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1. WE ARE WORKING ON THE TOPIC SENTENCE In this part ,you will write the most suitable topic sentence for the paragraph below. ________________________________________________________________________________. I love the autumn weather.The weather has a moderate temprature. It is never exceedingly hot or cold.Therefore,you can spend time outside without sweating too much.Also,I love the way the trees turn to color.They change from green to yellow,red and orange.When leaves change color,from green to yellow,orange and red,you can understand trees are beginning their long winters rest.As a last thing I also like autumn because school starts.I get excited when I think about going back to school and seeing my teachers and friends again. To sum up,autumn is a time of great season with its weather,color of the trees and school season.

______________________________________________________________________.They sometimes express this with their words and sometimes with concrete things.In most cases,the best way to do that is giving a gift to that person.However,this trend has different meaning in Malaysia and Paraguay disapprove of giving gifts because they may consider it to be bribe.In Malaysia ,you cant give a gift if you dont have a personal relationship with that person. Yet, in some countries like Japan,Indonesia and the Philippines,exchanging gifts is related to tradition.It is important for them to give gifts to each other.When someone decides to show his/her respect or love for someone with a present,he/she has to consider where this person comes from.

___________________________________________________________________________Firstly, dogs become your friend and provide friendship for many years. When you feel unhappy,your dog remains by your side silently comforting you.When you are happy and excited,your dog shares your joy by hopping around you.They share our lives in a way that most other animals cant.Secondly,dogs can make good guards.They protect you and your family from a dangerous situation.Finally, they can sense danger.For example,they can feel earthquakes before they happen and warn you with barking .For this reasons,if you are thinking of buying a pet why not dogs?

2. WE ARE WORKING ON THE SUPPORTING IDEA In this part,you will write the most suitable supporting sentence for the paragraph below. In my opinion ,children should grow up in the big city for three reasons. ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ For example,when I was a child ,I used to live in a big apartment ,so I had many friends in my apartment.The second reason why children should grow up in the city is that children can gain more cultural experience.City children go to the museums ,theaters and cinemas. In addition ,they have a beter opportunity to see movies,shows and other kinds of entertainment.In the countryside,there are not cinemas,theaters,museums,so children who grow up there may not have the opportunity to enjoy these experiences.The third reason is,there are more opportunities for city children to involve in activities.For example,city children can join sports teams,dance classes or take an art course after school because there are many such programs in a big city for children of all ages.In conclusion,the city is the best place a child to grow up.

It is easy to save money if you follow these three steps.To begin with,keep a record of your expenses.For example,keep a small notebook with you at all the times and write every expenses.Secondly,____________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________ It is easier to overspend when youre pulling from a credit card account because you dont know exactly how much is in there.If you have cash,you can see your money running low.Lastly, open a saving account.Its a easy to keep track of your savings if you have them separate from your spending money. To sum up, you can ever be a millionaire if you follow these three steps.

Being a good parent is simple if you have these three qualities.First of all,you should express love and affection to your kids.It is enough to say I love you from time to time.Or even a small hug makes them happy.Then, you should listen to them.The age of your kid is not important ,listen to them when they say something.You should also show your interest in your childrens ideas ,that way,they feel themselves an important person.______________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ When your child does something bad ,dont say you are bad,instead suggest them alternatives about that behaviour.In conclusion,although there are a lot of details in raising a child ,it may be easy if you try to have these qualities above.


In this part,you will write the most suitable concluding sentence for the paragraph below.

A good nurse has a lot of resposibilities .Firstly ,she has to take care of the patients. Her responsibilities include changing clothes, bathing them, giving medicine at a definite time.Moreover,she has to help whenever a patient calls her.Also, she is in charge of helping the patients walk and making their beds.She has to answer the telephone and she also carries the message to the patients. Briefly,_______________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________.

There are many advantages of a good dictionary .Firstly,it will teach you how to pronounce new words correctly.It will also show you the correct spelling of these words.Another good side of using a dictionary is that it gives the grammatical information about each word-whether it is a noun or an adjective, for example ,or how the past tense of a verb is spelled.But the biggest advantage is that it helps you to understand a word in all its meanings by giving you clear definitions and useful examples._________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

There are several steps to follow before setting out on a perfect holiday. First,choose a place of which you have been dreaming .If you are a nature lover, look for a place where you can observe nature; but if you are a history lover ,select a place where there are museums or archeological ruins.Then, be well-prepared in information and equipment. After you choose the place ,read detailed information of it to make the travel to that place safer.Meanwhile ,make sure that you packed everything needed on travelling.Finally,the most important of all is, travel with a close friend. Nobody wants to be alone on a journey ,because it would be boring.__________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________

4. WE ARE WORKING ON UNITY OF A PARAGRAPH Read the paragraph below . Draw a line through the sentences that are irrelevant. The first one is done for you. Cross 3 more irrelevant sentences out of the text. If you are looking for a perfect summer holiday destination, eme is a great place to spend a vacation for three reasons .My cousin Burak lives in eme,where he works as a receptionist. First of all, eme has fascinating beaches where visitors can swim in the crystal blue waters and sunbathe in the beautiful ,golden sandy beaches.Every year between 8,000 and 10,000 professional and amateur windsurfers come to Alaat to participate in the international windsurfing competitions.For example, in Ilca Beach visitors can enjoy a beach vacation in eme full of sea and sun.Second, eme has many beautiful small hotels to stay.Altough they are beautiful,they are very expensive.Visitors come for the charming old stone hotels.Third, eme is famous for its energetic and lively nightlife.eme has plenty of discos,bars and cafes that offer entertainment all night long.For instance, Seaside Beach Club is one of the best clubs with its music ,atmosphere and interesting shows.Generally, I dont like going to clubs.Indeed,eme is a wonderful place to go if you love outdoors.

