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Goods Receipt Note Entry


This process is used to enter goods receipt notes into the system where either invoices are not received with goods OR you want people operating in the store to receive goods & services with a single workflow, with Accounts Paya le office staff responsi le for matching Goods Receipt Notes !GRNs" with invoices that will impact the Accounts Paya le #ystem$ This process is located in the Purchase %rder Transactions &enu$ Normally notification of the receipt in the form of a delivery docket will accompany the goods or services, and this is used to check off the actual stock and services received !NB: services can e categori'ed as (direct purchase materials) for *o +osting purposes The products eing received must already e esta lished in the system via the Product &aintenance process in the ,nventory &aintenance &enu, however, the supplier-s product num er need not e known until actually entering in the receipt note$ .ikewise, any services must have corresponding service codes esta lished in the Purchase %rder #ystem The process will also match /orders/ with a receipt for indent stock, though a mi0 of indent and non1indent stock can e received in one pass$ %nce the receipt notes have een posted, then half the cycle of receiving in those goods and services is complete$ 2hen the invoice for the received goods arrives, the (Goods Receipt Note &atching/ processes are used to confirm the costs associated with the stock$ This completes the goods receipt cycle$ 3ields indicated as mandatory !Red Label" re4uire data input where the other fields indicated with a Black Label do not necessarily re4uire input, ut any default entries in any of these field can e changed if necessary$ To access 5elp for all fields 6 position cursor in the field and press 37 or click on 5elp utton$ To access #earch for fields that have #earch availa le 6 position cursor in the field, +lick on #earch 8utton, or right click and select #earch option$

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Goods Receipt Note Entry

Order Number 6 ,f you know the %rder Num er, enter it here$ ,f you don:t know the %rder Num er, you can leave this field lank and you will have to manually enter the details for each line individually$ 8y entering the %rder num er, the system will automatically populate each outstanding line of the %rder into this receipting process, and all you then need to do is to enter the ;uantity received for each product$ There is no #earch feature on this field !we assume the supplier will reference it on your paperwork<", 8=T if you position the cursor in this field, right click with the &ouse, select &aintain or En4uire, you are then taken to the &aintain Purchase %rders Process, where you can use the #earch feature$ =se #earch feature on the %rder Num er field$ .ocate the %rder Num er for this current Receipt, select E0it and the details of that Purchase %rder will e populated in the Goods Receipt Note process$ Supplier 6 Enter the #upplier +ode that was used when you placed this order$ Delivery Docket No 6 Enter the >ocket Num er that your #upplier has assigned to this delivery$ Our GRN Reference No 6 ?ou may enter a reference num er you are assigning to this delivery, possi ly from a delivery ook, %R the field may e left lank Receipt Date 6 Enter the date that the goods and@or services were received from your #upplier$ This is the date that will e used to ook items into stock and recogni'e an estimated lia ility, ased on costs on the original purchase order$ Reference 6 Enter any special references or Notes associated with this delivery$ ,t can e left lank if re4uired$ Total Stock Delivered 6 Enter the total 4uantity of all the goods that was delivered 6 this acts as a hash total to ensure all items on the GRN have een entered icking Slip 6 Ena les you to produce a Picking #lip report related to the current GRN that you are entering$ +an e left lank if no report is re4uired$ Receipt !dvice 1 +an e used to print receiving advices once the GRN details are entered$ The receiving advice may e used to assist in the (putting away) of stock as it is received$ +an e left lank if no report is re4uired$

