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APPEAL FROM ORDERS Under the provisions of order XLIII, Rule 1, C. P. C.

an appeal shall lie from the following orders under the provisions of section 10 namel! "r. #o. $rder%Rule Rule Reason 1. &II 10 'here a date of appearance in the court where plaint is to (e filed after its return has (een fi)ed. *. IX + Re,ection an application for an order to set aside the dismissal of a "uit. -. IX 1Re,ecting an application for an order to set aside the dismissal of a "uit . XI *1 In a case of non.compliance with an order for discover! /. XXI 0n o(,ection to the draft of a document or of an endorsement. 1. XXI 2*,+* "etting aside or refusing to set aside a sale. 2. XXI +* "ale when to (ecome a(solute or (e set aside. 2. XXI 101314 0n order on the original application that is to sa! the application referred to in su(.rule 314 of R. 10/ of that $rder is appeala(le 5. XXII + Refusing to set aside the a(atement or dismissal of a "uit +. XXII 10 6iving or refusing to give leave. 10. XX& * Re,ecting an application 3in a case open to appeal4 for an order to set aside the dismissal of suit. 11. XXXIII /, 2 Re,ecting an application for permission to sue as an indigent person. 1*. XXX -, ,1 Interpleader "uit 1-. XXX&III *,-,1 *. where the defendant fails to show such cause the court shall order him either to deposit in court mone! or other sufficient propert! -. Procedure on application (! suret! to (e discharged. 1. where the defendant fails to show cause wh! he should not furnish securit!, or fails to furnish the securit! re7uired, within the time fi)ed (! the court, the court an! order that the propert! specified, or such portion thereof as appears sufficient to satisf! an! decree which ma! (e passed in the suit, (e attached. 1 . XXXIX 1,*,*. 1. cases in which temporar! in,unction ma! (e 0 granted. *. in,unction to restrain repetition or continuance of (reach *.0 conse7uence of diso(edience or (reach of in,unction 1/. XL 1, 1. 0ppointment of Receiver 3 appointment a receiver of an! propert!, whether (efore or after decree4 . 8nforcement of receiver duties 3fails to su(mits his

where it appears to the court that there is not sufficient ground for a review. XLI XLI XLI XLI XL&II 1+ *1 **-.hearing on application of Respondent against whom e). it shall re. 12.11. 1+. 1. where the court is of opinion that the application for review should (e granted .admission of appeal dismissed for default Re. 15. *0.0 accounts at such period and in such form as the court directs4 3(4 fails to pa! the amount due from him as the court directs 3c4 occasions loss to the propert! (! his willful default or gross negligence Re.parte decree Remand of case (! appellate court Remand in $ther case.ect the application *.