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{1260}{1308}You're mad. I'm late, I know.

{1312}{1370}Oh, God, no, not at all.|Don't worry about it...
{1374}{1433}Good, because I'd hate to spend|the weekend in Big Sur arguing.
{1465}{1532}- What?|- You and me. Driving down the coast.
{1536}{1580}Radio on, top down.
{1608}{1651}All you have to do is say yes.
{1655}{1748}That sounds really great, but...
{1753}{1811}But that's not a "yes."
{1828}{1938}It's just that this isn't|really going to work.
{1983}{2033}Okay, we could reschedule.
{2058}{2132}Not the weekend, us.
{2155}{2223}I'm really sorry.
{2286}{2349}Yeah, me too.
{2353}{2413}Oh, there he goes.
{2434}{2483}I really thought that one|was a keeper.
{2487}{2557}Why? Because he was|cute and funny
{2561}{2617}and oh, yeah, don't let me|forget, deliciously yummy?
{2621}{2668}That's the second guy|in a row she's dumped.
{2673}{2723}Third. But who's counting?
{2728}{2769}So do you think she has|commitment issues
{2773}{2816}or do you think she's|just too picky?
{2820}{2881}I don't know. I'd love to speculate,|but I gotta go.
{2892}{2988}Piper, if you haven't noticed, The|Flaming Lips are playing at your
{2992}{3019}My... My favourite group.
{3023}{3090}I know, that's why you're not gonna|scare them when you go backstage
{3094}{3119}- Okay?|- Okay.
{3123}{3186}I gotta go home because I gotta|interview magical nannies tomorrow
{3190}{3238}- and I gotta prepare.|- Wait, magical nannies?
{3242}{3282}You mean like Mary Poppins?
{3286}{3318}One could only hope, but no.
{3322}{3395}Leo has arranged for us to|meet supernatural creatures
{3399}{3443}that have child-care experience.
{3451}{3507}- Creatures?|- And it's not like I can call a service
{3511}{3568}and ask for a nanny to watch over|my little Charmed One
{3573}{3621}while I go off and|slay slimy demons.
{3625}{3682}That's a good point.|But don't you think it's a little early
{3686}{3745}for you to be looking for nannies?|You're not even showing yet.
{3749}{3806}- Except for your boobies.|- I'm telling you, they are large
{3810}{3853}and they are definitely in charge.
{3857}{3972}But at least something is normal about|this pregnancy. Okay, I'll se
e you.
{3976}{4017}I just... Can... Can l...?
{4060}{4151}- Breaking up is such a downer.|- Yeah, honey,
{4155}{4206}well, practice makes perfect.
{4253}{4322}Well, you know,|I mean if it's not right, it's not right.
{4351}{4388}Why wasn't it right?
{4397}{4473}I don't know, I could just kind of tell|it wasn't really going anywh
{4477}{4533}so I thought I'm gonna|cut this one off at the pass
{4538}{4632}before it gets messy|and he likes me too much.
{4642}{4698}Okay. If you say so.
{4704}{4798}At least you don't have to worry|about if he's gonna attack again.
{4803}{4893}- Is that some sort of Cole segue?|- Well, now that you mention him.
{4922}{4965}...he hasn't contacted me in a while.
{4974}{5005}That's a good thing, right?
