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Selection of Fruitful Significators

(Please note, extensive references have been made in drafting this article and important sources are: a) KP & Astrology 1 ! b) Astrosecrets & Krishnamurtipaddhati Parts 1, " and # c) $$$ %eader of &ate 'hri K('(Krishnamurti)i)

More times than not, one may find that, when one wants to judge a particular matter, for example marriage, then almost all the nine planets come in as significators of either or all of the houses 2, 7 and 11. Such a situation is no way rare and all too common an area where many a KP strologer falters in selecting the right planets and rejecting the unfruitful ones. Most of the literature we ha!e sur!eyed in KP strology to find an answer to this "uestion, point us to one of the following two principles# 1. Supposing a person wants to $now the time of marriage and also he wants to find out the significators which will gi!e marriage in their conjoined period. %hen, according to this principle, first note the Su& in which each of the planets figuring as a significator is deposited. 'f that Su& (ord is a S%)*+, significator -see explanation &elow. of any or all houses of marriage -2, 7 or 11., then you ha!e to select the planet as a /ruitful significator, else not0 lso, the planet S1*2(3 +*% &e a strong significator of the &haa!a4s, which negate the &haa!a in "uestion 5 in this case 1, 6 and 17 for marriage. %his is one of the most important methods of eliminating planets which are 8merely tempters and not real significators8. -Strong significator means 5 Planet4s in the star of &haa!a occupant4s, or, if there are no planets in its stars, the &haa!a occupant itself, or if the &haa!a is empty -no occupant., then the planet4s in the owners9 star4s, or, if again there are no planets in the owner9s star4s the owner himself 5 please remem&er, these conditions are mutually exclusi!e. %hat is, if and only if a &haa!a occupant has +* P( +:%S in his stars, he &ecomes a strong significator; li$ewise, '/ +3 *+(< '/ a =haa!a is empty and there are no Planets in the owner9s stars, the &haa!a owner &ecomes a strong significator0 1owe!er, if there are planets occupying the occupants9 or owner9s star4s, then those planets and the not the occupant or the owner of the &haa!a are considered as the strong significators of the &haa!a. %his is a rule reiterated &y many illustrious scholars of KP strology in many of their articles and &oo$s. 2. %he second principle in order to eliminate the wea$ planets is &y considering the ruling planets. 1ere again, you ha!e to select the ruling planets which are deposited in the S2= of such a planet which is a strong significator of the &haa!a matter concerned. gain the planet4s which represent 2, 7 or 11 and 1, 6 or 17 -this is only for the marriage example and for other matters, consider the respecti!e representati!e houses and their negation houses. ha!e to &e rejected

if the planet in conjunction or aspect of the strong significator is actually a +ode -)ahu or Ketu. %he 8wea$ significators8 only fortify the e!ent and may help to &ring it to completion. Suppose there is no true conjunction. d.. that this is e"ually applica&le to &oth natal and horary . then the planet M is also rendered as a Strong Significator of the '' =haa!a.. then = and ? are the 8Strongest Significators of =haa!a ''8. 'f a planet occupies the '' =haa!a and = and ? are in the Star of . =ut the e!ent should and will always materiali>e in the 3asha. is a wea$ significator of the '' =haa!a. then the planet M is a wea$ significator of the '' =haa!a 5 that is. this clarifies the topic of selecting the most fruitful significators in judging any e!ent.. ' hope. 't is then more powerful than planet itself as a significator of the '' =haa!a. that does not mean that planet will ne!er contri&ute to the &haa!a matters or the results of '' =haa!a ne!er materiali>e during the period go!erned &y planet . planet A is said to &e only connected to the '' =haa!a. the occupant of the &haa!a. 'n strength it is wea$er than planet itself which is the occupant of the '' =haa!a. &ut when it has planets deposited in its star4s. f. 'f a true conjunction exists &etween planet = and M -ta$ing the western aspects or& into consideration as ruled &y our . 1owe!er. it is only connected to the &haa!a and not a strong significator of the &haa!a. :specially if there is a true conjunction with a node. e.uruji. 1owe!er. 't may &ecome necessary to apply one or &oth of the a&o!e principles depending on the num&er of planets you get as significators.outright as they always do harm to the matter at hand and ne!er good. 'n another case. let us see what wea$ significators are# a. let us consider a planet A which is aspected &y planet =.. 1owe!er. &. the node can &e ta$en in the place of the actual significator planet &ecause the node is so powerful. or in other words. Please remem&er. then the planet itself which is the occupant of the '' =haa!a.. Please note. then the node &ecomes a Strong Significator of the &haa!a concerned. &ecause planet A is only aspected &y planet =. =ut to time an e!ent. is true. and planet M happens to occupy only the same sign as planet = -as ta$en in classical @edic astrology 5 two planets in the same sign are said to &e in conjunction. it is only connected to the '' =haa!a. +ow let us come to planets which are in conjunction with planets = and ?. *+(< Strong Significators truly indicate the fructification of the e!ent and are crucial in timing an e!ent. 'n conclusion. 'f the condition in -a. (et us for example say that planet M is in conjunction with planet =. +ow = is a strong significator of '' =haa!a &y &eing deposited in the star of planet . Please &ear in mind that planet still gi!es the result of the &haa!a it occupies. c.. please note. =hu$ti ntara of the Strong Significator4s. %hat is &ecause the nodes are !ery powerful. we should consider only planets = and ? in the first place in preference to . is rendered only a wea$ significator of the &haa!a.

. aspects of Krishnamurtipaddhati.charts and is one of the most important -and &elie!e me. also the most difficult and confusing.