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Zariah Wright



Migration: the movement from one country or region to settle in another. Sentence: The Africans migrated often. Bantu: a large group of central of central and southern Africans who speak related languages. Sentence: There are a lot of Bantus in Africa. Savannah: an area of grassland with scattered trees and bushes. Sentence: There are a lot of savannahs in Africa. Sahara: huge dessert stretching across most of Africa. Sentence: The great Sahara dessert. Oral history: accounts of the past that people pass down by word or by mouth. Sentence: there is a lot of oral history that has been passed down from generations to generations. Clan: a group of families who trace roots to the same ancestor. #1 That they have a harsh climate. #2 They have a hot, moist climate they have tropical rain forests on either side of them. #3 1 identify- hot, moist climate, they usually have to travel a lot 2 Recall- 4,000 years ago they formed a Bantu, because it`s like a puzzle piece in the mystery of their heritage and things of that sort. #4 that they were people who adapted to their environment and when they can`t anymore they move or travel until they find a more suitable one.

Assessment #2
Mansa Musa- a king of Mali in the 1300s Sentence: Mansa Musa was a powerful ruler. Mali- a rich kingdom of the West African savannah. Sentence: Mali was ruled by King Mansa Musa. Ghana-the first West African kingdom based on gold and salt trade. Ghana is located in West Africa.

One of the reasons why we know a lot more about the modern life of Lle-lfe is because it’s located on the earlier part of the town. Trees cover old buildings. These amazing discoveries are dated back to 110s and the 1300s.26.(b) their trade routes 1. 4.(a) Mansa Musa. and Benin. 2.(a) life like sculptures and portraits of the powerful Onis of Lle-lfe 2. Benin. but historians knew more about the city or the people who resided there.D.Zariah Wright 2. Lle-lfe – the capitol of a kingdom of the West African rain forest. and mud buildings have washed away due to rain. Songhai. On top. Sentence. 3. Sentence: The city of Benin dates to the 1200s. “The place where the world was created” was a traditional story told by people. Askia Muhammad.(b)maybe because they have been buried among kings or they have been out of fine material. 1. What is being a ruler impacted on your family? Can you do anything that a civilian do? How do you make laws? How does this impact on your family further in life? How did you become ruler of the trade routes amongst the people? . 5. 1. 2.Songhai was the leading kingdom of the West African savannah during the 1400s. Many sculptures and important artifacts have survived any many were discovered only in the last 100 years. 2 important kingdoms were surrounding the cities of Lle-lfe. It`s also thickly forested and damp. QUESTIONS 1. Onis was one of the powerful leaders of Lle-lfe.2014 Document1 Songhai-a powerful kingdom of the West African savannah.a kingdom of the West African rain forest. TARGET READING SKILLS Paraphrase Lle-lfe became a major cultural and trading center in about 1000 A. Sundiata.(c) we have trade routes that are bringing in good money.

2.26.(a) he made Christianity the official religion of his kingdom. By 1500. Sentence: The Africans trade in Aksum. independent state. City-state: a city that is also a of many trading cities on the East African coast. Poor farmers were mostly located here.2014 Document1 ASSESSMENT SECTION #3 Kilwa. It thrived for thousands of years. the city had fallen. Large cattle were an important form of wealth. Sentence: Africa is kind of a city-state.Zariah Wright 2. Aksum.(A) idk 2.(c) he made those changes according to the religion he followed.(b) because they were by rivers and very common trade routes. Sentence: Kilwa one of the trading routes in Africa. Swahili: a Bantu language with Arabic words.(b) the city 1. . It’s different because it looks like one big cross in the middle of the ground just plopped there and at first I didn’t know it was building until I looked more closely. Great Zimbabwe: a powerful southeast African city Great Zimbabwe was founded in about 1100. Farmers may have worn out the soil. spoken along the East African coast Sentence: A clan speaks important East African center of trade. But the stones of the city still stand it`s source of pride to the current day of the city. 1. 1. The very rich ones were the ones who controlled the trade routes.

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