{5013}{5097}Yeah, it is for me. I'm just worried|about the rest of humanity, you

|. {10515}{10564}. strong. it's for Paige.All I can tell you about your charge {11560}{11641}is that he is a good man|who's lost his way.|which means he's up to something. I want the best. you mean how evil barges in here|all hours of the day and nigh t {10206}{10300}hell-bent on killing us? Not exactly|an ideal working environment. it can't wait.Not exactly. okay? {9945}{10040}I will relax when Leo gets here.|We haven't had a chance to prepare . {11487}{11556}. {9466}{9526}Put it down. biblical name. {5617}{5667}Get out of the way! {5700}{5744}Where do you think you're going? {5773}{5838}You're not going anywhere.Because the Elders want Paige {11746}{11788}to figure the rest out for herself. my God.No. Cole.|You're getting your first cha rge.|. {6210}{6290}Come on. what's going on here? {7790}{7863}We've been waiting|for this moment. {10688}{10714}Are you serious? {10718}{10779}Well. {12092}{12167}But they think that you should|be able to sense his location.Can't it wait?|. {10568}{10672}But it's not for me. {11854}{11906}Your charge's name is Samuel.{5101}{5173}Cole doesn't just do nothing. where do I find him? {12056}{12086}The Elders aren't sure. finally! I was afraid|that the Elders drummed up {10414}{10476}one of their last-minute|"it can't wait" assignments.|Get down! {5848}{5904}Nobody move! Everybody get|their hands where I can see them! {5908}{5956}Let's go! {5978}{6072}All your valuables. A witch.|. welcome. {7867}{7942}Yes. all your money!|Hurry up! Watches. wallets. {10342}{10410}Oh. wait. it is half of who I am. really? {9708}{9786}How come I spent all night cleaning|potion stains off of the ceiling ? {9796}{9833}That's gazpacho. {10783}{10888}That is so great! I am now Paige|Matthews. whitelighter-witch. see.|Give me the money! Hurry up! {6492}{6580}Hey. {9837}{9890}Well. {11659}{11741}. {11911}{11943}Samuel.I'm a hyphenate. you need to relax. {9398}{9462}Hey. the Elders aren't exactly|known for their sense of humour. {11263}{11306}It's a young girl.|Oh. {10123}{10202}Oh. I can totally relat e to that.And why is that all you can tell her?|. you're being vague. {11062}{11126}Who's my charge gonna be?|Is it a whitelighter-to-be? {11131}{11183}A philanthropist? A doctor? {11191}{11259}.|blenders have lids. you know what. {5178}{5238}And now that he knows that|we're definitely not together anymore.Oh.|.Oh. {10941}{10994}Since when are you psyched|about whitelighter duty? {10998}{11058}Well. {11792}{11844}Yeah. nothing's changed. {9664}{9704}.|Okay. not potion. {11947}{12046}Good.We are not slobs.|And the best don't work for slobs.|put it down! {9535}{9578}On the nannies? {9582}{9660}Yeah. your reputation precedes you.Wait a minute. don't tell me. {11311}{11417}She's just coming into her powers. {10045}{10118}What's to prepare? You're a Charmed|One. . {5243}{5301}I'm afraid that "something"|might be evil. {9895}{9938}Piper. {10892}{10937}.. {11421}{11471}You ramble when you're excited. put it down. lady! I'm trying to make|a good impression here..Sorry. {12178}{12203}So wait a minute.

{14628}{14683}I told you last night. {15630}{15662}What's that got to do with me? {15666}{15723}We are only a few.. {15734}{15807}But we are preparing to wield|a power. {13903}{13992}I just want to warn you that maybe|you shouldn't jump to conclusio ns {13996}{14056}and you should have|all the facts before you act.|being that I'm also a whitelighter.I tossed it.|. {12957}{13003}Paige. not a potion. Phoebe. it wasn't strong enough. and fast.I am good at this. {14145}{14199}. So do I . don't you think? {15231}{15263}Then what are you? {15280}{15313}The Avatars.{12208}{12247}If the Elders have|lost track of him. Negative Nancy.|The power inside you has grown. {13312}{13363}Hang on a second. {16099}{16155}I want nothing to do with you. {16027}{16090}Let me make myself clear.|dark and handsome {13585}{13640}and can send people flying|with the wave of a hand. {12481}{12548}How are you supposed to trust people|that don't answer your questi ons? {12563}{12651}Okay. .? {13799}{13898}Let me handle this.|. {12251}{12298}why do they suddenly think|Paige can find him? {12303}{12396}Well. {13471}{13531}Sounds more like you need|an arrest warrant.What is it?|. {12655}{12721}I don't want anybody to rain|on my whitelighter parade. {14965}{15051}Good and evil are such|useless categories. leave me alone. our truce with him is over. {16345}{16384}You can't fight us. what did you do|with the vanquishing potion {13007}{13038}.|but it barely even dented it. you will join us. {13679}{13728}Did I forget to mention|the scorch marks? {13732}{13795}. you have to figure out|a way to make another one {13273}{13307}that's strong enough.|neither side ever winning. enough. {12912}{12953}.. {15859}{15943}And we want you to be a part of it.Why don't you.|What are you talking about? {13367}{13465}Last night.|You just scurry back to your tidying . {13535}{13581}Not when the vigilante is tall. {14918}{14958}I won't turn evil. you crossed the line.|except to us. lady. {12400}{12477}All we have to do is trust|that they know what they're doing. {14831}{14894}You have nowhere else to turn. {14098}{14125}Actually. {15140}{15206}Gets rather boring.We have a demon to vanquish.|I tried it on that letter opener {13157}{13211}that had Cole's blood on it. {16452}{16525}Sooner or later. {16389}{16444}It is futile to try.Cole? {13042}{13086}.But you better start working {14203}{14320}on the potion.That means it's Cole.|. the Elders have complete|faith in Paige's abilities. {14687}{14827}Last night. {13219}{13269}Well. the likes of which {15811}{15855}this world has never seen. {15055}{15125}Endlessly embattled. you're right. Cole. two guys held up|a bar and a vigilante killed them.that you made for Cole?|. {13644}{13675}That doesn't mean it's Cole. {15567}{15618}We can drive them both. {15459}{15563}And we don't have to limit ourselves|to choosing between good and evil.You tossed it? {13090}{13153}Yeah. {15338}{15375}Avatars of what? {15389}{15442}Force and power. Because if I'm right|about Cole. {12725}{12804}Paige? Piper? {12882}{12907}Hey.

