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Animals All Around
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Animals all around : forest friends, our feathered friends, cats, dogs, hamsters, and
horses, barnyard critters.
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“Made by God animals all around.”
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8/19/13 9:19 AM


A large area of land
covered with trees and
other plant life.

F orest
F riends

About one-third
of the land in the
United States is


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8/19/13 9:19 AM

Forests are used

mainly for timber
products, recreation like
hunting and hiking, food,
and animal habitats.

God created everything
and made it all good.
He made beautiful forests filled
with animals.
The forest has some small animals

Some of the most

common animals in
forests are squirrels,
rabbits, wolves,
raccoon, and bears.

and some really big ones too!
One really big forest animal is the …

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8/19/13 9:19 AM

Most moose

in the world are found
in Canada, Alaska,
Scandinavia, and Russia.

Alaska and Maine

have the most moose
in the United States.


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8/19/13 9:20 AM

A moose can
weigh up to
1,500 pounds.

Moose are large mammals.
Some are seven feet tall!
That does not include their antlers.

Moose love to eat

twigs, bark, roots,
and shoots of plants.

One of the biggest racks of antlers
was over six feet wide!

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8/19/13 9:20 AM


structures that
cover the outside of
a bird’s body.


Birds use their feathers
for many things. Some are:
protection from water,
protection from cold,
help in controlling flight,
line and insulate nests
so eggs stay warm.


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8/19/13 9:21 AM

People use feathers too.

God made everything,
and he made it all good.

They stuff pillows and
comforters with feathers.
People make warm coats
lined with feathers.
Some feathers are
used as pens and other
tools like arrows.
Some people use feathers
in cultural or religious

He made bugs that crawl
under the dirt and birds that fly
way up high like the …


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8/19/13 9:21 AM

Some types of

eagles are endangered.
That means they might
disappear from earth!

The harpy eagle

is thought to be the
largest species of
eagle in the world.


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8/19/13 9:21 AM

Eagles can live to
be 35 years old!

There are about 59
kinds of eagles.
Some kinds of eagles are:
Bald eagle
Golden eagle
African fish eagle
Steppe eagle

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8/19/13 9:21 AM

An eagle can catch

a fish right out of the
water with its sharp
claws, called talons.

Eagle’s nests can be up
to 13 feet deep, and there
was an eagle’s nest known
to weigh 1.1 tons!

Eagles are amazing birds.
Some have about 7,000 feathers!
Their wings can stretch out to be
as tall as the ceiling.
They have superstrong beaks
and claws to help them eat.


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8/19/13 9:21 AM

Eagles build nests of
sticks and twigs.
Some nests are huge—
up to ten feet across.
The eagles put their nests up

Baby eaglets leave

their nest when they
are about 12 weeks old.

on cliffs or in trees to protect
their babies, called eaglets.

Eagles usually lay
two eggs at a time.


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8/19/13 9:21 AM

An eagle’s amazing
eyesight helps them
see fish up to a
mile away!

Eagles are

carnivores. That means
they eat meat.

Eagles are called birds of prey.
That means they hunt for food.
Eagles like to eat mice, snakes,
and some even like to go fishing.


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8/19/13 9:21 AM

God put eagles all over the world.
They like to live in high places
and near water.
One special eagle, the bald eagle,
lives in the United States
and was named the

The bald eagle is not
really bald. The name
comes from “balde,” an
old English word that
means white.

symbol of the USA in 1782!

Benjamin Franklin

wanted the wild turkey
to be the symbol of
the United States.


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8/19/13 9:21 AM

Eagles are

important symbols
to many Native
American tribes.

The eagle is

mentioned at least 30
times in the Bible.

God made the powerful eagle
and the tiny and gentle …


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8/19/13 9:21 AM

About 62 percent
of all households in
the United States
have a pet.


Studies show that

people who have pets
live longer, have less
stress, and have fewer
health problems.


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8/19/13 9:22 AM

God made all animals.
Some animals
have become friends for people.
One special animal pet is called a …

President Abraham

Lincoln had four pet
cats while living in the
White House.

There are more than
500 million domestic
cats in the world.


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8/19/13 9:22 AM

A group of cats

is called a clowder.

A male cat is
called a tom.


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8/19/13 9:23 AM

God made about forty different
kinds of cats.
Some are called Persian and Siamese.
Cats have different characteristics.
Persians have long, flowing coats
and flat faces.

A female cat is
called a molly
or a queen.

Siamese have creamy-colored short
coats with darker ears, paws, and tails.
All cats have strong teeth and jaws,
good hearing, and can see well
in the dark.

Young cats are
called kittens.


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8/19/13 9:23 AM

Most cats live ten to fifteen years.
To keep a cat happy and healthy

The average pet
cat weighs about
eight pounds.

people feed them a good diet
with vitamins and minerals.
Cats like to drink water.
People think milk is a good drink
for cats. But be careful!
Many cats get sick
if they drink cow’s milk.

The heaviest cat
on record was
about 46 pounds!


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8/19/13 9:23 AM

Cats need doctor visits just like people.
But cats help take care of
themselves too. They clean
their fur by licking.
Cats use their tongues, which feel
like sandpaper, to do this job.

Cats have excellent
hearing and a great
sense of smell.

Cats are considered

natural hunters and will
often stalk their prey.


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8/19/13 9:23 AM

People in Egypt

and China believed that
cats were sacred ... that
means extra special.

Cats let people know how they feel.

An ailurophile is

a person who loves cats.

When cats are happy, they purr.
When cats are upset, they hiss
and can scratch.
If a cat gets nervous, you might
see its tail or ears twitch.


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8/19/13 9:23 AM

Cats love to play.
Cats like yarn, bells, and catnip.
They also like to just be petted.

For short distances,
cats can run up to
30 miles an hour!

Cats spend up to

30% of their awake
time grooming.


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8/19/13 9:23 AM

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