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The San Juan River Country Club Ranch Resort

Invest In Our Vision…

October 2009
October 2009

Westco Developement The San Juan River Country Club Ranch Resort
Westco Property Development
Company is a business venture
formed July 21, 2009, shared as a
partnership in accordance with The Projected San Juan River Country Club Ranch Resort lies on 90 riverfront
the state laws of the State of New acres of the premium famous San Juan River Valley,
Valley including 7 islands and
Mexico. Therefore established, surrounded by beautiful mesa views, rich seasonal colors, and signature New
notarized, and filed with the San Mexico sunsets. Trophy Rainbow, Cutthroat, and German Brown Trout swim this
Juan County Court Clerk. great river. Public access make these e popular waters for canoeing, kayaking,
All properties, projections, and and phenomenal fly fishing. The Jacquez Ranch is family owned by the
business accounts are controlled descendents of the surviving homesteaders of the Cattle and Sheep Wars of the
and protected by the joint 1800s.. This property is thick with Cottonwoods, Pinon, and Cedar, and choice
agreement, respecting summons land for development. Navajo
avajo Dam is sparsely populated as an agricultural
of company operations with Team community. The potential that this breathtaking property has is quintessential.
Leadership, by merit, virtue, and

• Earl Schaack, Senior

Now, you’re family…
Executive and partner by Recreational packages and all inclusive VIP memberships include:
salary, who will officiate
capital liaisons and • Restaurant, lounge, pool, full salon, sauna, and spa
market relations. 18 Par golf course, private or guided fly fishing, pond farm fishing and

• Isaac Jacquez, vice horseback riding
president and proprietor Rental car, taxi, valet, and shuttle

• Irenia Staley, secretary Accommodations with Wi-Fi,, local and long distance calling

• Unlimited food and d beverage, room service, River’s Bend Fine
Restaurant, or the Pinon Lounge, with karaoke, keyboard, and patio

• Fitness center, laundry, dry cleaning, doctor on call,

call power wheelchairs
on request, and rooms for the physically challenged

• Playground, child day care, or pet care

• Lighted tennis courts, badminton, pool or sand volleyball, ping pong,

billiards, and weekly scheduled entertainment and activities.
Local attractions include:

• Aztec Speedway Racetrack, Allen Theatres

• Mesa Verde National Park, Bolack Museum

• McGee Park and Coliseum Performances

• San Juan College Theatre and Performances

• Sunray Park and Casino, and Sky Ute Casino

• Durango/ Silverton and Antonita// Chama Railroads

San Juan River Valley
Our Venture…
Our beginning phase of the San Juan Resort consists of engineering
and environmental surveys, permits, excavating ( brush clearing ),
and leveling. Early expenses include pond farming, constructing
floral/ produce greenhouse, 2 bridges, a cargo ATV, a maintained
portable toilet, electricity, safety inspection, office equipment,
architectural structure and web designing.

Furthermore, because our competitors are on a national level and

primarily timeshares, our local neighborhood businesses are not
threatened as we seek market exposure. On the contrary, we wish to
promote the highly praised establishments of our peers: SOARING
B… Happy trails to you!

Westco Developement
October 2009

Statistics are crucial to investment decisions, marketing, and financial forecasts. The New Mexico Department
of Tourism Quarterly Report of 2007 predicted the deepening of the economic slump that indeed happened.
Prices are high, unemployment is climbing… This is certainly no news to anyone.

Why is the SAN JUAN RIVER COUNTRY CLUB RANCH RESORT a sound investment?

The Quarterly Report states that New Mexico’s economy held their own at a 5.2 percent increase in tourism in
2007, much stronger than America as a whole at an 8 percent decrease.

Suggested economic strategies for New Mexico include skiing, space tourism, film industry, gaming, and,
“To promote opportunity to relax in New Mexico, especially to the boomer market that is trying to distress in
their limited free time.”

It continues to read,
“What is known is that the number of baby boomers is continuing to grow, and that, as they begin to retire,
they have increasing amounts of time and money on their hands. This market segment will be the key to
tourism success in the short run. One of the interests of this market segment is in purchasing second homes
or condos, for the purposes of investment, usage while on vacation, and retirement.”

A 2005 Fly Fishing Study shows 18.2 million participants, and 2.9 million fly fishing enthusiasts annually, and
the numbers continue to climb. 40 Percent of these are 45 and older.

The Tourism Fact Sheet- New Mexico 2007, Domestic Visitation reported 6.4 million visitors to New Mexico
every year, for leisure enjoyment.

The SAN JUAN RIVER COUNTRY CLUB RANCH RESORT will appeal, not only to the fly fishing market, but to
entire families, providing a variety of favorites, such as tennis, swimming, horseback riding, and golf.

Indeed, the funding for this operation will reap promising rewards, and furthermore deflect the present
economy, as we move forward.

The Westco Development Team is in the soft stage of Phase 1. We are eager to invite investors that will
provide funding to the San Juan River Country Club Ranch Resort Operation. Our projected Grand
Opening date is August 1, 2013.
A $1,000,000 proposal will be ideal capital to begin our vision, ultimately an $29,000,000 feat.
An investment partner that we persuade to accept our project will be respected by absolute
disclosure of all double entry bookkeeping records, operational phase procedures, changes of procedure,
safety, security and environmental policies, milestones, company meetings, and, of course, all inclusive
resort luxury amenities.
Our EXIT STATEGY is projected at 14 years, on August 1, 2027, as a $135,000,000 buy out..
At an INVESTOR GUARANTEE of 10 times your investment dollar, your active monies, reflecting the
recession and further stimulating our current economy by growth and flourish, will be returned at
numbers above $10,000,000.
In addition to seeking third party investors, our company will also thrive on VIP Memberships at
a $120,000 initial fee and $5000 annual dues. This is a lifetime membership which lasts for 10 years and
includes 40 days a year of all inclusive resort amenities.
We are seeking solid business relationships and promising alliances with our angel investors.
Genuine and determined to succeed, we welcome you to get on board, and enjoy the flight!
Westco Developement
P.O. Box 6382 Navajo Dam, NM 87419 | ph 505.632.2483 | 505.402.6663