{17451}{17499}Is that what you wanted to hear? {17523}{17575}You just don't get it. how about some coffee? {21193}{21254}How about you leave me alone? {21310}{21399}Maybe you just want to talk. I have to tell|Samuel something. do you? {17590}{17667}They weren't only two criminals.. {16583}{16627}. I killed those two criminals. {19252}{19329}. {17034}{17122}I can't be good.Where are you going?|. I don't think|you're gonna need a cover. {21549}{21576}Maybe some other time. {20740}{20820}Well. great. I won't be evil.|Home sweet home. {18654}{18684}Jimmy who? {18688}{18724}My shoes? {18743}{18778}Men. Cole. This is just great. I think he's close. {18997}{19094}Yeah. {21104}{21171}Well..and human waste.. {19769}{19836}.. {20946}{20989}. {17272}{17394}And you want to know something|else? It was easy. {18920}{18993}I told you he was a lost|soul and needed saving.. here we are. {19505}{19579}.|good or evil.Cover? {19334}{19400}Social worker. {21421}{21506}What part of "alone"|don't you understand? {21519}{21544}Okay.|What do you want from me? {17126}{17155}I want an answer. {18025}{18109}If you kill another person. in this case. {18188}{18246}You really think you have|the power to vanquish me? {18256}{18298}Try me. {19099}{19177}Probably also some rats.You're sensing him? {19840}{19935}No. {17933}{17967}Then why are you still here? {17978}{18010}I'm here to warn you..Nanny interviews. {17775}{17847}You have no idea what|I'm going through right now.. . {20868}{20899}No.In this case?|. {18792}{18916}So I'm guessing my "wealthy|philanthropist" theory was wrong..I will vanquish you.. {20113}{20198}. It felt very nat ural.|You know.Well.Good luck. {18579}{18649}you might have told me|not to wear my Jimmy Choos.Stay out!|.I feel something. {20643}{20704}Thanks. {20051}{20109}. {16984}{17025}Well..inevitable. {18118}{18172}. {17854}{17918}No. {20824}{20863}It's a dump. For a girl. and I don't want to know. {17692}{17763}Spare me the judgmental crap. {20904}{20936}It's. you are being evasive.|. huh? {16851}{16887}Get out of here. {19194}{19237}. it's more like a magnetic pull. {19599}{19672}Piper's right. Well.|."shabby chic.. I don't.|They were two human beings. this definitely looks like a place|where lost souls would ha ng out. {17179}{17268}Yes. {18520}{18575}If this is where I was supposed|to find my charge. {19404}{19461}Well.. I think..{16530}{16572}It is.. I'm a really good listener. {16894}{16939}Did you kill two people last night? {16944}{16980}I don't have time for this. you better make time for this..At least my cover will work.|some roaches. {20380}{20485}Oh. {20544}{20623}You're strong. every case is different.. {18438}{18495}I might just do that. {16799}{16838}Back to your old self again." {21003}{21062}It's a shabby dump.

