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Khawar Nawab

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B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)) Vira College Of Engineering Bi!nor (Current "ocation# Noi$a % &'(& )a**out) OB+ECT,VEI Seek to work in an environment that will challenge me further bringing new Innovations in the software Industry, while allowing me to contribute to the continued growth and success of the organization. Obtain a position that will provide me the ability to apply my Software s and Projects nowledge. !ooking forward to work with a company that promotes Innovative "hinking. .or/ E0perience ( 1ear e0perience a* a Software 2e3eloper(+4V4) in Net)rophet*5lobal . E$ucational 2etail* Course % / CGPA Passout Year BE/B.Tech (CSE Cla.. 122 Cla.. 1 70.80! 75.50! 79.00! "#ne $%01% 3a'ch $%008 3a'ch $%005 Institute / School &i'a College () Enginee'ing$ Bi*no' S,.3a'04. School$Bi*no' S,.3a'04. School$Bi*no' University / Board +,,a' -'ade.h Technical +ni/e'.i,0 2SC 2CSE

Technical S/ill*#+a3a 6+&EE Ser3let +S) 7ibernate Strut* m1*8l +2BC . )9O+ECTS# (.Ne0tra C9:-Cu*tomer 9elation*hip :anangement 4pplication for Ne0tra broa$ban$ Ser3ice )ro3i$er.4ll the mo$ule* from finance in*tallation an$ acti3ation an$ u*ermanagement on the ba*i* of role*.,ntegrate$ *1*tem in +&EE. (technologie* u*e$-!&ee *trut* hibernate !*p). &.E7S44S-(;(www.*oftwareeh*aa*.blog* E7S44S i* connecting without wire* or ,nternet. 4ll 2e3ice* 5et Connecte$ u*ing Networ/ )ro3i$e$ The connection 9e8ue*t i* *en$ from the Client to the Ser3er where a $e3ice being a Ser3er 4ccept* the 9e8ue*t an$ the Client get* the Echo me**age. 4fter Connecting all the 2e3ice* can communicate 3ia Sen$ing :e**age*. (2ata al*o can be *ent.) 3.Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) for Vira College Of Engineering$ Software to manage all the works of the college%like admissions, library, management and Payroll management System. "here are various &odules for accessing various 'epartments,(ith )arious $ccess Priviledges. 'irector can view all the &odules,(hile $ librarian can view only his module,and perform various *unctions provided."hese *unctions help in 'ay to day $ctivities like Issuing of a +ook etc. "eacher &odule is e,uipped with various sessional tools.


$n Online e-am system that uses a pool of ,uestions to randomly select ,uestions and let the users answer them,displays results too.

T94,N,N5S Core !a3a *l &<= a* per niit norm* Core +a3a :ani*h Bhatia Sir 2ucat *ec-(> Noi$a. C 2ream "an$ ,n*titute Bi!nor 4chie3ement* .on Be*t ,nno3ati3e Software 2e3eloper 4war$ ?or E7S44S in &'(& b1 Vice Chancellor of :T@.. .on Be*t 2e3eloper 4war$ ?or C 2e3elopment in &'(' for 2i*trict Bi!nor. .on in 2ebate* E0tempore & S/it* at 3ariou* ,nter School6College E3ent*. Cultural an$ Sport* Secretar1 in College. )er*onal 2etail* ?atherA* Name 2ate of Birth# :arital Statu* 9eligion 5en$er "anguage* Known# Contact Details:

Butub @$$in. '<-'C-(DD' @nmarrie$ :u*lim :ale Engli*h 7in$i @r$u

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