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Colleges with Biggest Bang for the Buck
By M el ani eH i cken |CN N M oney. com – Thu,M ay 2,2013 12: 15 PM ED T

Tui t i on and st udentdebtl evel s are soari ng.So w hi ch school s provi de t he bestret urn on your i nvest m ent ? These f i ve t opped Payscal e' sl i st . 1. Harvey Mudd College 30year ret urn on i nvest m ent :$2, 217, 000 Avg.t ot alcol l ege cost :$221, 700 Avg.annualschol arshi ps and grant s:$25, 117 G raduat i on rat e:84% Peopl ewi t h a bachel or' s degree f rom H arvey M udd Col l ege t ypi cal l y earn mi l l i ons m ore i nt hei rl i f et i m et han hi gh schoolgraduat es,accordi ng t o a report by PayScal e,a w ebsi t et hatt racks pay dat a. The average hi gh schoolgraduat e earns around $1. 2m i l l i on i n 34 t o 36 years ofw ork,Payscal ef ound.H arvey M udd grads can expectt o earn $2. 2m i l l i on m ore t han t hati nt he 30 years af t er graduat i on -even af t er t he average costofat t endance and l ostyears ofi ncom e duri ng col l ege are t aken i nt o account .Thatm eans t he schoolof f ers t he bestret urn on i nvest m ent oft he m ore t han 1, 000 col l eges and uni versi t i es Payscal el ooked at . A pri vat e col l ege i n Cl arem ont ,Cal i f . ,H arvey M udd i s especi al l y popul ar w i t h engi neeri ng m aj ors,w ho t end t o score w el l payi ng j obs ri ghtoutofschool ,sai d Kat i e Bardaro,l ead econom i statPayScal e.I t sl i beralart s curri cul um al so i s w el l regarded,she sai d. "Cri t i calt hi nki ng i sa t op ski l lf or graduat es t here,w hi ch m akes t hem successf uli n al lf i el ds,notj ustengi neeri ng, " Bardaro sai d. 2. California Institute of Technology 30year ret urn on i nvest m ent :$2, 103, 000 Avg.t ot alcol l ege cost :$213, 000 Avg.annualschol arshi ps and grant s:$27, 007 G raduat i on rat e:87% AtCal t ech,undergraduat es are abl et ot ake parti n m aj or research proj ect s on everyt hi ng f rom chem i st ry t o space expl orat i on. Based i n Pasadena,Cal i f . ,Cal t ech i s hom e t o N ASA' s JetPropul si on Laborat ory,
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w here t he count ry' sf i rstsat el l i t e w as creat ed i nt he 1950s.I t ' s now a l eadi ng


sci ence and com put er sci ence.Butal um nidon' tj ustgo i nt o sci ent i f i cf i el ds.Bardaro sai d. G rads w i t h bachel or' s degrees earn average ent ryl evelsal ari es of$66. 000 Avg. 405 m ore. udent s]need t o "I n al otofw ays.N obelPri ze wi nners and Fort une 500 CEO 874. 739. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 30year ret urn on i nvest m ent :$1. 3.They' re al so recrui t ed f or consul t i ng. Engi neeri ngf ocused school sl i ke Cal t ech dom i nat e PayScal e' sl i stofcol l eges w i t ht he m ostval uabl e degrees. W hi l ef ut ure sal ari es shoul dn' tbe t he onl yf act or a prospect i ve st udentl ooks at . 000 http://finance.M ass.t ot alcol l ege cost :$214.t he choi ce ofw here t o at t end schoolhas becom e a f i nanci alchoi ce.accordi ng t ot he Cam bri dge.Page 2 of 3 U. SUNY . Polytechnic Institute 30year ret urn on i nvest m ent :$ um niofl i beralart s col l eges can expectt o earn $458. accordi ng t ot he school . Y.cent er f or robot i c space expl orat i on.accordi ng t o PayScal e' s report .Maritime College 30year ret urn on i nvest m ent :$1."[ St underst and w hatpot ent i alret urn t hey can getf rom t hatdeci si on.html 5/3/2013 . 2m i l l i on over 30 years.t ot alcol l ege cost :$215. 534 G raduat i on rat e:54% O ne oft he nat i on' s ol destpri vat e engi neeri ng school s. A degree f rom t he Brookl yn. 300 Avg. 000 Avg.annualschol arshi ps and grant s:$23.I n com pari son. " 4. " sai d Presi dentKat epal l iSreeni vasan. 611.M any grads ent er boom i ng f i el ds l i ke cybersecuri t y or bi ot echnol ogy. " Bardaro sai d.Sreeni vasan sai d. 700 Avg.annualschol arshi ps and grant s:$32.Pol yt echni cI nst i t ut e of N ew York U ni versi t y of f ers a t echnol ogyf ocused educat i on i nf i el ds l i ke engi neeri ng.uni versi t ywi l lgetsl i ght l y m ore cost l yi n 2014 w hen i tof f i ci al l y becom es N YU ' s Schoolof Engi neeri ng.Tui t i on w i l li ncrease gradual l y over a f i veyear peri od.Engi neeri ng schoolgraduat es t ypi cal l y out earn hi gh schoolgrads by $1. 5. .N .i nvest m entbanki ng and ot her l ucrat i ve opport uni t i es. 728. 550 G raduat i on rat e:93% MI T' s di st i ngui shed al um niand prof essors i ncl ude ast ronaut s.he sai he ri si ng costofcol l ege m akes t hem an i m port antconsi derat i on. based school . Craig Barritt/Getty Images Thinkstock "There' s a w hol e at m osphere w here you' re atatt he f oref rontoft echnol ogy as i t ' s evol vi ng. S.

/ http://finance.For i nbased schooli s al so rel at i vel y af f ordabl ef or out of costof$124. Col l ege cost s si gni f i cant l yl ess i fyou' re a N ew York resi dent .com/news/colleges-with-biggest-bang-for-the-buck-161521362. College sai d ProvostM i chaelCappet o.The col l ege' s program s are hi ghl y speci al i zed and graduat es hi ghl y desi rabl e. 530 ( i n st at e) Avg.t ot alcol l ege cost :$90. R oughl y 60% ofi t s st udent s are i nl i censed m ari t i m e program s. books and supplies -.html 5/3/2013 .si nce st udent s w ho w antt o m aj or i n som et hi ng beyond t he sea and board. 567 G raduat i on rat e:47% St at e U ni versi t y ofN ew York -M ari t i m e Col l ege t rai ns st udent st o be capt ai ns and chi efengi neers ofl arge com m erci alshi ps and ot her vessel s.w hi l e ot hers pursue degrees i nf i el ds l i ke envi ronm ent alsci ence and i nt ernat i onalbusi Cappet o sai d.and took scholarships and grants into Alumni who went onto graduate from the calculations.annualschol arshi ps and grant s:$5.Page 3 of 3 Avg. 800. t hough.

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