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Volume 67, Issue 4: February 2014


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Carlisle High School February 2014

Let it snow or let it stop?


he winter storms that engulfed central Pennsylvania this winter season have put a strain on the Carlisle Area School Districts schedule. With five snow days and 12 two-hour delays so far this school year, many hours have been lost and must be made up by the end of the year. Rumors such as mandatory school days on Saturdays, have been floating around the high school, and some are untrue. We will not make up days on Saturdays, stated John W. Friend, Superintendent of CASD. Along with the rumor of Saturday classes, some have heard

that time could be added at the end of each school day to make up the snow days Carlisle had. According to Administration, this is a possibility for the district, but they would need approval from the School Boardwhich is unlikely to happen. As for seniors, there have been some scares of graduation being moved back farther in June. Many have family coming and numerous plans, so this would have been a problem. I would want to go to school on snow days if graduation was being moved because I already have a lot planned out, [for the summer] said senior Amber Bybee. The class of 2014 can feel some relief because it has been

Snow makes the scenery at Hawk Watch even more beautiful during this time of year. Photography: Clara Cozort

confirmed that their end of the year schedule will not be affected. The schedule for the end of the year, including Senior Class activities, will not change.

Seniors will still graduate on June 5th, said Michele Barrett, Senior Principal at Carlisle Area High School. With the possibility of more

snow days occurring this winter, seniors have also wondered whether or not they are required to make up those days. Seniors will not be required to attend make-up days, said Barrett. Underclassmen have mixed feelings concerning the seniors not making up days that were missed. Some do not feel it is fair for them to be exempt from the added days, whereas others are not bothered by the Class of 2014s planned absence in June. I dont think that they should have to if its only a day or two, said Sarah Gerard, a junior at Carlisle High School. After a bitter winter, students can relax because they will have a warm summer in its entirety.

Poetry Out Loud competitors dont miss a beat


oetry Out Loud is a national recitation contest that was started in the spring of 2006. According to Poetry Out Louds webpage, it now has grown to involve millions of students across the country. Students who are interested in the contest first compete in a schoolwide competition. The winner then advances to regional competitions, then a state competition, and finally national competitions. CHS has been hosting a schoolwide Poetry Out Loud competition for the past nine years. This years school-wide competition took place on January 15. The winners include Neha Cariappa, (who placed third), Jess Smith, (who placed second), and Catherine Bloom as the first place winner.

Catherine Bloom, Jessica Smith and Neha Cariappa (pictured from left to right) placed rst, second and third, respectively, at the school Poetry Out Loud competition. Bloom has since won the regional competition and will compete at states. Photography: Clara Cozort

Third place finisher Cariappa recited the poem Ways of Talking by Ha Jin. She entered into the competition due to her English teachers urgings. Second place finisher Smith is a senior and has competed in the school-wide Poetry Out Loud

competition four times. The poem Smith recited was They are hostile nations by Margaret Atwood. Smith said she competed in the competition because it combines two of [her] favorite things: poetry and performance. First place winner Bloom is a se-

nior at CHS and has competed in the school-wide Poetry Out Loud competitions since her sophomore year. She chose to recite the poem The River Merchants Wife: a Letter by Ezra Pound. When Bloom was asked why she competed in the Poetry Out

Loud competition, she said, I really enjoy slam poetry. Bloom earned a first place for her performance at the regional level competition. She now advances to the state competition and hopes to get a chance to compete in the nationwide contest on April 30.

Carlisle High School February 2014

Equity Statement
The Carlisle Area School District is an equal opportunity education institution and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or handicap in its activities, programs or employment practices as required by Title IX and Section 504. No person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion or handicap be excluded from participation in or be subject to discrimination in any program or activity funded, in whole or in part, by federal funds. Discrimination on the basis of sex or religion is also prohibited in some federal programs. For information regarding civil rights and grievance procedures, contact Ms. Christina M. Spielbauer, Title IX Coordinator, Section 504 Coordinator, at 623 West Penn Street, Carlisle, PA 17013-2298. (717) 2406800. For information regarding services, activities, and facilities that are accessible to and usable by handicapped persons, contact Ms. Christina M. Spielbauer, Title IX Coordinator, Section 504 Coordinator.

