Protect Using Anti Ligature Prison Cell TV Enclosures

Self harm prevention using anti ligature prison cell TV enclosures.
Protect what – the detainee or the television set? Both of course. All over the world; every continent, every country, every state, has to address the issue of risoners or detainees causing the!selves deli"erate self har!. #hether this is through de ression, regret or other !ental health issues, it is one for the !edical e$ erts to decide, however having access to a television set is one of al!ost a "asic hu!an right these days. Contact with the world outside is vital for !aintaining a %nor!al& life, all "e it within a secure environ!ent.

Why install anti ligature prison cell TV enclosures. 'f you ta(e into account the !any ways a risoner or detainee can har! the!selves, or so!eone else, !ini!ising the ris( is essential. The way these )ail TV enclosures are !anufactured dra!atically reduces otential har!. The slo ing sides * on all +; to , "otto! and , side anels does not allow for any !aterial to "e loo ed around to create a noose. There was an incident, )ust recently, where an in!ate hung the!selves on a oorly designed enclosure; who&s at fault- #ho&s going to face a court case- Another i! ortant feature is the thic(ness of the viewing window * a .uarter inch iece of olycar"onate ensures "oth security and da!age can not occur. A shard of glass is a lethal wea on in the wrong hands and can also "e a deadly accident if so!eone were to ut a fist through the TV screen in a fit of te! er. Anti ligature or non loop housing units. Protective TV enclosures, also (nown as anti ligature or non loo housing units in detention centers are a cost effective co! ro!ise to allowing risoners to watch television for entertain!ent, education and infor!ation. A

standard television screen can "e installed within the TV security enclosures and does not hinder a erson fro! watching television, as the viewing window is clear, scratch resistant and virtually un"rea(a"le if so!ething li(e a fire e$tinguisher or a chair is thrown at it. An internal !ounting fra!e is fitted to ensure the television screen is securely in lace, as the enclosure is !ounted directly to the wall. Preventing self har! to a detainee is a duty of care for the )ail governor and staff. /001 U2 have !ental health 3ederal a roval for their atented design of anti ligature rison cell TV enclosures. Contact us on toll free 1-866-9480859 for advice and a .uote. Anti Ligature Prison Cell TV Enclosures