"Leading the way in social networking via corporate blogging and video marketing has not been easy however; it has positioned our firm well ahead of the curve and given us a tremendous advantage over our competition in terms of customer satisfaction and retention." Managing Partner, Marc Arner "We are extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish for our clients as well as the opportunity we have created for our many agents, employees, partners and affiliates around the world with this cutting edge service." Managing Partner, PJ Cammarata

Effective Internet Marketing & Brand Name Awareness Using the New Web 2.0

Issues at Hand
For more than ten years Corporate America has trusted and relied upon scores of so-called “SEO Experts” to help them manage and improve their search engine rankings, but have achieved marginal success at best. As a result of their frustration, many have chosen the path of paying Google™ and the other search engines in a “Sponsored Link” or “Pay Per Click” campaign. Unfortunately for most, the “Sponsored Link” strategy is becoming more & more expensive while the Return on Investment (ROI) derived from this strategy is falling precipitously. This white paper, will conclusively demonstrate that most SEO experts in this country have performed, and continue to perform, an ineffective and very time-consuming service costing tens of thousands of dollars and more. They trap their clients into multi-year contracts, convincing them that a high “organic” search engine ranking for their website/s could take well over a year to achieve. While the trusting client waits, their budget runs dry and their patience wears thin. The reality is that roughly 95% of these clients will never achieve a high (10th position or better) ranking on the major search engines such as: Google™, Yahoo®, MSN®, Alta Vista™ or AOL using these standard SEO tactics.

A Research group at Penn State University recently found that when testing the searching habits of over 600,000 participants, 84% of people searching the web gravitated to the “organic” or natural listings while only 16% gravitated to the “sponsored links.” The overall result of this study was actually quite simple; search engine users DO NOT trust sponsored link advertisements. While 85% of all new website visitors find the product or service they are looking for through the use of a search engine such as Google™, only 3 to 5% of all websites are properly optimized to take advantage of the awesome power of the search engines. Most websites are as effective a marketing tool as a billboard on the moon because no one can find them using the major search engines. A website is generally created to increase profits and productivity, yet few sites enjoy this result. When using a search engine, people expect to find what they’re looking for on the first or second page within the organic listings. Hence, if your company’s website is not listed on page one or two of a major search engine (preferably Google™ which controls 50% of the market share) you truly have no chance and should not expect to compete in today’s global Internet market.

Properly and efficiently harnessing the new Web 2.0 Protocol which encompasses the global “social network” is the most effective way to increase website visibility and search engine ranking. Using Think Big’s (www.thinkBIGsites.com) proprietary methodology of corporate blog marketing, video blogging and strategic, high level inbound linking, clients are now realizing unprecedented organic rankings on the major search engines especially on Google™ and what’s more, they are seeing these page one results at light speed - generally within 90 days. This unique, world-class process developed by TBS management delivers staggering, indisputable proven results. While most SEO firms are still toiling away with antiquated techniques that will take a year or two to deliver results, if at all, TBS is single-handedly revolutionizing the multi-billion dollar Internet marketing industry! The fact that TBS is the leading expert pioneering the newest phenomenon of Web 2.0 marketing means that our clients are also clearly ahead of the curve and well ahead of their competition.

Effective Internet Marketing & Brand Name Awareness Using the New Web 2.0

This world-class process has clearly differentiated TBS from all other companies in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing industries. Following the Think Big Web 2.0 Process will result in greater website visibility, better search engine traction, higher organic rankings, superior brand name recognition and awareness, increased website traffic, and stronger sales, revenues and profits. These proven results will effectively turn a website that had previously been largely hidden and thus ineffective into a website that is akin to having a marquee on Times Square with your company’s name in neon lights for the entire world to see. ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ 95% of TBS clients reach page one status on the major engines within 90 days or less Very few people search beyond page two, so a high organic ranking is essential Sponsored link pricing rose over 21% in 2006 while customers ROI plummeted 43% Typical, antiquated SEO techniques take over a year to deliver results, if at all Company’s on page one of Google™ “organically” are perceived to be a leading authority in their industry which is invaluable to any growth oriented company ⇒ Those who do not quickly take advantage of this new social networking phenomenon or paradigm shift in the Internet market will clearly lag behind their competition

Proven Results
Clients that have engaged TBS have enjoyed unprecedented search engine ranking results:

Large Record Storage and Management Company 
www.recordnations.com  Moved to Google’s Page 1 first position within 1 month Keyword phrase: “record scanning”

Mid sized Telecom Auditing Firm 
www.nmamaps.com  Moved to Google’s Page 1 in under 40 days Keyword phrase: “telecom audits”