CHS students nd success in the Scholastic Art and Writing Contest

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tudents at Carlisle High School as well as Lamberton and Wilson Middle Schools have received numerous awards from the 2014 Scholastic Art and Writing Contest of the South Central Pennsylvania. The competition, which dates back to 1923, counts artists and writers from Andy Warhol to Stephen King among their past awardees. This year, the program recognized 460 students in the South Central Pennsylvania region, with roughly 130 of these students attending school in the Carlisle Area School District (CASD). Of this number, 32 students received the top honor of a Gold Key in the contest, which means their work will move on to be judged at the The bright lights ashed, bringing with them the national level. false security that came with our family. The ash The Scholastic writing contest went off again, shooting straight through me, invites students exposing my every aw, my every weakness, to to develop ideas which everyone else was oblivious. into pieces of writing. In crafting the words and lines, students Contest gives all students a chance Kissing a girl was the next thing on my find their voices and discover their to express themselves in ways they list, though I started to wonder whether my talents, said Kathi Bletz, head of may not have thought about in the species even liked girls. I certainly didnt, the English department at Carlisle. past. Students can choose to enter Many teachers are involved their work into almost 30 differand having no one to tell me otherwise, I with the creative process alongside ent categories of art and writing. happily crossed it off of the list. My advice for anyone would be their students. English teachers to take risks and not be afraid to especially make themselves availClockwise from top left, quotes and artwork from: able to students to aid them in try new styles of writing. The worst creating a final piece of writing. thing that can happen is that you Spencer Pechart (Silver Key), Keeley Golden (HonI do the same thing that an edi- wont win, said junior Alex Ruf, orable Mention), Kyle Whitlock (Gold Key), Katie tor does for a publishing writer I winner of a Gold Key for her poetry. According to the award pro- Dworak (Gold Key), and Amber Bybee (Silver Key). point out things that I like, I note any confusing parts or places grams website, works are judged For a list of all award winners, visit that arent quite working, and based on originality, technithen I give a few specific sugges- cal skill, and the emergence tions for how to improve the next of personal voice or vision. 52 pieces received hondraft said Jason Griffith, a 10th mention and 41 grade English teacher at Carlisle. orable The Scholastic Art and Writing were awarded Silver Keys.

My mind hides beneath a dark cloud of thoughts; my imagination is a storm of promise, with its voice a roaring thunder, and ideas pour like raindrops.

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Periscope staff congratulates all writers and artists who participated!

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Carlisle High School February 2014

Students make history at National History Day

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ational History Day has been a part of CHS since 1995, but this year was remarkable in the number of participants and placements. The National History Day (NHD) website said that NHD is a year-long academic program focused on historical research for 6th to 12th grade students. Every year more than 500,000 students enter to compete in the NHD competitions. Over 5 million people who have competed in NHD have gone on to put in to practice what they have learned by participating in NHD. According to Kevin Wagner, program chair and social studies teacher, National History Day makes history come alive for students by

Freshmen Kaylie Dawson and Sophie Lane have advanced to the regional NHD competition on March 1 with their project, Women Chained to the Chair of the Secretary. Photography: Clara Cozort

engaging them in the discovery of the historical, cultural and social. By participating in NHD students can develop and enhance skills such as comprehension, critical reading, and writing.

Every year, NHD has a different theme of which the projects that students across the country research and create. This year, that theme was Rights and Responsibilities, and project topics

ranged from the Berlin Wall to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School. The types of projects that are submitted to the NHD competition include websites, exhibits, documentaries, research

papers, and performances. Freshman Samuel Haseman, who placed first in the Senior Individual website category, studied Civil War prisoner of war camps. I think [NHD] was a very educational experience and I enjoyed the actual competition, as well, he said. All of the projects were really interesting. This year was a record breaking one for Carlisle, with 183 students competing in the local NHD competition. Of the 183 students who participated, 51 will be advancing to the regional competition, held on March 1 at Messiah College. All students who placed in the local competition received a ribbon based on their winning level. First place winners also were given mugs with this years NHD theme and phrase on it. This year, they read, Its more than a dayIts an experience!

Congratulations to the CHS students who placed rst in the 2014 local NHD Competition!
Individuals: -Anna Biddle -Kathleen McGovern -Matthew Funk -Samuel Haseman Groups: -Johanna Bear and Meagan McIllhenny -Turner Blashford, Soe Praestgaard, Andrea Readshaw, Claire Hillison, and Catherine Bloom
To see the second and third place as well as honorable mention winners, visit

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PERISCOPEperspectives Take a stand against teen dating violence and abuse

February 2014
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Carlisle High School

his month, February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. This brings light to emotional, physical and sexual abuse in relationships among teens and young adults. Domestic abuse is highly common. According to teendvmonth. org, one in every three students have experienced some form of abuse, or have been in an abusive relationship. However, only one third of these cases are reported. The solution to domestic abuse is making a more welcome environment to victims, so they can break out of their abusers hold. Dating violence and involvement in an abusive relationship can happen to anyone of any age, race, social background, sexual orientation, or gender. To wrongfully assume

that only certain groups of peo- is one of the most harmful ple can be abused silences vic- things to someone struggling tims outside of the stereotypes. with an abuser. No one willIn any instance where some- ingly enters a relationship one silences a victim, they give knowing it will turn abusive. more power to the abuser and The common suggestion to allow the abuse to continue. just leave the abuser is very Abuse can come in many difficult. Abusers may threaten forms: emotional, verbal, murder, suicide, or other forms sexual, physical and digi- of violence upon their victims tal. Whether a relationship to keep them from leaving. has only one of these aspects They may also make the vicor several, it still qualifies as tim co-dependent on them, abuse. There are some so leaving is difficult. people who believe Need Abuse can happen a relationship is not help? Text to anyone, so creatabusive if there is no LOVEIS to ing a positive environphysical violence. This 22522 today! ment to those suffering is a paradigm that can helps lessen power of take away from the integrity of the abuser. Being accepting to non-physical, yet still abusive the victims of dating violence relationships, and can make is one of the most important dating violence hard to detect. steps in bringing it to an end. One of the most important If you think you or someone factors in helping someone you know could be in an abuout of an abusive relationship sive relationship, information is knowing that it is never the and resources for assistance can victims fault. Victim-blaming be found at