{26296}{26342}No. {22877}{22941}I may be new at this. How you been? {26934}{27032}Last time we saw you. {23637}{23731}Am I expected to protect the baby|from the incessant demon attacks ? {23748}{23822}I'd say "incessant" is a bit|of an overstatement. . {25363}{25431}This can't be happening. aren't I?|. {25685}{25725}Calm? The Elders sent me|to protect someone {25729}{25782}. {25295}{25359}It's okay. I don't cook. you know? {22098}{22183}A little advice:|You need to work up a cover.Long time no see. honey.Duck!|. {23829}{23883}You are a Charmed One. go get the Book of Shadows.|.I'd say that's a bit {25786}{25819}of an understatement. {27040}{27080}What happened? {27084}{27153}They made me a whitelighter again. got it. there was something|different about that guy.|they're such pessimists.This is highly unusual. {22187}{22251}Didn't you read|the whitelighter manual? {22271}{22305}There's a manual? {22321}{22408}I can't believe the Elders sent|a newbie out after me. {23991}{24076}. just try and stay calm. {23284}{23349}And only light housecleaning. {22419}{22474}Well. I will not go away. please.|and I'll be there. {25555}{25600}Leo. Okay.Don't touch it! {24878}{24912}It's poisonous to you too. {26391}{26436}Fine. but I was|sent here to guide and protect you {22945}{23003}and that is exactly what I am|going to do.|. {24184}{24281}Demons. {23547}{23616}Oh. demons rarely|attack us in the house so. of any variety. {24307}{24378}.Won't it?|. Like it or not. of course you do. {24952}{24998}Is that who I think it is? {25026}{25116}.|Now go away. I can't believe|the Elders saddled me {22478}{22542}with a cranky old drunk|as my first charge. Phoebe. {24478}{24529}Samuel! {24703}{24791}Consider my application withdrawn. {21983}{22033}with a novice. {26207}{26247}Paige. {26251}{26292}Why. {23437}{23531}If you don't mind. {25435}{25521}You're not. correct? {23897}{23966}Yes. you were riding|into the afterlife with our mother.without telling me who he was.|.. {24806}{24867}. you're gonna be okay.Mom's whitelighter. back up. incoming!|.|Well.|I can't be losing my first charge. no less.Sorry. {23358}{23433}Oh. {22662}{22784}You've got spunk. {21788}{21864}Okay? I'll be right there to help you. yeah.I'm still alive.{21586}{21683}But if you need help. {24128}{24180}Whitelighters.Darklighter. {26849}{26920}Piper. that's okay. we know it was a darklighter.Paige. {22042}{22078}Wait a second.Damn it!|. you see. {26346}{26386}You just go get the book.|because Piper's a neat freak. {23021}{23070}No! {23124}{23197}.And Paige's father. but that won't affect|your job here. {23208}{23274}Cooking.he was a whitelighter. it won't.|I have a few questions of my own. that's a no.No. {21878}{21979}I can't believe the Elders|finally tracked me down. Everyone with|whitelighter blood. I like that.. {25826}{25875}Is there something else|I should know? {26024}{26074}Okay. {26572}{26610}You all right? {26616}{26708}. {21687}{21779}just call this number. {22806}{22873}No. I can't believe you didn't tell me {25604}{25681}.

he's my charge.|why did you send me for the book? {29876}{29915}Because I didn't know that.|.|Did you find anything in the book? {29482}{29521}No. {27942}{27980}It doesn't matter. {29677}{29743}And they go after fallen whitelighters. {31489}{31546}Okay. again.{27157}{27222}And I screwed up.|I'm gonna go look for him. {28415}{28449}When you stopped|using your powers. the whitelighter. now you know|where I'm from. {30905}{30946}You're not the only one|with problems. {27589}{27651}Don't. {28602}{28660}Don't you think she at least|deserves to know the truth? {28671}{28707}The truth? {28711}{28847}That her birth father. {29796}{29859}Okay. wait a minute. {28307}{28357}The Elders setting me up. {29358}{29390}What.. {30735}{30764}I can't! {30790}{30855}Stop feeling sorry for yourself. that's the one.. {28378}{28409}You forced them to. {31157}{31194}I'm not going anywhere near them. {27516}{27556}I've gotta get out of here. You might lose him.payback. {29243}{29279}Where's Samuel? {29283}{29334}He. look at it as.. {28035}{28071}Aren't you forgetting someone? {28075}{28139}Like that girl upstairs|that's trying to save your life? {28160}{28238}. he's been orbing a lot longer|than you have. {31198}{31258}Well. {29525}{29577}Well. {30267}{30336}So here... He orbed out.This isn't right. wait a second. we're pretty sure|that he's a tracker.|especially those who {29747}{29792}are a step away|from losing their wings. {31090}{31151}You are gonna help me|destroy the Charmed Ones. And you're it.. {30130}{30203}Well.The Elders are trying to help you. {27311}{27343}Losing your daughter? {27379}{27411}Yeah.|We're going. {27254}{27300}I guess I never got over. What's wrong? {30657}{30730}Lose your hearing along|with your arm? I said get up. {30207}{30263}I have a better chance|of finding him than you do. . They had to|find you through a blood relat ive.By reuniting me with the ch ild {27729}{27762}they forced me to give up? {27769}{27852}You knew about this supernatural|Jenny Jones reunion. you just let him? {29400}{29478}We couldn't stop him. if you knew all that. {30589}{30653}Get up. hey. {27655}{27725}.She's better off without me. {30055}{30125}Well.|Least of all by her. {29581}{29631}They're stronger|and more powerful {29635}{29673}than the darklighters|you've dealt with. we're gonna go.. She's your whitelighter|for a reason. {29980}{30050}Why don't you two get started on|that and Leo and I will go find S am. {30984}{31012}What do you want? {31020}{31074}A way out. {31265}{31302}. {27989}{28031}No. {28454}{28516}you fell off the radar. {29919}{29975}Sorry. {28247}{28303}I'll tell you what's not right. So we're gonna need|a vanquishing potion. didn't you? {27871}{27908}I was sworn to secrecy. {28520}{28598}I never wanted to be found..|is a two-time loser and a drunk? {29034}{29077}She doesn't need to know that.|.

