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Kosovo Youth Development Project Project Implementation Unit PIU Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Department of Youth

h !overnment of Kosovo

Call for Application

Sustainability Grants for Youth Centers "he Kosovo youth Development Project #KYDP$ at the Ministry of Culture Youth and Sports #MCYS$ is pleased to invite youth %!&s that serves as youth center in %orth Mitrovica, to apply for a sustaina'ility (rant #up to ) *++++$ 1. Project background "he Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports ,ith the support of the -orld .an/, is implementin( the second phase of the 0Kosovo Youth Development Project11 #KYDP$ that has four components2 Sustaina'le Youth Centers3 Youth 4ntrepreneurship and .usiness Development3 Institutional Capacity for Youth Development3 and Project Mana(ement, Monitorin( and 4valuation5 "he main (oals of KYDP are to2 #i$ improve economic opportunities and sustaina'le access to youth services for Kosovo youth3 and #ii$ promote social cohesion thou(h inter6ethnic colla'oration amon( youn( people5 "his call for proposals is part of the Sustaina'le Youth Centers component ,hich aims to ensure the sustaina'ility of 7uality services that are availa'le to youn( people throu(h Youth Centers5 "his (rant ,ill help Youth Centers to,ard their sustaina'ility strate(ies that may 'e focused on supportin( pro(rams that (enerate direct income or financial support from other donors and the development of s/ills to identify fundin( opportunities, development of project proposals, income (eneration activities, etc5 2. Objecti e "he o'jective of the present call for application is ,ith purpose to support a youth %!& in %orth Mitrovica that serves as a youth center that can ensure sustaina'le and 7uality services offered to youn( people and students !. "he applying organi#ation $ill sub%it the follo$ing docu%entation to the P&'( .ac/(round of the or(ani8ation3 Statute of the or(ani8ation3 Past and current projects relevant for the assi(nment3 9ist of major donors and partners3 :eference letters from donors and partners3 Project proposal in the prescri'ed application format3 9ist of C; for staff ;olunteers that ,ill implement the Project, accordin( to the planned activities3 4ndorsement letters from relevant local partners that ,ill ta/e part in the activity3 Contracts ,ith local partners provin( that the space rental o,nership and the recurrent costs ,ill 'e covered 'y other sources3 ). *ligibility Criteria "he or(ani8ation shall2 <ave multiethnic approach and promote the culture of peace and dialo(ue and intercultural values amon( the participants and their communities3 .e 'ased upon the needs and interests of the youn( people and students3

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.e composed of youn( people, youn( volunteers, youn( staff mem'ers3 <ave (ood relationship ,ith youth or(ani8ations, donors, schools, municipal authorities, etc5$ for the desi(n and the implementation of the pro(rams #to 'e proved 'y verifia'le references$ +. "he project proposal focus( "he project proposal shall 'e focused on overall sustaina'ility of %!&3 in particular pro(rams that (enerate direct income or financial support from other sources and s/ills enhancement to the staff to identify fundin( opportunities, development of project proposals and income (eneration activities5 ,. "he selected Youth Center $ill be obliged to2 =uarterly report to the PIU on the pro(ress of the su'6(rant activities5 Procure (oods and services in accordance ,ith -orld .an/ procurement procedures #trainin( and assistance ,ill 'e provided to this effect$5 Maintain records and accounts for e>penditures incurred under the project and financed 'y the (rant5 -. .uration of agree%ent "he proposal should cover ?@ months implementation period5 "otal (rant amount ,ill not e>ceed )*+,+++ as indicated in this call for application /. .ocu%entation "he documentation provided 'y the applicants should include verifia'le information concernin( the eli(i'ility criteria 0. Procedures for application Interested applicants should email their all relevant documents, 'y close of 'usiness @@ of May, @+?*5 Please re7uest the (rant application format to this e6mail address2 a(ron5sylaAr/s6 (ov5net B a(ron5/elmendiAr/s6(ov5net 5 Cpplications must 'e su'mitted to the follo,in( address2 Kosovo Youth Development Project #-orld .an/ funded$ Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports 6Department of Youth 0%Dna "ere8DE S7uare F *G3 office +@G, ?++++, Prishtina, :epu'lic of Kosova

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