Excessive texting is one of the signs that you may be in an abusive relationship. Photography: Clara Cozort

PERISCOPE 2013-2014
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Carlisle High School February 2014

hese days, reality television programs are some of the mostwatched shows, especially among young adults. It is fun to watch mindless TV, especially to see the crazy life of a celebrity. But could the shows we watch be detrimental to our behavior in real life? Teens and young adults are influenced by the things we expose ourselves to, no matter the source or how its conveyed. Even if we do not realize it, exposure to certain actions, such as drinking, promiscuity, and spending large amounts

of money, desensitizes us to the wrongs of these behaviors. According to, some of the most popular shows of last year include Keeping up With the Kardashians and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The stars of these shows are often involved in drama, sex, partying and have carefree, materialistic attitudes. The encouragement of these behaviors is enforced by the lack of usual punishments or problems that would arise for someone without the star status or money of these celebrities. Most older viewers have an easier time drawing the line between pop culture and real life. However, the younger

the audience is, the harder it is for them. Children, middle schoolers, and even high schoolers are much more malleable to influence. We as a culture are allowing these stars to be encouraging lives of carelessness. It could, and likely already has pushed forth the agenda that those mindsets are healthy, fun, and what makes you popular and successful. Another problem with this is that it is not just the shows anymore. Episodes of each season can be streamed at a time, upping our exposure. The celebrities are as much a part of our lives as we let them be, thanks to Twitter, Instagram, and other social media outlets.

The Hills premiered in 2006 with Lauren Conrads life as the main focus as she came from Laguna Beach to the hills of Hollywood. Photography: Clara Cozort

While reality TV can hurt us, and influence our actions, everything can be good in moderation. Its up to the

viewer to determine when its time to turn it off the television, and understand the impact of what we watch.

-books and e-readers have been on the rise. According to, they now account for 23% of the revenue from book publishing. Some readers are happy with this change, but others are not. There is a certain comfort in physical books that cannot be entirely replaced. While e-readers are nice, the familiar smell and feel of a book cannot be fully replaced by technology. However, the same tangibility of physical books also provides a drawback. E-books are lightweight and thin, which makes it easier to tote them around. This is especially convenient as they can

carry many books within them. E-books are easier to access, because they are available for online download rather than having to be sought out at bookstores. They are typically cheaper, and can even be found for free on some websites. The easy access makes them all the more desirable. Besides fiscal reasons, theyre also environmentally preferable. Electronic books need nothing to be created but words and file space physical books require trees to be cut for wood, so a decrease in the production of them would help the environment. While physical books arent going to become completely obsolete any time soon, the future is with electronic books, and for many good reasons.

Carlisle High School February 2014

is its the ninth ingredient in the list, six slots below high-fructose corn syrup. How about Kelloggs Smart Start? On the box it has so many positive words and convinces you this is a healthy cereal. Unfortunately, these oats are covered in an unsavory mix of sugar, canola oil with TBHQ (Tertiary-Butyl hydroquinone) and citric acid to preserve freshness, molasses, and honey. Instead, a healthy choice to start your day off would be Frosted Mini-Wheats Bite Size. Not only does it have three grams of protein, but it also has 45% of a childs daily iron and a whole host of B vitamins. We all know that fast food restaurants are not necessarily good for us. Lets consider the average fast food dinner of burger, fries and a soda has gone from a simple meal, to something ridiculous. Since the 1970s the typical serving size for soft drinks has increased by 49 calories, for French fries by 68 calories, and for hamburgers by 97 calories. Eating this standard fast-food meal once a week will give you 11,128 more calories a year or three pounds extra body weight than the same meal your parents ate when they were kids. Nowadays we dont know what healthy is because healthy foods are pricey. People find it more convenient just to get something unhealthy and fast food because it is quicker. Eating healthy is easier than you think.

e think were being healthy but were getting tricked by extra calories and sugars. A calorie is energy, and the amount of energy we burn up and use each day makes the difference of how our bodies turn out to be. Professional athletes and body builders like to eat, so that they have of energy to burn, but in the end does it really matter of what is healthy and whats not? Whenever you get up and eat breakfast in the morning, are you really eating as healthy as you think? A famous breakfast is pop tarts. Strawberry pop tarts may have actual strawberries in them, but the problem

FAST FOOD CHEAT SHEET Fast food isnt always so bad for you! Here are some options that you can get on the go and not feel guilty about it: McDonalds: Premium Bacon Ranch Salad (without Chicken) 140 Calories Premium Southwest Salad 140 Calories Fruit N Yogurt Parfait 150 Calories Honey Mustard Snack Wrap (Grilled) 250 Calories Cheeseburger 300 Calories
*More nutritional facts can be found at:

