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Joint Statement on 2010 Election Boycott

1. We, the undersigned alliances of the movement for democracy and rights of ethnic
nationalities, believe that the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC)’s undemocratic plan
of 2010 elections have absolutely no potential to resolve the current political, social and
economic crises in Burma, unless necessary benchmarks towards national reconciliation are met.

2. It is clear that with this new election, the SPDC aims to abolish the results of the 1990 election
when the democratic opposition won in a landslide and to entrench the military power legally.

3. These aims are backed by the 2008 Constitution, undemocratically drafted and forcibly
ratified against the will of the people of Burma, including ethnic nationalities. Not only does the
constitution lack any guarantee of basic rights for the ethnic nationalities in our union, such as
equality and self-determination, it was also drafted to systematically ensure impunity for the
human rights crimes committed by the military against Burma’s people, particularly ethnic

4. Meanwhile, the SPDC has totally ignored the continuous calls of the people of Burma, the
UN, ASEAN members, the EU, the US and others in the international community, to release all
political prisoners including Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. Instead, the regime continues the lawless
imprisonment of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and ethnic party leaders, its ongoing oppression and
imprisonment of monks and political activists, divide-and-rule tactics to obliterate the ceasefire
and non-ceased fire ethnic forces and continuing atrocities against ethnic populations.

5. By blatantly ignoring the National League for Democracy’s Shwegondaing Declaration as

well as the National Reconciliation Proposal of the movement for democracy and rights of ethnic
nationalities calling for national reconciliation, the regime has also made clear its unwillingness
to cooperate with the political opposition through dialogue.

6. It is evident that the SPDC’s undemocratic plan of 2010 elections will not lead to peace,
development, genuine federalism, nor ensure basic rights for all people, including ethnic
nationalities and since the benchmarks towards national reconciliation continue to be not met, we
declare that we do not recognize this election and will boycott it by all means necessary.

1. National Council of the Union of Burma
- National Democratic Front
- Democratic Alliance of Burma
- National League for Democracy (Librated Area)
- Members of Parliament Union
2. Nationalities Youth Forum
3. Students and Youth Congress of Burma
4. Women's League of Burma
5. Forum for Democracy in Burma

Date – October, 10th 2009

Contact Persons:

1. Myint Thein (NCUB) – 66899605547

2. Dr. Naing Aung (FDB) – 66818837230
3. Lway Aye Nang (WLB) – 66801159598