5. WE ARE WORKING ON COHERENCE OF A PARAGRAPH Add the appropriate transition signals from the list to the following paragraphs, and capitalize and punctuate them correctly.Do not use the same transition signal more than once.

first( of all)


after that



How to apply for a Scholorship It is not difficult to apply a college scholarship if you follow these steps._____________ request for a scholarhip application form from your college.___________ fill the application form completely and accurately.______________ask two of your instructors to write letters of reccomendation for you. ______________ make sure that your application is complete because sending incomplete application will be disastrous.__________submit your original copy and other supporting documents to the scholarship office before deadline.

as soon as




The Best Birthday Party of My Life _____________ I was eight years old, I had a great surprise party at my school.____________ noon, I thought my friends forgot my birthday and I was so unhappy ._____________the lesson finished ,I was on my way home. Suddenly one of my friends in class jumped in front of me and told me that the teacher called me to her room urgently.___________I got into the room, everybody screamed Happy Birthday,Yiit and we had a good time laughing and eating my huge birthday cake together.

6. WE ARE WORKING ON MAKING A UNIFIED PARAGRAPH Put these sentences in order to make meaningful and unified paragraphs SONGS IN A MOVIE a. In addition, the songs in Disneys Beauty and the Beast are perfect.The opening song about Belle and her hometown is great. b. The most important part of a movie are the soundtrack c. For instance,the song My heart will go on was quite popular after the movie Titanic.It reflected the plot of the movie very well so people really liked it. d. To conclude, the songs of a movie make it into something special. e. Songs in a movie should be memorable and functional.The songs should be in harmony with the plot or character

PSYCHOLOGY a. And I want to give them advice that will help them and make them comfortable.If I understand the problems and how to solve them ,I can help many people. b. I can also practice counselling psychology because I have many experiences listening to my friends about their problems. c. In conclusion,for me psychology can be accepted as an important and useful branch both economically and personally for people. d. The study of psychology provides knowledge that the individual can benefit from not simply economically by working in psychological services but personally by helping oneself to cope with lifes challenges. e. If I were a psychologist,I would choose to study existential psychology because it focuses on the individuals discovery of self-identity.I want to know more about human behaviour .It is interesting for me how a human distinguishes himself from others.

a. b. c. d.


THE IMPORTANCE OF MOBILES Briefly, technologhy will make our lives easier and more standardized. Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh is developing a health care network for people in his country. We have used mobile phones for our own communication needs un to now.But,with the advancements in technology,they are being used for many other. With the help of this network,their health expenses will be much lower.Yunus is working with U.S medical experts to help Bangladeshi villagers transmit their medical information to doctors in far-away cities. A good example for this can be the use of mobile phones in the health area.


Read the paragraph and cross the irrelevant sentence out.

LOTTERIES SHOULD BE BANNED a. I am for the idea that lotteries should be banned. b. Firstly, in my opinion, lotteries are a waste of money. Every time we buy a lottery ticket, we have less money to buy things we need such as food or medicine. c. In addition, I think playing the lottery is very addictive. When we buy a lottery ticket, but do not win, we may want to buy more and more tickets. d. Finally, in my point of view, lotteries are not really a good chance to make money. f. We cannot use our skills or abilities to win. g. To sum up, for these reasons, I believe that banning lotteries is a good idea.

THE BEACH IN HAWAII a. A beach in Hawaii is like a paradise. b. To begin with, you should book your tickets almost a month before your holiday to find the best hotel to stay. c. The beach smells fresh like a new ocean air freshener and the sand is so hot that when you walk on it after the sea, you feel like you walk on a burning grill. d. People are laughing and playing on the burning sand while others are relaxing on the beach sunbathing. e. From a far distance the ocean is a deep navy blue; waves come in like a bulldozer from all the wind, but at nights everything is still and quiet. f. You can only hear the waves of the ocean and the light wind which comes from the huge palm trees. g. To sum up, this beach is an amazing place for a perfect summer holiday.

HOW TO LIVE ON A TIGHT BUDGET In order to keep a tight budget, you have to find a new job, keep a record of your money, and take care with your free time. b. The first step is to think of getting a second or third job because doing so has two advantages: you can make more money, and you have less time to spend the money! c. Secondly, you must record all the money that you receive and spend. d. Dont forget to include money you spend regularly, such as gas, rent, car insurance, and electricity; also, keep in mind any special checks you write, such as those you write for food, new shoes, and vacations. e. Finally, think about how you spend your free time; try to spend your free time without spending money! f. Moreover, you should take a deep breath from your stressful work life and go on a good holiday resort for a weekend. g.Consequently; you will save money, time, and worry by following these steps.