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Registration Information

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: March 15, 2014 Training Cost: $20

Payment must be made by check. No other forms of payment will be accepted. Make checks payable to: Upper New York Annual Conference or UNYAC Please complete and return the attached registration form and payment to: Cornerstone District Office ATTN: Lay Servant Training 663 Lakeview Ave Jamestown, NY 14701 Phone 716-665-2423 Fax: 716-665-3763 E-mail: The registration fee must be paid in full for you to be considered registered. Because of the course preparation needed, walk in registrations will not be accepted

It is your responsibility to order and read your material before class. Your instructor will notify you of any other assignments or material(s) you should bring with you. All material can be purchased through Cokesbury.

Cornerstone District Spring 2014 Lay Servant Training School

Friday, April 25, 2014 Saturday April 26, 2014
Registration deadline: March 15, 2014

1-800-672-1789 If you have questions about ordering email or call the district office.


Class size may be limited. Undersubscribed classes may be cancelled.

Friday 5:00 6:00 PM Gather/Registration 6:00 6:25 PM Welcome and Worship 6:30 9:30 PM Class Saturday 8:00 8:30 AM Gather/Coffee Hour 8:30 AM 12:30 PM Class 12:30 PM 1:30 PM Lunch

Cornerstone District Lay Servant Ministries Committee Contacts Ernie Warren, Chair 716-484-7377 Rebecca Sprague, Secretary & Registration

1:30 5:00 PM Class

Hosted by: Olean: Christ Church UMC 633 Linwood Ave Olean, NY 14760 Rev. Suzanne Block, Pastor


Course Descriptions
Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course This course is the foundation for all the other Learning and Leading courses. In this course you are encouraged to discover and employ personal spiritual gifts as God intended. Participants are invited to consider the importance of exercising servant leadership, developing future leaders, remaining rooted in their discipleship. The course offers guidelines for best practices as a church leader and in mission and ministry in the community and in daily life. Participants must obtain the book, Lay Servant Ministries BASIC COURSE by Sandy Zeigler Jackson and Brian Jackson
(Developing Class Leaders

Course Descriptions Life Together in the United Methodist Header Connection

Many people may be confused as to what polity is. This class will help newcomers to the United Methodist Church get their bearings. It will help longtime members consider the specific structural challenges that the church faces in the 21st century. Participants must obtain or have access to a copy of the 2012 United Methodist book of Discipline. Any other book(s) will be noted when you are confirmed for the class. Let the Whole Church Say Amen Prayer is something we learn; it is something that can be taught. For many, however, the only teaching about prayer they ever receive is modeled in Sunday worship. As a church leader, you may find yourself the one leading prayer in worship services, as well as in other settings. It is vital then that you are knowledgeable and lead well. This course may challenge some of your assumptions, test some of your preconceived ideas, stretch your thinking and enrich your prayer life. It will, at the very least, present you with an opportunity to grow in the discipline of leading public prayer. Participants must obtain the book Let the Whole Church Say Amen by Laurence Hull Stookey

REGISTRATION FORM 2014 SPRING LAY SERVANT TRAINING SCHOOL REGISTRATION DEADLINE: MARCH 15, 2014 _____________________________________ NAME _____________________________________ STREET ADDRESS _____________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP _____________________________________ TELEPHONE _____________________________________ EMAIL _____________________________________ YOUR CHURCH PLEASE CHECK THE COURSE FOR WHICH YOU ARE REGISTERING. ALL CLASSES COST $20/PERSON AND INCLUDE LUNCH AND BREAK REFRESHMENTS _____ BASIC LAY SERVANT MINISTRIES _____ LET THE WHOLE CHURCH SAY AMEN _____ LAY SERVANTS LEAD SMALL GROUPS _____ UNITED METHODIST POLITY

This study explains what the recovery of this tradition can mean for congregations, and offers some guidelines for the revitalized office of class leader. Adapting the later Methodist class meeting as a pastoral subdivision of the congregation, Watson shows how class leaders, under the supervision of the pastor, can nurture the discipline of other church members in light of a General Rule of Discipline derived from the early Methodist societies: To witness to Jesus Christ in the world, and to follow his teachings through acts of compassion, justice, worship, and devotion, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Participants must obtain the book, Class Leaders: Recovering a Tradition by David Lowes Watson.