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CommunlcaLlon Culdellnes for ÞubllcaLlon of MlnlsLry LvenLs/Þrograms

Þender uMC
3/18/11 (updaLed leb. 2014)

MlnlsLry leaders and evenL coordlnaLors are responslble for submlLLlng lnformaLlon of upcomlng evenLs
Lo Lhe church offlce for publlcaLlon. 1he church sLaff wlll work wlLh leaders Lo geL Lhe announcemenLs
publlshed ln all Lhe varlous venues - Lhe bulleLln, announcemenL slldes, Lhe weekly emall, posLer, slgnup
sheeLs, eLc. - and wlll help wlLh preparaLlon or resources, buL Lhe lnlLlal requesL wlLh deLalled
lnformaLlon has Lo come from Lhe mlnlsLry area or evenL organlzer. 1he offlce sLaff geLs busy wlLh
mulLlple responslblllLles and lL can’L be assumed LhaL Lhey wlll auLomaLlcally know of Lhe upcomlng
evenLs and lnlLlaLe communlcaLlon abouL Lhem.

Þlease be aware of Lhe followlng guldellnes:
1. 1he flrsL sLep ln geLLlng an evenL publlclzed ls Lo geL lL puL on Lhe church calendar. lnformaLlon
regardlng mlnlsLry evenLs and programs wlll noL be publlshed unless Lhey are also on Lhe church
calendar. 1o geL your evenL on Lhe calendar, submlL lL Lo Lhe offlce uslng Lhe 8esource 8equesL
lorm. nC1L: Submlsslon Lo Lhe church calendar does noL mean LhaL Lhe evenL wlll be
publlclzed ln any oLher way Lhan on Lhe church calendar.

2. ALL lnformaLlon for publlcaLlon musL be submlLLed Lo Lhe church offlce no laLer Lhan 3pm on
1uesday of Lhe week LhaL publlcaLlon ls deslred.

3. 8ulleLln: lnformaLlon Lo be publlshed ln Lhe worshlp bulleLln should be as conclse as posslble Lo
lnclude name of evenL/mlnlsLry, daLe, Llme, one or Lwo senLence summary, and a conLacL
person. 8ulleLln lnserLs wlll noL be commonly consldered. lf room ls needed wlLhln Lhe bulleLln
for more recenL or urgenL announcemenLs, your announcemenL mlghL be shorLened or
posLponed unLll Lhe nexL week.

Cenerally, announcemenLs ln Lhe bulleLln and weekly emall wlll noL run for more Lhan 3 weeks
because afLer LhaL amounL of Llme, readers don’L see Lhem anymore – Lhey become

4. Weekly emall: 1op prlorlLy wlll be glven Lo lnformaLlon perLalnlng Lo Lhe weekend lmmedlaLely
followlng Lhe emall Lo lnclude lnformaLlon abouL worshlp, church mlnlsLrles and acLlvlLles Laklng
place LhaL weekend, church mlnlsLrles and acLlvlLles Laklng place Lhe followlng week, and a brlef
“look ahead” to the next weekend. Any other information will be listed under the “Upcoming”
secLlon aL Lhe end of Lhe emall, wlLh llnks Lo more lnformaLlon on Lhe webslLe, lf avallable.

ALLenLlon musL be glven Lo Lhe 3pm 1uesday submlsslon deadllne.

nC1L: AddlLlonal emall blasLs durlng Lhe week oLher Lhan Lhe weekly emall wlll noL commonly
be consldered. lf we send Loo many, readers wlll conslder Lhem Lo be spam and wlll sLop paylng
aLLenLlon Lo any of Lhem.

3. WebslLe: 1hls ls where Lhe bulk of your mlnlsLry/program lnformaLlon should be. ?ou can go lnLo
as much deLall as you wanL on Lhe webslLe. Lach mlnlsLry/program of Lhe church has, or can
have, lLs own page on Lhe church webslLe. Lach mlnlsLry/program leader ls responslble for
worklng wlLh Lhe web manager Lo keep Lhe conLenL of Lhe web lnformaLlon currenL.

6. ÞasLors malnLaln Lhe rlghL Lo make exLraordlnary excepLlons.

SubmlLLed by ÞasLor uan Llmore, 8uLch klnerney, uebble Mckamey.