New research shows popularity of Facebook & WhatsApp in Dar-es-Salaam

New research from Wilson Raphael finds that Facebook and YouTube are popular amongst Dares-Salaam Internet users !obile application Whats"pp towers o#er other apps like Instagram when it comes to popularit$ amongst those who were sur#e$ed In a sur#e$ of around %&& respondents' we can shed new light on how users are interacting with social media and mobile in Dar-es-Salaam Facebook flourishes in Dar-es-Salaam; YouTube rowin in popularity Facebook is #1 in the charts of social media sites from our respondents. 425 people answered the question of what was their favourite social media site from a selection that included YouTube Twitter and !inked"n. #$% of respondents said that Facebook was their favourite social media site. &Facebook's popularit( proves that YouTube was ne)t with 11.5% of participants sa(in* that it was their favourite website. &YouTube's *rowin* popularit( in +ar,es,-alaam proves that "nternet speeds are *ettin* faster and "nternet is becomin* cheaper as more people are accessin* online video. .e e)pect Tan/ania's YouTube en*a*ement to increase in the future to *row this trend0 said 1a*em Tibai2uka operations mana*er of .ilson 3aphael. WhatsApp!s rise to "ominate mobile apps in Dar-es-Salaam .hats4pp a mobile messa*in* app is provin* its worth amon*st our surve( respondents. 41$ respondents out of the 555 surve( participants took part in this question. .hen asked what was their favourite mobile app out of a selection .hats4pp was the clear winner. 6f the surve( respondents who replied to the question #2.5% of respondents said that .hats4pp was their favourite mobile app. "nsta*ram the popular mobile photo,sharin* app came in 2nd place in the 6l(mpics of mobile apps in +ar,es,-alaam. 25% of those who replied to the question chose "nsta*ram. 7rd place came to 889 8lack8err('s mobile messa*in* app with #% of respondents sa(in* it was their favourite. &.hats4pp's dominance shows that +ar,es,-alaam is followin* worldwide trends of .hats4pp's adoption as one of the top mobile messa*in* apps in the world. .e are thrilled to see .hats4pp doin* so well in our cit( : the mobile app is available across all platforms unlike "nsta*ram or -napchat which proves its' popularit( across a diversit( of mobile phone users0 said 1a*em Tibai2uka operations mana*er of .ilson 3aphael.

4s this research shows social media and mobile messa*in* are e)plodin* in popularit( in emer*in* markets such as Tan/ania. This be*s the question that tech start,ups need to look at emer*in* markets for *rowin* their user bases. Notes to the #"itor • 555 surve(s were *iven to respondents in +ar,es,-alaam face,to,face in different nei*hbourhoods of +ar,es,-alaam to *et a diverse pool of results. 3espondents were not paid for their participation in the surve(. • • • The research was conducted b( .ilson 3aphael from +ecember 2517 : ;anuar( 2514. For an( questions about the surve( please contact ka*em< .ebsite=

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