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February 2014 Pickus Infant/Toddler Center • A program of One Hope United 1020 Glen Rock Ave., Waukegan, IL 60085 • 847.625.7915


Healthy Lifestyles Curriculum

Dental Health for Babies
Most babies start getting their first teeth between 6-12 months of age. You might be surprised to learn that as soon as that first tooth appears, it is vulnerable to cavities! Cavities can hurt and lead to other infections. Whether you breast-feed or bottle-feed your baby, here are some hints to help protect your baby’s teeth. Keep in mind that tooth decay is invisible at first. • Dentists agree that sweet liquids that cling to a baby’s teeth—even milk, formula, or juice— can be home to bacteria that cause decay. This decay is also called “baby bottle tooth decay” or “early childhood dental caries.” • The dentist may want to see your baby when his first tooth appears or after his first birthday. If you see tan, brown, or black spots or pits on a baby tooth, especially a front tooth, take your baby to the dentist right away. He may already have tooth decay. Help protect your baby from tooth decay. • Gently take the baby from the breast or take the bottle from her mouth as soon as possible if she falls asleep while feeding. If the bottle stays in her mouth while she sleeps, the sweet liquid can pool around her teeth. • Offer a bottle with cool water between regular feedings if a child is thirsty or wants a bottle for comfort. Remember that drinking water treated with the right amount of fluoride can help prevent cavities. Avoid giving juices, soda pop, or powdered soft drinks in the bottle. • Stay away from baby bottles that look like bottles of soda pop. These may influence a child to choose soft drinks when he is older— a choice that can be very bad for teeth. • Start teaching your baby to take water or juice in a cup shortly after her first tooth appears. She may need a lot of practice! A spillproof cup with collapsible straw might help. Many dentists think that this design keeps sugary liquids away from the teeth better than other spill-proof cups do. • Avoid pacifiers dipped in anything sweet. Take good care of your baby’s mouth. • Clean breast milk, formula, juice, or any sweet liquid from your baby’s teeth and gums to lower the risk of decay. • Gently wipe a baby’s gums with water at least once a day before he has teeth. Use a clean, damp piece of gauze, washcloth, or soft infant toothbrush. This time can be pleasant if you smile and talk to him: “This is how we clean your mouth!” • Brush the teeth very gently at least once a day, starting when the first tooth comes in. Ask the dentist when to use toothpaste.

Four Components of the



C U R R ic U l U m C O R N E R

Snow Time! Winter Sensory Table

Ms. Pam brought fresh snow in from outside and put it into the sensory table. The children examined the snow first, by sight. Then, they decided to touch the snow and immediately identified that it was cold. The children were able to build snow structures and noticed that the snow melted rather quickly. After the children played in the snow, they finger painted a snowy scene using white paint on construction paper.

Look Who’s Walking: Congratulations Angel!
Angel is 11-months-old, and he has reached the developmental milestone of walking. Angel balanced himself by using the shelving units around the classroom. As his legs gained strength, he began to take small steps without assistance. Angel eventually began to walk with control and confidence. Most infants take their first steps between 9 and 12 months and walk confidently by 15 months.

Happy 1st Birthday!
Angel: 2/16 Nevaeh: 2/28

Mommy and Me
On Thursday, Feb. 13, the Pickus Center held a “Mommy and Me” Luncheon. Parents were invited to have lunch with their child. The kids had a blast as they got to wear their favorite pajamas and listen to Sandy from the Waukegan Public Library read stories. Thank you for joining in the fun!

Toddler Dinner Idea
Are you looking for a quick and easy dinner for your child? LAYERED CASSEROLE Ingredients: • Baked Potato • Cooked Broccoli • Ground Beef or Turkey Baked Potato 1. Bake a potato in the microwave until it is soft. 2. Cool the potato and remove the skin from the potato. 3. Mash the potato with a little milk. Cooked Broccoli 1. Steam fresh or frozen broccoli in a pan of water or microwave until soft. 2. Chop broccoli into small pieces

Cooked Meat 1. Buy lean ground beef or turkey (at least 90% lean). 2. Cook meat in a skillet until no longer pink. Break it into tiny pieces. Directions: 1. Layer the dinner - Put a couple spoonfuls of mashed potato in a small plastic bowl. Top with a couple spoonfuls of broccoli and cooked meat. 2. Give your older baby or toddler a spoon to eat with. Show him how to pick up the food with a spoon and put it in his mouth. 3. Let him eat with his fingers too.

The Pickus Infant Toddler Center is a licensed child care facility. Therefore, we have to abide by requirements set forth by the State of Illinois and we need your help to ensure we are meeting those requirements. You can help by doing the following each day: • Sign your child in and out! • Utilize shoe covers when entering the classroom. • Wash your hands (and your child’s hands) upon entry into the classroom. • Bring in extra clothing for your child. • Ensure that bottles (including caps) are clearly labeled.

Inspiration Corner
Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ~ Harriet Tubman

Parent Referral Incentive
Pickus Infant/Toddler Center would like to reward you for referring new children and families to us. Here’s how it works: 1. You tell a friend about Pickus Infant/Toddler Center. 2. Your friend calls us and provides your name as the referral source. 3. Your friend enrolls his or her child(ren) in our center. 4. Pickus pays you $25 after the child is enrolled for three months. (One incentive per each family referred.)

Valentine’s Day Craft
Create a sentimental Valentine’s Day card for all the special people in your child’s life in three simple steps. Cut a heart out of construction paper. 1. Dip your child’s feet in paint and place them side by side inside the heart. 2. Write, “From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes … I love you!” around the perimeter of the heart.

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