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Pondicherry Engineering College Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering Interview Notes on Computer Based Instrumentation What is a Programmable

e Instrument ?

Instruments are classified into two. 1. 2. Standalone or Non-Programmable Type Programmable Instrument What is a standalone Instrument?

A standalone Instrument is one which is used to measure ac!uire a physical parameter manually. The instrument does not support any interface to a computer. These are con"entional instruments which offers a set of front panel controls to operate the instrument. What is a programmable Instrument ?

A programmable instrument is one which can be interfaced to a P# and can be controlled by a user defined application software. Mention the significance of Programmable Instrument?

Programmable instruments offer lot of ad"antages. 1. 2. &. ). $anual handling of the instrument can be a"oided. %roup of Instruments can be interfaced and controlled at a time. 'arge "olumes of data can be ac!uired ( increase measurement accuracy Time based measurement can be done with precise time inter"als. How Programmable Instruments are Interfaced with PC ?

Programmable instruments are interfaced with using any of the a"ailable interface standard. $ost commonly used interface standards are 1. *S-2&2 2. %PI+

What is RS 232 interface standard ?

*S 2&2 stands for *ecommended standard 2&2 ( serial data transfer. ,eatures of *S-2&2 standard are 1. cheap interfacing hardware re!uirement. 2. *elati"ely slow data transfer ( serial communication -./ 0bps1 &. 2nly one instrument per interface can be connected to a P# . What is PI! interface standard ? %PI+ stands for %eneral purpose Interface +us. ,eatures of %PI+ standard are 1. 34pensi"e hardware *e!uirement 2. 5igh speed data transfer ( parallel communication -1 $bps1 &. 6pto 1/-17 instruments can be connected to a single P# ha"ing %PI+ interface. 1. 2. What are the two t"pes of programmable instruments ?

Programmable Instrument interfaced to P# using an interface cable. plug and play Type programmable instrument 8 embedded within P# using computer slots -ISA8P#I etc.1 What is a #irtual Instrument ?

A "irtual Instrument is a software which mimics the characteristic features of an actual instrument and used to control the actual instrument. 9irtual instrument contains a front panel with switches 8 buttons and 0nobs used to control the actual instrument. 9irtual instrument is an essential feature for plug and play type programmable instruments . ,ace for such instruments are pro"ided only by 9I. What are the two t"pes of #I ?

9irtual instruments are classified into two. 1. Passi"e 9I These 9irtual Instruments are not interfaced with the actual hardware. They beha"e e4actly li0e the actual hardware that it is used for "irtual training of how to use the actual hardware. 2. Acti"e 9I These 9Is are used to control the actual instrument once the actual instrument is interfaced to the P#.

What is an Instrument $ri%er ?

An instrument dri"er is set of library routines pro"ided by the instrument manufacturer to program the functionality of a programmable instrument. Thus instrument dri"er form a middle layer between application software -9I1 and actual hardware -Instrument1 How to Explain Your Mini Project In VI :e ha"e undergone a course in Instrument interface software de"elopment in ,ifth semester 8 where we write application software to control an instrument from a remote P#.