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B.E. (Mech.)

Abhishek Pawar, S/o Shri C.S. Pawar P.H.E. Sub Division, Bhanupratappur Dist. :- Kanker, Pin :- 494669 (C. .!
Ph. "o. - #$%&#-'&'((&, #94'4'-%)$&4

E ai! - *onte*t+e)'(,re-i..+ai/.*o+ "B#EC$I%E &0o 1ork as a /ea- p/a2er in a versati/e at+osphere, 1hi*h 3ive +e both kno1/e-3e an- 3ro1th opportunities. 4 1ant to estab/ish +2se/. as a va/uab/e asset .or the *o+pan2, an- to put +2 best .or the strate3i* -eve/op+ent o. the or3ani5ation an- .or +2 persona/ 3ro1th CAREER 'RAPH&0ota/ ( 6 4 2ears E7perien*e. Perio- 6 8an. '##$ to ti// -ate. Desi3nation 6 9aintenan*e En3ineerin3 (9e*hani*a/! PR"(ESSI")A* E+PERIE)CE& Present/2 1orkin3 as a 9aintenan*e En3ineer (+e*hani*a/! in :u-ra Ce+ent ;t-., 8a3-a/pur (C. .!, .ro+ <pr. #9 to ti// -ate. JOB PROFILE:a. De.inin3 the s*ope .or various site a*tivities .or inter--epart+ent as 1e// as sub-*ontra*tor = ven-ors b. Preparation o. bu-3ets .or 9aintenan*e Dept. base- on site = +aintenan*e re>uire+ent c. Da2 o. -a2 routine = shut -o1n = break -o1n +aintenan*e a*tivities o. the p/ant. ,. 8ob p/annin3 as per -ai/2, 1eek/2 an- +onth/2 s*he-u/es. e. 9ateria/ +ana3e+ent an- inventor2 *ontro/. -. ;istin3 o. +ateria/ to be in-ent .. Co+p/ete +e*hani*a/ +aintenan*e in*/u-in3 (ra1 +i//, *e+ent +i//, Ki//en se*tion an- pa*kin3 -ivision! h. ?orke- so+e PCC 1orks in p/ant as .or re>uire+ent. ?orke- as a 0rainee En3ineer in Hira 4n-ustries ;t-. (4ron @re Crushin3 Anit! 8a3-a/pur (C. .!, .ro+ 8an. #$ to <pr. #9.

JOB PROFILE:a. b. c. ,. e. -. @peration B 9aintenan*e o. -i..erent 9a*hine too/s in the Shop-./oor En3a3e- in 9a*hine shop as a Supervisor S*he-u/in3 o. -i..erent Cobs as per neeP/annin3 o. shop a*tivities. E>uip+ent inspe*tion an- a**eptan*e at site. Co+p/ete +aintenan*e o. (Cone Crusher, 8a1 Crusher, Be/t Conve2ors s2ste+ an- Hita*hi '##ED! .. </so assist the proCe*t o. .ines 1ashin3 p/ant as a +aintenan*e en3ineer (9e*hani*a/! -ivision. h. ?orke- so+e Eru*tation 1ork in p/ant as per re>uire+ent.

E/UCA$I")A* 0UA*I(ICA$I")S&S. )o. ) ' ( 4 E1a i2a3io2 Passe, B.E. 9e*hani*a/ )'th )#th Honors Dip/o+a in Co+puter <pp/i*ation 4ear oPassi2. '##6 )99$ )99& '##' Boar,/U2i5ersi36 Pt. :avi Shankar Shuk/a Aniversit2, :aipur (C. .! Boar- o. Se*on-ar2 E-u*ation in 9.P. Bhopa/ Boar- o. Se*on-ar2 E-u*ation in 9.P. Bhopa/ <4SEC0, Bhopa/ Perce23a.e 6(.6 E 6%.6 E 6'.6 E $).# E


7S"*AR 'REE) H"USE A)/ I$8S PER("RMA)CE A)A*4SIS9 as the .ina/ 2ear proCe*t in

'##6. $"URS / "$HER I)/US$RIES E+P"SURES& ?orke- as a trainee en3ineer in M/s B.R. C"*/ S$"RA'E P%$. *$/., 8a3-a/pur (C. .! as a B.E. *ourse *urri*u/u+ -urin3 <pri/ 6 9a2 '##'

C"MPU$ER PR"(ICIE)C4& ?e// verse- 1ith @peratin3 S2ste+s /ike ?in-o1s 9%=DP, 9S D@S et*. Pro.i*ient in app/i*ation so.t1areFs /ike 9S @GG4CE, 4ntranet e7p/orer et*. E/e+entar2 Kno1/e-3e o. pro3ra++in3 /an3ua3e /ike H4SA<; B<S4C, CII


"a+e GatherFs "a+e 9otherFs "a+e Date o. Birth Cate3or2 B/oo- roup "ationa/it2 ;an3ua3eFs Kno1n Se7 Passport "o. 9arita/ Status Hobbies Phone "o. E-+ai/ Per+anent <--ress

& & & & & & & & & & & & & & &

Abhishek Pawar 9r. C.S. Pa1ar 9rs. Pushpa Pa1ar '#.#$.)9$9 enera/ @I 4n-ian Hin-i B En3/ish 9a/e '()(9$9 An+arrie;istenin3 9usi*, ?at*hin3 +ovies B 0rave//in3 #$%&#-'&'((& , #94'4'-%)$&4 *onte*t+e)'(,re-i..+ai/.*o+ <bhishek Pa1ar S=o Shri C.S. Pa1ar P.H.E. Sub Division, Bhanupratappur Dist.:- Kanker, Pin:- 494669 (C. .!

/EC*ARA$I")&4 hereb2 -e*/are that the above parti*u/ars are true in ever2 respe*t an- nothin3 has been *on*ea/e- or 1ithhe/- b2 +e. 4. an2 o. +2 state+ents are .oun- .a/se at an2 ti+e, +2 appoint+ent +a2 be *an*e//e-. P/a*e & Date & Si.2a3:re

(Abhishek Pawar)