Wendys: Mandarin Chicken Salad 190 Calories Small Chili 200 Calories Baked Potato 270 Calories Jr. Cheeseburger 310 Calories Grilled Chicken Sandwich 360 Calories
*More nutritional facts can be found at:

Chick-Fil-A: Side Salad 80 Calories Chick-Fil-A Grilled Market Salad 190 Calories 8 Count Chick-Fil-A Nuggets 270 Calories Chick-Fil-A Asian Salad 300 Calories Classic Chick-Fil-A Sandwich 400 Calories
Panera Bread is a favorite place to go to eat for many people. They offer great choices such as their You Pick Two, which includes soup and a salad, or a sandwich and soup, or salad and sandwich! Photography: Clara Cozort

*More nutritional facts can be found at:



Carlisle High School February 2014

Television influences wardrobe at a fashionable price

e all know sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr have influenced people stylistically, but what about TV shows? TV shows not only fill ones evening but influence people when it comes to what they should and should not wear. Every day, new fashion lines are launched, showcasing styles seen and worn on television shows. Keeping up with the Kardashians is one of the most popularized shows that have helped their fashion brand skyrocket. Kendall and Kylie Jenner, both sisters of the Kardashian family, have become very successful in their clothing line at PacSun.

Try out these fun outts from the Pretty Little Liars collection. Photography: Aeropastale ofcial website

The two sisters sell it all, from tops, bottoms, accessories and shoes, start-

ing from $26 and above. The most popular pieces from this fashionable line are the

Kali beanie. Its a knit beanie with a folded hem, representing Kali in big bold white letters.




ing der unr ! thh e d

Another popular product produced by the Jenner sisters is the Kendall and Kylie cut out leo boots. These sleek black boots have a double sided buckle, exposing just a slight bit of your foot and a leopard printed back. These cut out boots add an edgy look to any outfit. Their holiday collection is now available in stores as well as online. Another show that has swept the nation with its suspenseful show and loveable styles is Pretty Little Liars. The thrilling ABC Family series has inspired Aeropostale to collaborate with the new brand. With the collection showcasing each characters personal style, it makes looking for the perfect outfit easier and fun to do. To exemplify your personal style, every collection has a signature jacket. For a casual feel, try the Emily collection and if you feel a little edgier, try the Aria collection. The Pretty Little Liar Collection, has fun clothing thats reasonably priced, making it affordable for anyone. Each piece sells at prices as little as $14 helping customers save money while looking stylish. With new shows like Being Mary Jane and Scandal, new collections are sure to come out with inviting collections that will keep the viewers wanting more fashion and episdoes.
You can purchase the Kendall & Kylie collection at PacSun for an afforadable price. Photography: WikiCommons




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Carlisle High School February 2014

boho-joggers are a cute way to dress cute while staying comfortable. While some choose to dress down with a regular, solid colored pair of leggings, others go for a look that stands out. Leggings in funky patterns and various colors have become a must have item for some people. Boho leggings, otherwise known as parachute pants are also on the rise. The unique pants add flair to any outfit while you remain comfortable. The flowy pants that can be worn year-round can also be found in fun patterns. You can pair these fun pants with long sleeved shirts in the winter or crop tops and flowy shirts in the summer time. Another piece of clothing that has become popular lately is fit and flair dresses. These dresses are tight at the waist and flair out at the hips creating a nice illusion to your body. You can pair the stylish dresses with fancy jewelry and a cute pair of heels when attending a party or special occasion. You can also pair your dress with flats and a cute leather jacket or cardigan to create an outfit that is more dressed down. When flaunting these spotlight fashions, you have to ensure that you are wearing them appropriately and in ways that work. A few helpful tips when wearing this years trends would be to make sure that you are wearLeggings in fun patterns can add air to any outt! Photography: Bri Hendriksen

Spotlight Trends: Popular must have fashions of 2014

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long with the seasons, fashion trends come and go. With fashion constantly evolving, the clothes you wear now are probably not what you wore two years ago. However, for the past few months, a few pieces of attire have became increasingly popular. Combat boots, scarves and jackets can be found in nearly every girls closet. These styles are affordable, comfortable, and convenient because they can be dressed up or dressed down. It is all up to the mood you are in the particular day. Pants such as leggings and

ing clothes that compliment your skin tone and that dont wash you out. Figure out colors that work best for your skin tone and hair color and the next time you are out shopping, purchase items in those shades. If you think that your outfit is a bit boring, tie in accessories like jewelry, shoes, and handbags that add a bit of color and flair to your outfit. Another tip that is helpful when looking for new trends is to check social media. Try Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest for new ideas. These sites come in apps that can guide you towards that styles you just might fall in love with. You can use your

favorite celebrities as a way to find new style ideas. Paparazzi frequently take photos of celebrities wearing fashionable and fun new trends. Simply googling your favorite celebrities will result in thousands of news articles and pictures full of new trends that you can test out. No matter what trends you choose to follow or leave behind, you must remember to take risks no matter how simple or dramatic they may end up being. Dont be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try a new fashion trend, because a bit of courage can result in finding your new favorite outfit.

