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28 February 2014

West Africa Advanced School of Theology

Jumaa Prayer
for the Muslims of Africa and beyond
Intercede with Us for the Muslim World!
My heart rejoices in the LORD; My horn is exalted in the LORD. I smile at my enemies, Because I rejoice in Your salvation !" #a $%", &'()*. Such was Hannah's song after the Lord answered her prayer, gave her a child, and delivered her from the derision of others. She in turn gave her child to the Lord. Many Muslim women are troubled and derided. Pray for them, that they may have courage to seek the ne !rue "od, that they may dedicate their lives and children to Him and re#oice in His salvation$%

Today's Prayer Requests: From Students, Alumni, and Missionaries

CAM R!!": &n alumnus has begun a 'riday prayer group in the church he pastors, and reports, (People are timidly #oining the group.) *hen he cannot be there, however, he has no one to lead the prayer time. Please pray that, as these believers intercede for Muslims, their desire to pray for and reach them will grow. P#! "I$% A&% U'A: & missionary working with various ethnic groups in this city writes, )Phoeni+ is the top destination for political refugees in the ,S&. *e are now topping almost one million living in the city. "od has helped us in the planting of - &rabic churches, a .ible School for &rabs training them for church planting, and a !/ studio producing programs for the Middle 0ast. *e continually have contact with the Muslim community, and through our 0SL ministry 1teaching 0nglish2 we get to develop relationships 3uite early. *e are bold to share 4hrist, giving .ibles and the (esus film. *e are now praying for the Lord to speak to them in dreams and visions. *e are firmly committed to the fact that they were not hearing the "ospel in their country so "od has sent them here.) Pray that many Muslims will find 5esus and likewise be bold and wise as they share Him with their families and communities.

In the News
!his past !uesday, 6aghmeh &bedini addressed the 7 th &nnual "eneva Summit for Human 8ights and 9emocracy, speaking on behalf her imprisoned husband and others wrongfully detained in :ran. She was able to share the gospel as she e+plained that Pastor Saeed was being held (for one reason and one reason only;that is because he has chosen to put his faith and trust in 5esus his Savior and has been following Him as his Lord. Saeed believes that 5esus 4hrist came from heaven to this earth to save him from his sins....) Pray that this !ruth touches the hearts of those who listened. 4ontinue to pray for Pastor Saeed's release and health, and for his family.

World Watch List: Pray for the Persecuted**

!he Maldi(es, a chain of nearly <,=>> islands to the southwest of :ndia, ranks ?@ in severity of persecution of 4hristians. .y law, all of its citiAens must adhere to Sunni :slam. !he new president, &bdullah Bahmeen, is working to promote :slam and to block all other religions. 9rug abuse, se+ual abuse, and divorce are rampant. !he few 4hristians, who can point these hurting people to 5esus, cannot share their faith. Pray that the Holy Spirit will strengthen and encourage them. Pray that 5esus will reveal himself to Muslims who are looking for the &nswer to their deepest needs.

For Muslim Women***

Please pray for ". and '., sons of a MuslimCbackground believing mother who worries for her sons and asked us specifically to pray for their salvation. !heir situation is comple+.

Prayer Resources
+,rayin- .or Muslims% / 0uide .or 1..ective Intercession offers many insights concerning :slam and a different prayer sub#ect each 'riday. !his week we pray for Muslim women who, like Hannah, will seek "od and find #oy in HimD httpDEEbit.lyE<fng53F. %% pen 9oors publishes an annual list ranking the G> nations where persecution against 4hristians is most severe. See the full =><H *orld *atch List at httpDEEbit.lyE<iH.>-H. 4lick on the name of a country to read the country profile and prayer re3uests. %%%Muslim women need your prayers$ Bou can #oin a prayer network and receive regular re3uests at httpDEEsayhelloinfo.comE. 'or a list of resources for prayer groups, see httpDEEtinyurl.comEwaast#umaa. 'ind information and prayer re3uests concerning Muslims around the world at httpDEEwww.->Cdays.netE. How should we pray for those imprisoned for their faithI 8ead httpDEEwww.elam.comEarticlesEHowCtoCprayCforCthoseCinCprisonE. 'or news updates concerning persecuted 4hristians, visit httpDEEmorningstarnews.orgE and httpDEEwww.releaseinternational.orgE. 'or prayer re3uests, visit httpDEEwww.opendoorsusa.orgEprayE and httpDEEwww.persecution.comEpublicEpray.asp+. !o help you answer Muslims' 3uestions about 5esus and the .ible, e+plore httpDEEansweringislam.orgE.