Nation’s Leader in Colloidal Silver Products 
www.purestcolloids.com   Moved to page 1 in 35 days - now the only distributor of colloidal metals on page 1 of Google Keyword phrase: “colloidal silver”

Small Answering Service Company 
www.mapcommunications.com   Moved to Google’s Page 1 in under 1 month Keyword phrases: “answering service” & “answering services”

Mid sized Telephone Systems Provider 
www.valucomm.net   Moved to Page 1 of Google in less than 1 week Keyword phrases: “Iwatsu phone system/s”

Effective Internet Marketing & Brand Name Awareness Using the New Web 2.0

There is simply no better way to get your company noticed and highly ranked “organically” on the major search engines than by employing the newest Web 2.0 strategies to take advantage of this recently introduced paradigm shift in the internet marketing industry. Social networking, blog marketing, video blogging, strategic inbound linking and good old fashioned brand name awareness is the best, most sure fired way to increase web traction, visibility, sales, revenues and profits available today! Typical SEO strategies are antiquated and largely ineffective. In fact, most SEO experts will tell you not to expect any enhanced search engine traction or forward momentum for at least a year, if not two. By engaging the Web 2.0 experts at ThinkBigSites.com, you can and will put your company well ahead of your competition and well ahead of the overall search engine marketing curve. Think Big is capable of showing clients very strong search engine rankings for competitive keyword phrases within 3 to 6 months and in many cases much sooner.

About TBS
ThinkBIGsites.com Inc. (TBS) was founded by Marc Arner and PJ Cammarata who recognized they could clearly fill a niche in a very lucrative and enormous market serving the thousands of clients confused and dissatisfied with the results of typical SEO strategies. TBS has a very diverse clientele spanning all industries throughout the world that are now better able to take full advantage of a brand new paradigm shift in a very complex and nascent marketplace. Using some of the sharpest minds in the internet marketing sector, TBS has developed an extremely unique, world class process in search engine optimization that is unprecedented and light years ahead of its competition. TBS is a privately owned company with Headquarters in New York, Arizona and Washington State along with regional offices throughout the world. Over the years TBS’s co-founders have gained a reputation for providing clients with unparalleled customer service along with an extremely high level of invaluable Internet Marketing industry expertise.

“After many years of struggling to find an effective internet marketing company that I could count on, I was beginning to think that no one could help us. Then we were approached by ThinkBigSites.com and within just one week they had us on Google’s page 1. This result was a completely unexpected pleasant surprise. I recommend Think Big to any company trying to increase their internet exposure.” Richard Galvin, President – Valucomm Technologies, Inc. “Think Big has literally done what they said they would do, which is refreshing to say the least in today’s business environment. I applaud their efforts and look forward to a long and lucrative relationship. If needed, I will also act as a reference for the Think Big team.” Frank Key, President - Purest Colloids, Inc.

200 Broadhollow Road, Suite 207 • Melville, New York 11747 Phone (888)300-1496 Fax (480) 699-7857 www.thinkBIGsites.com Effective Internet Marketing & Brand Name Awareness Using the New Web 2.0

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Clicks on sponsored links lower than previously reported –
Important excerpts from the Penn State Study “Organic vs Sponsored Links” updated in Aug 2007

University Park, Pa. -- Sponsored links are a money maker for search engines, but a Penn State study using a search engine's transaction log indicates consumers click on sponsored listings fewer than two times out of every 10 searches, a rate which suggests consumers still prefer organic or non-sponsored links.

The data for the study was provided by Dogpile, a metasearch engine which combines both types of links into a single listing although sponsored links are clearly labeled as such. Those sponsored links come from Google and Yahoo, through a contractual agreement with Dogpile. More than 4.2 million page views along with 1.8 million queries from about 666,600 users were analyzed.

The analysis revealed that when searchers did click, 84.2 percent of the clicks were on “Organic” or nonsponsored links and only 15.8 percent were on sponsored links.