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Keep your neck warm while keeping your style hot with these long, wrappable scarves. Photography: Bri Hendriksen

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Carlisle High School February 2014

Fashion for hire: The Dos and Donts of dressing for an interview
inding an appropriate outfit for an upcoming interview can be a hassle. First impressions are important and professional attire can leave potential employers impressed. When it comes to having a successful interview, one must start by assembling the perfect outfit. However, many people struggle with choosing an outfit that is appropriate, professional and stylish. The first thing a potential employer notices is how put together a person looks for their interview. Walking into your interview in a skintight, dress with high heels or baggy pant and a graphic tee

You should dress professionally and sophisticated.

R S T U V W X Y Z [ W W [ \ ] ^ Y _ ` X a b X c X Y ^

Science teacher Samantha Moyer shows off her professional attire. Photography: Clara Cozort

shirt are not the best choices in attire when trying to make a positive impression. Junior Taylor Killinger said that when it comes to interviews, You should dress professionally and sophisticated. When getting ready for an interview, one should stay away from low cut tops, short dresses and skirts, extra high heels, tee shirts, and in most

cases, jeans. Instead, go for a more business casual look that includes khaki pants, cardigans, polos and sweaters. For guys searching for the perfect outfit for an interview, stick to math teacher Mark Alwines advice of wearing suit jacket, dress shirt, a tie and dress shoes. This will ensure that any guy looks professional and prepared for the interview.

When it comes to having an interview, outfit choices are not the only important factor. Depending on where you are going for the interview, remove all facial piercings, Alwine stated. Jewelry, cologne, perfume, and

makeup are also major components to the outfit chosen. Dont overdo accessories, Killinger said. A simple pair of earrings or a watch can add a simple touch to any outfit without overdoing it. As for adding a touch of cologne or makeup, one wants to be sure that they wear the appropriate amount. Wearing too much cologne and makeup can be over powering and can make a bad impression. Sometimes interviews can be overwhelming. Try to go into the interview as cool, calm and collected as possible, in an outfit that is appropriate and comfortable. Leaving a positive impression can reduce the stress levels that an interview leaves and hopefully get anyone the job.

Jewelry: The Dos and Donts of accessorizing your everyday styles

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ecklaces,bracelets, earrings, and rings can be paired with almost any outfit, but face it: you probably wear too much at one time. If every piece of jewelry known to mankind sits on your arms, wrists, or fingers, thats not how you are supposed to wear it. If matching jewelry is a problem for you, then try some alternatives. Big bold pieces of jewelry can be fun, but its best if you decide which piece is absolutely necessary to wear. Say you have a beaded mesh racer back crop from Charlotte Russe for just $18.99, and you decide you want a piece of jew-

elry to compliment the outfit. A necklace would not be the best accessory to wear with the already beaded top. The necklace covers the beautifully crafted beading and adds chaos to the top half of your body. Try distributing the jewelry to places that dont have anything going on, like the wrist or the finger. Remember not to wear them at the same time or the same hand, because then that area will look busy. A cute, jewelry-appropriate outfit would be a shredded pullover sweater from Wet Seal for only $18.99, followed by a brick red wool hat found at

H&M for $24.95 and a pair of black leggings at Body Central for $5. Add flat boots at any

clothing store ranging from $10 to $40, and top the look with a bangle charm found at Claires for only $9.50. More jewelry that is seen with any appropriately matched outfit would be a rhinestone anchor and crystal charm pendant necklace found at Icing for only $10.50. If you want to wear a more fashion forward outfit, an opaque and clear crystal flowers statement necklace can be found at Icing as well for $22.50. When wearing jewelry, it is best not to over-accessorize, which can take away from the

beauty of your outfit. If not accessorized properly, jewelry can lead to a fashion catastrophe. Keeping your jewelry to a minimum with added flair to your outfit without drowning it out. In this case you can still flaunt a cute outfit without worrying whether or not you would be over accessorizing. It is easy to accessorize outfits without too much flair.

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Dont drown out your outt with waves and waves of jewelry. Photography: Amber Krause

