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The Sportsman Plan Plan Who Can Be Covered?

It has been said that “physical activity keeps the mind and body young” – Be a Team Player! Sports players are at an increased risk of injury from the moment they step onto a playing field. Accidents have nothing to do with physical makeup, “it’s the nature of the game”. Players face injury, loss of limb’s or even death while enjoying their passion. We must remember in life that it is always better to be safe than sorry because accidents can and will happen. With the realization over the years the more and more Bahamians were participating in Sporting events. BAF undertook the task of developing a Sports Accident Plan. This plan was developed for the young and not so young. The information in this brochure provides a brief overview of the program. The exact cover and the specific details of the plan are outlined in the Master Plan document. This brochure provides some of the key benefits that are available to you. Persons under the age of 50, who participate in team activities, are eligible.

The Plan & Benefits

Accidental Medical Expense Benefits $3000.00 Deductible $50.00

What Period Is Covered?
The current season for which the sport is played for maximum of 6 months for accident occurring during team activity

Where Is Coverage Available?
The coverage extends anywhere in the World. In case of an accident occurring outside the Bahamas, an official receipt in English must be submitted for reimbursement of the equivalent in Bahamian Dollars.

After an accident, the reasonable and eligible expenses incurred within 8 weeks after the date of the accident will be reimbursed up to the maximums. These must be for treatment by a licensed physician or surgeon. Included expenses are; hospital confinement, ambulance, services of RN that is not related by family, which must all be properly invoiced and all subject to the maximum Amount Payable. Reimbursement limits are payable up to the following maximums for each benefit: Accidental Medical Expense Benefit Accidental Death Benefit Loss of 2 Body Members Loss of 1 Body Member $3000.00 $15,000.00 $15,000.00 $7,500.00

Where Can Treatment Be Secured?
Treatment can be received from health care providers licensed and recognized by the Government of the Bahamas. If the accident occurs outside the Bahamas, the healthcare provider must be licensed and recognized in that country and claims and receipts must be submitted in English. Family members are not authorized to give treatment except in cases of emergency An official receipt must be supplied with each claim. All eligible claims must be submitted within 8 weeks of the date of an accident.

Accidental dismemberment means actual severance and must be fully irreversible. If injury does not result in loss of life within 180 days, the Company will pay the appropriate and relevant dismemberment benefits shown Under special circumstances, the Company will pay the designated benefits to any insured person who qualifies according to the definition in the policy as being disabled.

The Premium

Advantages & Benefits
There are many advantages inherent in this Accident Policy.

First Sport $25.00 Semi Annual  Each Additional Sport $20.00 Semi Annually 95% of the participants must be enrolled and submitted on official team station indicating that those covered represent 95% of the team Rates for American Football and Rugby may be provided upon request.      Exceptions  This Plan does not cover war, suicide, self-inflicted injury, routine eye examinations, eye glasses or prescription for glasses, sickness or disease, hernias of various descriptions, routine medical examinations, physicals for any purpose, medical or nursing care provided by any person employed by the policy holder or insured or a family member. Private flying and scuba diving, parasailing, and horseback riding are excluded. Be sure to see the policy for full details. This brochure is only representative and does not contain all details of the plan. Full enrollment in the plan will keep costs low and affordable. The Rates are low due to extensive and wide support throughout the Bahamas Participation levels assure group rates and minimum premium levels The organization shows that they are conscious of the social responsibility Coverage is available during the sports activity The process is kept simple and fast to help in times of need The Plan provides a broad spectrum of cover that provides care for many of the most frequent incidents and accidents The Plan provides Insurance cover by a Company that you can trust and which you can have confidence Persons over the age of fifty are excluded

The Sportsman Accident Plan

Protection When You Need it Most

The Sportsman Accident Plan
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