Effective Internet Marketing & Brand Name Awareness Using the New Web 2.0

Consumers suspicious of sponsored links Friday, June 10, 2005

University Park, Pa. -- Sponsored links are marketed as a sure-fire way to lure consumers to specific Web sites, but a Penn State study shows most online shoppers don't take the bait. "Consumers have a bias against the links that businesses pay search engines to provide," said Jim Jansen, assistant professor in the Penn State School of Information Sciences and Technology (IST). "By themselves, sponsored links appear not to be a viable business model and should be only one part of an online advertising campaign." According to recent reports, businesses spent an estimated $8 billion to sell their products and services via sponsored links in 2004, despite little evidence that such advertising successfully directs traffic to Web sites. More likely to hook consumers are the organic results or those results returned automatically by the algorithmic operations of the search engine, Jansen said. The Penn State IST researcher presented that finding June 5 at the Sixth ACM Conference on E-commerce in Vancouver, Canada. Details of the study are in a paper, "Examining Searching Perceptions of and Interactions with Sponsored Results," co-authored with Marc Resnick, associate professor of industrial and systems engineering, Florida International University. For the study, 56 participants from 18 to 29 years old -- the demographic most targeted by marketers -- evaluated the results from 330 e-commerce result queries submitted to a major search engine. The researchers created a fictitious search engine to display one page of the results from the queries that ranged from looking for information on a class of products to looking for information on a product in a specific geographical location. Each participant reviewed six results pages. To measure the appeal of sponsored links, the researchers flipped sponsored links and organic results on half of the pages. This meant that study participants who thought they were evaluating organic links sometimes were viewing sponsored links and vice versa. The researchers found that on more than 80 percent of the searches, study participants went first to the results identified as "organic." Sponsored links were viewed first for only six percent of the time. "Prior research had noted a bias against sponsored links, but the question remaining was whether sponsored links were as good as organic links," Jansen said. "What our study shows is that even when the returned results are exactly the same, people still view what they thought of as the organic results as better." The quality of the sponsored links isn't the issue; it's the placement of the results, he added. While study participants rated 52 percent of the organic results as "relevant," searchers described 42 percent of sponsored links as "relevant" even though both sets of results were identical. That 10-percent spread reflects a significant degree of bias against sponsored links, Jansen said. To make sponsored links a viable business model, search engines need to educate consumers, many of whom don't know what sponsored links are or how they appear on a page. Until then, the researchers recommend that businesses make sure their Web sites appear high in organic results as well. "For paid searching to be a sustainable revenue model, search engines and e-commerce organizations have to address consumers' negative bias against sponsored results," Jansen said.
Contact Margaret Hopkins mhopkins@ist.psu.edu 814-865-7888 Contact Charles DuBois ccd@ist.psu.edu 814-865-4458

Effective Internet Marketing & Brand Name Awareness Using the New Web 2.0

Website Optimization Firm Creates More Website Traffic PR NEWSWIRE Posted: 2007-07-05 10:16:10 NEW YORK, July 5 /PRNewswire/ -- ThinkBIGSites.com has taken the orthodox SEO market and turned it on its proverbial head. In fact, Think Big has its so-called competition scratching their collective head trying to figure out what they're doing. Most SEO companies are using typical SEO methods that take a year or more to help a client achieve high search engine rankings. Think Big is a website optimization firm on the leading edge using new Web 2.0 techniques such as social networking, blog marketing, video blogging and strategic inbound linking which is literally showing many of their client's high search engine rankings within just 90 days. The end result of this unique strategy is clearly more website traffic and visibility, but that's just the tip of an enormous iceberg. Think Big cannot be bunched in with all the SEO firms out there because they are by no means a typical SEO firm. What they are doing however, is clearly leading the pack in this new era of Web 2.0 internet marketing, web advertising and brand name recognition and awareness. They are on the cutting edge of a brand new genre where expert internet marketing and brand name enhancement just so happen to culminate in their clients websites being quickly noticed by the search engines. This unique strategy of internet marketing often results in unprecedented, very high and very quick search engine ranking results for clients. Any company with a website that wants to increase business and recognition is always looking for new strategies to generate more website traffic which in turn will create more visibility, sales, revenues and profits. What's more is that Think Big's approach has been getting clients highly ranked on the major search engines organically as opposed to the client paying Google , Yahoo and or MSN for that lofty status. A high organic listing has been proven through multiple studies to be more effective and beneficial than paying the search engines for a sponsored link position using a pay per click methodology. In fact, a recent Penn State study showed that the eyes of over 80% of those involved in the research gravitated to an organic listing first while only 6% chose to click first on a sponsored link. Another important benefit of a highly ranked organic listing is that the consumer tends to perceive those companies listed organically as being the leading authorities in their market space which of course is invaluable and highly sought after by any company in a growth mode. The bottom line is that a good website optimization firm like ThinkBigSites.com will not only create more website traffic for your organization but they will also help you to brand your company as the leader in your industry.

Effective Internet Marketing & Brand Name Awareness Using the New Web 2.0

Effective Internet Marketing & Brand Name Awareness Using the New Web 2.0