{35265}{35321}but that doesn't mean they don't|usually have a good reason {35325}{35365}for doing the things that they do.{31550}{31663}I'm gonna tell you what I want.. Sam. {33047}{33134}Oh. {31907}{31981}Kill her. . what now? {32064}{32119}Well. and he'll be begging to die. defending the Elders. not an answer. {31729}{31811}. {35772}{35840}Helping Paige.|First.|thinking we know everything {33302}{33359}just because of who we are.and you love her more than|you ever loved anything in the world . we go after the witches. did you? {32539}{32603}We knew you'd be back|sooner or later... {33462}{33496}You want to understand. {36317}{36383}Can you pass me the|cardamom.. a witch. {32847}{32912}Why else do you think|I've been orbing all over creation? {32916}{32966}Well. we run into a lot|of people in our line of work. {34667}{34738}The darklighter is not gonna|stop until he kills you.and then you give her to someone|else to raise and grow up with . you're gonna need|some extra firepower. {34514}{34569}Just leave. {33665}{33764}. I'm just gonna|take a guess now. I know loss. {32751}{32843}I don't want to talk. {34228}{34303}It was just a matter of|time until I lost her again. {36275}{36312}Okay. it doesn't matter.|Well.|So why don't you help us understand. did it? {34049}{34149}As soon as she found out who|she was. {35855}{35887}With what? {35893}{35956}Knowing where she|comes from. they may not be|on my Christmas list.|Do you ever think of that? {34812}{34862}Come on. please? {36462}{36500}Okay. {35216}{35261}Hey. a Charmed... please. {32124}{32176}and I'm gonna give it to you. {33904}{33962}You and Mom did|that to protect Paige.. {32209}{32241}What do you get out of this? {32265}{32339}Let's just say I'm looking|for a showdown.|Maybe this is about helping Paige.|I want to be left alone.Patience. {35527}{35595}Look. {32628}{32712}What is with you people?|Can't you take a hint? {32721}{32747}We need to talk. {32019}{32046}Well. you know? How?|How can you? {33139}{33189}L. you got a point there. I know it hurts. that is crap! {33368}{33455}Now. {33774}{33900}. {36117}{36169}So you don't know him at all? {36173}{36271}You know. {31844}{31903}One of the witches|is his long-Iost kid. {35376}{35425}Like telling you|you couldn't marry Leo? {35463}{35494}I said usually. that's fine. {34752}{34808}Maybe that's my destiny. if you don't want|our help. chickening out comes to mind. {35602}{35712}But maybe this isn't about you. you hold that precious|little baby of yours in your arms. {32495}{32535}Thought you lost us.. {31667}{31722}Then we get that decrepit|whitelighter you're looking for.|.. {33212}{33298}The hubris of a whitelighter. that is a cop-out|and you know it! {34887}{34967}You really think the Elders brought|you and Paige together {34972}{35021}so she could watch you die? {35047}{35095}Look at you. {32978}{33029}Sam. {34573}{34614}Pretend you never found me! {34618}{34660}It does matter. once again. for starters. {33990}{34041}Didn't work. {35103}{35183}Of all people..I want that whitelighter dead now. {34318}{34364}And I couldn't handle that! {34389}{34479}Look. do you? {33553}{33634}Well...

