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Primary Sources: Title: Long walk to Freedom Author: Mandela, Nelson Publisher: Little Brown and Date: 1994

Format: Book This source is an autobiography written by Nelson Mandela. I will use this as a primary source, learning not only about the facts, but how he felt in every situation relevant to my topic, and his personally outlook on it. As it is an autobiography, I will be able to quote him. Title: Nelson Mandela - Full Speech At Start Rivonia Trial (20 April 1964) Author: Mandela, Nelson Publisher: The guardian; the Nelson Mandela foundation Date: April 20, 1964 Url: This source in simply a speech that Mandela proclaimed at the Rivonia Trial. He mentions many statements that we found relevant to our thesis. Well be able to quote him directly. Title: Nelson Mandelas first TV interview Author: Brian Widlake Publisher: Telegraph Media Group Date: 1961 Url: This source Title: The Freedom Charter Author: ANC (African National Congress) Publisher: ANC Date: June 26, 1955 Url: Mandela and the ANC published this document declaring their fight for freedom against the South African Government. They demand freedom, equality between all races and peace. I can do many things with this large document because I can easily go back to it for support. Title: Madiba Author: Unduetrek

Publisher: unduetrek Date: 2013 Url: This is an image of Nelson Mandela and the South African Flag. It makes for a great header. Title: What is the African National Congress? Author: African National Congress Publisher: African National Congress Date: 2011 Url: This site is a great overview of the ANC and its purpose and it will be used on our website to introduce the ANC. Title: Winnie Mandela calls for revolution and violence Author: Winnie Mandela Publisher: ousauk Date: Uploaded Jan. 17 2007 Url: This assortment of clips clearly proves our claim. Wed been looking for something such as a primary source that resembled the movement of the Winnie Mandela movie, and this is it. Title: Congress call Author: Domzanet Publisher: Domzanet Date: 01 August 2013 Url: This site incorporates information about the ANC congress call, and theres a picture of the freedom Charter.

Title:Yendo al funeral de Nelson Mandela en Sudfrica Author: Longari, Marco Publisher: Venezuela Al Da Date: 2013

Url: This picture illustrates the importance of Madiba. Title: London Protest Author: Yusuf Dadoo Family collection Archive Publisher: UMKC School of Law Date: 1963 Url: An image of protest against Mandelas conviction, 1963. Title: Prisoners crushing stone at the Robben Island B-Section courtyard. Author: UWC-Robben Island Mayibuye Archives Publisher: Noble Media Date: No date given Url: This is a simply image showing some of the labor prisoners on Robben Island preformed. Title: Memories of when I visited Nelson Mandela in prison Author: Thomas, Cal Publisher: FOX News Network Date: December 6, 2013 Url: This is a nice primary source, of someone who simply met Mandela, yet in a crucial time in our project: his imprisonment.

Title: Nelson Mandela: A life in Focus Author: Marinovich, Greg Publisher: Guardian News and Media Date: no date given URL: This is an image of people on June 12, 1964 protesting outside Pretoria court after ANC leaders, including Mandela, were sentenced to life in prison.

Title: Letters to Winnie Author: Meer, Fatima Publisher: WGBH educational foundation/ Harper and Row Date: 1988 Url: This website offers a source of quotes supporting our claim that Winnie Mandela was a great part of Nelson Mandelas life in prison. These letters have words of deep expression that are very clear, and it would be a nice way to show Mandelas personality. Title: Nelson Mandela's Statement from the Dock at the Opening of the Defence Case in the Rivonia Trial Author: Mandela, Nelson Publisher: United Nations Date: 20 April 1964 Url: This is the written version of the statement Mandela gave at the Rivonia Trial. This is useful simply because it is easier to use in terms of written form on our project. (direct quotations) Title: Interview with Chief Albert Luthuli Author: No Author Given Publisher: BBC Date: 1954 Format: Recording Url: This is an interview of the fomer President of the ANC. He talks about democracy, which connects with our claim about the importance of democracy for the South Africans of color. Title: Nelson Mandela - A life in photos Author: Global News Publisher: Shaw Media Inc. Date: December 5, 2013 Url: This is a great research for me because I see myself using many of these pictures on my website, as there are so many choices displayed that can really support and illustrate my topic. Title: Mandela and Winnie

Author: Gallo Publisher: Digital Media and Marketing Association Url: Title: Madiba, Nelson Mandela Boxing, South Africa Author: Lazarus, Guy Publisher: Muy Guy Url: Title: Free Nelson Mandela; ANC South Africa Author: Thompson, Carol B. Publisher: Carol B. Thompson Url: Title: Nelson Mandela 1918-2013: From political prison to statesman who inspired the world Secondary Sources:

Title: Timeline: Nelson Mandelas life and lagacy Author: Katherine Lackey Publisher: The Associated Press Date: December 5, 2013 Url: This is a great source because it gives us many pictures sources that we may use on our own timeline if we were to make one or just as extra information. Title: Prison Timeline Author: No author given Publisher: Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory Date: 2013 Url: This is timeline of dates according to Nelson Mandelas life and time in prison, not only on Robben Island, but it also cites the dates he was transferred to other prison. The timeline ends when Mandela was released in February 1990. Title: Names Author: No author given Date: Visited 2014 Url:

We stumbled across this webpage as we were searching around in the beginning of our research and found this interesting, because it puts variety in our project. Title: Nelson Mandela: Prison Years Author: Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory Format: Website Publisher: Cultural Institute Date: viewed 2014 url: An excellent source include various archives of mandelas life in prison. Title: Free Nelson Mandela Author: No author given Publisher: The Regents of the University of California Date: No date given Url: This source incorporates a very important quote stated by Nelson Mandela himself, written while he was in jail, speaking of his membership in the ANC.

Title: Nelson Mandela obituary part six: guiding South Africa from apartheid to democracy Author: No author given Publisher: Telegraph Media Group Date: 2014 Url: This is a brief summary of the outcome of Nelson Mandelas fight for democracy, leading to his presidency. Title: Remember Nelson Mandela from freedom fight Producer: Amy Goodman Publisher: Democracy Now! Date: FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2013

Url: hter This is a complete and thorough overview of Nelson Mandelas life. We used this in the very beginning of our research when we didnt know much about our topic. This got us very interested. Title: Nelson Mandela Author: Josephson, Judith Pinkerton Format: Book Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group, Inc. Format: Book Date: 2009 This is a simplified version of Nelson Mandelas autobiography Long Walk to Freedom. We actually read this before reading the autobiography, because this was more of an overview, whereas Long Walk to Freedom was great for details.