige sent me.She came to me in the water. {118647}{118683}How do you figure? {118689}{118772}Let's just say I have a pretty good idea|about what's going on i nside her head. {116339}{116446}Have faith that your destiny|is different than mine.Oh. heal her stomach.Mom?|.

{121644}{121692}It's over between us. {123019}{123064}You've got a real gift|for helping people. {121399}{121448}And I always will. . {121469}{121533}But it doesn't change anything. {120207}{120237}What do you want me to say? {120252}{120302}You don't have to say anything. {121111}{121169}How could you be so sure? {121202}{121251}I had a feeling. {120411}{120453}In your heart.{120133}{120180}Don't lose yourself because of me.|but I don't want you to quit. {121546}{121577}It doesn't matter. {122787}{122823}Paige. {120306}{120392}All you have to do to free yourself|is admit how you truly feel about me. {123316}{123374}But thanks for everything. {123130}{123187}I'm gonna keep helping people. {122927}{123015}I know I've been tough on you. {123092}{123126}Don't worry. {123191}{123272}I just don't wanna|split my focus anymore. {121349}{121380}I do love you.