{38212}{38261}That would make him.What are you talking about?|. you guys. {40828}{40892}. {36798}{36891}Okay. {41521}{41553}You son of a bitch. we can talk. passive-aggressive. {39020}{39085}I was hoping we could talk. {37060}{37117}Okay. {37387}{37429}I fail to see the connection.What happened?|. I'm just great. {38277}{38331}Your biological father. it gets better.Like who?|. {40092}{40185}One who made me proud to be|his daughter. enough with the cryptic. {41125}{41167}But we both know better than that.|what does that mean? {37122}{37212}Come on.. It's important. all right? Ronan! {41762}{41809}. honey.Just tell me if I'm hot or cold. are you okay? {38489}{38542}Great. {40754}{40794}Hey... {39869}{39925}That's a perfectly fair statement. take my word for it.|my charge would be an apple. {37998}{38061}Sam was. have I? {40285}{40350}No offence. {40949}{40983}Sam refused to come back.{36504}{36546}Let's see. {37273}{37383}Okay. And it's not you. {40578}{40639}That has to have caused|you some pain.What?|.. {37825}{37881}. {36931}{36965}Like what. {40457}{40501}Well. . {37667}{37752}Tell me what you know and please. maybe you should.That's impossible. {38120}{38171}.|I'll finish the potion. Maybe the Elders thought|you would actually learn something {36895}{36927}from working with him. {40003}{40036}But not a father. I think you pretty|much got that down. {37592}{37660}Okay. maybe the|Elders gave him to me {36550}{36654}because he's a lost cause that|they couldn't pawn off on anyone el se. {40048}{40088}I had a father. Paige..That's not Sam. {39255}{39300}Yeah. {38879}{38908}I'm sorry. for you bo th.Sam's in there talking to Paige.Trevor. {37433}{37487}Okay. Trevor is an orange. nice job. {39712}{39777}You hate me. {38422}{38471}Oh.Mom's whitelighter. {37493}{37587}You need to give Samuel another|chance.|.Paige. {39145}{39199}Go ahead. {37216}{37262}. {40505}{40558}After all. {36663}{36756}.Yeah. but I don't know you. {41024}{41121}You can pretend all you want|that it hasn't affected you. {41557}{41672}Wait.He's immune. {39954}{39994}Spoken like a true whitelighter.She's talking about this. honey.Toadflax. {37771}{37811}Okay. {40206}{40265}I haven't made you|very proud. {38662}{38705}Why couldn't anybody tell me? {38714}{38770}I should have told you. {39350}{39388}I'm here for you if you need me.|don't change the subject. I'm the one|that gave you up at birth. {38569}{38658}I just don't quite see|why the big secret. don't you? {39805}{39857}Why should I?|You're a stranger to me.. you know|you're pretty quick to judge people.|. {41342}{41437}.You really want to know?|. {40899}{40945}.What do you mean?|. {40354}{40386}And I actually haven't spent {40390}{40447}a lot of time over the years|thinking about you. {41172}{41262}How would you know? Who the|hell do you think you are anyway? {41297}{41337}. how to give up? {36977}{37033}No.

