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How to Deliver Better and Faster Results with Metabolic Workout Finishers


Jason Ferruggia

Alwyn Cosgrove

Yes, This Guy, Craig Ballantyne


Mike Whitfield Before 6 minutes & 1 finisher later! .

What is a Metabolic Workout Finisher you ask? .

“metabolically”) Can be a variety of bodyweight exercises.Metabolic Workout Finishers !! Designed to be used at the end of a workout Uses most major muscle groups (although some can be upper or lower body focused) Uses incomplete recovery periods (typically no more than 1 minute of rest . barbells.and that's when I'm in a good mood) Last a very short amount of time Very metabolically demanding (What a cool word . and stability balls !! !! !! !! !! !! . dumbbells. kettlebells.

Benefits of Finishers !! Faster fat loss Can break a weight loss plateau Take a fraction of the time compared to cardio or even interval training Improved conditioning !! !! !! .

Why Did I Started to using Finishers? A) Tired of waiting for the cardio equipment B) Getting burned out on interval training .

What's the Best Part? They can be used with any workout program .

not bad) !! !! .The Evolution of Workout Finishers !! Bodyweight Squats Inverted Rows Pushups (Eh.

resting as little as possible. down to 1) That Finisher is Basically. etc. In the next superset you will perform 7 reps. etc.. you will perform 8 reps of each exercise. In the first superset. 1A) Bulgarian Squat Jumps (8 ea leg. Continue in this fashion until you complete 1 rep of each exercise. down to 1 ea) 1B) Decline Pushups (8. .The Evolution of Workout Finishers “The Decline of the Bulgarians” Finisher Do the following superset.. 7 ea leg.. 7..

Results from Cool People Who Used Finishers in their Programs Nancy – Lost 32 lbs and is now a certified trainer .

Results from Cool People Who Used Finishers in their Programs Philip – Winner of the TT Contest (34 lbs in 12 weeks) .

Results from Cool People Who Used Finishers in their Programs Robin – lost 50 lbs and 15% body fat .

Results from Cool People Who Used Finishers in their Programs Amber – winner of the the TT Contest .

adding a new dynamic Studies prove EPOC is higher after this type of training Uses many muscle groups. sets.Finishers vs. Cardio Finishers Uses major muscle groups. burning more calories !! Cardio Repetition over and over can lead to overuse injuries It's really freakin' boring !! !! Little EPOC (aka “afterburn”) Uses one muscle group !! . reps can be manipulated. therefore “spreads” the energy used over the entire body Exercise variety.

some people in the group ate an average of an additional 268 calories per day . you can actually gain weight by performing too much cardiovascular exercise. 2008). In this study.A Surprising Study Showing the Effects of Too Much Cardio According to the International Journal of Obesity (32: 177-184.

Steady-State Cardio Cardio – 45 minutes to an hour (some people do more) Finishers – 1 to 10 minutes on average .One of the Best Benefits of Using Finishers vs.

Insert a Cool Graphic Here So You Look Really Smart Finishers elevate the “afterburn” in a very short amount of time .

however it is still repetition on the same muscles (usually the legs) Typically requires cardio equipment Can use a variety of bodyweight moves. Interval Training Finishers Again. etc. you're still looking at 18-25 minutes .Finishers vs. dumbbells. kettlebells. Typically – 10 minutes or less !! !! Including warm-up. using more muscle groups !! Intervals Much better than traditional cardio.

Finishers with 1-on-1 Clients Do the following circuit 3 times. resting for 20 seconds between circuits !! !! Burpees (10) Spiderman Pushups (8 per side) Lateral Hops (8 per side) Mountain Climbers (20 per side) !! !! .

How to Tailor a Finisher with Your 1-on1 Clients !! Add or reduce number of rounds (supersets or circuits) Increase/Decrease rest periods Exercise substitutions !! !! .

How to Use Finishers with Small Groups and Bootcamps The #1 thing – Use Timed Sets Rather than Specific Reps Offer exercise substitutions .

Have your clients take more rest if needed and offer exercise substitutions !! !! Burpees OR Squats (30 secs) Spiderman Pushups OR Normal/Kneeling Pushups (30 secs) Lateral Jumps OR Lateral Lunges (30 secs) Mountain Climbers (30 secs) !! !! . resting for 30 seconds between circuits.A Finisher with Small Group/Bootcamps Do the following circuit 3 times.

In Case People Get Bored. Stick a Weird Picture Here .

. Baby ..Ab Finishers (dramatic pause).

Why Ab Finishers? !! These are Finishers with a strong focus on the core Using the latest effective ab exercises including the Stability Ball Stir-the-Pot I even made up exercises for K and G (kicks and giggles) – including Climbing Burpees and the Spiderman Pushup Plank !! !! .

Ab Finishers !! I wanted to combine the afterburn found in finishers and the most effective ab exercises found on Earth (and other planets. too … trust me. I've googled it) Plus I'm in the info mastermind – and Bedros and Craig told me to !! .

Questions?? .