Volume 2 Number 6

March 28, 2007

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Introduction The content of the newsletter, today is a bit unique. It is a little shorter than what I usually write, but for a reason. I had the opportunity to write an editorial article for the Tallahassee Democrat newspaper and relate the worldview implications of one of the culture war events that is playing itself out in society right now. Today’s issue is that article which ran on Saturday, March 24. The event that I focused on is the brouhaha surrounding the efforts of the new president of William and Mary College to remove the cross from the school chapel. This attempted act of political correctness is just another expression of how American society is changing on a worldview level. I hope that this article will give you some insights related to the current culture war. But even more importantly, I hope that it will cause you to see how important it is for you to know your own worldview and be able to engage the culture based on your faith in Christ. One more question for you. Do you have any connections with a Christian school? Many Christian schools are really beginning to put some effort into helping their students understand worldview. Since the MarketFaith Ministries website is such a great resource of worldview information, would you please make the effort to share it with those you know. It will be a great resource for them. God bless, Freddy What Is the Real Significance of the William and Mary Cross? Recently there has been quite a stir among the students and alumni of William and Mary College in Williamsburg, VA. Normally an in-house problem at a small college far away would not even be noticed. But this story has gone national because it represents the growing strain in America between the traditional Christian viewpoint and an emerging Naturalistic tradition. The resulting tension is dramatically expressed in our culture as the two sides duke it out over abortion, homosexual marriage, and various church/state issues. other words, he wants to take the chapel from the Christians and turn it into an assembly hall for any group that wants to use it. The resulting controversy has divided students and alumni alike. On the surface this may seem like a clash between a religious and a secular viewpoint. The truth is, though, it is the clash between two religions. Everybody has a philosophy of life that serves as their religion. There are some philosophies which get organized and become referred to as religions. But the fact is, even those which do not have a formal organizational structure are identifiable as formalized faith systems.

When William and Mary was established in 1693, part of its charter was to train Anglican ministers. The very roots of the school are Christian, and the chapel was built for Christian worship. Last November, the school’s president had the Such is the case with Naturalism. Naturalism is the belief cross removed from the altar of the chapel because he felt that the supernatural does not exist. It asserts that there is that having it there “sends an unmistakable message that no God and that everything which does exist can be acthe chapel belongs more fully to some of us than others.” In

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counted for by natural means. While this system is not typically organized as a “church,” it is very pervasive in our educational institutions, news media and entertainment industry. Typically, Naturalists claim that their belief is based on science. The fact is though, it is unquestionably a faith system. It claims that matter is either eternal or emerged out of nothing, that consciousness emerged out of unconsciousness, that life emerged out of non-life, and that existing life is able to naturally progress from lower to higher forms. But there is no science in any of these beliefs. They are merely faith assumptions that form Naturalism’s base. So the struggle that the William and Mary chapel represents is the clash between two religions. The problem I have with the Naturalists, in this case, is that they are using unethical methods to usurp what already exists. If their intent is to eliminate the Christian faith, they should own up to what they are doing and battle it out in the arena of ideas, rather than by trying to destroy it using stealth methods. I believe that up front, head to head discussions will bring about a far better result between parties than the brute force of dictatorial decree. Coming in April - How the Christian faith matches up with the way human beings experience reality.

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