{46286}{46343}Because I want them|to come after me. {47952}{47988}He will. {44508}{44544}You can't go alone. {47112}{47187}Sam. {46625}{46717}Why? So you can shoot|me in the back? {46756}{46802}You're smarter than I thought. I'm not alone. {47590}{47617}You have to do it.|You said I could have him.|He's our only chance. but it's just not smart. {45853}{46007}This isn't about you. {47888}{47916}He'll be here soon. {43249}{43313}Yeah.|You need to heal them. {48586}{48643}. . wake up. if you think you've|screwed up in the past. {47192}{47232}No. it's been so long. {43517}{43591}I mean. {43364}{43466}Yeah. {43686}{43747}Maybe if you mixed three|different ones. {46199}{46236}Heal them? {46240}{46282}You wanted me to help you kill them. {45744}{45829}I kept up my end of the bargain. {44795}{44861}It's up to you.. just hang on. {44044}{44074}Don't think like that. he killed two people|yesterday in public. {47549}{47582}Well. there's no one else. {46027}{46109}What difference does it make to you|whether the whitelighter lives or dies? {46113}{46190}I need him alive. It's about me . Ronan.{41813}{41856}Not to this. {44553}{44593}No. {43470}{43512}Well. Cole is usually s mart. you gotta sense him. {48177}{48224}Oh.|what's the occasion? {43317}{43360}Because he's pure evil. {44713}{44752}That's a good point. {44344}{44450}So you gotta find him. {44262}{44322}It's different because now|you're the one that's hurt. {46960}{47009}Sam. {47297}{47359}The darklighter shot them. {42899}{42952}You can't stop the bleeding. they'll come|after you and I can't have that.|Paige and Leo need you. Or about him. {45620}{45665}What are you doing here? {45701}{45740}Protecting him from you.|And good or evil. {45533}{45605}I wouldn't do that if I were you.He's been better.How's Leo doing?|. {43977}{44037}So now I'm screwed. {43200}{43245}I can't believe Cole would go this far. {47622}{47667}Look. {42327}{42358}Let's go. You go.|Concentrate. {44114}{44258}Why? Sam bails. {46347}{46449}You kill Sam. that's what he does. so he can heal|the witch and their whitelighter. did you? {46570}{46609}Walk away. {43595}{43675}I've been thinking about|the vanquishing potion. leave me alone! {47237}{47293}Listen to me.|can you? {42972}{43007}Just try and rest. And I'll go|get him and bring him back here {44454}{44504}and Phoebe will stay|with you and Leo.|This time won't be any differ ent. you're gonna be able|to make the vanquishing potion {43813}{43875}just as soon as we figure|out a way to heal you. {46461}{46537}You never had any intentions|of letting me kill him. {43752}{43809}No. Sam.I can't. God. {47453}{47545}I don't know.What's the problem?|. {47672}{47732}now would be a good time|to start making amends.. {43096}{43158}.|for that matter. he's obviously lost his mind. {43880}{43952}We gotta find Sam. {44597}{44689}Apparently the baby here|prefers Mommy to be indestructible. and why now.

That's not good enough. {50935}{50985}Okay.{48647}{48684}What? Try again. {49257}{49325}No.Where's your hit man?|.|let alone you. {56394}{56473}Can't even kill a lousy whitelighter. {49090}{49143}Everything I touch. you will not sit there|and drown in self-pity {48845}{48882}while Paige and|my husband die. {49150}{49253}All I wanted was a life for her. {55198}{55227}It'll work. {50112}{50140}What happened? {50152}{50232}I think you just healed yourself. {49020}{49062}You can't heal her|because you gave up. {55859}{55915}I said stand up. you okay? {51591}{51624}The baby? {51630}{51730}Oh. We have a Cole to vanqu ish. This is my punishment. {54023}{54077}Are you sure you want to do this? {54090}{54144}How can you even|ask me that question? {55087}{55177}If this doesn't work. . {55380}{55427}I don't want any more. then Phoebe.But you can't be sure? {52357}{52422}I can't be sure of anything|until I try it.Oh. she's fine. Thanks. {51764}{51802}I'll explain later. {52595}{52635}Got it. {49723}{49782}Paige. {48780}{48840}No.|. {49488}{49554}All the pain and anger that you've|been holding on for so many yea rs. {56340}{56390}they're just so difficult to work with. {53515}{53540}On three? {53545}{53604}No. Leo. {56192}{56232}Come to vanquish me. Paige saved us.|free from magic and demons. Me. {52729}{52761}I have a thought. dead. {52426}{52466}. {52555}{52591}we may not get a second chance. later. this is my da ughter. I think. {48899}{49013}Don't you think I want to save them?|For God's sake. {52816}{52870}No other potion has|been able to destroy this {52875}{52915}since Cole's blood|has been protecting yeah. {49436}{49484}She's done so much good. come on. {51806}{51930}I'm gonna go get started on those|potions. {49558}{49636}you've got to let it go..|And if this doesn't work. {52162}{52216}So you think this is gonna work? {52220}{52280}These are at least as strong|as the ones we used on The Source. {52920}{53001}but if these potions are|as strong as I think they are {53005}{53076}then a little will go a long way. then you. {50829}{50866}Thank you. you know those darklighters. Especially when|you could have so much more. now. it was not.|.|It's time to let it go. {49329}{49369}She's the reason|I am still standing here. Kill him. I am so sorry. {56540}{56573}Bastard. I want this over with.|you'll have nowhere else to turn.Phoebe. I hurt. {52651}{52682}Dead. {52470}{52550}I want him dead. {49373}{49412}She brought this|family back together. {48691}{48774}It's no use. {55231}{55370}But what a waste. {55434}{55485}You're not even curious? {55804}{55847}Stand up. I don't think|we have to worry about her at all. have you? {56257}{56336}.|Now Paige. {56485}{56514}But you could have. {56791}{56834}Phoebe. {49810}{49855}It's okay. {51505}{51578}Piper.. {52284}{52353}.

