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Welcome to the homepage for SimQuick: Process Simulation with Excel Second Edition
ISBN: 0-13-107880-1 by David Hartvigsen Mendoza College of Business University of Notre Dame Prentice Hall 2004

Quick overview: SimQuick is an Excel spreadsheet (with some macros) that allows the user to model and simulate simple processes: Waiting lines (e.g., banks, fast-food restaurants, call centers). Inventory and supply chains (e.g., stores, warehouses, and simple combinations of these). Manufacturing (e.g., assembly lines, batch processes, simple job shops) Projects with uncertain task times. SimQuick requires no “installation.” It’s just an Excel file. If you have a PC (stand-alone or networked) with Excel 2003, 2007, or 2010 (under any version of Windows), then you can immediately use SimQuick. SimQuick is accompanied by a 115 page booklet (shown above) that introduces the technique of process simulation through realistic examples and exercises that utilize SimQuick. SimQuick is designed to be easy to learn and use: A wide variety of
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Prentice Hall. Handfield. in detail. 2013. Bozarth. Successful Service Operations Management. Statistics. Pullman.P. typically as a supplement to an Operations Management or Decision Science course.C. 2002 by J. Malhotra.B.htm processes can be modeled after an hour of class time or independent reading. Visich: ". and S.SimQuick http://www. 2nd Edition by R. Vol 32." 2 of 3 02/28/2012 12:42 PM .nd. The SimQuick software with booklet currently costs about $20 per copy.J. and M. Thomson.K. Data Analysis. Excerpts from the booklet: Preface Table of Contents A quick example of how SimQuick works Read an article about SimQuick and how it works in INFORMS Transactions on Education SimQuick is discussed. Krajewski. A student with a basic understanding of Excel should be able to build and analyze simulation models with little to no help from the instructor. Processes and Supply Chains. Prentice Hall. K.-Oct.. M.R. 9th Edition by L. 2006.. Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management. SimQuick is an outstanding workbook and software package. & Decision Modeling. South-Western. L. 2nd Edition by C. Ritzman. 2006. Prentice Hall. SimQuick was reviewed in Interfaces. Evans. King-Metters. SimQuick has been used by a number of companies and by at least 40 colleges and universities.K. in the following textbooks: Operations Management. Bozarth and R. 5th Edition by J. Sept. Prentice Hall. No. 5. 2010. as a pedagogical tool for introducing the basics of simulation.C. 2008 Advanced Decision Support Tools by C. Metters.

htm About the author Examples of SimQuick Projects Based on Real-world Processes (done by students) To order SimQuick: From From Prentice Hall Links to the world of simulation: Simulation Links and Information (from INFORMS) Other books on simulation Security problems when opening SimQuick? Errata e-mail the author 3 of 3 02/28/2012 12:42 PM .SimQuick http://www.nd.