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Well, according to my point of view we can see that the TPI exam is really interesting because you can learn and improve the different skill about the lenguaje,something very important is that the TPI help you identify your perspectives about of teaching, we can concider the following statements think of specific content and learners and settings in which you meet them for instruction and learning. Something really interesting is that each of paragraphs represents a different perspective on good teaching this help you to understand and interpret your profil, Also I can see in my profile sheet there are sub- scores for Beliefs (B), intention (I), and actions (A) with each perspective, these sub-scores we can identify my philosophy of teaching that is it really important to know. Also the teaching perspective Inventory TPI is a 45 item inventory that will assess your orientation to teaching. We can see that every question talk about especially learning, motivation, the goals of education, theirrole as a teacher, the nature of learners they taught, and the influence of contento n their teaching. The TPI help that I better understand my point of view of these perspectives and how you express them through your ows beliefs intention and actions. The TPI also helps you share and clarify your ideas when you are drafting a statement of teaching philosophy and can preparing for a teaching evaluation for this reason the TPI is really important because has information that I need to know for my teaching course. On the other hand the effective teaching requires a substancial commitment to the content r subject matter because good teaching means having mastery of the subject matter or content, teacher’s primary responsibilities are to learn that content accurately and efficiently learner’s responsibilities are to learn that content is authorized or legitimate forms, good teacher’s take learner’s systematically through tasks leading to content mastery. Besides in this evaluation we can see that effective teaching is a process of socializing students into new behavioral norms and ways of working because they offer less direction and give more responsibility as students’ progress from dependent learners to independent workers. The TPI is most accurate if you stay focused on the same specific content and group of learners about this information. Also learning is one of the most important part about the TPI because most of all learning depends on what one already know, the teaching learning comes from working alongside good practice. Also the people become motivated and productive learners when they are working on issues or problems without fear of failure. Also we can see in the TPI the teachers primary responsibilities are to learn that content in its authorized or legitimate forms, good teachers take learners systematically through tasks leading to content mastery providing clear objectives adjusting the pace of lecturing making efficient use of class time, clarifying the different answering questions providing timely feedback, correcting errors, providing reviews, summarizing what has been presented by the students to appropriate resources for this reason TPI is has been a nice experience for me because information very important.