Carlisle High School February 2014

each song on the album has a corresponding music video. A personal favorite is the video to Pretty Hurts, which features Knowles at a beauty pageant and scenes where she smashes awards. The main message of the song is that beauty exists inside and out, and Knowles emphasizes this with lyrics like, Its the soul that needs the surgery. The video also reminds its viewers that Knowles has been competing in a materialistic world since her childhood. Krause: Knowles albums usually consist of fast upbeat songs, but her newest album takes a turn to the slow side. Though her album does consist of some fast songs like Drunk In Love, Yonc/Partition, ***Flawless, and Blow, the other ten songs take a more deeper and subtle approach. Knowles focuses on her self and the challenges she has gone through in her life. In the song Mine (feat. Drake), she talks about the issues she faces while being both a parent and wife. Though everyone goes through hardships she exemplifies the love for her family when she says I just want to say youre mine all mine. All Im really asking for is you. Pechart: Knowles daughter, Blue Ivy, provided vocals for the albums swan song, Blue. In this song, Knowles details about the relationship between herself and her daughter, with heartwarming lyrics like Each day I feel so blessed to be looking at you / Cause when you open your eyes, I feel alive. Knowles shares a close relationship with her daughter, and it is evident that family is important to her. Krause: Not only does the love for Blue show in her brilliant album, but the love for her husband of six years does as well. Aside from the couple songs portraying the affection of her children, the rest exemplifies how in love she is with Hov (Jay-Z). In her lyrics to XO, the love is shown when she says, Your heart is glowing, and Im crashing into you, baby kiss me, before they turn the lights out. Pechart: One of the albums saddening tracks is Heaven, which fans have speculated is about Knowles miscarriage, and she revealed this to the press in January 2013. About two years ago, I was pregnant for the first time, Knowles said in an interview with the Daily Mail. And I heard the heartbeat, which was the most beautiful music in my life, [and when] I flew back to New York to get my check up, [there was] no heartbeat. Krause: Her song Grown Woman, just like her album, portrays the branching of new developments. Knowles, who usually talks about the liberation of women (like in Pretty Hurts or ***Flawless) showcases her new beginnings and self-empowerment. With lyrics like Im a grown woman, I can do whatever I want, shows a new side of the Queen B. The video includes both Kelly Rowland and herself, showing how much they have changed and becoming the women they are today. Taking videos from their childhood and singing the lyrics to the song helps keep the viewers glued to the screen. Pechart: In spite of an experimental edge to her music, Knowles stays true to the songs that made her famous. Her songs Blow, Partition, and Rocket are in her typical fashion and deliver to her fans. Partition is a pulsating song that comes alive with synthesizers, and features lyrics like I sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker. Knowles does not disappoint in her follow-up to 2011s 4, and this album certainly shows her range.

Beyonc: The dening album of 2013


n 2013, Beyonc Knowles stole Christmas. Seriously. At midnight on Friday, December 13, 2013, Knowles released her self-titled album on a surprise whim. Not only did it include 14 new songs, but 17 music videos, as well. According to iTunes, her album is described as an endeavor [with a] provocative, unguarded artistic statement. Spencer Pechart, A&E writer, and Amber Krause, Fashion writer, both are avid fans of Knowles and her music. First, lets discuss the messages that linger within her new album: Pechart: The album contains several positive messages, detailing things such as Knowles life and her journey as an artist. In her one song, ***Flawless, she has self-empowering lyrics like I took some time to live my life / But dont think Im just his little wife. ***Flawless is Knowles self-reflecting while also containing honest and thoughtprovoking sentiments directed towards feminism. The reasoning with the three stars in the title is because when she was younger, she participated in a music competition and only won three stars. Another interesting component to the song is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, an African-American author, who is sampled on the track with one of her speeches about feminism. On another interesting note,

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Carlisle High School February 2014

Books can open so many doors The rebirth of local play

eading has always been an important hobby of mine; I read to understand and to grow. Whenever I had a fight with a friend, I read. Whenever I struggled in school, I read. Whenever it all became too much to bear, I read. I have always been a reader. However, I have also always been a writer which made the book-signing I attended even more beneficial. Becoming an author has always been one of my dreams, so it was a fortunate experience meeting several published authors. I met with Rainbow Rowell, Lucy Christopher, and David Levithan on January 26th, 2014. The event was located at Childrens Book World, an independent bookstore located in Haverford, PA, that sells childrens books and Young Adult literature. Each of the three authors added to the bookstores authenticity; the ambiance was personable and inviting. The bookstore had a ton of decorations and walls of shelves that were filled with several kinds of books. There was lots of color and variety in such a small space. As time passed, the bookstore became more and more crowded. A rough estimate would be that there was about 200 people by the time the event began; it started at 7:00pm with each author introducing themselves. First, Levithan introduced

us to the bookstore and mentioned that he has signed many of his books there. He talked about his novels, particularly Two Boys Kissing, which is his most recent. He and Rowell acted out scenes from this book, and they were brilliant. One of the most interesting aspects of the booksigning was hearing these authors talk about their books. Next, Christopher promoted her newest novel, The Killing Woods. Prior to the book-signing, Christopher was an author whom I had never previously heard of, but she was a compelling speaker. It was a shock to me when she started speaking because of her English accent. Interestingly enough, Christopher also explained that her first novel, Stolen, was influenced by her childhood in Australia, and how she struggled with the change. Lastly, Rowell stood front and center with an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of Landline. She talked about its plot and made it clear that Landline is an adult novel. As she read a brief snippet, I was enthralled; hearing an author narrate their story adds another dimension to the novels experience. Unfortunately, though, she did not continue reading for much longer, and we now have to wait until July to know what happens next. The best part of the whole evening though was when Rowell and Levithan performed an iconic scene from Fangirl, where Cath (Row-

ell) and Levi (Levithan) are talking about Caths fanfiction in her dorm room. Without spoiling too much, the two authors conducted a hilarious performance, and they were very humorous. Christopher pretended that she was the door to Caths dorm room, Levithan joked that [he] was meant to be Levi, because it was in his last name, and Rowell added a flawless perspective to Caths character. Shortly afterward, the authors proceeded to answer questions. This was an eye-opening experience because they offered insight on their stories. Some the questions answered included Will you write a Simon Snow book? (directed to Rowell), but others were more thought-provoking, asking about how Simon Snow adds meaning to Fangirl, while others asked about the authors writing processes. All seven of the books that I had purchased and/or brought were signed, with personable comments. I was able to speak with each of the authors, and I even took a picture with Rowell. They all agreed that I was extremely excited and they hoped that I would enjoy their future installments. If the opportunity ever comes for you to experience something that you are truly passionate about, do it. Do it with no regrets. Life is too short to not experience things that are enjoyable. Opportunity does not knock on the door often, so when it does, be sure to answer.




