No. 006/11 July 05, 2011

1. SCOPE AND PURPOSE: This circular shall apply to all ASI inspector of IME In accordance with the procedures of the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) ASI department, please note the following: THE ASI SECTION follows a policy not to authorize the inspection of a vessel to Inspectors working for the same Recognized Organization which surveyed the ship and issued the relevant safety certificates. Inspectors should refrain from requesting authorization for the carry out an inspection to a vessel certified by his/her own organization. Some exceptions can and will be made to the above policy whenever safety considerations may warrant such action. In these cases, preference will be given to inspectors of the relevant organization who are outside the country where the vessel was surveyed or to Inspectors based in a different port within the same country. Under no circumstances should the same person that surveyed a vessel for issuance of statutory certificates also conduct its Annual Safety Inspection, while those certificates are valid. In the same way, the inspector that carries out an annual safety inspection shall not carry our surveys for statutory certificates within the yearly validity of the inspection. 2. APPLICATION The instructions contained herein shall be implemented immediately. 3. ATTACHEMENT  GUIDE FOR THE ANNUAL SAFETY INSPECTION OF PANAMANIAN REGISTERED VESSELS Any query regarding to the Annual Safety Inspection please contact us to our e-mail: for a fast assistance and we will process your request.


OMCS Circular is provided only for the purpose of supplying current information to the readers. OMCS, its officers, employees, surveyors, representation offices and subcontractors do not warrant the accuracy of the information contained herein and are not liable for any loss, damage or expense sustained whatsoever by any person caused by the use of or reliance on this information.

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IME 005/11 Page 2 of 2 . Panama Tel.Any question related to these Note: Please acknowledge receipt and under standing _____________________________________ Circ. No. Williamson Place.: +507 314 1756 Fax: +507 314 1757 E-mail: asi@ime. Balboa. INTERNATIONAL MARINE EXPERTS (IME) ASI Department Address: Bldg. Panama. La Boca. please feel free to contact us at any time. We will appreciate your kind attention & Cooperation.

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