NGO Profile: The Power of Education Foundation

DOCTOR OF EDUCATION PROGRAM: Contemporary Approaches to Educational Problems – Ed 855.716: Spring 2014

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The Power of Education Foundation Trillium Hibbeln, Co-Founder and Executive Director; 393406984766 (Rome, Italy) Access/Equity Fontamara, Port-au-Prince The Power of Education Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to bring quality education to children in Haiti. The school serves 185 children (108 girls) in grades K-6 with plans to expand to a total of 300 students in Pre-K-13th grade. The students come from families and neighborhoods that are characterized by extreme poverty, instability and danger.

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In order to achieve levels of educational quality not commonplace in Haiti, PEF enables its teachers with training and resources and provides its students with daily nutrition, healthcare, textbooks and a compassionate learning environment. PEF provides these services free of charge to students and families who otherwise would not be able to afford an education. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. GDP per capita is approximately $1,300 compared to $48,000 in the US. PEF believes a significant contributor to Haiti’s inability to escape extreme poverty is the lack of access to quality education in the country. Education is not publicly financed in Haiti like it is in the U.S. Only families who can afford tuition can attend private schools. Others either do not attend school or attend schools notorious for being of poor quality. As a result, approximately half of the country’s population is illiterate. The devastating earthquake in 2010 exacerbated the issue by destroying 4,200 schools and taking the lives of 1,350 teachers and 38,000 students. PEF believes that long term investment in the education of a community of children will not only improve the lives of those children and their families, but that it can spark a wave of educational quality improvements in the entire neighborhood. The Power of Education Foundation is managed by a highly engaged team of volunteers who fundraise for and manage the foundation so that the team of paid Haitian employees at the school can focus on providing a high quality of education. La Puissance de L'Education is registered as a private school with the Haitian Ministry of Education and participates in meetings, site visits and communication on a number of topics. Within Haiti, PEF partners with several like and complimentary organizations to maximize our collective effectiveness.


The Challenge The ability to assess the quality and effectiveness of gender-equality teacher professional development in (Capsule Summary) Haiti by working through a theory of change, particularly the ability to leverage partnerships to share resources

The Challenge ( Longer Version) In the community of Fontamara, Port-au-Prince, there are many obstacles for a girl to start and complete their education. These include household duties, violence, early marriage/pregnancy and early entry into the Describe the challenge in unskilled labor force. As a school, we would like to ensure that the girls entrusted to us receive an absolutely terms of what research fair chance within the walls of the school. Although girls may appear to have equal opportunity in schools in can do to support Haiti, subtle differences in the way they are treated by teachers, messages they receive about their selfprogress toward your worth and value can slowly undermine their view of their own future. Our organization would like to explore intended goal. What how to truly assess how our staff and curriculum is currently contributing to inequality and how we can work obstacles are you facing? together to improve it. Examples may include strategic design, PEF staff in Haiti also leads training sessions with leaders and teachers from six area schools. What we learn resistance from above, here could potentially be introduced to these schools impacting over 1,000 additional students. policy constraints, resource constraints, and integration of new knowledge on gender equality measures. The more focused the target (specific population and specific challenge), the more productive the results will be. Please keep in mind that we need to build a collaborative rapport, select the challenge, create a research design, write a paper, and create a slide presentation in 6 weeks

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