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Speed Skating

by Audrey Cassella & Sydney Gonzalez

Fun Facts

Short track speed skating is a form of competitive ice speed skating. ● The original sports were alpine and cross-country skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping and Speed Skating.


The Equipment you need for Speed Skating is… ● Racing Suit {skaters wear - suits that are tight to there body and can’t add anything to their suit to change their body shape with hoods.}
This is the racing suit

Equipment {Armband}
Skaters in the outer lane wear a red armband and skaters on the inner lane wear a white armband.
The person in the right lane has a white arm band and the person in the left lane has a red arm band.

Equipment {Glasses}
Glasses protect skaters eyes from the wind and the ice clips. They help racers see better and help keep the glare from off the ice.

These are the protection glasses that protects them from the wind and ice chips.

Equipment {Clap skate}
Unlike the skates that we use the heel of the clap-skate blade is not attached to the boot.
I may be sweet but I’m fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

History Of Speed Skating
Speed skating date back over a 1,000 years ago to Northern Europe and the Netherlands, where the natives added bone’s to their shoes and used them to travel on frozen rivers, canals and lakes. It was much later, in the 16th century, that people started seeing skating as fun and perhaps even a sporting activity.

Speed Skaters
Shani Davis, Ord Plath, Apolo Ohno, Sugar Todd, Brittany Bowe, Lauren Cholewinski , Kelly Gunther, Maria Lamb, Heather Richardson, Anna Ringsred, Jilleanne Rookard.

Rules For long track Speed Skating
Rules for: Long track :All racers have to run counter-clockwise. Only 2 people are aloud to go at a time. The skaters have to change lanes every lap. Both teams remain in the inner lane for the time of the race; they start on opposite sides of the rink.
yes ok i get it STOP!!!

Rules For Short Track Speed Skating
Rules for Short Track : All races have to run counter-clockwise on a 111m track. If a skater passes inside the track, he or she is disqualified. A skater can be disqualified if they cross the track.Another skater by cutting off another skater while changing his or her own lane. After two false starts, the skater is disqualified. A person that is disqualified will be given last place in their heat or final. A skater can be disqualified if he or she try’s to mess-up another skaters.

Shani Davis
The longtime star of the U.S. team, Davis has a shot at becoming the first male speedskater to win the same event at three straight Winter Games.Davis was the first black athlete to win a Gold medal in an individual sport.Davis has won 2 Gold and 2 Silver.

Shani Davis with Gold and silver medals!!!!!!

Apolo Ohno
Apolo Anton Ohno is an American short track speed skating competitor and an eight-time medalist in the Winter Olympics. He was born May 22 1982.He has won 14 gold medals, 10 silver medals, and 11 bronze medals.
Happily Apolo Anton win’s a gold medal!!!!


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really no joke look over there!

Shani Davis