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Organization development :-We have some recommendations for an organization, firstly black & Decker should consider OD to these

strategic issues when implementing strategy to get better returns: strong competitive advantages in brand recognition, product design and development.If strategy change than change overall organisational norm, philosophy, group goals and individual goals Organization culture:-an structures & strategy and because of that company suffered a lot .if the organization changing any strategy or structures they should implement organization change method in which three methods included : Transactional Theory:-As on OD consultant I would suggest her to follow to transactional theory because some conflict in organization about employee behaviour should involves awareness of a need to change. It can be done by introducing information that shows discrepancies between behaviours desired by organisational members and those which are currently shown by the members. This can be related to the differences in the behaviour of the Emharts already existing employees and the expectations of the Black and Decker. Force field analysis model :-First company should not change organization culture immediately ,so the big bang theory of change would be applicable in which established culture of organization should be unfreeze .it also important that change will not occur unless senior managers are committed to it .senior managers must be informed why the changes is happening and what benefit they gonna get with that .secondly ,once organization became unfreeze it must moved to new state .movement requires taking action .closing old operations, recognizing structures, reassigning responsibilities, changing control ,changing rewards and incentives etc.third ,refreezing can take some time as new culture established while old is being diminished ,thus refreezing requires employees be socialized the new change.. OCTAPACE

Openness:- Employees feel free to express their ideas & the organization is willing to take risks & experiment with new ideas & new ways of doing things. Confrontation (A bold challenge):- Employees face the problems & work jointly with others concerned to find its solution Employees department & groups trust each other & canbe relied (trust) upon to do whatever they say they will Conflict :-There should be a marketing manager for Japan Operations as well. This will make the work and flow of information more systematic and effective. It will be difficult for the group product manager to cater to all the Japanese personnel. This could also lead to a conflict between the other marketing managers and sales personnel as in the case of absence of a on the ground manager for Japan will make them feel inferior.

Group Process Interventions