hen most people think of multiplayer in video games, they think about games like Call of Duty or Halo, games known for their huge online modes. Multiplayer games werent always thought of this way, however. Back in the days before online gaming on consoles, the only way to play with friends was to bring them over for local play. Local play, often referred to as couch multiplayer, required everyone in the same room, hooked up to the same console, and sharing one screen; and that was only for four players. To have the large, 16 player matches, you needed four consoles hooked together, four televisions, and 16 controllers. It was very hard to do successfully, but when everything came together, it was an almost magical experience. Unlike the online games today, when a person got a headshot on you, he wasnt just some random guy three states

over, he or she was a friend that you wanted to be there. If somebody was trash-talking you, you didnt send them them profanity filled messages over Xbox Live, you simply got better than them and beat them in front of all your friends. In todays gaming landscape, the problem is that many games are abandoning local play in favor of online play. Its understandable, because everyone wont always have friends to play with. That being said, there are a few games that still have local multiplayer like the recently released Rayman Legends, which are built entirely around local multiplayer. Consoles like the Wii U, while still supporting online play, allows up to five people playing at once. Games like Super Mario 3D World are a blast to play with friends and family and perfect for a Saturday night gaming session. Even games like Halo still feature local multiplayer up to 16 people, just like the old days. So, time to grab some friends and have them over for some local multiplayer action. You wont regret it!

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Carlisle High School February 2014


No more Flaps, but plenty of apps

he past few weeks have seen a host of great app releases, including a revolutionary new DJ app and Facebooks latest social networking tool. Dont worry though, the frustrating/addicting Flappy Bird isnt on the list in fact, it isnt even on the app store anymore. Instead, entertain and inform yourself with Reporter, Pacemaker, and Paper. Better find some room, because these are certainly worth the space.

Pacemaker: Before smartphones could do everything, the original Pacemaker Pocket DJ was a revolutionary product. As the worlds first portable DJ system, it made quite a splash in the technology world, but nowadays, anyone with an iPhone or iPad can download a DJ app to do the same thing. The problem is having enough music to keep a crowd of people entertained for hours and hours. Pacemaker ($free), solves that problem, allowing you to mix tracks from both a personal library and the millions of songs available on Spotify. Inapp purchases add effects and expand the apps functionality, giving the user all the same features as other DJ applications.

Reporter: No one needs another news app, but what if the stories were actually relatable? Better yet, what if the story was you? Designed by Nicholas Felton, the man responsible for the Facebook Timeline, Reporter ($4) subtly captures information about your life and explains seemingly random patterns in the way you live. The iPhones built-in sensors and a few random surveys throughout the day allow the user to gain a unique insight into their day to day activities. At the end of the day, the app displays all of the previously gathered information in a clean and professional data sheet.

Paper: Its been a while since Facebooks app received a major upgrade, and honestly the old interface is getting a little old. The social network giant noticed decreasing interest and decided an update wouldnt be enough, so they developed a whole new app. Facebook is already a common source for news in all subjects, but Paper ($free) takes that aspect to a new level. The app features your friends stories like youre used to, but adds stories from popular blogs, and other established sources. Get updates from professional photographers, reporters, designers, athletes and more in a beautiful, interactive format. By Zach Brehm 15 A&E
Photos courtesy Pacemaker Music, ReporterApp Inc., & Facebook Inc.



Carlisle High School February 2014

New sport season ready to spring into action

They ended with a win but a losing record. Some of the team participated in summer and fall ball while others are waiting for the season to begin to get back into softball. Our main goal for this season is to make it to playoffs, but our other goal is to make this season better than the previous one, said Junior Kyra Cross. First game: March 21 at Susquehanna Township.

Competing with the best in the league, the baseball team had a 1-12 record last season. We have conducted our weight training program, conditioning, and are currently involved in our preseason workouts which involve more specific baseball activities said Head Coach Travis Smink. The team has winning a championship on their mind for this upcoming season. First game: March 21 at Susquhanna Township.

The boys finished 2013 7-1 and the girls 4-4. The majority of my team has been either training with us periodically during indoor or doing other winter sports like basketball or swimming, said Head Coach Ed Boardman. A group of the boys have been working out daily during their indoor track season. The 4x800 team, Zach Brehm, and Isa Paschall have qualified for the indoor state championships, Mar. 1,

at Penn State. The girls will be focusing on getting themselves ready to win the division and another shot at district title in 2015, said Boardman. He also noted that Girls track an field is the only Carlisle sports team to win a District III title since before you were born! The boys team goals for this season are winning the Commonwealth and District III meets and competing for the State title. First meet: March 22 at Tim Cook Invatational.

