PRESS RELEASE THEMBEKILE MANDELA FOUNDATION 20th February 2014 ___________________________________________________ ______ On Thursday, 20th February 2014, Ndileka

Mandela took great pleasure in launching her newly or!ed oundation in !e!ory o her ather, The!bekile Mandela" The!bekile Mandela is Nelson Mandela#s eldest child ro! his irst wi e, $%elyn Mase" &e died at the age o 24 in a car accident on 1' th (uly 1)*), +ust a little o%er 4 years a ter Ndileka Mandela was born" ,t the ti!e o his death, Nelson Mandela was in prison and was denied per!ission to attend his uneral" Ndileka Mandela -uotes her grand ather ./e can change the world and !ake it a better place" 0t is in your hands to !ake a di erence1" 2he wants to contribute the rest o her li e to !ake this di erence and continue the legacy o her grand ather" /hen Nelson Mandela retired in 1))), he ounded the Nelson Mandela Foundation 3NMF4 which consisted o ' pillars, na!ely5  $ducation  &ealth  &067,082 &e raised substantial unds to build clinics and schools in the rural areas" /hen he retired ro! acti%e duty ro! the oundation, these progra!!es continued or a ti!e" 0n 2010, the NMF rebranded and discontinued these progra!!es and it beca!e the Nelson Mandela 9entre o Me!ory" This entity now houses all archi%al !aterial pertaining to Nelson Mandela and the %arious lu!inaries in our liberation struggle"

Ndileka Mandela elt it was e:tre!ely necessary to continue the %alues he belie%ed in and has now ounded the Te!bekile Mandela Foundation" This oundation will ha%e 2 pillars, na!ely5  $ducation  &ealth 0n 2012, Ndileka Mandela adopted the 9larkebury school, in the pro%ince o Nelson Mandela#s birth" This is the school that he attended in his early school going years and which helped to shape his young !ind" This school has a long history in the Mandela a!ily as it is built on the land that Nelson Mandela#s great grand ather, 9hie Ngubengcuka, donated to the !issionaries in the early 1;00s" $%en in those early years, 9hie Ngubengcuka was a %isionary who knew it was essential to bring education to his people" ,lthough he was uneducated, he knew that or his people to progress, education was key" 0t is against this background that Ndileka Mandela has ounded the The!bekile Mandela Foundation" &er passion and li e#s !ission is to pro!ote the 2 pillars o this oundation < $ducation and &ealth" The signi icance o this o icial !edia launch announcing the %ision and !ission o the The!bekile Mandela Foundation will be held on the 20th February, because it is close to her birthday on the 22nd February and her ather#s birthday on the 2' rd February" &e would ha%e been *= years old"

Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that a son of a mineworker can become the head of a mine , that a child of a farmworker can become the president of a great nation" It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another. - Ne !"# Ma#$e a -

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