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Curriculum Vitae

Shelke Apartment, ",-633(0 Uday Devram 003, Sai Shrddha Plot No-6 !"0, Sector - #, Ne$ Panvel %&'- #(0)06* Contact No+ &-mail .d+ uday*/helke01mail*com

To my career with an enduring spirit of creativity and to perform with the best of my ability in a competitive environment willing to work as a key player in challenging environment. To be successful in life, work hard and give my best to the organization to enhance both personally and professionally.

5o3 Pro6ile+ .ndia3ull/ 7eal &/tate 8td

Account/ 9 %:rom Au1 )0(0 till date' Veri6ication of *ooking (pplication +orms of ,ustomers of the -reens, &anvel &ro.ect. Upkeep and ;aintenance of approx /""" nos. customers data of -reens, &anvel $esidential Township &ro.ect ,ompilation of data related to booking and installment che0ues after physical verification with correct ,ustomer 1ame, ,he0ue 1umber, ,he0ue (mount and 2rawer *ank name. $esponsibly handling che0ues and timely sending che0ues to 34 for deposition with re0uired formats. This upkeep of primary data helps in maintaining 5(& data at 3ead 4ffice. Po/tin1 entrie/ on receipt of installment from the customers of &anvel &ro.ect in $evenue anagement 5ystem '$ 5) software of *illing and ,ollections Team. *ank to *ank +und Transfer being traced 6 supporting sales team to assist the client and updating the 5(& and $ 5 &reparation of receipts for installment, service tax and %(T. Sel6 introduced an automated printed receipt 6ormat for efficient and fast services to client Providin1 a//i/tance to customers for installment amount demands raised by billing team. ;ana1in1 &etty ,ash for 5ales Team of &anvel &ro.ect. 7econcilin1 the rent bills raised by 3otel +ortune Exotica and &ayment disbursed by the company for the sales office. 8and and 8ia/ionin1 %;ay )00 to 5uly )0(0' 3andling 7and (c0uisition documentation. &reparing 8and ;.S and 7econciliation 7eport. Survey of &hysical 7and. %isiting to 5tamp 4ffice for the refund of stamp duty. +ill up +ranking +orms 8 +ranking 5lips to *ank at the time of agreement $egistration. Co-ordination with 5tamp 4ffice 8 Tahsildar 4ffice and ,ompany 5ite office for day to day work. &reparing $ent (greements 95 $eport. &reparing:,ollecting 7and ap of all &ro.ects. Executive w.e.f 15th arch !""# till date $eporting to %& '(ccounts)

&reparing E6stamping $e0uest form for payment of stamp duty. &reparation of monthly 9nvoice for commission in favor of 5tock 3olding ,orp.

Additional 7e/pon/i3ilitie/+ &reparing (rea 2etails for 1,$ &ro.ects for 7icense:749 related work as per instruction from anager. $econciliation of assets in accounts. %isiting to 5tamp 4ffice '-overnment 2epartment) for proccesing refund of stamp duty.

Shuryoday Shu/hik/hit <ero=1ar Seva Sahkari San/tha, 7ai1ad

Account &>ecutive %:e3 )006 to 5an )00"' &reparing %oucher aintaining &etty ,ash 8 ,ash $egister 3andling *anking ;ork &reparing ,ash Expenses $eport

&ducation ?uali6ication+ 2egree in 3orticulture from &ali, $aigad. *achelor in (rts < umbai =niversity < &assed in (pprenticeship at -randville 1ortan 7td in !""5. 9T9 Turner < +irst ,lass passed in !""!.

ay !"11.

Computer Pro6iciency+ ;S-C.@ ,omputer course passed from &en *oard, $aigad in (ug !""1 ,omputer 2iploma in 9nformation Technology. >nowledge of (uto,(2, 9nternet, E6mail 8 4ther sources like 5canning, ,2 ;riting.

Stren1th/+ -ood communication skills. (daptable and 2ynamic.

Per/onal Detail/+ 1ationality 2ate of *irth arital 5tatus 7anguages >nown ? 9ndian ? @th arch 1A@5 arathi ? 5ingle ? English, 3indi, 8

The &articulars furnished above are true and references can be provided on re0uest.

Date +Sheke)