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Goods Receipt Note Entry

"igure #: Goods Receipt Note $ntry Detail Screen

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Goods Receipt Note Entry

Note that if you entered one or more orders on the detail screen, details of any outstanding product lines may have pre1populated entries on this screen$ Supplier roduct 6 Enter the #uppliers Product code for the Product eing received$ roduct %ode 6 Enter your Product code for the selected Product eing received$ $ntity 6 2ill default with the current entity$ Order 6 2here a Purchase %rder has een entered in the >etail #creen, Purchase %rder field, this field will default with the actual ;uantity of each Product from the Purchase %rder$ ,f No Purchase %rder has een entered in the >etail #creen, Purchase %rder field, this field will remain lank, although if in Purchase %rder Parameters you nominated (must enter a Purchase %rder), then a valid order must e entered< &ty Received 6 Enter the actual ;uantity eing received for the selected Product$ Num Tickets 6 2ill e initially calculated automatically ased on the ;ty Received a ove, and (ticket per) on the associated product record$ 5owever, you may manually enter a num er of tickets to produce for this line, or leave lank if no tickets are re4uired$ "ully Received 6 +heck for ?es if the ;uantity Received has een 3ully Received for this line or leave unchecked if you will receive any outstanding items in the future$ ?ou might have a situation where you have ordered AC of an item$ ?ou have received 7D of the item ut will never receive the remaining D items$ ,n this instance you would check this item to say ?es, item is fully received$ 8ut if you are only received 7D, ut ordered AC, and you will receive the remaining D in the future you would leave this item unchecked, to indicate to the system that D are still outstanding for this item$ +lick on the E utton to Add more rows to this ta le, to receive more Products from this >elivery >ocket$ ,f there are No #ervices ,tems to receive against this >elivery >ocket, click on Save to save these details$
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Goods Receipt Note Entry

,f there are #ervices to receive here, click on the #ervices Navigation 8utton

"igure ': roducts Screen

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Goods Receipt Note Entry

Service %ode 6 Enter the code for the #ervice you are receiving$ ,f you entered a Purchase %rder on the >etail #creen, %rder Num er field and #ervices were ordered on this Purchase %rder, the #ervice details would display here, otherwise you will have to manually enter the #ervice +ode here$ Description 6 Enter a description of the Goods or #ervices eing received here$ Order No 1 ,f you entered a Purchase %rder on the >etail #creen, %rder Num er field, that %rder Num er will default here$ ,f there was no %rder Num er entered on the >etail #creen, this field will e lank$ (ob No 6 ,f the #ervice eing received here is to e costed to a *o , enter the *o Num er, otherwise leave this field lank$ !ctivity 6 ,f the #ervice eing received here is costed to a *o , the Activity on the *o against which this service will e cost is entered here !assuming you are recording activities"$ ,f it does not relate to a *o , leave this field lank$ $ntity 6 Enter Entity to which this service is to e costed !defaults to entity associated with any entered *o , or current entity OS &ty 6 will display a figure if the ;ty %rdered is different to the ;ty Received$ O) 6 +heck for ?es if the line is fully received$ .eave unchecked if the line is not fully received$

+lick on the E utton to Add more rows to this ta le, to receive more #ervice items if necessary$ +lick Save utton$

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Goods Receipt Note Entry

"igure *: Services Screen


Print a Goods Receipt Note Edit list prior to posting to check the accuracy of the entries$


This process will produce a num ered Hournal and update the ,nventory and General .edger systems with the goods receipt note information that was entered$ The stock levels will e updated with the actual 4uantities of stock that were received, while the updating of the General .edger is a little more comple0$ 8y definition, a Goods Receipt Note is used when stock is delivered without a suppliers invoice, or priced delivery docket, and so e0act prices are not known at this stage !typically you should use the Goods Receipt Processing &enu in this case, alt+oug+, many companies find it easier for people to have a single workflow rather than have people make decisions<", so entries are made to an estimated lia ilities account ased on costs previously recorded on a Purchase %rder$

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Goods Receipt Note Entry

,t should e noted that when a goods receipt note is entered, assumptions are made regarding the cost of goods for the General .edger and ,nventory #ystems$ #pecifically, if goods are received against and order, then the cost is taken directly from the original order, while non1indent stock is costed using the current average cost of the products$ Entries are posted to the General .edger (Estimated ,nventory/ account specified via Purchase %rder Parameters$ These entries are reversed when the real cost of items ecomes known via the Goods Receipt Note &atching procedures$ 5owever, if stock has moved out of the original receiving location, y transfer, consumption, sale etc, then the cost difference etween the estimated and actual costs is posted to the General .edger /=nallocated ,nventory/ account specified via Purchase %rder Parameters$ This figure would typically e included as a component of /+ost of Goods #old/, ut you may manually allocate the figure to precise accounts if these are known$ %nce posted, the goods receipt note is placed into a holding file until it is /matched/ with a priced suppliers invoice via the goods receipt matching procedures$ N%TE J No costing or estimated costing is performed for /service/ type lines, though they are flagged as having een received, and may appear as unmatched receipts in the *o +osting #ystem$ Also note that when goods are receipted against a Purchase %rder, and the Ordered By person indicated has an email address recorded against them, then an email will e automatically sent as part of the posting process to advise them that goods and@or services have een received$

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