Maryland, Virginia, and New Jersey. They weight trained, played in the indoor league, and are now having open gyms twice a week. First game: March 22 at Spring Grove.

Boys Tennis
After ending the 2013 season with a record of 1-14 the team hopes to improve for this season. Due to the recent weather they have not been able to do much outside court practice but they have been training at indoor tennis clubs. We need to flip the tables, said Senior Garrett Albert. They hope to win more individual matches and drastically improve our record. First match: March 10 vs Northern.

Boys Volleyball
This will be RJ Roths first season as Head Coach for the Herds boys volleyball team. They finished the season off with a 5-11 record which they hope to improve this year. The guys have been hitting around in the gym together and working to the get their legs ready for the upcoming season of hard work. A big thing I noticed with the team this year is the anticipation to get into the gym, said Roth. This years team will have a lot of young players, Roth will be working toward getting a .500 season. First match: March 21 at Mechanicsburg.

Girls Lacrosse
Coming up short from qualifying for Districts the girls lacrosse team had a 8-7 record last season. In hopes to make districts off season started as soon as the season ended last year, said Head Coach Troy Getz. Several girls played on a club team during the summer throughout Pennsylvania,

Rugby is a club sport that is played at Mooreland. Last year the team made it to the state playoffs. This looks to be a great year of rugby, said Junior Gary Pariseau. The team hopes to make it to the state playoffs again and beat rival West Shore. They start their season off at Cumberland Valley on March 16th.

Boys Lacrosse

Last year the boys lacrosse team finished their season 18-4 and beat Hershey in the Mid-Penn Championship. They made it to the semifinals in districts and got to the second round in state playoffs. The team has been practicing at Twin Ponds, playing in an indoor league in Palmyra, and doing body workouts at Transformations. The goals for this season are the same as they are for BY: JUSTINE DOUGLAS every season keep every player academically eligible, SPORT: Volleyball come together as a team with COLLEGE: East Stroudsburg University one single purpose, win the YEARS AT CHS: 2001-2005 Mid-Penn conference, win the District title, and complete the FAVORITE MEMORY AT CHS: season ranked in the state top My best moment as a student athlete ten said Head Coach Steve was senior night during my senior year. Kidder. Seeing all of my friends and family out First game: March 21 vs. to support me meant a lot and I wouldnt Penn Manor.

Checking in with CHS Alumni: Where are they now?

R.J. Roth
ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Roth still holds the season and career kills record at CHS with 569 season and 1,240 career kills. He was ranked first in the nation in Divion 1 volleyball for digs per game. Roth is the new boys volleyball coach at CHS. WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT: Work hard 100% of the time. You never know who is watching you out there.
Photos courtesy of 05 CHS yearbook

have had it any other way.

Carlisle High School February 2014

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any athletes work all their lives in order to achieve the goal of playing the sports in college. On Thursday, Feb. 6, three Carlisle seniors fulfilled that goal during Signing Day. Trevant Coleman, Max Breschi, and Jonathan Mundell all agreed to play sports during their collegiate years. Coleman will attend Ohio Valley University to play baseball, Breschi will attend Bates University to play lacrosse, and Mundell will play lacrosse at Randolph-Macon College. Coleman is very excited to continue his athletic career onto the next level. When signing, he said, It was an experience in and of its own. I was fulfilling my dreams, while leaving a little bit of my own legacy at Carlisle. Be-

ing able to sign let me know that hard work does pay off. Mundell felt a lot of different emotions when he signed. He said, [Signing] was a reminder of an end and a new start. I have one last lacrosse season and were looking to fulfill some dreams. Signing with Max [Breschi] was special as well because he is basically my brother. Breschi on the other hand was relieved to sign to Bates. He said, As a student athlete, you sacrifice almost all of your free time. In my mind, I would have felt a bit disappointed if all of those hours did not work out for me but fortunately all the hours of studying and training did. All three athletes will start their college lives in the fall semester of this year. All three athletes will begin their college careers in the fall of this year.


an Shannon has wrestled his way through his senior season boasting a spectacular 27-2 record. On Saturday, February 22, Shannon competed at the PIAA District-3 tournament in Hershey, trying to cement his place into the State Competition. He wrestled very well in his first two matches, defeating Harrisburgs Christian Gayle and Northeasterns Darrion Lattimore without letting either opponent score a point against him. He then went on the defeat Manheim Centrals Jared Siegrist 7-3, advanc-

ing him to the finals and ultimately giving him a spot in the State Championship. All that was left in front of him was two-time State Champion Garrett Peppelman from Central Dauphin.

Although Shannon wasnt able to get the win, he will still move on to States in hopes of winning his first ever State Championship. States will be held on March 6 at the Giant Center in Hershey.

Senior Ian Shannon will wrestle in the State Championship tournament on March 6. Photography: Clara Cozort

Seniors Max Breschi, Tre Coleman, and Jon Mundell all wait to sign their letters of intent on Feb 6 Photography: Tyler Galaskas


Carlisle High School February 2014