Pentacle In-Out Board Release v7.05 (MS Access Version) v7.05.0.

2302 Thank you for downloading Pentacle In-Out Board, the long awaited re-write of the web-based In Out Board. This README will guide through the basics of installation and operation of Pentacle In-Out Board. Please ensure you read this and the accompanying documentation fully before proceeding with the installation. In-out board for businesses and organizations that would like to know who's in and who's out of the office. Features: ================================================================================== === *** Three level user rights *** Password protect site *** Multi-location with timezone setting *** Multi-group *** Sick leave tracking system *** Vacation tracking system *** Integrated news system *** Future event setting integrated with in-out board *** Exclusive Attendance Reports *** Individual skin set per user Requirement: ================================================================================== === Internet Access Web Server (IIS, PWS) ACCESS Database support Installation: ================================================================================== === 1. Unzip all the files from the zip file keeping the directory structure intact. 2. Files must be run through an ASP enabled web server 3. Setup the setting file named inc.asp. Open it with text editor, Dbname should be changed to some longer and make it difficult to guess. Change the database name under folder dbs accordantly. You can change it from pentacle705.mdb to mypentacle.mdb You should know the time zone in which your server is. If the time zone is West 8, or -8. Set the servertimezone = -8. 4. Install, update, or upgrade 4.1 For new installation In your internet browser, enter This is the program initializing process, key in the correct data, all

fields mandatory. After you see the Success, delete the pt_load.asp file. 4.2 For Upgrade from 5.12.0.x, or 6.03.0.xxxx, or 6.10.0.xxxx In your internet browser, enter After you see the Success, delete the pt_upgrade.asp file. 5. The main page is 'default.asp' 6. The user set in the program initialization is the most important administrator. It cannot be deleted. Common database error ================================================================================== === If you receive the following error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Operation must use an updatable query. This means that the directory the database is in does not have the right permissions to be able to write to the database. If you are not running the server yourself then you will need to contact the server's administrator and ask them to change the permissions otherwise you cannot update a database. For other common database errors see: Version history: ================================================================================== === V7.05.0.2302 / May 2007 New Report type. Location can be deleted. Group can be deleted. Sorting all people by last name. V6.10.0.1211 / October 2006 Add three user type. User can be disableed or undiabled. Vacation carried can be half day. Database compact tools. Correct date or time by administrator. V6.03.0.1201 / May 2006 Fix a bug about adding new user. Users' email can be mixed by number and letter. Add a skin contributed by Tyman.

V6.03.0.1200 / April 2006 Security immprovement. New login screen. Time or date display format. Use regular express to check the data entered. V 6.03 / February 2006 Add Time Zone features on location set. Default home page for user's own location and group. To improve the security, the database can be renamed. Add feature so that consecutive days can be selected under Future Event. Add version checker in the Admin default page. Lots of improvements. V 5.12 / December 2005 Change the license to MPL as OpenSource application. Combin previous three different releases into one version. Remove the register section and 30 days expiry limitation. V 5.0 / August 2005 Rewrite almost 99% codes. V 1.0 --- V 4.0 / March 2003 --- April 2005 Used internally in a insurance underwriter office with about 20 users. Contact information: ================================================================================== === G2SOFT.NET 106 - 1945 Woodway Place Burnaby, BC V5B 4S4, CANADA Inquire: Bugs: Support:

Legal information: ================================================================================== === This application is opensource software released under the MPL. You should have received a copy of the License along with this package; This package and its contents are Copyright 2003-2006 Binghui Yin, All Rights Reserved.