. {61091}{61136}That if I never met you. {57220}{57328}But you needed all of us to survive|for your plan to work. {57734}{57807}Well.what are you gonna do now?|I mean. It's a little scary. {59590}{59624}So. about Cole..Yeah.{56951}{57025}.Phoebe. {57896}{57964}Yeah. {62272}{62317}But I didn't. {60764}{60862}I understand. {63125}{63193}and regular ones are out of the|question.|you made a choice {61476}{61552}that gave me the most amazing gift. {57846}{57892}And you want it too. {58006}{58049}We won't help you commit suicide. {61586}{61710}You see. you said it yourself. {62907}{62982}.. {59770}{59911}I don't know.. not yours. We loved|each other fiercely. have you lost your mind?|. includi ng Sam. {62357}{62421}And now I'm a whitelighter. {60579}{60690}A baby. then what are we gonna d o? .. being|that he's basically indes tructible now. {61717}{61832}and we. {60129}{60154}Paige. {59653}{59719}. that little elf? Got a big mouth. to boot.. {62215}{62257}I could have walked away. {61255}{61295}I guess.Phoebe. I life would be perfectly fine.. {58775}{58814}Then why didn't it? {58859}{58903}They knew it wouldn't work.|Unless you didn't really want to kill us.No. {61964}{62007}.... {63031}{63121}Oh. {59915}{59999}Well. but on our terms. I got to have|these tremendous parents. {62987}{63027}All the nannies|cancelled their interviews. throw the potion.|did you? {57107}{57160}. {57050}{57102}You never really wanted to kill us. {60388}{60446}If we could have done it over.. {58907}{58952}Who knew?|What are you talking about? {59038}{59098}You can't vanquish me.What are you talking about?|. We were afraid|the Elders would find out.. my God.. {59114}{59149}Nobody can.. {58096}{58133}You already have. {60878}{60931}It still has to have hurt you. that's the only way out for me. {58724}{58771}I don't understand.|That should have worked. {57409}{57545}It wasn't a smart plan.. {60332}{60377}Your mother too..He could have killed you {57164}{57216}back at the manor.. so. {62042}{62112}What about everything|that goes with it? {62145}{62190}I choose to be a witch.|He had you alone..|. I'm sure you girls will handle it. Well. {60960}{61083}I used to think that you|did not matter to me at all.. great.with my sisters. {62530}{62574}That's my girl.I know what you're doing. {60450}{60494}We wouldn't have done it. {61382}{61466}When you gave me up. {57571}{57638}You wanted us to be|so blinded by hate {57642}{57705}that we couldn't see|what you were really up to. I really. {60506}{60566}But we weren't|supposed to be together.the Elders knew better after all.. {57339}{57405}..Any luck?|. {61842}{61946}But now I have|this whole new life. {61308}{61365}.. {61151}{61217}. if magical|nannies won't work for us... {60719}{60752}It's okay. {60170}{60254}I want you to know|that giving you up {60259}{60317}was the hardest decision|I ever had to make. {58568}{58606}Oh. we.

the good thing is we've got|someone invincible of our own. {64469}{64544}Well. Difficult. {64229}{64279}Anything from you over there|in the peanut gallery? {64283}{64357}I'm sorry. that guy. {63782}{63839}Oh. {64566}{64604}I got you covered. I'm just freaking out. how did it go? {63409}{63481}Good. {64022}{64099}I guess meeting Sam made me|realize I kind of still have {64104}{64171}some abandonment issues|I might want to work through. We'll figure it out. it's a good thing we have|a few months. {64371}{64445}Having an invincible ex-husband|is making me really nervous.|It'll be good for you guys {63532}{63590}. {63665}{63773}Maybe I deserve a nice drive down|the coast. Yeah. I think I'll call Tre vor. maybe I'll also rethink that|whole "dumping perfectly nice g uys {63964}{64016}before I give them a chance" thing. but good. .to get to know each other. {64616}{64659}For now. that guy|that you just dumped. {63847}{63960}Well.|. {63342}{63399}Hey.{63210}{63302}Well.I think I'm a little burnt out {63594}{63661}on the whole "emotional|roller coaster" thing right now. {63485}{63527}He's a good man.